Unlock Your Glutes – Tried It for 2 Weeks; Here’s My Review

Unlock Your Glutes Review. I saw this program and was instantly interested in trying it. I mean, finally there’s a program dedicated to growing buttocks! Here’s my experience and my review. 

Before I begin, let me just say that I work out routinely at home, about 5 days per week.

I don’t skip leg days and I specifically train my glutes occasionally, with glute activation exercises beforehand. 

Sorry if I came across like I was trying to brag; that's not my intention at all.

What I’m saying is, I didn't see my booty growing with all that.

Yes I can feel it firmer than before, but I think my curvature stays the same, not to mention I still have a bit of cellulites around that area.  

That’s why I was excited when I saw Unlock Your Glutes. Of course, I didn’t expect my rear end to turn huge like some celebrities, but I hoped it would give me bubble butt like volleyball players. 

Alright. Before I carried on and on admiring nice booty , let’s jump into it.

By the way, I’m going to give you all information I’ve got about the program first, and then I’m going to do the review (in my journal section). 

Unlock Your Glutes access page





What are glutes and why are they important? 

Quite a lot of people focus more on the bigger, more famous muscle groups like abs, biceps & triceps, and back. I used to be like this too, my reason to regularly work out was to have 11-line abs and toned back.  

And then I saw a video about signs of weak glutes.

I realized that my workouts didn’t target that muscle group. Since then, I began to do glute exercises at home.  

Our buttocks are not there simply to provide curves and padding or maybe protect our tailbone when we fall. They're there for some reasons: support our bodies when we walk, stand, run, and exercise. 

gluteus maximus, the biggest muscle of the three. Image by BodyParts3D/Anatomography Wikimedia Commons


Weak vs strong glutes 

When one has weak glutes, they usually have some problems with their lower bodies or lower backs.

Should they try to work out using free glute activation exercises videos on the internet, they either undertrain these muscles or train only one or two muscles. 

Our buttocks have three muscles: gluteus maximus (Gmax), medius (Gmed), and minimus (Gmin).

According to Brian Klepacki, the author of this program/book, Gmax is the one responsible for balance when we walk and run.  

It can produce high levels of force at low speeds through small ranges.

At the same time, it has the ability to produce low levels of force at high speeds through large ranges of motion. 

Gluteus medius and minimus play an important role in pelvic stabilization. The difference is that the former is smaller in size, with slightly different function. 

If any or all glute muscles are not strong enough, our bodies will compensate and recruit other joints like the lumbar spine.

It’s nice how our bodies can adapt, but this can lead to injury of these joints. 

weak glutes can cause back pain

What'll happen when we’ve got weak glutes? A lot.

Frequent low back pain and knee pain are probably the most annoying ones. Other than that, it can lead to bad posture (hips tilting forward) which can end up problematic for our bodies, as well as compromised sports performance. 

A lot of movements in sports apparently need robust gluteal muscles. Maybe that’s why people who run or play football, basketball, and volleyball have shapely, enviable bottoms. 

Come to think of it, doing glute exercises at home with this program is a win-win.

We’ll get stronger and we can have nicer backsides at the same time. 


What is Unlock Your Glutes: Develop a Rounder & Stronger Butt? 

Unlock Your Glutes manual

The best glute exercises program, in simplified version. It claims to be able to give us the dreamy buttocks we want while making it stronger at the same time in just a month (minimum 2 workouts per week). 

This program is dedicated to people who want to get visible results within a short period of time.

And according to Brian Klepacki, that is possible. He's very confident about it that he offers money back guarantee in 60 days, no questions asked. 




What’s inside Unlock Your Glutes?  

Basically, Unlock Your Glutes gives you a book in pdf form and 4 video guides (or workout videos).

Each video (for the glutes) has different lengths, from 15 to 20 minutes.

The book itself includes 13 chapters with references about glute activation exercises that you can look up on the internet. 

I'm just going to simplify things. 

Chapter 1 until 6 are basically information explaining what are glutes, the in-depth anatomy breakdown, and reasons why we all need strong glutes.

Then, chapter 7 until 9 talk about how to make our buttocks bigger and stronger with the right exercises, because squats are not one of them. 

Moving on to chapter 10 to 12, they’re all about the program. Coach Brian Klepacki talks about how diet and nutrition play important roles in making our glutes dream come true.

In addition, he gives workout routines: bodyweight (BW) only, gym only, and combination. 

Last chapter, 13, is just pictures and steps to doing each movement or exercise. After that, there’s author page, notes (in case we want to print the pdf and write some notes), and references. 

Even though it may sound wordy and you don’t really like reading, I highly suggest you read through everything.

That way we’ll know more about all that glutes area and the correct steps to do each exercise. 

Unlock Your Glutes and bonus

Unlock Your Glutes videos 

Once we’ve read Unlock Your Glutes and decided which routine we want to do, then it’s time to pay attention to the videos. There are 4: BW A and B, Gym C and D.

For BW workouts, the only equipment you may need is a mat. And as for gym exercises, you're going to need weights (barbells, dumbbells, machines) and a mat.

But don't worry if you don't have a dedicated home gym or whatsoever, we can still do these glute exercises at home. More on that later.

We can do the workout along, as if we’ve got our own personal trainer that keeps motivating us, which is nice.  

Each video is well-structured and different from the others.

If we don’t know the purpose of every phase and exercise, we may skip some movements and that won’t bode well for us.

That’s why I recommend reading the manual first before jumping straight to the videos. 


Additional goodies 

bonus workouts in Unlock Your Glutes

Yeah, you won’t get only a book and 4 videos. This program also gives you two additional leg workouts in video format, an educational video (like a lecture about glutes), and 14-day fat loss diet book 

Simply put, you're gonna get quite a lot with this program.

That's nice, because we don’t need to compile everything by ourselves and we can focus on dieting, booty strengthening and enlarging, as well as toning our legs meanwhile. 


FAQ (from website)

Why should I buy this over other glute programs? 

Look, it's this simple. No other program hits all THREE gluteal muscles with all THREE exercise strategies in all THREE planes of motion to FORCE your glutes to grow. Your choice is clear. A program based on real-life in-the-field experience and the latest science. Or a program stuck in the past based on decades-old research that leaves you weaker, less powerful and worse – with a butt you're embarrassed about. 

How long does it take to complete the full program? Will I see results in that time? 

Unlock Your Glutes is a four-week program with two days of glute exercises per week. This length of time is optimal for strengthening and changing the shape of your butt. You can keep repeating the program for as long as you want. In fact, when you see the results you will most likely make this your weekly routine. 

How hard are the exercises to perform? 

Not hard at all. There are a lot of exercises – 36 in total – but I've selected these based how easy they are to follow. You know the only program you'll stick to is one you can follow. That's why you have the handbook and all the videos demonstrating perfect form. 




Who is Brian Klepacki? 

Unlock Your Glutes author

The author is a professional trainer, to put it broadly. Specifically, he’s a strength & conditioning specialist and functional movement specialist.

Coach Klepacki’s got a master degree in exercise science, with a lot of certifications, meaning that’s he’s an expert in his field. 

You can find him easily on YouTube and a simple search on the internet can bring you to him.

He has a website and Instagram account that you can visit as well. 

If you’re hesitant about him and the program, and it’s totally understandable if you are, it’s not hard to do a research on him. 

On the Unlock You Glutes website, you can see that a lot of people have left positive comments about him and his programs.

If you search his name on YouTube and find his videos, it’s true. A lot of people did leave positive comments. Mind you, some of them can be thirsty


What do they say about the program? 

Google search has led me to some reviews about Unlock Your Glutes. Some are meh, with no personal experience at all, the others are honest and good.

Most reviews I found are positive, and most are happy with the results. I did find one negative review.

Unlock Your Glutes bad review

But, a lot of people are satisfied with Coach Brian Klepacki's program.

Unlock Your Glutes review Amazon

“I think it’s plain for all to see that I am a massive fan of the Unlock Your Glutes Program. It was always going to be something that appealed to me, and once inside the program I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve learned a lot from Brian, and have already started to incorporate a couple of 15-minute glute sessions into my normal training routine.” *
Partha, mybodyweightexercises.com
“I’ve gone through a fair share of fitness instruction videos before and have to say I haven’t come across an instructor as thorough or scientific as Brian Klepacki. He might not have the energy and charisma of the legendary Tony Horton, but he has his own charm.” *
“I was very depressed about how I looked and felt but after using Unlock Your Glutes for 3 months I gained more strength, size and fixed my posture. Now I feel a lot better and am happy that I chose this great product … It’s worth every penny and it could certainly help you in a lot of ways.” *
Bozhidar, fittylife.com


How does the Unlock Your Glutes Work? 

Unlock Your Glutes product

Like I mentioned above, you’re getting a workout program for glutes with this.

So, what you need to do once you’ve purchased this package is prepare yourself and do the program.  

The coach has put together a variety of best glute exercises that definitely targets our rear end.

He explains each phase of the workouts well. For example, restorative lengthening session maximizes the effectiveness of the whole routine, and the burn phase ensures the toning of our backside. 

He also includes Finisher workouts that we can choose. They're done at the end of the workout specifically designed to kick our butts. 

In Unlock Your Glutes manual, the coach tells us how important diet is for shaping and strengthening our rumps.

Well, his 14-day fat loss bonus book is there to help us, so everything comes together.

You just need to read the books and do the workouts to make this program work. 



My glute-enhancing journal  

Alright, now we’re finally in my review section.  

As I've told you, I exercise routinely and I don’t see my butt growing; that’s why I do this program. I measured my buttock circumference and it was 89 cm (35 inches). 

my starting glutes

Now, in Unlock Your Glutes, the coach says we should do this two times per week for a month. But he welcomes the idea of doing it regularly.

I figured I should try doing the workouts 4 times per week for two weeks and see if I could still see results. 

Let me show you my journal first. By the way, I did the combination routine (BW and gym).

As I said, even though the coach says it’s gym routine, we can still do all those glute exercises at home. 


1st glutes day – BW A 

I realized that Coach Brian Klepacki doesn’t explain about proper form in his videos, which is why reading the manual is crucial.

He emphasizes on pausing and control (time under tension), and I was surprised I couldn’t do some movements well. 

Now, if you’re a total beginner and you don’t know how to engage your glutes or proper form, I suggest you learn about them first.

I mean, I know about those and still ended up engaging my hamstrings during the glute activation exercises. 

This day I only did one set for each phase, because I wasn’t quite confident yet. 


2nd glutes day – Gym D 

Pretty sore. I tried to do the set two times each phase.

It was alright, but I found out I have muscular imbalances on my glutes and was pretty bummed out about it.

Decided that I’d do my next routines twice. 


3rd glutes day – Gym C 

Had come to realize that this program is most suitable for intermediate to advanced people.

I'm neither; I simply have experience, and yet I had to modify the side plank exercise.  

During that exercise, I was putting too much tension on my shoulder and neck until I got a light headache (that’s when you stop).

For total beginners who don’t know how to modify, this could be problematic. 

Also, on some movements like hip thrusts, the coach keeps on saying push further up.

Yes, we should do that, but only when we know exactly which muscles to engage.  

When I was a newbie, I did hip thrusts and bridges while engaging my lower back.

That could get me higher, but it led me to lower back pain .

So yeah, if you’re a total beginner, learning about mind-muscle/body connection and proper form first is important. 

What I used for the gym routine (dumbbells, a resistance band, a loop band)

4th glutes day – BW B 

Did it, but I modified another type of side plank hold. I’d done an arm/shoulder workout before and I couldn’t hold my position for a long time, plus my neck was straining, so did the modified version. 

For me, it’s more important that I know my glutes were working instead of copying what the demonstration lady is doing.

Honestly, when I tried to do the side plank, I was feeling my arms, abs, neck, and shoulders instead of glutes. 

Maybe it’s because I still didn’t have the body strength, or my glutes were too weak to do this particular movement.

Nonetheless, at this moment I knew that this is NOT for total beginners. 


5th glutes day – BW A 

Starting this week, I decided that I wanted to do the Finisher routine because I had become more confident.

This time, I did the tabata and I almost gave up on the fourth set, but I didn’t. Metal music helped a lot .

Admittedly, I also modified the side plank this time because I'd done a weighted HIIT before. Even so, my glutes were feeling it.  

When I did a deadlift exercise, I noticed that I was feeling my calves and the arch of my feet engaging.

I don’t know why that happened. Just know that if you do this later and feel the same, know that you’re not alone. 

Because it kinda hurt me, I didn’t do the 3-1-2-0 tempo like Coach Brian Klepacki. I ended up doing it my way (still controlled but not with that slow tempo). 

Unlock Your Glutes video

6th glutes day – Gym D 

Tried the glute activation exercises finisher with the resistance band, and it felt pretty good!

It wasn’t challenging enough for me though, because I've only got one band and I realize I need to buy a set. Get a set instead of just one.

Probably because I’d had a one-day complete rest, I felt like I got stronger a bit.

Now, in this routine there’s an exercise which needs a gym gadget. I didn’t have this, of course, so instead I did superman hold.  

If only this program has a video instruction of the finisher workout, that’ll be better. I had to search on the internet since I'm not familiar with exercise names. 


7th glutes day – Gym C 

Resistance band finisher is quite fun to me so I did it again.

Managed to do the side plank this time! Although, it wasn’t as slow as the instruction and I took a breather before the isometric hold.

Maybe I got a bit stronger after all. 


8th glutes day – BW B 

Thanks to another complete rest I did the day before, I managed to do another plank hold!

Had to pause and change position after 20 seconds, though, but it was such an improvement.


Diet program – no carbs? 

Unlock Your Glutes bonus book

One thing I noticed straight away when I read this book (I like to skip through first) is that there’s no references.

Coach Brian Klepacki makes a lot of claims here, but I could find no proof to back them up. 

In the Unlock Your Glutes program, the coach said that we should restrict or reduce carbs (for fat loss or muscle growth, respectively).

For sure, that’s fine. His diet book is about rapid fat loss after all.  

But, this may not be suitable for active people who move all the time all day while they’re working. Stay-at-home parents, cooks, delivery people, runners, etc, may need a source of energy from carbs.  

A simple search on google scholar can lead us to many studies that suggest carbs are fine, particularly for people who are not sedentary.

This one stated that active people can adapt low fat high carb (LFHC) diet to get favorable fat content. 

Just like what the coach says in Unlock Your Glutes, you can eat carbs to grow muscles; the complex kind, that is.

So, for long-term program, carbohydrates are not your archenemy, especially if you’re active. 

Coach Brian says we can only eat brown rice. Well, I found more than one research stating white rice is fine as long as it’s staple food or it’s low GI (glycemic index). He doesn’t say why only brown rice, so I don’t understand this bit. 

Ebbeling CB et al. suggested that low GI diet is better for long term diet and maintenance.

An older review supports this diet, and an older study suggests that LFHC-low GI is feasible. 


Diet program – caffeine 

I still drank black coffee (no sugar) during this program

Aside of the diet itself, I was surprised when Coach Brian Klepacki bans coffee in the fat loss book (and again, not stating the reason). The only source of caffeine allowed is green tea. 

While I realize that this tea has a lot of benefits, so does coffee.

I mean, each has its own advantages. There are lots of studies about coffee and green tea benefits for weight loss, exercise, and overall health (all in moderation, of course).  

Speaking of green tea, the coach also says that we should get the organic, high-quality one.

According to him, the opposite of those qualities contains dangerous levels of fluoride. 

A 2017 research suggests that all kinds of green tea is fine, in moderate amount.

Additionally, a research from 2016 says that preventing fluorosis from tea is under investigation, but tea consumption itself doesn’t result in the intake of of excessive amounts of fluoride for most adults. 

Moreover, this 2018 research says that there’s a lot of factors contributing to the amount of fluoride release in tea.

Choosing the organic, high-quality kind may affect it. However, brewing time, water temperature, and water hardness can have an impact on fluoride release as well. 

Yeah, I can’t quite comprehend this one. I'd say if you’re more of a green tea person, then you should stick to this caffeine and vice versa.


One thing to remember

Though, the thing about diet and fitness is that everything narrows down to your own experience and needs.

There are countless of studies and research you can find, proving we should do this or that. That's why you shouldn’t be afraid of doing trials and errors with your own body and see which is the best for you. 

Yeah, in short, I didn’t do the fat loss program. Firstly, it’s complicated to do in my family. Secondly, I'm quite skeptical about some claims.

Thirdly, I wanted to know if I could still get results by doing “bad” diet/choices. 


Leg workouts 

Unlock Your Glutes leg workout bonus

His leg workout videos look great, and I like the fact that the coach included them in Unlock Your Glutes package.

But to be honest, I prefer leg day videos from a YouTube channel I know and like.

Over the course of my glutes growing weeks, I skipped leg days. Instead, I did HIIT to replace the missing workouts for my lower body.

I worried that I'd be too fatigued if I did leg days, so I didn’t. 

I do think his BW leg workout video is great for you who’s just started your fitness journey. It doesn’t look hard and is easy to follow. Do it at your own pace if you’re a newbie

Don't get me wrong. Even though until now I haven’t done his leg routine, I'd definitely do it when I need a variety. 



So, in two weeks, with four glute activation exercises each week and without the right diet, this program still brought me result.

I managed to grow my booty 0.5 cm.

I said earlier that my starting glute circumference was 89cm, it grew to 89.5 cm!

Not much of a difference, I know, but I feel that my backside has become even firmer.

It's quite embarrassing to put before after pictures because you can't see my glutes growing evidently, so I don't.

Nevertheless, my buttocks have improved, no lies.

Long story short, Unlock Your Glutes works. *

For faster, more evident results, you should combine it with proper diet.

Doesn't have to be the coach's fat loss program, but I still think that nutrition plays an important role for muscle building.




What I like from Unlock Your Glutes

  • The fact that we can do glute exercises at home. As I said, even though the program says gym routine, we can still do it in our own abodes.
    It's also pretty simple and easy to follow.
  • You don’t feel like you're struggling alone when doing these glute activation exercises.
    At times, you can see the lady demonstrator trying her best to do a workout and it’s nice to see that human reaction coming from a fit person.
  • In the Unlock Your Glutes manual, we get an extensive info about glutes.
    Some parts can take a bit of time to digest, but it's because there’s not enough graphics to show which is which (for example, where Gmed is).
    The language itself is great, I could understand what the coach is saying well.
  • It felt like I have my own personal trainer. When I follow a video from YouTube, the trainer is also doing the movement.
    So, they can’t keep reminding me to keep squeezing my glutes or something like that, and it’s something different that I noticed.
  • Result. The program worked on me even though I didn't go on a diet like what Coach Brian Klepacki says. *

Unlock Your Glutes manual


My criticism

  • All routines from Unlock Your Glutes don’t have cool-down stretches. The coach doesn’t include it in the book or videos.
    He doesn’t explain why, maybe we don’t need them at all.
    But since I combine his program with other workouts, and maybe you do this too, I need to cool down.
  • Something I don’t particularly enjoy doing is any movement with the 3-1-2-0 tempo.
    Sometimes it’s too slow that I ended up engaging some other muscles instead (not the core), and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. It hurt aka it made me moderately uncomfortable.
  • There's no videos or pictures about the Finisher movements and, like I said, I had to look them up online first.
    Not a big thing, but considering that the coach has put together many things in this package, I do think he should’ve included this one.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like we can get free information and free glute exercises at home by researching and scheduling.
    I realize that it can be hard to decide which information is credible or not. We also may not have the time for that, so I'm not discounting Coach Brian Klepacki at all.
    It’s just that if we have the will, we can do it alone.
  • No citations or references in the diet book like I mentioned.  


Tips from me 

glute activation exercises

  • I'm going to say this again because I think it’s important.
    Total beginners should know about mind-muscle connection, breathing during workout, and how to engage the right muscles.
    Muscle strain isn’t fun.
  • If you plan to do the gym routine too, buy a thick mat, two sets of dumbbells (lighter pair and heavier pair) but the more the merrier, and a set of resistance bands.
    You can buy a gym bench but it’s not necessary since you can do some exercises from your sofa.
    By thick mat I mean 6mm minimum, and you’ll need this one too if you’re doing the BW routine.
    I'm quite bony around my lower body, and whenever I did exercise holds on my belly, my crotch hurt. Folded towel didn’t help.
  • You should do the glute exercises at home on their own.
    I mean, you can totally mix it with other workouts, but you may get exhausted quickly.
    If you’re at advanced level, heck, you can do whatever you want!

best glute exercises

  • Find cool down exercises. Some of us can be just fine without cool down altogether, while some of us need them.
    I'm in the latter group. And if you're like me, go online and find your preferred methods of cooling down (active or passive).
    Many people believe that active post-workout session is better, but this 2018 review says that it's not always the case.
    Additionally, the research says that stretches negatively affect runners while I personally like stretches.
    However, I'm no runner/athlete, and you do you!
  • Should you feel a stress around your neck, traps, and shoulders, just stop and find modifications.
    You don’t want to force yourself all the time or else you’re going to live with bulging veins on your temples.
    Mine are the result of frequent tension when I did core exercises wrong back then.
  • For you total beginners, be mindful about that. And remember, do the glute activation exercises at your own pace, if you’re like me.
  • Again, if you’re not sedentary and you’re active, you don’t need to do the diet program.
    Should you think you can do it, and that kind of diet is already your lifestyle, feel free to do Coach Brian Klepacki’s diet book.


Who should do the Unlock Your Glutes program?

who is Unlock Your Glutes for

Quoting from Coach Brian Klepacki himself, “This program is suitable for anyone, male or female, who wants to develop a stronger, rounder butt. I designed it for every level, from the gym rat to the newbie who has never set foot in a gym before,” 

“You see, unless you're an athlete – a sprinter – chances are your glutes are weak. Everyone will improve their glute strength and stability with this program.” 

But from me, a person who’s tried Unlock Your Glutes, I can tell you that this program may not be for everyone.

You've got to have at least some basics because if you don’t, it may lead to injury. I can understand why that one bad review exists.

In my opinion, this program is sort of like a crash course.

Let's say you’ve got an upcoming event like a party or beach holiday and you want to look so good and lean within 2 weeks or a month. Well, this program is your best friend. 

People who are in intermediate or advanced fitness level should find the best glute exercises in this program.

If you’re one of them, you’ll definitely grow more strength and size in your glutes. 


Where to Buy Unlock Your Glutes? 

You can get Unlock Your Glutes from a lot of place, really. But for safety reasons and bonus, I do recommend buying from its own website for $15.

Mhm, you saw that right. This program only costs you $15, which is a total steal.

Four videos of highly-effective glute activation exercises, a thorough book about glutes, 2 leg workout videos, and a fat-loss diet book. All delivered to you in an instant with a cheap price.

Don't forget that there's a 60-day 100% money back guarantee too. No questions asked.

Got any questions? You can either send an email to sales@criticalbench.com OR go to this site and see if there are some more FAQ there that includes yours.





All in all, I think Unlock Your Glutes is worth a try.

The workouts are fun to do despite my own limitations, and it still brought me results. Plus, I learned more about glutes and my own booty.  

Looking forward, I’ll continue doing the coach’s glute activation exercises. But I'll combine them with my other choice of workouts so that I'll have variety. 

Admittedly, I found that some of Coach Brian Klepacki’s claims on nutrition and diet are sort of weak, but it was just my skepticism talking.

Think you should try it? Then do it!

Besides, if I’m ever in need of a program that will shed some fat in a short time, I may do his fat-loss program! 

TLDR, I'm happy with Unlock Your Glutes, and I think you should try it.

Good luck with your glute-enhancing journey! 



You should always consult your doctor or physician before doing these workouts. The glute workouts here are low-impact and don’t involve jumping, but you have to be extra sure. 

Results may vary depending on your body types, fitness level, lifestyle, and diet.

Last but not least, pay attention to your food allergies or intolerance before trying the coach's diet program. Would be better if you talk to a professional nutritionist.

7.5 Total Score

Value for money
Content quality
Author credibility
Exercise Easiness
  • Thorough explanation about glutes 
  • Pretty complete package 
  • Fun glute activation exercises 
  • Feels like having a personal trainer 
  • Motivating coach 
  • Easy to follow 
  • Gives results (esp with the right diet)
  • Can be pretty hard for total beginners 
  • Some workouts for glutes and info are available for free
  • No Finisher pictures/videos
  • No cool-downs
  • Some claims have no explanations & are questionable 
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