Natural Synergy Solution by Emily J. Park – I Have Tried This Program For 10 Days

Natural Synergy Solution by Emily J. Park Review – Age doesn’t tell a thing, or does it? Some people said when you are 30, you should harvest the fruits of every seeds you sowed. If the seeds you sowed were good seeds, happiness is coming soon.


But if the seeds you sowed were bad, you should also be prepared to find annoying things start to get in your way. Well, after I turned 30, I realized that it is true.


All the knowledge and experience I gained before 30 started to light up my pathways in life. And all my recklessness also started to take its tolls on me.


No, I am not going to tell you a story about my whole life (which is beautiful), but rather a spill of one specific topic: health.


My body condition in my early 30s that includes changes in fitness and performance start to show some differences compared to a couple years ago.



I was too surprised that entering my 30s would make me realize so many things. In some cases, I am doing better than anyone at my age I know, but in some other cases I feel weaker than everybody.


I will tell you about some of my health problems later, and how surprisingly Natural Synergy Solution by Emily J. Park helped me to solve it.


Yes, a program called Natural Synergy Solution is the reason why I want to share my experience in this review. The reason is because I want everybody to know that such program exists.


But what makes this program even worth mentioning? Follow through to find out.



How Do We Treat Pain?


Our body is so complex and complicated. Even researchers and medical experts still cannot 100% explain every single detail about it.


However, we all naturally able to recognize if something is wrong with our body. Most of the time it comes as unpleasant feeling or pain.


That’s why, the first question a medical expert asks us is about the existence of unpleasant feeling or pain in our body.


But why do those feelings is important? Furthermore, why do we even need the ability to detect unpleasant feeling or pain in our body?




In fact, those unpleasant feelings and pain we feel in our body is actually the signal given by our nervous system to tell us that something is wrong with some part of our body.


Without the ability, we will not be able to detect anything wrong, and that’s not a good thing. Imagine not being able to prevent infection of a wound located at the back of your head.


Those unpleasant feelings and pain are important for such case. And even though nobody likes the feeling, we really need it.


What comes after pain is the treatment done to ease it or cure it. This is the most important process.


Many of us use painkiller to solve this problem. However, we all know that consumption of painkiller doesn’t solve anything.


First, painkiller only reduce the pain, not eliminate it from the source. Such kind of pain will come back again later after the effect wears out.


Second, it can grow into a bad habit that may lead into addiction. An addiction to painkiller is real, and it is the last thing we ever want.


Moreover, painkiller is ineffectively expensive! Thus, rather than keep consuming painkiller, why don’t we try to strike directly to the health problem that becomes the source of pain?


Natural Synergy Solution by Emily J. Park is a guide for us to ease any of our health problems naturally without the use of any dangerous substances and expensive therapies.


This is my first impression after purchasing and practicing the program, and I already find that this is very helpful. That’s why I want to share my experience with this program to you.




Solving All My Problems In One Go?


medicine prescription


As I told you before, after 30 came, things started to change for me. Yes, beautiful things did happen or is happening, but on the other hand the ‘bad seed’ I sowed are also beginning to grow, especially in my fitness.


Fitness and health conditions such as waking up tired, joint pain, addiction to nicotine, and lack of stamina happen more often nowadays, compared to two or three years ago.


I’m still young enough, am I not? Then why do all those things start happening to me?


I reminisced what ‘bad seeds’ that I have sowed and I found there are several of it. I am a chain smoker, I injured myself in a parkour session, I was too lazy to do workouts after graduating from college, etc.


The effects of those things used to be contained in my young body, but now, it all has been released back to me.


I looked for the solutions, but most of them suggested me to consume some medication, supplements, or any other chemical-based things.


I didn’t despise the idea, but based on my consideration, it would cost me so much money to get back my fitness and health like when I was young.


In addition to that, the solutions they offer only solve the problem one by one. One for my joint pain, one for my smoking habit, one for my stamina, etc.


orange bottle


I wanted an all-in method, not those which are sold in retails.


I searched harder and finally came into a program called Natural Synergy Solution by Emily J. Park that offers a complete solution for all my problems without the use of any chemicals or expensive therapies.




Natural Synergy Solution: Healing With Touch And Sound


face acupuncture Natural Synergy


So, how does this program work? Since ancient times, China is known for its traditional medical practice and medicines that is said to be able to cure almost anything.


One of the methods used in Chinese traditional medical world is acupuncture, which is up until now widely used to relieve pain, cure disease, and improve general health.


yin yang Natural Synergy


The method is meant to balance our energy or Qi, that can be described as yin (the female, passive, and dark) and yang (the male, active, and light).


The imbalance between those two usually results in health problems. Pinning specific acupoints in our body, where either of the Qi flow is blocked, will help us distribute the energy evenly.


Acupuncture uses special needles to pin some points in our body called acupuncture points or acupoints. But for some people, this method is not preferred because inserting needles to our body is too scary.


acupuncture practice Natural Synergy



Then come another technique that doesn’t require inserting needles called acupressure. Basically, the philosophy between the two is the same: pinning the right spot to bring back the balance of our body’s energy.


The program explains a lot of those spots and how to do the process by your own. And it doesn’t require so much time, actually it requires only 1 to 2 minutes per spot.


The locations of the spots are also depicted in clear pictures so we can know exactly the acupoints to press.


In addition, the way the program guides us to the right spots to press is so simple. It uses an approach based on what do you feel or want to fix in your body.


In example, I choose the addiction spot for my smoking habit, insomnia spot for better sleep, knee and lower back pain spot for my injury, also for fitness and stamina.


Every condition usually has 4-9 spots we can choose to press.


Every day, for the last 10 days since I joined the program, I press the spots mentioned and averagely it takes me only about 20 minutes.


Such a convenience for me because I don’t have to go out of my room to do it, and I can choose any time of a day to do it.


acupressure natural synergy solution


But pressing the acupoints is not the only way this program helps us to fix our body. We are literally talking about a method to make energy constantly flow better here.


Additionally, the program includes the miracle of sounds and frequencies to do the job.


This is the difference I noticed between Natural Synergy Solution by Emily J. Park and other programs. There is another method called Electro-acupuncture which uses electric needles to ‘pressure’ the spots, and this one is said to be the more effective method.


However, since this program doesn’t include needles, Natural Synergy Solution uses the alternative method called Acu-Frequency.


This Acu-Frequency, just like its name, utilizes frequency that we can get from sounds with a technique called entrainment.


Entrainment happens when a dominant vibrating frequency causes another to vibrate in harmony with it. This phenomenon is an actual science and the basis for sound therapy.


An example of entrainment is when you strike a tuning fork, and it vibrates, try to get it closer to another tuning fork and you will discover that the other one is also vibrating.


  Using this logic, we can also use such law of nature to give our acupoints or Qi spots the same energy as electricity without being stabbed with electric needles.


This program exposes us to many frequencies that will resonate with our body and boost the ailments for conditions we are having.


acupuncture practice Natural Synergy

Same Principal But Without Needles


All of those things can be done anywhere anytime, with only about 3-5 minutes needed for each condition you want to solve.


As I said before, because I choose to fix 4 things which are my smoking habit, sleep, pains from my injury, and fitness I spent averagely only 20 minutes to do it all for the last 10 days.




Natural Synergy Solution Breakdown


produk Natural SynergyTalking further about the method used in this program, I will try to explain it based on the contents of the program itself.


The program is a digital one that you can access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone easily. Just login or keep logged in, and open it via web.


In addition to that, the program even provides you an application for your smartphone to make accessing it far simpler.


The smartphone version of it is just 66 megabytes, but it already contains every single thing you need starting from the acupoints, ailments, music, sounds, preset beats, and also frequencies.


Or if you like it offline, you can also just download the eBook version of the program where you can get information of the Qi spots or acupoints, but without the sounds.


Basically, it provides you three choices of access: offline access, application access, and web access.


Each of them has its own pros and cons. Here is a list of their pros and cons:


    • Web Access: Full access to everything, requires constant connection to internet


    • Smartphone Application: Direct access to contents, fewer explanations


    • eBook: Full explanations, offline access, doesn’t include sounds (download separately)


As you can see there, the choice is yours. For me, I use all of the three because it is far suitable than just having one access to a program in my opinion


So, about the contents, I will show you from the most complete version of it which is the web version. Here you can see that the program is divided into 8 main parts and the introduction sections.


program web natural synergy

See How Neatly It Is Arranged ( Click The Image to Zoom in )


What’s being explained in each part is as follows:


    • Introduction: Just like any other program, the introduction tells you about the origin of the program and how to read the instructions.


    • Part 1 – TCM: Not only it explains Traditional Chinese Medicine is preferred at this age, but also what benefits we can get, contraindications, how to do the acupressure, and the after-treatment care.


    • Part 2 – Medicinal Science of Sound: This is the part that explains how sounds can affect our health in both good and bad way.


    • Part 3 – Ailments: In this part, you will be shown a list of diseases and conditions that the program can help you cure. This part is connected to Part 4 where the acupoints are located.


    • Part 4 – Acupoints: This is where you can find the list of over 400 acupoints for acupressure. This part is connected to Part 3 to make it easier to find the right acupoint based on your condition.


    • Part 5 – Frequencies: Since Acu-frequency uses both acupressure and the power of sound to heal our bodies, this is the part where you will find the sounds and frequencies to be used in this program.


    • Part 6 – FAQ: Of course, you might have some questions about this program, and here should be the first part you visit if you have any.


    • Part 7 – Glossary: Some vocabularies used in this book might be unusual for you, but you can find the right term and meaning here.


    • Part 8 – Conclusion: What’s more to explain? This is literally just a conclusion of the program.


From my own opinion, the most important parts are from Part 3 to Part 5. The rest of it is just an explanation that you can read or skip as you want.


However, this program gives pretty good explanations about everything, not too wordy nor confusing. You might want to read the explanations to understand more about the methods used, if you are not in an emergency.




Who Is The Author?

Emily J. Park Natural Synergy

Emily J. Park is a pharmacist who is also the author of this product. However, her biggest dream is to treat diseases without medication.


She conducted experiments to fulfill her mission, until someday Emily had an accident in which she was severely injured.


dr lin xiaoxi natural synergy solution

During one therapy, she met Dr. Lin Xiaoxi who is an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine. After talking to Dr. Xiaoxi, she realized her research finally led her into the traditional methods.


Emily decided to record all the information and hence the fruit of her research is Natural Synergy Solution. She applied these techniques and tricks of Natural synergy, and it worked for herself.


The method Acu-Frequency she used has wide range of usage. Knowing that it can benefit a lot of people, she decided to share her experience and information in this program.


Quit Smoking, Increasing Fitness, And Waking Up Fresh


Do you think that my explanation about what’s inside this program above is too long? Well, that’s because I found this program actually has so many contents that I don’t want to miss out.


Don’t you know that even the eBook that you can download for offline access is 635 pages long?


That’s how much information that you can get from accessing this program. But don’t worry about difficulty finding the right content or ailment you want to access directly


  Everything is bookmarked neatly for easy direct access.



welcome page natural synergy solution

Welcome Page After Initial Purchase. Everything Is Bookmarked Neatly


You have acne problem? Access the program, click on the ailments section, find the keyword “acne”, and viola you are directed to the page.


You have other problems? Or do you want to just focus on some acupoint or sound? Just do the same thing. Accessing the contents is that easy.


And I have mentioned twice above, I choose 4 problems to fix: smoking habit, sleeping improvement, knee and lower back pain, and stamina.


From all of those conditions, I chose 3 spots which are most suitable with my condition, and gave pressure to it for about 1-2 minutes each for the last 10 days.


In some parts, I feel a tingly pain while I stimulate it, especially in a spot connected to my knee pain called Xi Yan. But the program says that’s normal.


While pressing it, I made sure to play the sounds and frequencies related to the acupoints (if any) to get greater result, and I think it worked out pretty well.


To compare it with the result, I should tell you my problems.


I have a habit to smoke about 6 cigarettes a day, for the last 2-3 months. It was even I did some kind of self-therapy to help me quit smoking with a program called Mindzoom.


I also used to feel a sting in my lower back and knee when standing up from sitting too long or when I lift too much weight. I suppose that was the result of my injury while I was doing parkour.


After the 10th day, I started to collect hints of any changes I feel in my body, and for the result my knee & lower back pain still can be felt while lifting weight, but not while moving in normal way.


mobile app 3

Screenshot Of Smartphone App

In addition to that, my smoking appetite was reduced to only 3 cigarettes a day.


Those two are the most significant changes I felt in my body after using this program. While for my sleeping and fitness problem, I still couldn’t find how to measure it.


Overall, I think purchasing this program is indeed beneficial for me.


Not only because it showed significant result in two of my four problems mentioned above in just 10 days, but also because the contents are hands down so complete!


My sister has acne problem, and this program provide the solution for that. My mother has lower back pain, and I can suggest the solutions from this program.


Not only it will help you, but you can use it to help people you love too because there are more than 150 health problems that this book covers!


I personally feel satisfied with the program. The $47 price tag that this program offered me, along with 60 days money back guarantee, is worth the purchase in my opinion.


There are just some small things I think that this program is lacking.


First is about the eBook. It doesn’t include the sounds that the online version provides, but it has the “play sound” button. Or at least in my version of Adobe Reader, I cannot click on the play sound button.


While the program itself offers separate download for offline use which provides 14 audios for accompanying the pdf. 


Second, the desktop app of this program is actually available. However, to get it we should pay additional $15.


Knowing that the web version of it already provides complete information, I think it is a matter of choice whether we want to access the desktop app or not. But paying additional $15 is not worth it in my opinion.


In fact, this program also offers three other additional purchase that doesn’t interest me that much, so I didn’t choose to get it.


The three other additional purchase are joining VIP Club, Total Life Mastery program ($77), and Inner Game of Wealth ($17). Of course, each has its own benefit, but I didn’t come here to get those things.


Apart from those things, the initial purchase of Natural Synergy Solution by Emily J. Park satisfies me with all the contents and especially the results.




Will It Be Useful For You?


chinese doctor


Okay, so I myself think that this program is a good offer. But will it also be useful for you? The program itself explains that acupressure is not for everyone, and some might need to avoid acupressure.


Here is a list of conditions where you should avoid acupressure, based on the program:


  • If you have had surgery recently — it is advisable to wait for acute inflammation to resolve. Do not perform acupressure over the surgery area.


  • If you have recently suffered a heart attack or stroke.


  • If you have been diagnosed with cancer.


  • Burns, wounds, and skin infections — acupressure is contraindicated over wounded, or infected skin.


  • Varicose veins — pressure over varicose veins can cause severe pain and worsen the problem.


  • Bone fractures — do not apply acupressure directly on a fracture spot. Slight pressure on the perimeter can be useful to increase blood flow and promote healing.


  • If you notice an undiagnosed lump or mass — speak to a physician first to find out what the mass is.


  • Pregnancy — special precaution, there’s a series of points that should not be used in pregnancy for they may put the pregnancy at risk or induce labor.


  • Acupressure should be avoided when there is any instability in the spine, compressed vertebrae or a fractured spine.


  • Acupressure in the groin, neck, under the armpits and below the ears should be avoided when suffering from lymphoma. In general, these points should be gently stimulated and can be sensitive when a person is detoxifying.


  • Patients suffering from haemophilia and other blood clotting disorders need to consult their health care practitioner before acupressure is administered.


In addition to that, since Natural Synergy Solution by Emily J. Park includes the power of sound to boost healing, it may include some frequencies that your ear cannot accept.


Some people might feel nausea while listening to some frequencies or beats for elongated time, and in this case the program suggest to stop it and only apply the acupressure technique.


Additionally, the program covers more than 150 most health problems, but we know that there are millions other health problems on earth.


There’s a probability that your very specific condition is not covered by the program, and in this case, I suggest you to claim the 60 days money back guarantee if you don’t find it beneficial for you.




Natural Synergy Solution by Emily J. Park has been used by thousands of people, and here are some testimonials from other users that I found on internet.*


“I must say that your approach works miracles for me. Real acupuncture hurts too much, and you offer the perfect solution for home treatment. I suffer from fibromyalgia, spasmophilia and chronic fatigue syndrome, maximum score on the first two. I’m now off all opioids and most of my benzodiazepines.

Your program is groundbreaking! Thank you ever so much.”

Elsje, Belgium


“I have used Natural Synergy to relieve pain in my knee, relieve discomfort in my teeth and boost my immune system and am convinced that the system works. Sometimes you don't even need to work on all the points!”


Nora, England


“I am super impressed, best purchase and value for money I have made in the field of health as I'm a clinical nutritionist and herbalist. I just wanted to share how happy and delighted I am with the program and the app is simply amazing, so much value here for the money. The book, pictures and guidance in application is so valuable that I'm sharing it with everyone who comes into my clinic.

Once again thank you so much for this wonderful gift.”

Brigitte, Australia


Want To Try Natural Synergy Solution?




If from my explanation above you consider that this program might also benefit you, or you want to try whether or not it will work for your problem, you can purchase it here.


Simply follow the link provided below.




The cost of initial purchase is one-time charge $47, which means you will not be asked to pay additional money in the future for Natural Synergy Solution by Emily J. Park.


However, as I mentioned above, there are some optional purchases you can make once you already join the program such as Desktop app, VIP Club, Total Life Mastery program ($77), and Inner Game of Wealth ($17).


Afterall, this program is covered by 60 days money back guarantee that you can claim any time in that time span. So, I think there is no risk of losing your money from trying it out and doesn’t feel satisfied.


Still, if you think that $47 is too much money for just a program to cure your health condition, you should know that this program offers so many bonuses at once.


What? Bonuses?


Yes, this program is so generous in giving bonuses. Not only one or two, but in total you can get 4 additional items for free.


free 2 am ebook


First, from following the link above you will have the opportunity to download free eBook of 2 PM Refresher immediately after your fist visit to the webpage.


The program is about restoring your energy to the level of an active child. Yes, it shows you the way to get back to your younger active self only with acupressure.




Second free item you can get is East/West Blood Pressure Balancer.


This eBook will give you information about how to naturally lower hypertension and bring your blood pressure to the healthiest level.


meta east natural synergy


The third free item is entitled Eastern Metabolism Miracle.


Control your weight naturally without the help of those chemicals and torturing diets! In addition to that, it can also help you to increase your metabolism so you can maintain your weight longer and stabler.


acuface natural synergy

And the final free item is Acu-Facelift Revitalizer.


Youthful appearance is important, and acupressure has the ability to help you get that youthful appearance. This is the step by step beauty blueprint you need.


Natural Synergy Solution Verdict And Conclusion


Based on my 10 days experience with this program, I found that it has helped me in two of four problems I needed to solve. The other two might need more time or more exact measurement.


So, will I recommend this program for you?


Based on the practicality of this program that covers more than 150 health problems, I think this program might be suitable for many people. Not only it is a self-treatment program, but also it doesn’t require much time to do.


However, this program is not an instant fix, but rather a long-term solution for your health problems because it utilizes a technique that rather than giving a quick but weak snap, it aims to solve the problems with steady build up.


The price is quite comprehensible because of so many features that it includes with initial purchase of $47. It also comes with 60 days money back guarantee.


There are some additional purchases that you can get for extra contents, but I personally didn’t opt to get it because I considered the initial purchase alone was enough.




Natural Synergy Solution is a program that utilizes acu-frequency technique to fix your energy or Qi flow in your body to cure more than 150 disease and conditions mentioned in the program.


This program offers 60 days money back guarantee to ensure consumers’ satisfaction, since customers’ satisfaction may vary.


The initial purchase will give you access to webbook, eBook, and smartphone application. Each has its own pros and cons like I mentioned above.


It might require some time before the conditions can go away completely, but the time required actually depends on many factors.


There are some people who need to read the contraindications I mentioned above first before practicing this program such as pregnant women, patients with heart attack, open wounds, etc.


You might also feel tingling pain while doing the methods, but that’s normal because it includes pressuring your body parts in specific locations.




7.9 Total Score

Easiness To Practice
  • Includes A Lot Of Useful Contents (+150 Health Problems)
  • Explanations Are Clear
  • Good Presentation Of Contents
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Includes Smartphone Application And eBook
  • Useful Bonuses
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Additional Contents Are Not Free
  • eBook & Smartphone App Are Not As Organized As Web
  • Author Is Not Famous
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