Wow! My Honest Review After Completing The Habit of Ferocity in 35 Days


The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler – Sky is the limit. Or, is it? Fact is, there is ALMOST nothing that can limit us, not even the sky.


By that, the only limit for us on this planet is ourselves. The question is, what if we finally break free from our limits?


Welcome to my review of one of the most famous and successful programs of Mindvalley. The program is called The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler.


The Habit of Ferocity is a program that will change your end goal and bring it to another level, NOT ANOTHER LIMIT.


And if you think that such kind of thing is just sweet talks without real life proofs, you are wrong! A lot of people are able to do the breakthrough.


learning the habit of ferocity


I felt like I found a treasure when I first discovered the real value of this program, even though I was skeptical at first.


So far, this is the best self-improvement program I have ever joined, because of many reasons. That’s why, I want to share my experience of joining the program from the beginning to its end.


I have completed the entire program, and I just realize that this program is changing my whole mindset about life and passion.



Average Performance Is So Overrated


the habit of ferocity performance


We are required to perform well every single day in every single task that we do. But performing well is not something easy, right?


Or is it, actually?


Most of us consider having an average performance is good enough to get through the day. However, our dreams are so high.


The problem with that is, we cannot reach our highest dreams if we keep giving average performance. We need to give our all to reach that dream.


Take for example two dreamers who successfully make their dreams come true: Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo.


Michael JordanThey play different field of sport, but people know they are among the best individuals in their respective fields.


Both of them are known to be the most competitive individuals and the ones with the best determination in their fields.


Michael and Cristiano nowadays are even known to be G.O.A.T. or Greatest of All Time. And to earn that title, they have proved themselves for over a decade on the highest peak.


Will that kind of thing even possible for them if they constantly show average performance on the field? Of course not!


They always give their all on the field without hesitation, and more amazingly, they do it ALMOST CONSTANTLY EVERY SINGLE MATCH! Still thinking performing well is not an easy job?


Even though you still think it is not easy, those two GOATs proved that it is possible to reach their level. The question is, how?  I used to wonder about having their incredible performance too.


Life would be easier and more exciting if you are on top, isn’t it? Achievements after achievements would just rain down, and maybe our lives would change 180 degrees.


the habit of ferocity performance 1


The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler is the exact self-improvement program that focuses to guide you reach that level from your current level, wherever it is.


Therefore, after attending this program, you can expect an improvement in your overall daily performance.




Breaking The Limit with The Habit of Ferocity


welcome page the habit of ferocity

Proof that I have purchased the program.


So, what’s The Habit of Ferocity? From the examples above, you know that human potentials are unlimited. Especially when we are on fire.


They show how determination and grit can make even the impossible become possible.


Michael Jordan is one of the biggest basketball legends known for having won six NBA championships and six Finals MVPs!


But even numbers are useless in front of his play. His presence on the field was something else, and for the opposite side it was a constant terror.


cristiano ronaldo the habit of ferocity


It is just similar to Cristiano Ronaldo. If you ask soccer lovers who is the player that always give his 200% on the field, most of them would answer with his name.


He has brought magic to uncountable moments with his impossible goals, turning the tables with hattricks, or showing his perseverance to keep giving the best until the final whistle blows.


His team have turned the table a lot of times, even though the score before was almost impossible to be turned around.


Look deeper into their habits. The two GOATs are known to be beast in training too! It means their incredible performance are consistent no matter the occasions.


It just appears like they don’t have the limit that we do.


No, that’s not actually the case here. If you see that Jordan and Cristiano look like they are breaking their limit.


What actually happens is, they just fulfill their best potentials because they don’t stop at what they think their limit.


We set our own limit because most of us think that we have the limit. That limit is also the reason why we cannot be on fire as regularly as those two GOATs.


But how to get rid of that mindset?


We have to grow a habit to change our mindset, and The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler is the program that will guide you to do that.




Why The Habit of Ferocity Free Masterclass is a Must Try?


steven kotler the habit of ferocity

Video Lesson Example


Now before we get too deep about this program, there is one thing that I suggest you to check out the free masterclass provided by Mindvalley.


Here, you will discover find a proper introduction to the whole program, presented by Steven Kotler himself.


But more than just an introduction, this free masterclass also contains the basic information about the course, with a little surprise by the end of the masterclass.


Even though it is not a prerequisite to join the program, but I am sure that you will find this free masterclass useful. In example, it talks about the flow.


the habit of ferocity performance 23


The flow is a phenomenon Steven has brought to mainstream consciousness through books, talks, and his research and training organization known as the Flow Research Collective that focuses on how to get into flow state.


This very flowwe are talking about is similar to the one I reviewed from C Wilson Meloncelli’s Hack The Flow State. So, what makes this program different?


“We are talking about the other end of the flow here,” as Steve Kotler explained in the free masterclass. He later explained that to keep performing at the highest level, we need more than just the flow.


the habit of ferocity performance 2


According to him, entering the flow will indeed boost your performance. However, there are two other things that you need to be able to do to make you belong to the elite class.


The first thing we are talking about is how to turn it on and off as we want, so that we can always perform at our peak whenever we need to.


And the second thing that he talks about is how to make the turning on and off of such state becomes automatic process.


Interesting, isn’t it? One big revelation that I got from this free masterclass is, you cannot change the world by doing things when you are sleepy.


Yes, one important part in performing well is to understand whether you are a morning bird or a night owl. Understanding this alone will allow you to set your body’s automatic response of problem-solving ability.


super reading by jim kwik (6)


I used to stay up late working on my writings (I am a writer by the way), but haven’t felt that much energy for a long time like when I used to during my college time.


I realized that the difference between my current night work and when I was still in college is, I haven’t had to attend any morning class to start my day anymore.


I’m not a night owl, after all! I realized that the reason why I used to have good energy management was because I activated my brain at the right time, which was at morning.


I forgot that detail ever since I worked as a field journalist a few years ago, because I was demanded to be standby all the time, including in the middle of the night.


Just following this simple free masterclass made me realizing this fact.


That’s just a small flake of the whole pie. According to my own experience, the real course contains a lot more mind-blowing information.


free mas terclass the habit of ferocity

Free Masterclass The Habit of Ferocity


Another thing I noticed from this masterclass is, the voice of Steven Kotler is so convincing. No wonder he is highly sought-after trainer and speaker, with a long list of mega clients.


And most importantly, if you are planning on joining the program, this free masterclass will give you a special offer if you follow through until the end of the session.


What makes you hesitate to at least visit this 70-minute free masterclass session?




Who is Steven Kotler?


steven kotler full the habit of ferocity

So, who is the author with convincing voice that created the best program in Mindvalley (in my opinion so far)? He is Steven Kotler, one of the world’s leading peak performance experts.


He is the New York Times bestselling and Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of books like Stealing Fire and The Rise of Superman, and a highly sought-after trainer and speaker with clients including Google, Cisco, Deloitte, a stable of professional athletes, and the US Special Forces.


Back in his thirties, Steven was an award-winning journalist with a promising career ahead of him. Then he contracted Lyme disease, which not only destroyed his career’s momentum – but attacked his neurological wellbeing; leaving him depressed, defeated, and suicidal.


Steven’s life was saved on the day his friends persuaded him to go surfing. While he caught the waves in the ocean, something amazing happened: he felt the thick mental fog of his illness lifting for the first time, as he entered a state of heightened clarity, focus, and performance – which many now known as ‘flow’.


This experience was Steven’s turning point. A stubbornly scientific thinker, he committed his life to understand and mastering this mysterious state of consciousness, and others like it.


On this Mindvalley Masterclass, Steven will share how to harness ‘ferocity': a behavioral formula used by many of the world's peak performers to rise above insurmountable obstacles and achieve impossible feats.


By drawing on the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, and physiology, Steven will reveal how you too can become unstoppable by tapping into superhuman levels of grit, how to stay motivated, and momentum from deep within.


Inside The Habit of Ferocity


the habit of ferocity title


So, what did I got from joining the entire program? A lot. To make it clearer to you, I went through the whole program which was 35 days long, plus 2 introduction classes.


First thing first, I want to tell you about the interactive classes. The classes are divided into two kinds of sessions, which are online video lectures and ‘homework’.


Yes, that’s the interesting part of this program, even compared to other Mindvalley quests like Conscious Parenting or The M Word that I have tried.


examples of lessons

Example of Content (Censored to Appreciate the Author)


Every single day, for the next 35 days after you join the program, you will be given new challenges but each challenge is actually corresponding to each other.


The program is divided into five topics, and in this case, I will review the lessons from week to week. The first week was about Ferocity Primer.


Well, I cannot say it was so much fun in the first week, because what I did was contemplating, writing things into the workbook, and figuring things out.


But I can say that it was a concentrated first week. The first week curriculum is Ferocity Primer, which lays the foundation for you to upgrade your new self.


This first week is about changing your old self into someone that can embrace, handle, and understand about The Habit of Ferocity concept. You will be given some video lectures, assessments, and self-reflection.


I personally found the assessment interesting because it not only measured my awareness level, but it also set my number in the starting line.


the result of my assessment


I didn’t realize that my self-awareness level was so low! Thanks to the assessment, I figured out what my problems were. And because of that, I could take the lessons as humble as possible.


Everything was meant to lead us to the best state of mind called flow.


The lessons in second week were a little bit different from the first week. While the first week concentrates on preparing myself, the second week was about automation.


The automation process is your first meal in the whole banquet. It includes the way to turn curiosity into passion, how to understand your talent & intelligence, also about modifying your biology by connecting with other people.


And the main course of this program is in the third week. In the third week you will be trained to amplify your focus, how to increase productivity, and mastery of any given skill.


While the first week you are prepared to accept the flow, and in the second week you are given the automation process, the third week is about automating flow, or how to combine both lessons into one.


Why is this the main course? The reason is because by the end of the program, you are expected to be able to automate all the things that we consider challenging.


lesson example the habit of ferocity

Example of Lessons


Like the story of Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan, both of them are able to turn grit into excellence almost every single time.


Continuing to the fourth week, this program is getting more serious to make you even more unstoppable. This week, the lesson is automating grit.


In case you are in an urgent situation or just under some pressure, you might need your automation to help you get through the hard time.


However, because of panicking, most of the time you just cannot perform well like expected. That’s why, we need to learn how to control it like when those two GOATs chased from behind for their teams’ victory.


While the final week is where you conclude everything you have learned during the program. You can say that this is the final conclusion, but not the point where you should stop.


After getting through this chapter, what you need to do is practicing all the lessons in real life.




35 Days Breakthrough with The Habit of Ferocity


completed lesson the habit of ferocity

The Time I Finished Lesson 20


Have you read that I said this program is the best one among other self-improvement programs I have ever done? No, I am not exaggerating about it.


The Habit of Ferocity is not only good for the materials given, but it also includes some activities so that we can actively participate in the lessons.


One of the examples I mentioned above is the assessment I should take at the very beginning of the class. From that, not only I know how many my score is, but it also showed me where to start.


example of assessment the habit of ferocity

One Assessment Example


I started immediately after purchasing the program, and the first thing that this program instructed me was to create a journal. This very instruction caught my attention because I didn’t think that my lessons would include something practical.


All of self-improvement classes I took usually only include video lectures without any meaningful activities.


Getting into the first week, the activities I did include watching Steven Kotler’s lecture video, joining and sharing thoughts with the online community, and filling the journal.


The videos are not too long, around 5-10 minutes per lesson, but for special occasions like Q&A or the main lesson (i.e. lesson 5 of week one), the video can be up to 45 minutes.


At first, I was curious because the length of the videos is that short, while other Mindvalley programs usually include around 20 minutes long videos.


But then I understood that the explanations do not need to be too long, because the focus is in the activities and assignments.


By the way, after doing the activities, I felt the first growth in me after a week.


I learned how to have a taste into the flow state and understand why I should not feel inferior compared to anyone around me.


Entering the flow state, I felt like I was in a game and everything around me seems like just a set for my adventure in the game. A rather funny feeling, but I liked it.


the m word meditation 1


Yes, even the first week already teaches about how to enter the flow state by using special triggers. I also learned that the triggers are different from one person to another, and it resulted in our special Flow Profile.


My flow profile is what’s called as Deep Thinker, and according to the lesson my special triggers are including brainstorming and mind-mapping.


Knowing that alone is worthless, because I can now understand how to activate flow easier than any other theories about flow that I have read.


Moving on to the next week, we get into automation. Here I was guided to break everything I learned the week before into practice.


The method used is pretty peculiar in my opinion, which is using our curiosity to fish for our peak performance. The key is apparently “action”.


There are a lot of actions that we need to do during the process, that may seem unrelated to our main mission at first. But time by time we will get the grip of what actually everything leads us to.


In example we may need to create a list of impossible things, set up a Google calendar, control our sleep, etc.


Talking about actions, we need to act in the right way to bring our peak performance out. But not just acting recklessly, we need to be curios.


Yes, curiosityis the second keyword that I learned during this week’s program.


the habit of ferocity performance 3


All the activities follow those keywords, and I found out that things can appear different if we put them in everything we do.


This week’s program successfully glued me into The Habit of Ferocity.


I love the way Steven took a whole different approach in teaching us how to bring out our best in every circumstance we face.


Just like he mentioned in the free masterclass, this is learning about the other end of flow.


I then entered the last three weeks, and things got more serious compared to the previous two. Like I mentioned above, the last three weeks are the main meals of this show.



The last three weeks of this program was about finding the truthfulyou. Lectures from Steven Kotler will guide you the way, but only lectures would not be enough.


I found that the activities such as working on assignments, talking with the members of Facebook group, and reviewing the lessons were not boring at all.


One thing that I really learned from this program is that learning our true self is opening a whole new realm to our performance.


But to reach that, we should learn what our true goals are!


I am now a better version of myself in term of focusing on my goals. This program also taught me a lot that I now am confident enough to build my own path to get there.


Just like I mentioned about entering a game while in a flow state, focusing is as easy as focusing about “Main quests” and “Side quests”.


Based on my own experience as a gamer, I think I already use the right analogy to explain about what I experienced. I can say I pretty much love how this program guided me to focus.


Nevertheless, there are some things that I want to point out about this program


First is how to determine whether we need to join this program or not. At first you might see this program as something that’s for specific build of people only.


But The habit of ferocity stated that this program is actually for everyone, so which one is true? To answer it, we have to take one step back to see the whole picture more clearly.


lesson 32 screenshot the habit of ferocity

The Time I Almost Reached the Finish Line


This program works by giving you the biggest transformative purpose in life. But does everyone have that? it is easy to check whether we also have that in ourselves or not.


If you are interested in this program, you are most likely one of those who are suitable for this program. Why? Because this program and our souls are like magnets that attract each other.


When you already have the ‘magnet’ to attract the benefits of this program, you will find this program interesting enough to follow.


While when you don’t find it attractive at all and everything that Steven Kotler said is too ‘common’ to you, then you might have found the purpose of your life at its best. Congratulations!


Next thing I want to point out is about the quality of the content. There is nothing wrong with the video resolution or sound mixing, but the quality of the subtitle is little bit upsetting in my opinion.


This program is released globally, which mean it should be accessible for every single person on earth without any limitation, including those who don’t have English as their native language.


For those who have English not as their native language, the presence of subtitles gives a lot of help understanding spoken words.


But when the subtitle is not in sync with the spoken words, it can be a huge upset to our understanding about the program.


I found some video subtitles are not in sync in this program. Even more, in the QnA session I found no subtitle at all even though I have turned on the subtitle!


Lucky I could understand what Steven Kotler was talking about, but for other people who are not as good as me in understanding English, it might render the whole program useless.


Those two points are the things that I want you to pay close attention to before purchasing the program. Overall, aside from those two things, I found the program is as good as expected.




How Other People Find The Habit of Ferocity


This program has improved the lives of thousands other students from all around the world, and some of them willingly shared their experience with this program. Here are some of them:*


“The same life feels a lot easier now!”

Before this program I was stressed about my high challenging life. I then learned how to deal with it, and to turn these fears into passion. The same life feels a lot easier now!

Nikola Kor

Architect / Magician / Coach for multipotentials

Annecy, France


“I decided to start the course and work on my habits so I can be consistent”

I have never achieved anything in a specific field so far. I'm more of a “Jake of All Trade, Master of None.” And many times, surrounding people judge me for that. I generally am a happy person. Only that, now I feel I can start something to contribute to those around me, but they look down on me and judge me for not being a “Master of None.”

But I do feel I have something to share and benefit around me. So I decided to start the course and work on my habits so I can be consistent and get myself out there to showcase my ability and benefit others. Looking forward to Day 02 of Ferocity. “ROAR”!

Devin Tee

Asst, HPB

Singapore, Singapore


“I have been able to organize myself and quite my inner fears”

Before this program, I often experienced what I like to call brain fog.  With the help of this program, I have been able to organize myself and quite my inner fears.

One of my favorite tasks in which has helped me is planning my next day tasks at the end of my day while writing my gratitude list. I have not mastered anything and every day I am taking one step closer to my ultimate goals. Thanks, Mindvalley for this course. T

Tralyece Wright

Manager/ Doctoral Student

Riverside, United States


Is It for Literally Everyone?


bold title the habit of ferocity


Well, so you now have seen how I dealt with this program, and some testimonies talking about The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler.


But did it all make you question whether you can also get the benefits of this program or not? Who can actually get the benefits out of this program?


As I have mentioned earlier above, there are two possible answers for this. And first answer is everyone who feel interested in joining this program.


Yes, everyone can get the benefits from this program wherever you are, whatever you do especially when you feel called by the program to join.


It is like the law of attraction and by that, I mean when you are interested in this program you must feel deep inside yourself that you have the seed of ferocity to grow.


I know that the level of that urge to join this program might differ from one to another, but the presence of that seed alone is the answer to “who can get the benefits of this program?


But from my own opinion about the whole contents of the program, some people who are learning from scratch without basic information about specific things (such as the flow) may take longer.


The second answer for that question is all of us. No matter what, if we follow the program wholeheartedly, we will get the benefits of it, because we all have the potentials inside.


This program is made to make you live up your potentials whenever, wherever.


That’s why, as long as we realize that we still have some potentials to be dug out, we can get the benefits of this program.


The Habit of Ferocity has taught me how to automatically turn on and off our best performance version of ourselves, so that we don’t need to worry about underperforming anymore.


Based on my own experience, it surprised me how trusting myself could affect my performance in real world significantly like what’s mentioned in the program.


So, if you want to join the program, I couldn’t find anything that might prohibit you from doing it.


However, again I suggest you to check out the free masterclass before joining this program, because there you will find clearer view about The Habit of Ferocity.




Then, How Can I Join the Habit of Ferocity?


the habit of ferocity title full


So, after checking the free masterclass and convincing yourself that this program might change you to a better person the next question is, how to join it?


The method to join this program is simple. You can do it by visiting the link I provide below and go straight to the purchasing page.





The original price of the purchase is $1,095. But if you follow this link, you can get it only at $299! Isn’t that insane?!


Wait, you want a better deal? You can also choose the more preferable method, which is also the one I suggest you to choose, by watching the free masterclass first.




Why I recommend you to visit the free masterclass first? Just like I mentioned above, visiting the free masterclass first will give you a lot of benefits, such as:


  1. Free lessons, tips, and tricks that you can try at home directly
  2. Clearer information about the program
  3. Special price cut that is available after you complete the free masterclass.


Yes, that insane price cut can go even lower if you watch the free masterclass first! There is nothing that can top such great deal for an impactful self-improvement class, isn’t it?


Wrong! The better deal that can come with this program is that you will get 15-days risk free period to try this program out.


Anytime within the first 15 days after the purchase and you don’t feel like this program is good enough for you or you don’t feel like continuing this program, you can cancel anytime and get all of the money spent for this program.


My Verdict and Conclusion


So now, here we come to the verdict and conclusion of The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler. Based on my own experience after 35 days joining the complete program, there are several things I want to point out.


Here are the things I pointed out based on my own experience.


 The Habit of Ferocity has a free masterclass that will give you a lot of additional benefits in addition to better view about the program. I strongly suggest you to visit the free masterclass whatever your stance about this program, because you will always get something from it.


Steven Kotler is such a great speaker to listen to, and the way he explains things about how we can improve ourselves is easy to understand. Even though he doesn’t appear every single day in the lesson, but it gave me the sense of excitement each time I got a video session in the program.


I found out that the program is so powerful, not only because of the end result but also because of the curriculum it is built on. Every single day is aimed to be an improvement to yesterday progress, and after following the whole program I found out how this program fulfills its promise.


It comes with 15 days money back guarantee that will give every single penny back if you feel that this program is not satisfying enough for you. Well, you can get through almost half the program with that many days!


This program aims to increase your ability in reaching your best self. You might also discover the best version of yourself with this program. However, reaching that level might take longer time than 35 days for some people. That’s why the amount of time for each person to get the best out of this program may vary greatly.


I was upset to know that the QnA session was without any subtitle, in addition to the subtitle of the program are sometimes too late or not in sync. As non-native English speaker, sometimes I found it difficult to understand the mumbling words. An improvement in this section would be very helpful.


Another thing that I want to point out is every single material that this program gives you will be digital, meaning there is no physical product included in the program. Knowing this, you can determine yourself whether you will love it or not.




The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler is a program that will teach you learning our true self is opening a whole new realm to our performance. But to reach that, we should learn what our true goals are.


Results may vary greatly from one to another depending on various factors such as one’s time, state of mind, as well as adherence and/or completion of the program.


Everyone can benefit from this program, especially if you check the free masterclass first for better insights and additional benefits.


There are no physical products from this program other than the downloadable handbook, and you can access them from your personal devices (computer, tablet, smartphone).


This program offers 100% money back guarantee no question asked if customer doesn’t feel this program is suitable for them. The money back guarantee is valid for 15 days after your purchase.




8.6 Total Score

Easiness To Practice
Author Credibility
  • Author is an incredible motivational speaker
  • Practices are easy to do
  • Contents are easy to understand
  • Full digital, accessible anywhere & anytime
  • Daily lesson doesn't require much time
  • Subtitle in some video contents are not in sync or doesn't even exist
  • For those who learn from scratch, the results of the program will show later
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