My Cellulite Solution by Galvin Walsh – I’ve Buy it. My Personal and Honest Review

My Cellulite Solution Full Review & Story – Each month, I always look up for another workout move. Usually, I go to YouTube or looking at Google for some training online.

That day, as always, I was just looking for a new workout or training which can be done in a few minutes. That's when I saw “My Cellulite Solution” by Galvin Walsh. I interested in My Cellulite Solution because I still have lumpy thigh, even I have been doing FX system more than two months. I also started to feel bored doing FX system.

I love the preview that was on YouTube. Feeling curious about the training, I went to Google and find

My Cellulite solution is a workout system to eliminate cellulite, especially on your lower body. The system is created by Galvin Walsh, a personal training from the UK.

Galvin wrote on his site that so many women often lose their confidence because their lumpy tight. And I feel the same way.

Yes, I am not going to show my tight to anyone, and my husband never complains about my body too, but who doesn’t want to have firm body? To me having firm body feel like, “Yes, I am a part of healthy crowd people”, such a feeling that will boost my confidence.



What is cellulite

As we all knew, cellulite is caused by weakening of the connective tissue between the muscle and the skin. And when it’s weakening, it will lose its elasticity.

As the result we can see the dimple around our tight, and ugly look like a peeled orange. Cellulite can be look uglier for you who has a bigger body, especially on the lower part.

Unfortunately, there are no remedies to fix this even for short term period.

Yes, I know there are so many lotions, potions, scrub and blasting devices that promised can fix the cellulite problem. But have you ever heard those remedies worked? And have you noticed that all of those remedies also recommend a workout along with the treatment?


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What is My Cellulite Solution

My Cellulite Solution review

My Cellulite Solution system is aimed to twiched muscle by varying the training tempo and combine the fast and slow movement to train your muscle group and each muscle group. This training will grow and reduce the space between your muscle and skin.

There are three movements in My Cellulite Solution;

#1. Slow burn; The first of this system is dedicated to transform your orange peel skin by forcing your annoying dimple to fade away.

#2. Velocity; The second movement of My Cellulite Solution is aimed to stimulate your muscle fibre in your hips, butt, and thighs.

#3. Ascend; This move will hammer down your cellulite on your

My cellulite solution review 10-horz

Each training system takes about 25-30 minutes for one round, per one day session.

However, you can take the training according your exercise category. If you are a regular trainer, you can take the exercise for three rounds, two rounds for you who go exercise for 2-3 times a week and have the confidence to add an extra exercise.

But if you have stopped exercising for a couple months, even years, just stay at the beginner level, which means just take one round only.


Who is Galvin Walsh

As I wrote above, Galvin is a personal trainer who lives in Brighton, UK. He regularly contributes to fitness and fat loss matter, like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar.

My cellulite solution review 9

He made the training after finding so many women who have been through their cellulite program using lotion, fad diets and exercise routine, but there is no result as they expected. Fortunaletly, he has been able to work with some top fitness and fat loss expert, so he able to find what the secret they have been use to get best result.


What you will get after buying My Cellulite Solution

There are not much product you will receive from this training system, it’s only the My Cellulite Solution system.

After purchasing the product, you will give to the landing page, where you can download the e-book system and video to practice daily. Two “bonuses” are also come along with this purchasing, a quiz to define best workout for you and belly practicing routine.


My cellulite solution review

Suprise bonus #1. Defining body type and perfect workout quizes


My cellulite solution review

Suprise bonus #2. Video of belly flattening routine


My cellulite solution review

Download video of My Cellulite Solution


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What have been promised by the system

My Cellulite Solution is designed for 4-weeks training, however, it said that we will see noticeable result within 7-9 days. I think it is a pretty promised, since we often can't wait to see real result moreover, when we have worked hard for it.

According to Mr. Walsh, the 3D-movements technology of My Cellulite Solution will stimulate all your lower body through different plane's motion.


To whom this training suitable for

There are no specific gender or ages mentioned on this e-book. Mr. Walsh himself doesn't mention on his site about it. But he wrote that so many women mailed him about how troublesome cellulite is.


Equipment you need to do this training

You only need a chair or table to help you to do some trainings on the system, and a foam roller to help you relieve muscle tense.


How do I do the training

Telling you the truth, I was so fascinated when I landed on the Because everything he said about cellulite is true. I used some lotion, creams for months, but I didn’t really see significant result. So, it didn’t take so much time for me to decide and buying the product.

And again, I really surprised, that there are some bonuses along with the purchasing. I was so excited clicking the first bonus, about determining body type, physical problems, and finding best training. I said to myself, woah, this man really responsible for what he sells!

Yes, I do love finding more about my body, especially if it's based on scientific knowledge. So, I answered all of the questions enthusiastically. Doing the quizzes, I finally knew what kind of exercise that suit to my age, my daily habit, and body type.

Unfortunately, this bonus, then turn to be another purchasing offer from another personal trainer. It’s a little bit annoying to me. Because the training doesn't relate at all with the system I’ve purchased.


My cellulite solution review

Another purchasing offer that said to be a bonus for you

 So do with the second bonus, it turns to be another purchasing offer to get a slim belly. I downloaded and watched the video with the expectation I will get some move to flatten my belly, but it just about “why you should purchase this flatten belly workout”.

I did feel unsatisfied and it made me feel doubt about My Cellulite Solution then.

But since I had bought the training, I kept scrolling down to the last page and downloaded the video and e-book. Thank God all of about My Cellulite Solution was okay. I mean, it’s not just a scam, and did really work for me.

Since the first day I log into the page and put in my email on the subscription list, Galvin send me some emails on how doing the training, a few stuff that you should prepare the training, and some points that I’d better do before doing the exercise. He stops sending the email on the 28th day.

The first thing I did after downloading ebook was printing it. Doing so, helped me correcting my move or getting clearer understanding when the video guide seems difficult to follow.

And to help me having a clear plan for the training, I printed the 4-weeks example calendar which on the last page of the ebook. I chosed to start training on Monday, as the example-calendar.

When doing My Cellulite Solution, you don't need to leave any other training you have been working so far. But since I wanted to see the real result of this system, I chose to do this training only.

As I wrote above, My Cellulite Solution is comprised of three trainings, each training is done with 1 to three repetitions, depending on your training level. Because I have been regularly in training, I planned to do two rounds for each session. But I couldn't fulfill my plan.

The moves of My Cellulite Solution system seem so simple, but I couldn't catch my breath after I finished one round, especially for the Velocity training.

When I reviewed my training again, it is better to practice all of the moves on the training first. So you don't need to think how to do them when you're starting the training.

The Velocity training was my biggest obstacle, particularly the J. Squat-Lunge Combo. I always lost my breath when doing Velocity. Maybe because there are so many jumping moves there.

Ah, yes, Mr. Walsh also gave us alternatives moves without jump, but it still felt hard for me to do Velocity more than two rounds.


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I also took some food suggested by Mr. Walsh too, like probiotic drink and fenugreek
(you will see a lot of suggestion food on his sites too).

On his page Mr. Walsh said that his system will help you to get firm, tight, butt, and hips in 7-9 days, but for me, I start to see the real result, after 3 weeks of intensive training. I started to see my thight and buttocks firmmer. My thigh measurement also drop about 1 cm.

I know, it was not just about the system didn’t work, but maybe because I didn’t follow the diet menu as well.

When doing this system, it is very recommended that you avoid wheat, caffeine, wine, cow’s milk, refine sugars, and processed food. But I just couldn't avoid some of them, especially caffeine and wheat. I love croissant so much, and just can't get away from it temptation (at least until today!).

Another thing that I love from this buying is, you are allow to consult through Galvin's social media. You also allowed to share your thought at his Facebook page.


My Cellulite Solution's Other Review

There are two expert review on the

My Cellulite Solution personal review


My Cellulite Solution Pricing

My Cellulite Solution is offered at $77, but today you can get 51% discount, so the price is just $37.

Of course you will also get 100% money back guarantee if you feel not satisfied with your purchasing. Don't worry, you will not be asked to give any other reason to prove that you are not satisfied with the system.


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You may be feeling so tired finding the truth review out there, which seems to be its affiliate or something. But after trying this system for more than one month, I can say that this system is really legit, and not just a scam.

I have proven that My Cellulite Solution is good exercise to reduce cellulite, even I cheated the meals recommendation one or two. There is no pill or supplement that you should take also. This system is not just working to eliminate cellulite naturally, but also help you to get fitter and healthier body.



Just like other workout system, of course this system will work differently on each person. Also, don't forget to get advice from your doctor before taking this course. Especially, if you have a symptom or illness that not allow you to do the workout.


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8.5 Total Score

  • It takes only 30 minutes to do the workout
  • Created by an famous expert. not a fake shady author
  • The workout is easy but with proven result
  • It can be done at home and everywhere
  • Video for support are available
  • No Need Expensive Equipment
  • No Bonuses. Contains ads for others program that not relate to the system
  • No doctor reference
  • Available in digital format only
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