Metabolic Stretching Review: I’ve Tried It For 3-Week, See My Result Here

Metabolic Stretching Review – Lately, I felt so unenergetic because I stayed at home way too long. All I did was just eat, work, and sleep. Turned out this habit got me sick easily. So, I decided to change my habit in this new year for the sake of my healthiness.

Then, I stumbled upon a home exercise called Metabolic Stretching that helps people lose weight. The thing was that I didn't want to lose weight, in fact, I'm too skinny to lose another pound. But, this program is so tempting. It only takes about 15-minute a day and no hard equipment needed, except a yoga mat.

Moreover, the exercise would be regular stretching which I believed I could take on this program consistently.

I decided to try for 3-week and boom! I couldn't believe what the program had helped me throughout the days. So, here I'll share my full experience with you how Metabolic Stretching works out for me.





What Is Metabolic Stretching?

Metabolic-Stretching inside

Metabolic stretching is an online exercise training to help people lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. This online program requires a daily 15-minute video training from beginner to advance. Thus, making it feasible for a different type of audience.

This exercise is regarded as dynamic stretching where you're moving your body and your muscle are being stretched. Unlike static stretching, you don't need to pull your muscle to stretch and hold it for about 10 seconds or more. Metabolic stretching is common to apply before partaking in next-level fitness exercise, however, it can also be used as a standalone exercise to lose weight.

You don't need any equipment to start this program. But, if you have a yoga mat, it'd be much better as it reduces the risk of muscle injury.

In addition, this home exercise narrows down the biggest lie that the weight-loss industry has planted into our minds. These lies are the main reason why most people choose the wrong path to lose weight. Here are some examples that Metabolic Stretching has concluded:

Heavy Diet

The thing about this heavy diet is that the audience is asked to starve themselves to death (not literally). The creators will provide them a strict rule on what to eat or not, which sometimes becomes a backlash since every person's need varies from each other.

This scheme results in a YO-YO state. It is a condition when a person loses weight in a short time. But then, gain weight later on. It's not a steady practice as it gives the outcome temporary.   

High-Intensity Exercise

There's this myth in which the more you train, the fastest it is for you to lose weight. It never works that way. 

The fitness industry made you believe a specific amount of high-intensity training helps you achieve your goal faster. On the other hand, it only drains you a lot; that you start to forget the healthy process.

Hours of Cardio Training

You may disagree with a statement that hours of cardio won't give you justice; much. People believe that cardio training such as jogging, treadmill, and cross-trainer can help you lose weight fast.

But, it requires time to do that on weekly basis. It's not something apt for busy people. You have to dedicate a lot of time to practice this. 

That's why it is one of the greatest pitfalls. People usually stop practicing in the middle as they get busier day by day.  



Who Is The Author?


Brian Klepacki is a fat loss and functional movement coach for Critical Bench, the Internet’s longest-standing strength site. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science.

Brian has been in the trenches applying the latest principles and theories with athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness models to test what works and what doesn’t. He is also the author of the best-selling program: Unlock Your Glutes

He knows that in order to get a healthy body, one doesn't need to follow the three massive lies from the fitness industry. In contrast, he believes that getting your dream body measure only takes up to as short as 15-minute stretching daily.


Inside Metabolic Stretching

Metabolic-Stretching check


Metabolic stretching has two main lessons that are apt for both novice and experienced users. It also provides a free bonus inside the download page. So, let's dive into this training.

Instruction Video

Available for:

  • Beginner
  • Advanced

Just like its name, before diving into real video training, the instruction video allows the viewers to practice a particular movement. The beginner one, for example, enables you to run a simple technique like a simple breathing technique, step jack, standing bicycle, and many more.

You will also learn diaphragm breathing, 90 90 flow, seal jack, kickboxer's block, and so on in the advanced video.

The instructional video allows you to prepare yourself before getting into the program. It also lets you understand the purpose of each technique.


Follow-Along Routine Video

Available for:

  • Beginner
  • Advanced

Now that you're ready with the preparation, you can start practice on the next step. This follow-along routine video is the continuation of the establishment that you do in the previous video.

Unlike the introductory practice, this follow-along routine takes up to the 15-minute time on each of them. It's definitely a short time compared to the heavy cardio exercise that requires a lot of dedication.

The beginner routine video allows you to take an easy approach to the exercise. It involves all the movement in the practice video with a solid ten minutes break after each step.

After you finish with the beginner session, the advanced version will be apt for you to try the next.  





1. The Back Pain Stretching Protocol – Seated Position

If you experience back pain, you're having a jackpot. Metabolic stretching provides you with this excellent bonus as well. So you will get the training to a healthy lifestyle and healing exercise for common back pain.

2. Metabolic stretching Exercise Definition Guide

Although there's an introduction video available for you, this PDF format guideline allows you to absorb the information better. You will get a comprehensive step-by-step procedure along with the images attached to it.

So, if you don't have much time to watch the introduction video, this textual guideline will help you a lot.


Why You Need To Give It A Try




So you've tried many things to lose weight, but you failed miserably. Or you want to start a healthy lifestyle with a minimum amount of time. Then, Metabolic Stretching is best for you.

I find that there are some reasons why you need to give this program a try.

First, you want to lose weight.

Honestly, there are tons of weight-loss programs on the internet. They range from a strict diet to heavy exercise that burnt you out in a short time. Although there may be a viable training that meets your needs, the result isn't satisfying enough. 

Second, you want to tone up your body.

If you think, the only way to getting packed is striving for a heavy workout; then you need to think twice. When you're not ready, the training will drain you out. And instead of getting your dream body, you will face the counterpart.

Third, you want to start exercising but have no time for it.

The common myth about exercising is you need dedication for it. Well, that ain't wrong for that matter. However, you are that hardworking youngster who has no time to exercise. 

Or you have some excuses for that. But, it's still understandable, really

So if you say yes to any of the statements above, then you should try Metabolic Stretching for once in your life. You'd be super stocked to what the result is.


I Tried Metabolic Stretching For 3-Week

email metabolic


First and foremost, the program claims a bold statement that the users can get the result as short as just 14-day. However, there's no further information on how many times I should do it on a weekly basis.

Therefore, I tried contacting customer support for help. And here's the answer:

Mon – Met Stretch beginner routine

Tues – Off day – active recovery (walking, biking, jogging, etc)

Wed – Met Stretch beginner routine

Thurs – Off day – active recovery (same)

Fri – Met Stretch beginner routine

Sat & Sun – Off day – active recovery (same)

And then, you can progress to doing this routine on a daily basis.


I did the same thing for the first week; however, I did some customization for the following two weeks.

The simple reason is that I was bored. I thought that the beginner video is a bit too easy for me; thus, I challenge myself to mix it with the advanced one.

Here's me doing a beginner movement:


So, yeah… both the beginner and advanced training will sweat you a lot. It means that the workout works, you know what I mean.

I didn't feel too exhausted while doing the exercise. Well, I did it honestly for the first time having it. But when you are used to it, the fatigue is manageable. It's like having a normal workout outdoor.

But, there's something I didn't expect to happen. I lost a little bit of weight, lol. Although it's not something I hope for, it did happen for a skinny girl like me.* 


before program

before the program


after program

after the program


So, I lost weight from 49.2kg to 48.8kg within 3 weeks. Please also note that I don't even practice a diet menu, etc. Since I live in a Southeast Asian country, I find it difficult to omit our signature rice on our dish. However, I do feel fresh after the routine exercise using the Metabolic Stretching program.

But, if you aim for weight-loss, you may consider incorporating a significant diet menu while doing Metabolic Stretching. I suggest it will give you the best result.

And, how about the fatigue I felt before partaking in the program? Well, I feel better now. I'm feeling fresh after consistently follow the program. So, yeah… finally I've got my energy back.




Other Testimonials

“I found the Metabolic Stretching routine to be a perfect fit for my needs. It focuses on both joint mobility and muscle flexibility. I actually do the beginner routine as my warm-up and the advanced routine on its own day as a stand-alone workout. I urge anyone to spend time doing a stretching program like this to feel and move better.”

*Joyce Lynnette Berry

Fitness Enthusiast


“This program doesn’t just deliver on its promise to melt fat and tone muscles in just 15 minutes … it OVER DELIVERS! This is hands down the best 15-minute workout and stretching routine I have found that does everything that I want in an at-home workout.

If you are serious about hitting your fat burning goals and maintaining them, the Metabolic Stretching program is exactly what you’ve been looking for.”

*Tonya Fines, BSc, PE

Holistic Health Practitioner


“As a Yoga teacher, I intimately understand the need for flexibility, mobility, and balance. The Metabolic Stretching program does a phenomenal job at mixing in traditional calisthenics with dynamic stretching and yoga-like movement patterns to fully develop and tone the muscles.

I would recommend these routines to anyone looking to live a more active lifestyle.”

*Jenn Witaconis

200 RYT

“The #1 thing anyone can do every day of their life to improve overall health and function is to move. Nothing outrageous, just some total body movements that help connect and strengthen the body.

Metabolic Stretching is an outstanding collection of stretches and exercises designed to restore balance, increase strength, and hopefully get people interested in living a more active lifestyle.”

*Dr. Ron Eccles

Business Coach & Chiropractor

Where To Buy This Program

Metabolic-Stretching download page



Now you find it intriguing to try this program as soon as possible. But first, let me explain a brief to what the benefits this program has. Here we go.

  • A 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Beginners friendly
  • Offer the result in a short time (14-day program)
  • Free bonuses that value at $94

Initially, you will be charged $144 for all the materials inside the program. But, you can get a special price by clicking the golden button on this page for just $29. That's a super value for all the benefits and results you can get from Metabolic Stretching.


Final Verdict

Metabolic Stretching is an excellent program for novice and experienced bodybuilders. The step-by-step guidelines allow the novice viewers to get a grasp of this program thoroughly. And, for the latter simply enhance their previous skills to get the most of it.

First off, I consider myself a beginner. I'm not into fitness or something related to that. Not that I hate exercising, I prefer cardio-based exercise like aerobic or outdoor sports like swimming and hiking. 

But, I feel that this Metabolic Stretching has helped me get into exercise nowadays when the pandemic forces us to stay at home. The program is obviously helpful for any type of audience including rookies like me.

Compared to the Yoga Burn Training that I have tried before, I find Metabolic Stretching is easier to follow. I have almost no hard time to track every movement inside the program. 

Although I'm a super beginner, that doesn't stop me to train myself with the advanced program. I still find it easy to understand. 

The only pitfall may be the lack of information on how many times I should do the exercise. Since it claimed to have a quick result in just 14-day. It's a bold statement, tho. However, this program is straightforward. You don't need significant equipment to start the exercise. But, it'd be better if you have a yoga mat to make your exercise experience easier. Metabolic Stretching is feasible for both beginner and advanced students. The instruction video will help you understand before starting the follow-along routine. 

Personally, my objection was never going to lose weight. I'm skinny in the first place, so I just need exercise to help me start a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, I'm deeply satisfied with this program; and I definitely will continue in the long run.





Metabolic stretching is a digital exercise that everyone can try. However, the movement may not be feasible for a particular person with an underlying disease. It's best to consult with your physician before starting the program. Also, the result may vary for each person due to the initial condition and the intensity of the training.



8.5 Total Score

If you need an easy and result-guaranteed weight loss program, Metabolic Stretching is excellent training for you. This home-friendly exercise will help you lose weight and gain a tone-up body in just as short as 14-day.

Author Credibility
  • Applicable & Beginner Friendly
  • Quick to Do, only 15 Minutes a Day
  • Gives real impact
  • Created by a legit author
  • You can do it at your own home
  • Lifetime access (downloadable content)
  • Applicable for both men and women
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Great customer service
  • No detailed instructions as to how many times one should apply the exercise
  • Don't live up to its 14-day results, in fact, the author suggests to exercise up to 8-week for beginners only, However I can feel the results in 3 week
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