How Feel Good Knees Helped My Mother With Her Problem in 2 Weeks

Feel Good Knees Review – Have you felt that you are not as energetic as one or two decades ago? As time passes, we all age. And while our body ages, we know that some health problems may occur. Especially the ones that we weren’t fully prepared about.

Joint and knee pain are common in old age, and in fact most people start to feel it in their early forties. If you are one of them, don’t worry. This is a pretty common thing, and millions other people are also having it.

You might have tried many things to get rid of it, but it just doesn’t go away.

Just like my mother, she cannot walk straight like she used to be because she feels a pain in her knees. That was why when I found out about Feel Good Knees by Todd Kuslikis, I decided to show her with the hope that it would help to cure her pain.

Just like the time I showed her the cure for her snoring problem with Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Program by Christian Goodman, that I have reviewed before.

With her determination and the help of Feel Good Knees by Todd Kuslikis, I witnessed some changes

Here I will tell you the reason why I said that my mother’s determination to this program might give you some clues about Todd Kuslikis’ Feel Good Knees.



What Is Joint Pain?

knee pain Feel Good Knee

Joints are the reason we can move as freely as we are. Joints are the parts where we can bend our body parts, thus we know that we use it a lot even when we don’t realize it every single time for our lifetime.

Even though joints seem like underestimated parts of our body, but it is so important.

Don’t you know that there are so many threats that our joints are facing? Those threats are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and other injuries.

In addition to that, just like machines, as we get older, the points where there are two parts meet can become worn out by frictions.

That’s the reason why joint pain is extremely common problem, especially people who move extra or used to burden their joints a lot. People like athletes and physical workers are under bigger threats of joint pains as they get older.

Joint pain can range from just mild tingly feeling when you move, to total agony.

Some may also last for just a few weeks (acute), while some others may last for entire lifetime depending on the reason and situation.

Some people might just need to rest to cure their joint pain, while some other even requires surgery. However, not all joint pain needs surgery to cure it, even though it has lasted for years.

One of the most common joint pains that elder people experience occurs on the knee.

Well, the reason is you always put pressure on it whenever you walk, go upstairs or downstairs, and other moving activities. That’s why your knees are the part where you put most pressure every day.

As time goes by, more and more people feel the consequences of putting pressure on their knees. Some others feel it more and this is what we call knee pain.


Looking For An Ease For Your Knees?

Knowing Your Enemy

pain triangle

The program mentions that the most important thing to cure your joint pain is to know the reason why does it happen.

The program mentions that there are three main causes for joint pain: postural misalignment, cellular inflammation, and cartilage deterioration.

Postural misalignment can add stress to your joint, even 5% of misalignment in your knees can add 70% to 90% more pressure to your knees.

While cellular inflammation is the most common cause for joint pain for adults over 45 years old.

The third cause, cartilage deterioration is the third cause. Cartilage deterioration can be detected from how your joints make weird sound such as popping, cracking, or shifting.

All those causes need to be handled differently, and sometimes BIG pharma and hospitals just don’t want you to know the real reasons behind your pain.

What's the reason?

Because they just want to sell more pain pills. Just like what “The New Yorker” published a few years ago, saying that big pharma just wants more money from selling you pain reliever instead of fixing your troubled joints.

Do you know how much it is worth? Annually, it cost us 27 billion dollars!


Simple, Fast, And Scientific

knee pain

Feel Good Knees offers fast relief to joint pain, especially knees, doesn’t matter the pain is mild or severe.

No pain reliever is included in this program.

Basically, the product itself claims to have the answer to some questions you might have regarding joint pain, such as the causes, the reasons why medical treatments sometimes don’t work at all, and natural reliefs for knee and joint pain.

“The body CAN heal itself, you just have to get out of the way and perform simple “recovery” rituals to foster this healing,” the author, Todd Kuslikis, mentioned in the official website.

My mother also has this problem, and just like others she has tried to get rid of it for years.

However, in my mother’s case, none of the medications both medical and alternatives have worked. Some gave immediate effect, but it was just temporary and the pain came back after around a week.

My mother is a strong woman; thus she never gives up on anything. Feeling her knee and joint pain has been bothering her, she was in constant search for the cure of the pain, and it was the time she found about Feel Good Knees Program by Todd Kuslikis.

We purchased it to try it out, and now we can see the difference.

Looking on the determination that my mother gives to the program, I can write a review about it. So, does this program really work?


Feel Good Knees Special Offer

What Is In Feel Good Knees?

welcome page


The Welcome Page You Can Visit After Purchase

Feel Good Knees consists of four main components, which are the Companion Guide, Pain Reduction Tracker, Posture Alignment Guide, and Video Library.

All of them are downloadable, meaning that you can learn about the exercises anywhere any time after you purchase it.

1. The Companion Guide gives you visual assistance for users to understand the exercises that they need to do. Not only providing clear pictures, it also offers good description of what is going on.


pain tracker

The Pain Reduction Tracker

2. After that, you can track what you have done and what you feel in the Pain Reduction Tracker. The author insists that anytime you feel knee pain, you can track down on this ‘calendar’ about what did you have done wrong.

3. While the Video Library speaks for itself. It contains useful exercising videos ranging from 1 to 5 minutes, focusing on work outs that will help you to heal your knees and joints.

4. Finally, as knee health and posture are linked, the final product that it offers are the bonuses, such as 1 Minute Rejuvenation Finishers, Posture Alignment Guide, and 9 Quick And Easy Natural Remedies For Joint Pain. Who knows that the pain you have suffered from all this time is the result of your bad posture? You will find out more here.

The eBooks explain how to do the exercises in text, accompanied with pictures. Not only that, it also gives you the information needed such as how many times you need to do specific exercise, and how to avoid pain while doing it.

The video library itself consists of 32 short videos ranging from 1 to 5 minutes each. Each video explains detailed instructions about how to do the exercises. Again, all of them are downloadable.

But you should know upfront, it doesn’t mean that the video is the visual explanation of the whole eBook.

In the eBook, you will get detailed information about what to do in each stage and how many times you need to do it.

The video only explains the movements in motion picture, so you will know the detailed movements visually.

Not only that



After purchasing the program, you will not only receive the links to the download page. You will also be given the download links for all of the bonuses!


What Are The Programs?

product info

Feel Good Knees is an online system with three major programs to completely eliminate your joint pain. The program itself says that you can get through it only in 6 weeks, meaning that those three programs are divided into two-weeks-programs each.

But each program is meant to give you one specific result.

In example, the first program is called Pain Eliminator Stage. In this stage, you will be introduced to exercises that will help you to eliminate the pain you feel.

The second stage is Knee Rejuvenation Stage. After your pain is gone, you will be helped to gain back the strength of your knees you had lost when you were in pain.

The third and final stage is Knee Renewal Stage. The final two weeks of this program is about strengthening your knees, so you can now do the impossible things that you are always dreamed of.

But how? Just how?

According to the official website, there is a “secret” method called unique 1000 years old isometric exercise which is easy to perform and effective to eliminate knee pain.

“Western Ontario and McMaster Universities revealed in a revolutionary study that a simple form of isometric exercise worked significantly better for reducing and even eliminating knee pain,” cited from the website.

“This isometric exercise successfully outperformed the drugs and pills. In both pain relief and knee joint function.”

With that ‘secret sauce’, the exercises are expected to give painless, fast, and drastic heal to your knee function.


Grab All Of The Contents Here

How I Witnessed My Mother Doing Feel Good Knees Program


video example feel good knees

A Screen Capture Of One Exercise Video

This is my honest review from witnessing my mother doing the program.

My mother has suffered from her knee pain since her pregnancy of my sister. Back then, she thought that it was just because she was pregnant, but apparently the pain lasted.

Many times she tried to heal her knees because it was bothering her, as she is an active-born woman.

Both medical and alternative methods were not really successful to heal her knees because doctor said that she needed to do a surgery.

She considered that surgery was not needed for this. Because not only it is too expensive, she doesn’t 100% believe what doctors said and afraid of the side effects of surgery.

One day, I surfed the internet and found out about Feel Good Knees, a specific program dedicated to completely heal joint pain without any side effects.

What attracted our attention first is the downloadable conteFeel Good Knees Videonts, including all the eBooks and the whole video library.

My mom said that she might be able to bring it anywhere and do it any time after she download it to her phone, which is good because she is an active housewife.

After the purchase and the download, she first explored the whole program where she found that the only additional tools needed for the exercises are chairs and pillows.

Well, it was the time she said that this is the program that everyone who stays at home every day with knee problem needs.

She has been through the program for two weeks now, and she said she hasn’t found any difficulties in following the program.

Even though she found out that some exercises ‘hurt’ her knees more than the others. But that’s natural, since those ‘hurting’ exercises explained why the pain comes.

Each process needs to be done only in 5-15 minutes each day, but may be extended for better result.

Now, my mother has been through the first stage, the Pain Eliminator Stage.

And it worked! At least that’s what my mother said.

She can walk better that she used to be, and faster too because the pain she used to feel in her knees hasn’t been that intense like it was.

Even though in my opinion the way she walks after doing the routine exercises for two weeks straight still doesn’t represent that the pain is gone entirely, but I myself can say that something good has happened.

And what is more ‘magical’ to me is that she hasn’t taken any medication or pain reliefs while ongoing the process.

postureI can see it from the posture of her walking, which is straighter than what it used to be.

Mentioned in the program, a good posture is the sign of healthy joints. Not only because healthy people have good posture, but the good posture itself minimizes the pressure in your joints.

She is going through the second stage now, which is Knee Rejuvenation Stage. We all hoping that after 6 weeks into this program, she can entirely eliminate her knee pain and walk normally like the rest of us.

We are all optimistic about this program, but it looks like not everyone is.

Looking on the exercises, it seems like they are designed not for those who are living with serious knee damage.

Not only it requires people to be prepared to commit to doing exercises every day, but also some exercises can cause you to feel the ‘pain’ in your knees. Like what my mother said.


Feel Good Knees tracker example

The Tracker Of Progress

Advanced medical treatments might be better for those with serious knee damage, since this book also doesn’t cover for further injuries caused by the exercises.

Well, in my own opinion, this program has proven itself to work for my mother. However, even though my mother has suffered from knee pain for years, but the pain she feels is not that severe.

That’s why we cannot testify for other people with more severe and more serious knee injuries. Just be prepared to commit routine exercises and feel slight pain while getting through the process, and hopefully something good will also happen to you.


Interested In Feel Good Knees?

Feel Good Knees Testimonies

Here are some testimonies we can find about Feel Good Knees:

Several years ago, I was in a bad car accident. I still stuffer with PTSD and have pain throughout my body, including my knees. I can’t begin to tell you how your story and program has lifted the world off my shoulders. I’m feeling so much less pain in my knees now and this is giving me hope for the future.

God bless you Todd, both you and your family.

-Pam F. from Souiz Falls, SD

I am currently on vacation on a private island and have incorporated your exercises into my daily routine. They fit so well into any environment which is a great feature!

But the best part is that I can tell my knees are improving daily! Less and less pain which I haven’t felt for years. I especially like your rejuvenation techniques as my knees feel instant pain relief! Wow. So impressed with this Feel Good Knees program.

-Sofía M. from Santa Ana, CA

I have been following your Feel Good Knees program for one week and already seeing a huge reduction in pain in my knees.  Wow! I do the 5-minute routine in the morning. It’s so simple and feels so good after doing it. Thank you so much for creating this program.

I am so excited because yesterday I took a walk in my favorite park next to my house and my knees didn’t give me any pain… like they normally do!

– Clarence J. from Clearwater, Fl


Who Is The Creator of Feel Good Knees?

The author of this eBook is a personal fitness trainer and an injury prevention expert called Todd Kuslikis. He also has a YouTube channel dedicated to train simple yet useful exercises to people that you might want to check out.

todd kuslikis Author of Feel Good KneesNot only that, he is specialized in Western and Eastern holistic practices. Before introducing this program, he has helped thousands of people to get relief of pain naturally.

He has helped students, professionals, the US military, and even athletes. Feel Good Knees Companion Guide is the outcome of his experience and research that has helped many to fight pain naturally.

Todd has dedicated his life to learn about natural healing, starting from the story of his cat back then when he witnessed his cat healed itself with only sugar water.

“I was 5 years old and my cat that I dearly loved was extremely sick and about to die. He was my best bud,” Todd explained.

“My family didn’t have enough money to bring him to the vet. My dad said, “Maybe you should feed him sugar water through an eye dropper. At least that way, he'll get some nutrition.”

It worked ‘like magic’, he explained. It was when he made his mission to study and learn how human body recovered and optimal health and vitality.

He then decided to study Nursing at Western Michigan University, personal training and human physiology. And after 15 years of studying, he finally mastered the medications and built Feel Good Knees.


How Can I Get This Program?

Feel Good Knees Todd Kuslikis

Feel Good Knees by Todd Kuslikis can be purchased by following the link provided below.

The original value of this program is $497 and you can have it for your lifetime. That’s the price you need to pay for just a week session with medical therapist.

But that’s not the price you need to pay if you follow the special offer provided below.

The normal price is only $50 for the whole program. However, that’s also not the price you need to pay to get it if you follow the link below!

In fact, to gain full access to it, you need to only spend $15!

Not really into online courses? Well, with additional $7.95 for shipping and handling, you can also get the physical version of it delivered to your home.


Feel Good Knees For Only $15?

Any Other Bonuses? Yes!

Yes! Just like we mentioned above, with the initial purchase, you will not only get the whole program but also extra bonuses. The bonuses are:

bonus 1

1. Postural Alignment Guide: It will guide you to obtain perfect posture which will help to eliminate further joint pains. Perfect posture is your main defense to avoid joint pain, because most joint pain is caused by bad posture.

bonus 2

2. 1 Minute Rejuvenation Finishers: This is the part where you fix your knees from your brain receptors. Specifically designed to build up your proprioceptive system and position sense, this will help you become more balanced, remove that feeling of something being out of place during movement, and allow you to move more freely


3. 9 Quick And Easy Natural Remedies For Joint Pain: This is my mother's favorite bonus, since in this eBook she can find quick and easy remedies for her knees and joint pain.

And if you are not satisfied with all the results you get after 6 weeks, or about 42 days, you still have 18 additional days to refund your purchase.

Because Feel Good Knees offers you 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Imagine spending $15 for all of those benefits offered, which will last your entire lifetime.


Verdict & Conclusions

Feel Good Knees is easy-to-follow program that requires only 5-15 minutes a day. This is a product that’s worth trying if you have a knee pain just like my mother has.

Even after just 2 weeks, I can witness that it gives positive feedback. However, you need to be fully committed to the programs and exercises.

My mother did the exercises every day, but not only once a day. That commitment might affect the result I witness now.


If you have some trusted physical therapist, you might want to consult first before doing the exercises. In this case, some exercises might not suitable for those with serious knee damage.

You will either feel the pain during exercises, which you might not like, or you cannot fully apply the complete exercise.



Feel Good Knees offers 60 days 100% money back guarantees since customer’s satisfaction toward the course may vary.

This program gives you various exercises that you need to do every day for the best result. Some exercises will make you feel the pain in your knees because it gives a little amount of pressure to it.

Thus, the amount of pain you feel differs from one to another. If you feel the pain is too much to handle, you might want to stop the process.

Sometimes knee pain is the sign of specific medical conditions which in such case cannot be cured straightforwardly.

You might want to consult the medical expert or therapist about your knee pain if any methods explained in this program doesn't result in positive progress.


Feel Good Knees by Todd Kuslikis

8.8 Total Score

  • The author is a legit expert
  • Easy to do anywhere anytime
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • A lot of bonuses With Cheap Price
  • Quick to Do, Only 15 Minutes a Day
  • No Expensive Tools Needed, You Only Need Chair and Pillows
  • Might not suitable for serious injuries
  • Requires determination to show the result
  • Exercises might cause temporary pains
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