Venus Factor – Tried It for A Month to Give You REAL, Honest Review

Venus Factor (VF) has a landing page that contains only a video, with no “read only” option. I didn’t like the idea, but I decided to play it anyway.  

And ooh boy, was I hooked by the promise. 

How could I not be? The video says that as a woman, I can “eat as many as I want without gaining weight/fat”  

It also implies that women biologically have the upper hand in terms of losing fat/weight. But I cared more about the eating as many as I want.  

As someone who gains weight rather easily, I naturally jumped at the chance to be one of those women with high metabolism. 

Then I got myself the 12-week program which I tried for a full month and now I give you my Venus Factor review. 

And although I get commissions for purchases made through links in this page as An Affiliate.

Don't worry, I'm gonna be really honest here. Unlike some mediocre reviews out there. 

I'm not talking about reviews from real people who really tried the program, I'm talking about the almost robotic, money-oriented, no personal experience Venus Factor reviews that you see a lot when you go online. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll talk more about that later. First, let’s go through the program. 

Venus Factor proof





What is The Venus Factor? 

Basically, Venus Factor is a weight-loss program in 3 months. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to exercise although the program recommends you to.  

Nutrition and diet play an important role in every fitness journey. But if you also do some physical activity, that can help you get results faster and better. 

The program realizes that some people simply want to lose weight without gaining muscle, so it gives that option. 

The book mentions that when we’re doing the Venus Diet, the key is balance. There’s no bad and good food, everything should be in moderation and balanced.

Which makes it a good thing for us who want to lose weight but not chained to restrictions and cutbacks. 

What's more, John Barban the author specifically designed this program for women.  

Sorry boys, it's girls only this time! Though I saw somewhere that the author also has similar program for men. You guys should check it out online. 

Venus Factor


Women + leptin = Venus Factor

Biologically, men and women are different. That includes metabolism and body composition.  

Generally, men have more lean body mass than us women. Therefore, they can take more calories while still maintaining a leaner body. 

Body fat for men is normal between 10% – 20% while it’s 20% – 30% for women. It becomes critically low when it’s 3% and 13% for men and women respectively. 

Guys can be at or below 10% body fat and still look healthy and lean. Gals, on the other hand, will look sickly in this number. 

Women have more fat it’s true. The more fat, the more leptin we’ve got.

According to the Venus Factor, leptin is a signaling molecule released from our fat cells.  

They're typically described as the master hormone that regulates fat loss. But that’s not all they’re capable of. 

What leptin looks like

Leptin. Picture by I, Vossman Wikimedia Commons

Leptin is also the one hormone involved in the regulation of bone density, metabolic rate, fat mass, memory, insulin sensitivity, and many more. 

At first, I thought, Yaas, women have more advantage then!” I was wrong. Having more leptin doesn’t mean that we can burn twice as many calories as men. 

More leptin is partly the cause why it’s harder for some women to start and stay consistent on a diet. Severely low calorie and very strict diet also don’t work because of this reason. 

In order to avoid creating massive food and carbs cravings, women have to increase leptin sensitivity. 

Men have it easier in terms of sensitivity to leptin because they don’t have dramatic swings in leptin. 

Meaning, they can go on a very low-calorie restrictive diet and don’t crash easily. 

Four ways to increase leptin sensitivity, according to Venus Factor, are: get more quality sleep, do a well-designed workout programs routinely, fast, use supplements. 

Consequently, John Barban says that women need specific diet approach. 




Who’s John Barban? 

Venus Factor author John Barban

He's the author of the Venus Factor. Per his website, he’s got a master’s degree in human biology and nutrition from University of Guelph, Canada. 

John Barban also did further graduate research, taught exercise physiology, and took a lot of certifications, including kinesiology. 

Aside of his website, you can also find him on Instagram and YouTube. 

He doesn’t have a personal channel though, it’s just that you can find him when you look his name up on YouTube. 

And also, his Instagram account is kind of shady. I mean, I have no idea if it’s really his or not. 

It doesn’t have any posts and there are not many followers. But it’s what I could find. 


What do you get with The Venus Factor? 

Venus Factor index dashboard

For $37, you’ll first get 3 things: Venus Factor main book, the workout book, and a guide to big fat burning ingredients. All in pdf format  

The other things are: workout video guide that you can access through the book (via links), community access, and podcast access. 

Inside the main book itself, you’ll learn a lot about leptin, nutrition, calories, golden ratio for your own body, dieting protocol, and thorough meal plans. 

By thorough, I mean thorough. Each calorie intake (up to 1700kcal) has ten meal plans 

You won’t need to find recipes online because what you need is already in the book. 

Venus Factor TOC

Look how many pages of recipes there are


The community

And should you need any help, or if you’ve got questions, you don’t need to contact the customer service. The community’s there for you. 

Many people find that the Venus Factor community is the one that make them stay.  

I think that’s true, because when I go there, I can find tons of topics including recipes and workout regimen 

Didn't feel the need to contact customer service at all because I could just search what I wanted to know and I could find answers. 

If you’re ever in need of support or motivation (and I found these a lot), the community can be super helpful.  

Keep in mind that I found two community sites. One is secure, the other isn't. Maybe they forget to maintain or move the site, I dunno. 

To protect yourselves in the cyber realm, pay attention to the URL. If you’re in a community site that’s not secure, close it and move to the secure one. 


In honesty, I didn't access the podcast at all. I don't think there's any podcast to listen to in the first place.

To my knowledge, the podcast is there to let us hear weight loss success stories from women who joined Venus Factor transformation contests and win.

Yes, there are contests. The book says that annually, they host three transformation contests.


Money back guarantee?

Venus Factor money back guarantee

Venus Factor website says that the program has 100% money back guarantee for 60 full days from your original purchase 

Not satisfied with your results or experience in the first 60 days from your purchase? You can drop them an email and they claim that they’ll refund you within 48 hours. 


How does the Venus Factor work? 

After you’ve purchased the program, you’ll get username and password (which you can change, of course).  

venus factor dashboard

Then you go to the Venus Factor index and download everything.  

But before you start, you firstly need to input your measurements, exercise time, and all that jazz in the virtual nutritionist (VN). 

You're gonna get your ideal sizes, deficit day calories, and maintenance day calories. Then you go on a Venus Diet and do optional exercises. 

Beginners can do exercises from the Venus Factor workout book. But if you’re already a regular, you can work out using your own routines. 

Every two weeks, you’ll do different diet protocols.  

For example, you have more deficit days in the first and more maintenance in the second (they call it “eat-up days”).  

It could also be more protein-focused in the first and fat-focused in the second. 

At the beginning of each week, you’re gonna input your measurements again in the VN. That way you can track your weekly result.

In the book, John Barban says that it’s okay to not be “perfect”.  

Let's say one day you do a lot of activities on a deficit day and you can’t go on.  

As long as you can keep it below your maintenance level, it should be fine. Your progress may be slower, but it’s okay. 

Just keep trying 

Gradually, we can have more eat-up days. That way, we can avoid any chance of a crash, cravings, or a rebound/relapse. 

With Venus Diet, we won’t be in a calorie deficit for an entire week. 

When we lose weight/body fat percentage, we can eat up to our maintenance calories. So, we won’t be on a diet forever. 





Venus Factor landing page

I am used to old school bodybuilding so the eating protocol scares me.  Won’t I lose muscle? 

No, this is a myth.  You only need to worry about this if your body fat gets extremely low and, in that case, the VFVN will have already increased your calorie needs. 

Can I use the Venus Factor with my current diet plan or eating style? 

Yes you can use the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist calorie and protein numbers with any eating style i.e: vegetarian, intermittent fasting, 16-8 approach etc. The one thing we would recommend is that you follow the Venus Factor 12 Week Protocol for ‘eat up' days regardless of what other diet philosophies you are incorporating into your plan. 

I have a shoulder injury; can I start out with small 3 pound weights? 

You can still workout.  Use pain as your indicator and work with your doctor or physical therapist. 

What's my recommended calorie intake mean? Do I have to eat this low to get results? 

The recommended calorie intake for weight loss is the MINIMUM number of calories we think you can safely eat to promote maximum fat loss within the structure of the Venus Factor 12 Week Protocol. You don't have to eat at this number every day if it feels too low.

Eating any amount below the ‘maintenance' calorie number will produce weight loss (however it may not happen as quickly). This number is set as your lower limit and thus is also the number that should produce the most rapid weight loss results. 

You can read more FAQ and info here. 



My Venus Factor experience + result

Of course, it was a bit unsettling for me after I read so many unnatural, money-oriented reviews as well as the ones that kinda discredit the program. 

But heck, I’d already got it. And I wanted to lose some fat anyway, to make my body fat percentage lower. 

So I thought, might as well try the Venus Diet and let’s see. 

First thing’s first, I inputted my measurements and all in the Venus Factor VN. And I got the ideal numbers and all.  

When I counted, my daily exercise time is about 45 – 50 minutes (I don’t work out every day). But, there’s no option for that. It's only either 0.5 or 1 hour. 

I wish there was an option for that, but no. So I chose 0.5 because in truth I don’t workout daily for one hour. I don’t know if this is what I should do or not, though. 

Looking at the numbers they gave me, I agree that my waist should be smaller. I realize that I’ve still got some fat around it. 

But I really wondered how I could make my shoulders wider.  

Then I figured if I should just train my shoulders every time I work out. I decided to try that and see. 


My diet

Also, I calculated my maintenance calories on a lot of online fitness calculator and none showed 1655.  

This could be because of the limited activity (exercise time) input in the Venus Factor VN or due to the program itself. You know, limiting my intake to maximize weight/fat loss.  

And so far, I'd never eaten only 1000 calories. I don’t eat often, but what I usually eat are calorie-rich 

Yeah, this was quite the challenge. But I decided to try it nonetheless. I thought maybe I could lose some body fat after and get leaner. 

FYI, I didn’t eat clean during my Venus Diet. As I mentioned, there’s a complete meal plan in the book, but I didn’t follow it.  

I eat this kind of food sometimes in where I live (minus the red rice lol)

What I ate were mainly common Southeast Asian home-cooked meals.  

Common home cooking in where I live usually involves a lot of vegetable oil, salt, and sometimes sugar 

My family’s also a fan of hot/spicy food too, and I ate that. 

Though, I really did try to limit my daily intake to only 1000 calories (during deficit days). 

I wanted to find out if eating “bad” food only in that number of calories could still bring me results. 

Besides, the Venus Factor says that calorie is calorie. There's no bad and good food. 

That's definitely a green light to eat whatever I want, isn’t it?


Venus Factor program – Week 1 

From the beginning, I decided to not ditch coffee. In the bonus book, the Venus Factor says to accelerate fat loss, we should drink green tea instead. 

But no can do, baby. If I'm going to reduce my calorie intake quite drastically, I know I need coffee as a source of energy. 

I managed to stick to roughly 1000 kcal for a few days. But on one day, I was so overwhelmed by headache, which I thought was from hunger. 

Maybe this was normal, because my body had been used to more food and that time it was screaming at me to get more food. 

And maybe I shouldn’t have given up. But I was working, I needed to think, and I just couldn’t take it. I ate about 1500 kcal, as a result. 


Also, I relapsed for two days because it was weekend and I had a rather bad day. I ate close to 2000 calories. Total failure those days. 

However, on the first day of my relapse I palpitated twice. I don’t know what caused it. It was quite annoying and kinda painful when it stopped . 

It could because of me not receiving enough energy and pushed myself a bit too hard (I was doing HIIT the first time it happened). 

The whole week made me think about doing Venus Factor. 

my recommended calorie intake from a more detailed calculator. taken on week 2.

Additionally, when I counted my total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), it varied from 1700 to 1800+ depending on how detailed you give your information.  

This calculator told me that I should do 1300 kcal for weight/fat loss. You can roughly count your body fat percentage here.  

Based on the 1800 TDEE, I had about 300 calories surplus on week 1. 


Week 2 

I didn’t weigh/measure myself on time, but here’s my result after one week.


As you can see, my weight dropped 1.3kg (2.87 pounds). Before, my weight was 50.6kg and it went to 49.3kg.

My shoulders grew too! All thanks to shoulder exercises in every workout sesh. 

Apparently despite the surplus last week, I still lost some weight. 

Before going to week 2, I decided to try 16/8 intermittent fasting (IF) + calorie deficit. 

Without a window, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to hold myself from snacking 

It's not much compared to people who fast longer, of course. But anyways, it worked for me. I managed to eat only 1000 cals for five days. 

Yeah, I know, I cheated again. I mean come on, it’s holiday week! 

My body was used to eating less calories by this point, I didn’t get hunger headaches anymore 

This week, I found that I got so drowsy during the day. I drank coffee, but didn’t help much.  

Also, I found my pompholyx appearing more frequently, to areas that it hadn’t touched before (my fingers, soles of feet, right calf). 

Maybe it was because of the diet, maybe not. I'm not sure either. 

Moreover, I felt my joints popping more than before. Though it could be that I only noticed it now. 

Because of that, I thought I was a bit lacking in calcium in these two weeks. I drank a full mug of milk. 

Bad idea. I'm a bit lactose intolerant. I think you know what happened to me.

So if you’re like me, just get a supplement or eat calcium-rich food like almonds. Or you know, almond milk. 


Venus Diet journey – Week 3 

Let’s just say that this week was a total failure. Not on some days; full week.

I was pretty sure this week was my PMS week. My mouth just wanted to keep munching something.  

Trying to be on a calorie deficit was definitely tough. I had to keep myself as busy as possible so I wouldn’t think about food all the time. 

Two days. I managed to do IF + calorie deficit only for two days. I'm so ashamed of myself. 

Here's my measurements before I couldn’t control myself. 

I've just realized that maybe I didn't measure my shoulder right. My apologies.

This week, I was on holiday. Didn’t have much to do and food was plenty. I frequently put something in my mouth and didn’t do IF at all. 

And, I was sooo not in the mood to work out. Didn’t exercise at all for 6 days.  

Well, I did some household chores. But I think I only burned around 100-150 calories or less every day. 

Furthermore, I didn't track what I ate—I couldn’t bear to look at the total number of calories 

How could I not? The foods I ate were high in carbs and sugar. I obviously ate way more than my maintenance limit. 

I was dreading to look at my new measurements in the fourth week. And, I knew my body would need to adjust to IF/hunger again.  

I hoped that the adjustment wouldn’t involve headaches. I can’t stand ‘em.


Week 4 

Alright, last week of the Venus Factor for me.

Here's my measurements. As you can see, my weight went back to 49.3 kg and I bloated. Although it could be that the my analog scale in week 3 needed some calibrating or sorts.

Anyway, please note that I think I had been measuring it incorrectly in the weeks before. I don't think my waist shrunk 2 inches. I only realized it now, sorry.

Thankfully I didn't get any headaches, but I did get hungry.

Maybe what I felt was not exactly hunger. I was on period, so I kinda craved some types of food. Primarily sweet stuff.

I managed to stay on deficit, although there was a day where I almost lost control. I ate about a little more over 1100 calories. Whoops 

To tell the truth, I got another palpitation when I was doing HIIT on Saturday. I was fine doing this type of cardio before (after the 1st palpitation).

Perhaps the cause was that I only had coffee after I woke up then I'd swept and mopped the floor before I worked out. I don't know if it's fatigue or lack of nutrition or caffeine.

In any case, if we share the same condition, be mindful of your body when you're doing the Venus Factor. Don't be like me!



Soo, after a full month of doing the Venus Diet, I lost 1.1kg (2.43 pounds)*. It's not much, but remember that I ate more than my deficit number numerous times.

This is my final measurements.

My waist, my shoulders, and my hip/booty became smaller (bye-bye booty ). I think it's because I lost weight overall.

As you can see, the VN says that my maintenance should be 1642. When I counted on my trusty TDEE calculator, my maintenance is around 1800.

I think I'll just go with what my own calculator tells me. I wanna eat more!

Progress – Photos I took at the end of each week. As you can see, I bloated on the third week.

Based on the photo comparison above, I don't think I changed a lot.

Perhaps it's due to the fact that I only lost a kilogram. I didn't have that chiseled look; there's still some fat around my waist as well.

Though I could feel that my shoulders are a tad bigger, which I like. And, I can see a little reduction of back fold/roll when I bend my waist.


A bit of anxiety 

I found that I got a bit anxious towards the end. Anxious of getting my old weight back.  

my weight after a month of Venus Factor (my weight before was 50.6kg)

Weight loss was and still is never my goal. It's just that I'd never reached 49kg before. 

Getting my old weight back would be a waste, I thought. I figured if I should be on 1000 kcal/day for a while longer. 

This is not exactly a healthy mindset I know, but I couldn’t help it. It crossed my mind, not gonna lie. 




Thoughts on the Venus Factor

When I counted, my starting basal metabolic rate (BMR) was 1104 kcal

By the way, if you’re Asian, we’ve got our own more accurate BMR calculation. I found out about it from this research. 

For those of you who don’t know yet, BMR is the calories our bodies burn to function/sustain life.  

With the Venus Factor, I think my diet was a bit of an overkill. As my weight goes down, my BMR decreases too. 

Actually, I'm not a fan of being on deficit. I realize that the Venus Factor is not an all-week-deficit program, which can mess up your metabolism esp. if you don’t work out 

But according to its calculation, I think my deficit was a bit too much. If it were only IF with VF maintenance, I wouldn’t mind. Just not the deficit. 

What's more, this 2014 review says that athletes should go with slow rate of weight loss.

I'm no athlete, but I think if you've got healthy range body fat content or BMI, the Venus Factor may not be the best fat loss program.

If you’ve got more body fat percentage, I think you can still slowly increase your metabolism while shedding some fat mass.  

We can get to that stage by eating healthy food and doing some resistance training. 


Resistance/strength training vs cardio

In my opinion, I'd rather increase my muscle mass and increase my metabolism than cutting. 

Of course everyone’s different. It's just that I wasn’t actually aiming to lose weight, so I'd rather increase maintenance calories by resistance training (RT). 

I understand that there's still a debate between resistance/strength training vs cardio. I found a scientific review saying that the average BMR increase after 9 months of RT is 5%.

In fact, the review I highlighted says that strength training improves bone density, self-esteem, decreases symptoms of depression, and reverse aging factors in skeletal muscle.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate cardio. I like doing HIIT. This study suggests that IF + HIIT is a good combination.

Therefore, if you're more of a cardio person, just keep doing it!


What I like 

Venus Factor community

  • Venus Factor has its own community page, and I like that. This access had helped me a lot, particularly if I had some questions.
    Now, I'm not a community person so I didn’t post anything there. But only through browsing, I could get what I want. And again, many ideas!
  • I also like that this program is for women specifically. 
    Throughout my fitness journey, I haven’t found a program that’s only for my women. Many workout regimens for women, but not the whole program.
    That said, I like the fact that all women of fitness level can do it. If you haven’t exercised at all, you can just walk or find beginner routines on the internet.
    And remember, the book says we can skip working out altogether.
  • For me, Venus Factor is quite complete. As I said, it’s got the recipes, community, as well as workout how-tos and plan.
  • The flexibility of this program is something I like too. 
    We can be imperfect during the Venus Diet, there’s no bad/good food, we can still do our lifestyle diet (eg. vegetarian, keto, etc) and we don’t need to change much.
  • John Barban’s book cites some scientific literature too, which I appreciate.
  • Talking about price, I think the Venus Factor is not expensive due to its completeness. And we’ve got money back guarantee as well.
  • It made me lose weight.*


What I don’t like 

  • While the Venus Factor book has research citations, some are so old—dating back to 1997 to 1975. 
    I get that even some literature can cite old research as well, but it’s not like there’s no update. 
    Research on health and fitness are constantly updating. I don’t understand why the book still cites old literature (the newest is 2012).  I could be wrong here, though.
  • This one’s a bit hypocritical, ‘cause I got hooked, but I don’t appreciate how they used marketing claims.
    In the landing page video, it says the program can make women eat whatever they want without gaining weight.
    It also says that the Venus Diet can make women lose weight despite how much “bad” food they eat each week.
    The truth is that we still need to be on a diet, on calorie deficit first. Then we can slowly eat up to only our maintenance calories.
  • Speaking about Venus Factor’s maintenance calories, I think its calculator is super outdated. It's also not that detailed, making it not accurate.
    John Barban says that the program doesn’t want us to crash diet. But thanks to the outdated calculator, I ended up crash dieting anyway.
  • So many bogus Venus Factor reviews. The titles claim to be honest and real, but they’re just pretending. Many only try to make you buy the program.
    Now, I realize that it's not the program's fault. But, for those who are trying to find a diet program (and look for reviews), it can be misleading.
  • Due to the availability of free information on the internet, we can actually do this alone
    There are lots of info, meal + workout plans, and community access from free, trustworthy sources. 
    If we want to, we can rely on the internet and begin our fitness journey without this program.
    I mean, I got the Asian BMR calculation and a more accurate TDEE calculator by myself, didn’t I? 


Tips from someone who tried The Venus Factor for a month 

Venus Factor

What to get

First and foremost, you need to get some stuff, particularly if you’re new to the fitness journey.

You need to get a calorie tracker. The easiest are apps like FatSecret or MyFitnessPal. You also need a measuring tape.

 Oh by the way, Venus Factor doesn’t include the calories out from working out. During the program, only log your food.

Leave about 30-50 calories for uncertainty stuff.

Additional calipers can be useful too. It's not precise in terms of measuring body fat percentage, but it can help.

For newbies who haven’t got home equipment, just go online and find beginner bodyweight workout routines.

The ones from Venus Factor need some equipment like a gym ball and dumbbells. And, it involves push-ups on the very first routine.

Newbies who don’t know how to modify some exercises can find VF exercises difficult.

If you’ve got the analog food and body weight scale, that’s fine. It's just that the digital can be more accurate.

Food scale is really important, IMO. Because if you don’t have it, you’ll either overestimate or underestimate your food intake. Both are not good.


What to eat

Second, eat healthy, nutrient-rich food. Otherwise, you’re gonna get hungry more easily.

I’m pretty sure I can manage 1000 calories a day without getting hungry. It's just that what I ate were “bad”. As a result, I needed to hold my hunger.

How did I do that? Made myself as busy as possible. I sang, played, did the chores, anything to make my not think of food.

Moreover, Venus Factor says that the eat-up days shouldn’t be two consecutive days. It may be hard for us to get back to deficit days.

But, I could do it. It may be better if you don’t do what I did, but what I'm saying is that if you can’t do separate maintenance days, it’s fine.


Friendly reminder

Thirdly, if you've decided to do the program and you've never been on a lot of deficit before, it's gonna be tough.

I dealt with headaches in the first week, remember? But it went away on its own, our bodies can adapt.

Nevertheless, if you can't deal with it, it's okay to cut yourself some slack.

And, utilize that community page and/or be active there. It's really great for supports, motivation talks, questions, and many things.

While I didn't post anything there, I suggest you do  




Who should do the Venus Factor? 

Women, of course! Well, since John Barban specifically designed this for females. But I should reiterate that you need to be healthy first. 

Recovering from an injury? Shouldn't be a problem, because you can still do the Venus Diet without exercising. As long as you’re healthy. 

Girls who need to lose weight or get in shape in three months may find the Venus Factor helpful or useful.  

And if you’re used to fasting, you may pass this program with flying colors.  

On the contrary, if you’re new to cutting calories, the Venus Diet can be a good start.  You can still eat your favorite food when doing the program.

Not much, of course, but at least you go on a diet without too many restrictions . 


Venus Factor


Who shouldn't do this program?

Men. Nuf said. If you’re a guy, just go to John Barban’s website and look for his diet program that he designed specifically for men. 

Surely the Venus Factor would say that all women can do the program. But, I think there are a few exceptions.  

If you have an active job(s), haven’t tried fasting/dieting at all, and completely new to calorie deficit, it’s gonna be challenging. 

Still wanna try Venus Factor? Then I suggest you eat just between your maintenance and deficit.  

Being on calorie deficit while having an active job can be hard. I mean, I only do household chores every day and it wasn't easy.

Women who are in a long-term fitness journey may not find this program sustainable.  

What I mean is that if you don’t wanna cut or lose weight in short term, the Venus Factor may not be helpful. 

Additionally, women with really low body fat percentage or low BMI shouldn’t do this program at all.  

John Barban himself says that women with those two conditions shouldn’t fast or go on a calorie deficit. 

Furthermore, I also don’t recommend Venus Factor to women with history of eating disorder. 

Surely everyone’s experience is different. I just fear that it can go back. I mean, I got anxious a bit at the end of the program, didn’t I?  



Well, in terms of weight loss, the Venus Factor works*. Not the result I'd expected, though. 

My calorie intake exceeded 1000 calories on most days over the course of this program, but I managed to lose weight anyway.

I still have a long way to be like women who can eat as many food as I want without getting fat.

But yeah, I could finally reach under 50kg with the Venus Diet, I'll give 'em that.

So, if you're looking to lose some weight, John Barban's program may be worth a try.


Some things I should mention

Venus Factor is a 12-week program which I did only for 4 weeks. As a result, I couldn't do the exact diet protocol (like 2 week high-fat, 2 week high-protein etc).

Basically, I treated it like a regular calorie deficit diet. Let's just say this is my “limitation of the review”

So maybe, I could be like what John Barban promises. But since I did the program for only a month, this whole thing is kinda meh for me.

That said, what didn't work for me may work well for someone who did it for 3 months.


How to get The Venus Factor? 

There are many ways to get the Venus Factor. 

But I suggest getting it from the official website, though. You can access it by clicking the button below. 

Complete weight loss guides, integrated workout plans/how-tos, and a community access. All you can get for $37.

Don't forget that there's a 60-day 100% money back guarantee too. They say that they'll refund you within 48 hours.

Got any questions? You can either send an email to OR go to this site and see if there are some more FAQ there that includes yours.

Good luck with your weight/fat loss journey!





Results vary from one person to another. They depend on nutritional needs, age, health status, sex, lifestyle, body type, and diet. 

You should always consult your physician first before doing the program. Know if you need any treatment of illness and injuries before making any changes to your body. 

Should you feel hurt or something doesn’t feel right during the program, don’t continue and consult your doctor/physician. 

What happened in this Venus Factor review is based on personal experiences. The program and this review are not medical advice. 

7 Total Score

Value for money
Content quality
Author credibility
Program practicability
  • Complete guides
  • Not expensive
  • Supportive & helpful community
  • Flexible diet program
  • Specific for women of all fitness levels
  • I lose weight although i cheat a lot
  • Outdated TDEE calculator
  • Some if not a lot of info included is available for free
  • Misleading landing page claims for marketing purposes
  • Calorie deficit number can be too low
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