This Is How My Sister Lost Weight with Wake Up Lean 10-Day Blueprint

Wake Up Lean Full Review – So it's been 7 months of quarantine, huh? I know most of us are getting, ahem, bigger by the end of last month. It is just something unavoidable as we were stuck at home the whole time.

But, worry not!

There are tons of slimming programs just by staying at home. This is only one of those weight-loss programs for getting your dream body.

Weak Up Lean Program allows you to have a slimmer body in just 10 days. Does it work, though? Or is it just something too good to be true?

Before you decide to purchase one, check out my full review of the Wake Up Lean program and how it affects my sister's body.




What Is Wake Up Lean?

lean body fat belly

Wake Up Lean is the 10-day flay belly blueprint that consists of healthy recipes and workout routines. It is a part of the Svelte Training in Florida.

The purpose of the program itself is not only burning down your fat belly but to build a healthy lifestyle. Meredith Shirk, the founder, believes that ‘common diets' don't work. At least, it won't be relevant after a week or two. Thus, creating a marathon training is the key to a successful diet.   

Wake Up Lean 10-day program consist of compact diet recipes and workout routines that are easy to do at home. This combination allows you to get slimmer in just 10-day.


Who is the Author?

meredith shrik

Meredith is a multi-certified trainer such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM-FNS), Weight Loss Specialist (NASM-WLS), and Behavior Change Specialist (NASM-BCS).  

She is also the founder of Svelte Training in Florida that includes the Wake Up Lean Program. Svelte Training itself has been around for more than 10 years when it was started small in California as a private fitness service. Now, it has become a global health and wellness company that serves over 1 million clients worldwide.


Inside of Weak Up Lean Blueprint

download page meredith srink

There are a bunch of downloadable materials from this program. But, before you start your routine, do check this brief explanation I have for you.


Wake Up Lean Quick Start Guide

In this 4-page PDF, you will learn how to use the whole program properly. Yeah, it is just guidance – just like its name. Honestly, I'd be so confused if I didn't start with this e-book.

There are 2 steps depicted here, first off you can start with the easiest program a.k.a the 24-hour detox, and simply go with the full 10-day plan. 




Wake Up Lean 1 Pound Lighter

It is the 24-hour fat flushing protocol. This book consists of the 24-hour full recipe to prepare your system before partaking in the next program. It is essential to do this protocol as it clears out your digestion. 

In this book, you will find a whole lot of recipes from breakfast to metabolic tonic. Also, the shopping list is available here. But, if you are a vegan you can find your shopping list in a separate book.


Wake Up Lean 10-day Blueprint

This is it! It's the main book you are looking for. The 10-day blueprint includes all the information you need to get a slimmer belly. You will learn about detox, problems with belly-bloating inflammation, the restaurant disaster that not many of us know about it.

Moreover, there are insider tips for us to cheat the weight-loss ladder. And, the post-program that is important to take notes to.

The 10-day program is divided into 2 parts:

  • Day 1-3: Slimming Detox
  • Day 4-10: Slimming Recipe

In the first part, you will still need to work out your detoxification program. There are recipes for this part, so don't worry! However, the next part is simply the continuation of the previous one with a different recipe.


5-minute Lean Body Bursts

These are the workout videos that Meredith promised before. You will not only consume her recipes during the 10-day program but also exercise on these 5-minute videos. 

There are 5 modules in total:

  • Thrive in 5's Arms
  • Thrive in 5's Legs
  • Thrive in 5's Core
  • Thrive in 5's HIIT
  • Thrive in 5's Svelte Flow

Each module consists of 2-video: the intro and exercise. The intro is basically a pose introduction for you to get prepared before training on the exercise video. It doesn't need any workout tools – it's just yourself. But, if you have a yoga mat it'd be much better since there will be some sort of plank and so on.

Meredith urged us to exercise 2 videos a day for the next 10-day. However, if you need more of it you can do that as each video only takes around 5 minutes. On the other hand, if you feel hard to do these 2 exercises, there is an adjustable exercise for you. Also, there's no fasting program as you have to eat healthy with their recipes.

What you need to do is check it out on the 5's burst page just above the embedded videos, you can download your adjusted workout.

Go directly to the download page and watch the video from there, or you can download all of them in an instant. 



Why You Need To Try Wake Up Lean Blueprint


download wake up

If you have a fat belly, duh obviously, or want to lose some weight, then this is your thing. Do not think twice already. You definitely need this program.

Or if you are tired of some weight-loss recipes without giving out a workout routine, do try this Wake-Up Lean for 10-day. It is actually a doable program, and it's home-friendly as you don't need to go out to a gym. 


My Sister's Experience


Diet meal example: Indonesian Salad or Gado-Gado

I asked my sister who isn't confident with her weight to try this program for 10-day as described in the book. However, after the 10-day diet plan, there were no significant changes. Therefore, we agreed to extend the program for the next 10-day.

First off, my sister followed the detox program for 4-day. She then continued with the following full recipes. 

Day 1-3: Detoxification

She said that she feels better in her stomach. She used to have a problem when she ate certain foods but, the detoxification allowed her to have a comfortable feeling in her system.

What she did during the first 3 days were drinking as much as water. She also completely got rid of her favorite milk tea as it turned out to give her too much sugar intake than the normal daily consumption.

The workout routine seemed to be fine for her as it only took around 5-minute for each session. Although she could do another round since she didn't feel too exhausted during the detoxification.




Day 4-10: Continuation

As it basically a different recipe plan, there was no difficult thing in this process. She continued to have a daily exercise (2 videos a day) and dietary meals. However, we did some custom to the recipe itself.


Since we consume rice on a daily basis, it was very hard to emit this food completely. Instead, we mixed it with brown-rice while adding more vegetables to the plate. Or consuming our local salad that gives more vegetable intake.


After the tenth day, my sister felt fresher day by day. Although the scale number wasn't doing any difference. But, after consistently doing it for the next 10-day (it means she had done for 20 days straight), there was a change in her scale.

She lost some weight from 61.5 kg to 59.8 kg. 

I knew this isn't a big number but it still works!* 

wake up lean 10-day



wake up lean 10-day



She was strict with her diet as she kept on consuming more veggies and exercised harder. But, it was paid off with her lost weight. It was fortunate that she insisted to continue the program instead of stopping by the proposed time. 





Testimonials of Wake Up Lean 10-day Plan 


Meredith's diet, nutrition, and healthy living program are fantastic. It's changed my body incredibly in just a month's
period. Her program is amazing, you have to try it!

– Sarah S*


Meredith is truly a magician. An extraordinary athlete in her own right, she understands the body-mind connection and integrates it with her extensive knowledge of fitness to create a supportive personalized experience for each of her clients. Meeting each client where they are, she carefully plans and orchestrates each workout with humor, generosity, kindness, and integrity to encourage their highest growth.

– Linda M.*


Svelte Training has changed my life because it Inspires me motivates me and it encourages me to live a healthier lifestyle in every way physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and I encourage all of you to get on board with Svelte training.

– Dusty W.*


Well Mere… Change is officially here!!….. The go-to pants that I wear practically every day have decided to wrangle down my hips! Soon I will be hula hooping with them!!! While I did not plan on weighing myself every morning I could not help but look. 220lbs! [7 pounds at Day 4] who can complain about that!!! I did not expect to see results like this!!! Wake Up Lean has over-delivered in every way!

– Sash C*




Where Can I Purchase Wake Up Lean

download page

You can directly visit the official website here or just click any of the golden buttons around this page. You will get a special price from us at only $15.

With this cost, you will get a wholesome recipe from a detox stage to a full 10-day plan from a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. So, you don't need to fret about it.

And if you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim a 60-day no question asked triple guarantee. You will get 100% of your money back, so don't worry.


Final Verdict

wake up lean youtube

Wake Up Lean isn't just a recipe book or workout book to help people lose their weight. It is a combination of internal and external activities that make a healthy lifestyle. 

Although it is such a bold statement to lose weight or have a slimmer belly in just 10-day, the whole program is considered safe and beneficial in the long run. Take a look at my sister for how excited she was to continue the program even though it didn't give her the result she wanted in the first take.

The 5-minute workout routine is also worth trying on a daily basis as it promotes a health benefit in just a short time. My sister even found it helpful with this short-length daily exercise that I'm sure will apt for busy people like you. You can opt to do the adjusted exercise that can be downloaded in the 5's Burst Page.  

The nice thing about this program is that it is simple and doable. It includes both what you need physically and mentally – yes, exercising helps your mental health better. 




The Wake Up Lean is also a part of a broader training program called Svelte Training. It is founded by a certified trainer who has been in this game for 20 years.

However, I do find one thing that annoyed me. It was an additional promotion found in the book. It's not that I hate promotion things or whatever. I know how business works but, I was turned off when I saw a supplement ad in the recipe book.

It was said to be the world's first premium superfood cocktail. It contains whatever superfood that could cheat your way to a fast weight-loss. And this superfood is also included in the recipes even though it's just for an optional.

Although it is just my two cents still I didn't quite happy about it when the book itself gave me a ‘thoughtful' recipe by a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

belly fat instagram


Before I forget, you can get in touch directly with Meredith (the founder) through her Instagram page. She actively posts about her workout routine and more tips.

She also has a YouTube channel with over 100K subscribers. There, you can find her 5-minute workout and more exercise training. It is very helpful for all of you to start this program especially when you need more fitness round aside from the book.    

Overall it was such a nice experience with the Wake Up Lean program even though, again, it didn't live up to its initial promise with its 10-day plan. 

But, one of the problems that might happen with my sister is that she keeps on consuming mixed rice. It was the key to why probably she cannot lose weight in just 10-day.

So, I suggested you all to strictly follow the recipes and workout routine.

And one more thing, my sister loves the workout so much. She subscribed to Meredith's YouTube channel as it is more convenient there.

So far, the Wake Up Lean Belly Program is worth to purchase. and try. And do not forget to look out for this program closely e.g. doing exercise twice a day for the 10-day plan and following the recipes.




This diet program is created by a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. However, you still need advice from your physician before starting the program as it may not fit your health concern. 

The result can be different for each person depends on the meal plan, workout routine, and the initial condition.




7.5 Total Score

  • Affordable program
  • Has a complete shopping list
  • Legit author (a certified trainer)
  • Vegan friendly
  • Personally felt the result (by extending the program)
  • The Program is simple and doable
  • Short workout time , without any expensive equipment
  • The author is active on social media (has Instagram and YouTube channel)
  • The 10-day program isn't actually successful for my sister . But it maybe caused because she eat rice , which is not listed on the program
  • There is an additional supplement promotion inside the recipe book
  • The overall book content isn't interesting compare to the author's social media posts
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