Red Tea Detox: I’ve Tried The Recipe and Followed The Program for 1 Week


What is Red Tea Detox?

Red Tea Detox is a brand-new program created by Liz Swann Miller. It involves the red tea recipe to support a complete program that works quickly, for everyone. It claims you can burn up to 14 pounds for 14 days ( Result will be Vary ).

This is the result of more than a decade of research and almost three years of realworld testing. Started with a huge manuscript that being condensed into as few pages as possible. So you get all the key information without any mind-boggling extras. Liz have done her best to create this with no fluff,

The recipe is the thing i curious about. So I've downloaded the E-book, tried the recipe and followed the program. This is my deep honest review about it. Enjoy it because I also will give you $20 off discount on this review. So stay tuned!


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This book is broken down into three main components for easy reading:



The diet program consists of four phases. Each with radically different elements.

    • Phase 1: creates an environment which burns fat more efficiently and helps you lose significantly more weight as time goes on
    • Phase 2: kicks your fat burning engine into overdrive
    • Phase 3: continues to work on getting your liver into peak condition while release and burn up a great deal of body fat
    • Phase 4: uses a personalized calorie restricted diet that complements your BMR and matches the aggressiveness of your weight loss goals.



A quality exercise routine has the potential to almost double your results. With the Red Tea Detox, you’ll enjoy some serious fat-burning and body shaping workouts that take a mere 20 to 30 minutes daily.


Willpower, Motivation and Mindset

Most people find the third section to be eye-opening. Because it dispels some of the most often-repeated, common myths about willpower and how those myths prevent many from reaching their goals successfully. It’s not only interesting, but it is a vital element of this plan.


What You Get From The Red Tea Detox?

This ebook is 132 pages and 13 chapters long which consist of:

  • Toxins
  • The truth about detox and weight loss
  • Detox with Red Tea
  • Red Tea recipe
  • What body needs
  • Metabolism
  • Rules to burn fat faster
  • 14 days meal plan
  • Continuing weight loss and keeping on track after the detox
  • Using mindset, motivation and willpower
  • The Red Detox Workout

This ebook also has video tutorial How to Make The Red Tea recipe.


Red Tea Detox Instruction Screenshot

Red Tea Detox Instruction Screenshot


Why Detox with Red Tea?

Many of the toxins that your body now holds are stored inside your fat cells. That’s a big part of the reason why there’s such an intense focus on losing weight fast during The Red Tea Detox. Getting rid of the fat and flushing the toxins happens simultaneously.

Liz has spent years studying the benefits and side effects of each of the five unique ingredients that go into your red tea. Along with the powerful African red tea recipe, the detox plan is carefully formulated according to the latest holistic health and scientific research to maximize your fat loss.

red teaRed Tea helps you:

(Disclaimer: Result is not typical and will be vary for each person)

  • Lose weight
  • Get a good night's sleep
  • Produce and maintain energy throughout the day
  • Detox your body and protect your brain from neurodegenerative diseases
  • Lose fat and protect yourself from cancer, diabetes, and heart attacks
  • Reduce your hunger naturally and effortlessly
  • Reverse harm caused by the many environmental toxins


Want The Red Tea Recipe?

My Impression About The Recipe


My Red Tea

My Red Tea

It said that you can easily find the ingredients in your local supermarket and health food stores. But I'm afraid you are not. Some of the ingredients are rare and quit expensive in my country, Indonesia. You can also buy them online. Don't forget to consider the shipping fee.

I spent about IDR 220,000 / USD 15 to get all ingredients for one week consumption.

The recipe is easy to make. I like the taste even without any sweetener. Red Tea is helpful enough to control my appetite and boost my energy. It's worthed to hunt the ingredients and becomes one of my favourite drink because of its benefits.

If it's difficult for you to buy and the recipe by yourself, there is a privilege for all book purchasers to buy The Red Tea official blend. The normal price is $149.95 for 1 month supply. Now, it's on discount price only $ 99 and free shipping worldwide. It means you only spent $ 3.3/ day.


My Experience Following The African Red Tea Detox Program

The program was really tough for me. I am tandem nursing and have a migraine. That's why I choose to skip fasting, have a breakfast everyday and do no exercise. The program allows these. We still get the result but not quickly.

The first phase was the hardest. I got these side effects, from the most frequent:

  • little burp
  • migraine headache
  • hypothermia
  • more sweat
  • going to toilet
  • stomach pain, especially along right to the bottom side

Headache and going to toilet frequently are said as normal effects in the book. But the hypothermia was the most frightening for me. It looks like I am very hungry because of nursing. So I decided to cheat sometimes, particularly at midnight.

After the second phase ended, I felt easier to loose my attachment to food. I lose about 3 kilograms with this program. Then I need to lose another 3 kilograms to have an ideal weight.

I can say red tea detox program  is effective for everyone who wants to lose weight quickly. But remember, if you have a medical condition or physical condition, please talk to your doctor before starting this program.

The program is talking about the ideal plan. If you can stick with it, you will get a quick result. But if you can't, you still can see the result even slower. As an example, you can replace the exercise by quick walking everyday. Just do the best to match with the program.

As soon as you purchase this program, you will get many product advertisements on the download page. You can ignore them and stick with The Red Tea recipe and meal plan. All the offered products are optional to boost the result faster


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Who is The Author?

Liz Swann MillerElizabeth Swann Miller is Six Time Best Selling Author. She struggled with her weight up to her early twenties. Liz decided to start making changes in her life for the better. She holds a degree in Naturopathy and Psychology.

She is actually a well known Amazon author who has published a handful of Kindle eBooks, including The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution, Juice Fasting, red smoothies detox, and Juicing Recipes.

Even the story about her adventure finding the red tea recipe looks unreal and just a marketing gimmick in my opinion, But the e-book has a lot of valuable information & many people got positive result


Red Tea Detox Testimonials

In order to find a legit testimonial for this product, I join its exclusive group on Facebook and get some of additional knowledges and experience sharings from another members. Here are several user testimonials about red tea detox:

(Disclaimer: Result is not typical and will be vary for each person)

(Note : I also censored the user name to protect the group privacy )

Red-Tea-Detox-Testimonial-4 Red-Tea-Detox-Testimonial-3 Red-Tea-Detox-Testimonial-2 Red-Tea-Detox-Testimonial Red-Tea-Detox-Testimonial-5


Where to Buy African Red Tea Detox Program?

You can buy it from official Site for a digital version (PDF and Audio Book). Once you make the purchase, you will instantly be emailed the access the landing page as well as download the book in pdf form.

The price is only $37 and you will get 60 Days No Question asked 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't like it at any reason. You also get a lot of bonus, such as:

  • 100 Great-Tasting Smoothie Fat Loss-Recipes
  • Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis – Audio MP3
  • The Ultimate Superfood Guide for Super Health
  • The 5 Detox Methods of Famous Celebrities
  • A Special Link to buy Liz Swann Red Tea Detox 1 Month Supply ( Free Shipping Worldwide ). No More headache finding all ingredients
  • Access to The Read Tea Detox Facebook Prive Group for further discussion with all buyers

Also as promised, I found special coupon $ 20 Off for this program. Just click the button below to get it . The coupon may expire anytime so you must act fast


red tea bonus


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Verdict & Conclusion

Altough the Liz's story on the official site looks unreal and just for sales pitch . i felt the result so fast even without doing any exercise recommended on the red tea detox program

This is a program for everyone who needs to lose weight quickly. The Red Tea recipe is tasty and helpful, but some of the ingredients are rare and expensive. The program is effective although hard to execute at the beginning.




  1. The result is not typical and will be vary for each people
  2. Discuss with your doctors first if you have a medical condition or physical condition before starting this program.


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9.3 Total Score

Ease of Use:
  • Cheap Ebook
  • Factual enough
  • Effective to lose weight
  • Tasty recipe
  • Quick result
  • Many Positive Result from User
  • Responsive Facebook Private Group
  • Rare and expensive ingredients
  • Hard at beginning
  • Some worrying side effects, if you have any special condition
  • The Liz's story on the website looks unreal
  • Many Ads about other product. Just stick on the primary program and you'll be fine
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