Keto Bread Book by Kelley Herring – Can It Replace Regular Breads?

Keto bread book by Kelley Herring was something that I wanted to try because frankly I was looking for healthier alternatives to regular bread. 

So far, healthier types of bread available around me are whole wheat, sourdough, and the ones with a lot of seeds in it.  

They're not cheap (either buying from bakery shops or making them myself), therefore not that suitable for me in long term.

Now, keto is a type of diet that piqued my interest some time ago, hence my interest in this keto bread cookbook. 

When I went to, the website gave me all sorts of information about white flour bread, gluten, and diseases. 

Since I had a purpose when I went to Kelley Herring’s book website, I didn’t pay much attention to the stated information (though I'll tell you some after this).  

Then, I purchased and tried this recipe book from the Healing Gourmet team.

Read more below to know my honest experience and review of this book. 


keto bread book





The thing about grains and regular bread 

According to the author, Kelley Herring, traditional bread is a big no-no for our health in the long run. 

It's kind of addictive because there are compounds called gluteomorphins, which engage opioid receptors in our brains—almost like taking morphine or heroin. 

And did you know? Similar compounds called casomorphins are found in cheese. That's why some of us love pizza with good melted cheese (I certainly do!). 

But anyways, the keto bread book says that wheat, including whole wheat, spikes our blood sugar more than almost any other food. 

It also claims that most gluten-free bread has got worse ingredients than those made with wheat. 

How so? The book/site claims that most gluten-free products and recipes use flours and starches with extremely high glycemic values. 

“They usually contain chemical preservatives, soy protein, dough conditioners, inflammatory seed oils, corn and rice syrup and often, GMOs,” per the book. 

And because of the high GI flours and starches, the gluten-free products can increase our blood sugar faster and higher than wheat itself. 

The book goes on to cite a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology. It showed that 81% of people who adopted a gluten-free diet weighed more at the end of two years. 


What’s Keto Breads and what's inside it? 

Well I mean, basically it’s a keto bread book filled with recipes that may be able to replace your current grain bread. 

keto bread book

There are 6 chapters of the book: loaf breads, flatbreads, breakfast breads, rolls & buns, crackers, croutons and crusts, and healthy substitutions. 

Additionally, there are more than 30 recipes inside the keto bread cookbook. 

In short, there are plenty of healing gourmet bread recipes that you can try. I also should add that it's suitable for both keto and paleo diet. 

Before the recipe section starts, Kelley Herring reminds you again about the bad things surrounding grains and sugar. 

Basically, she tells you the things you can find in But, she also added substitutions list, using yeast and sugar, and other things we should know about baking keto bread. 

I personally think the latter is informative—at least to a person who’s never tried baking keto stuff before. 

Measurements in this book is metric-friendly, so if you’re not used to imperial system, not a problem

keto bread book recipe

It's pretty clear that Kelley Herring advocates keto diet, and that’s why she wants to encourage us to bake keto breads.  

But, it comes from her own experience, not just trying to sell a fad. wants us to have bread with healthy ingredients that won’t lead us to have inflammatory issues, digestive disturbances, or spikes in blood sugar. All the while, not compromising the taste and texture.* 

The keto bread book writes, “These are not second-rate imitations that pale in comparison to the real thing. 

“Some of these breads will be among the best you’ve ever enjoyed – with the same texture, taste and aroma you know and love.” 

Also, Kelley wants us to have delicious but guilt-free bread that’ll make us never miss grain or carb-packed bread.  



When you purchase the keto bread book, you’re going to get three bonuses—well, technically four. 

Before I go on, please note that the bonuses are not directly from, and you have to go to other websites instead. 



First is Keto Slow Cooker Recipe Book that contains 80 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. 

Second is two keto cookbooks, totaling of 200 ketogenic recipes that are easy to make. You can make simple keto pancakes, Italian sausage keto soup, crispy chicken thighs, and cheesecake brownies. 

The last one is kind of a voucher: 50% discount on Cacao Bliss. This product is a blend of raw Peruvian cacao powder and potent superfoods to help us beat cravings and keep us healthy with nutrient-rich product. 





Of course, on, there are positive reviews.  

For objectivity, I tried to reviews from other websites or blogs. Unfortunately, I found only one site whose people have made one of the recipes. 

Here's what they have to say about the keto bread book: 


Before we tried them, we wouldn’t have believed that grain free bread recipes could be this good. We truly feel that they’re worth sharing, and as we’ve said before, the ridiculously low price of this recipe book makes it a must have for anyone who is eating a grain free or gluten free diet.*


I found the product on Amazon and I looked at the reviews of the physical book here. Here are some of them. 



And FYI, it costs a lot more on Amazon (almost $40!). Let me just say that it’s a lot better to purchase it from the keto bread cookbook site itself. 


Keto bread book author 

Kelley is the founder of Healing Gourmet, a company dedicated to making healthy recipes for every goal we have. 

keto bread book author

She's got an educational background in nutritional biochemistry.  

Her journey to this field started when she was 18, when she was in an intense pre-medical curriculum. 

The keto bread book author suddenly didn’t feel okay around that age. She had extreme fatigue, constant digestive distress, and sore throat that didn’t heal for months. 

Later, she found out that she’s got leaky gut. She assumed that the cause was inflammatory grains.  

And when she got rid of inflammatory grains, she felt much better. 

Since then, she’s got a purpose to make recipes that’ll make other people healthier, preventing digestive issues and other problems

And with this keto bread cookbook, Kelley wants us to have real bread with healthy ingredients that taste delicious. 

You can find Kelley in Instagram (although it’s more to her company instead of her personal account), YouTube, and her own company website. 




How long does it take to bake these breads? 

Unlike most bread, the hands-on time for Keto Breads is around 10-15 minutes. The majority of recipes are “Quick Breads” that do not call for yeast (so they don’t need time to rise before you place them in the oven). And because they have no gluten, there is NO kneading required. 

You simply (1) mix your ingredients, (2) shape the dough on a sheet pan or drop it in a loaf pan, and (3) bake until done. The baking time varies from 30 minutes to about an hour. 


Are These Recepies Suitable For A Vegan Diet? 

The recipes in Keto Breads do call for eggs and dairy. However, we are well aware of some peoples’ desire or need to avoid these foods. There is a section at the beginning of the book with formulas and instructions for creating egg substitutes. Also, the majority of recipes in the book can be made dairy free by simply substituting coconut oil in place of butter. Finally, there are two recipes that use gelatin as a binder – although this ingredient is 100% optional for those who wish to avoid it. 


Do these recipes taste “eggy”? 

We understand that SOME grain-free bread recipes can be “eggy”. We tasted a few breads like this when we were formulating and testing the recipes – some even went in the trash. That’s why we spent YEARS perfecting Keto Breads. We published only the very BEST recipes to save you time and trouble… and to ensure that your breads look, smell, bake (and taste!) just like the real thing! 




Why I tried this keto bread book 

As I mentioned above, I became interested in keto diet because I like the idea of using fat as energy.  

keto bread book

And, I try to consume more protein because I want to grow more muscle and try to be leaner.  

But, I haven’t turned it as a lifestyle.  

I still love my carbs and my sugars  I love snacking on fruits, especially, and we all know that this diet only allows just a few kinds of fruit. 

Giving up on bread is not easy either. I eat bread as a source of my carbs. I know rice is healthier, but I just can’t help it. 

That's why I wanted to find something to substitute my favorite white flour bread so that I can have better, healthier food.  

So, to be clear, my purpose is different from Kelley Herring’s. Thankfully I don’t have severe gut problems.  

Basically, I tried the recipes because I wanted to, out of curiosity, with the thought that if I liked it, I'd make these breads instead of buying. 

I should also note that I haven’t tried pure keto recipes before, so trying out this keto bread book was an entirely new experience for me. 

Though, I wanted to try. I made up my mind and bought the ingredients


The stuff you need 

Before I go on, let me briefly give you an idea of what you’re going to need. 

The ingredients I used most are almond flour, coconut flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, and sea salt. You can head to FAQ section to find out more (and I explain a bit about it later). 


some things I bought and used to make the breads


Metric users shouldn’t forget accurate scale (mine’s digital). I use metric system but I also use measuring spoons/cups sometimes. 

Also, you need an oven. I used electronic oven, which may act differently from gas oven. If you’re like me, bake according to what you know about the oven. 


What I made from the keto bread book 

In total, I made 5 recipes.  

keto bread book result

Now, where I'm from, the things that Kelley Herring tells me to buy are either not available or expensive

Getting organic butter, cheddar cheese, psyllium husk, and other stuff by the book is not easy here. It is available, but at a high cost. 

Therefore, I had to compromise and got the non-organic, improvised, or regular stuff.  

When the recipe calls for psyllium husk powder, I ground the husks myself. And when the keto bread cookbook wants me to use pastured eggs, I used regular eggs instead. 

While I understand that organic, grass-fed stuff is said to be the best for keto, if one can’t afford it (or basically not available around) then the conventional ones are fine (at least I’ve heard this one many times). 

However, I tried my best to get the ingredients stated in the healing gourmet recipes. 

I avoided using yeast because even though the instructions are simple, I’d never used regular yeast before and I was afraid of messing things up

That said, I chose recipes from this keto bread cookbook which I thought was interesting or supposedly a direct substitute to my favorite types of bread. 


Herbed cheddar crackers 

I think using an electric home oven (doesn’t help that mine’s pretty old) gives different results so I had to improvise the length of the baking. 

Because, the first time I got the crackers out, they were still pale and didn't look like crackers. 

You can see that it's still pale (I didn't shape it round like in the recipe)

When I finished, I tasted one. At first it was kinda weird, as I was not used to new kind of flour and all.  

I'm not a big fan of coconut flavor/smell, so I didn’t like the crackers at first. 

But as the time went on, I really liked munching on them. It’s an acquired taste. 

The salt makes everything better. I compared the salted crackers versus the non-salted ones and found the former taste a lot better. 

my baby cats like these too!

One thing I noticed was that the crackers weren’t crunchy enough for me.  

I mean, it was dry after I got them out of the oven, but even though I stored it in air tight container, the dryness didn’t last. 

Since grass-fed/organic cheddar is not available around me, I grabbed local cheddar. It might have affected the texture and taste (not like what the recipe intended). 

Nevertheless, this recipe is my favorite (out of the 5 I tried). I was glad I made this first because I became really optimistic about keto alternatives


Herbed dinner rolls & classic sandwich loaf 

Let's just say that I didn’t like these two at all. Both were too eggy. At first, I thought it was because I didn’t use really fresh eggs. 

herbed dinner roll I made

However, I bought fresh eggs (or I thought they were) for the dinner rolls, and they were still eggy. 

Which was something weird for me, considering the spring onion (I didn’t have chives—and spring onions are stronger) and parsley in the rolls. 

It was like there was no other flavor apart from rich eggs. I decided that these were definitely not for me

The smell from when I was baking the two recipes was also awful. I was put off by the smell first before even trying out the breads. 

classic sandwich loaf

But then it occurred to me that I might have used a-day-old-or-two eggs.  

I didn’t check the freshness of the eggs, which might have contributed to the egginess of the breads I tried. 

Although, the texture of both is fine. I was a bit surprised that the texture of both the loaf and dinner rolls are bread-like. 

Honestly, I was close to being disenchanted with the recipes. Though after realizing that I might have made my own mistake, I remained hopeful. 


Better banana bread & English muffins 

I was hyped about the banana bread, because the regular one is one of my favorite treats

keto banana bread–similar to the classic sandwich loaf, but darker in color

Moreover, I was positive that it was gonna turn out nice because it’s got vanilla extract, ripe banana, and stevia.  

So I expected that it'd replace my current banana bread. 

Now, I stole eggs from my sister (she cooks and bakes a lot, I trust her eggs more than mine) for these two

It was at this time I realized that I might have accidentally got too many eggs because I didn’t weigh the eggs before. 

The eggs I used for the rolls and loaf were really big, probably weighing more than 200 grams (the banana bread and muffins require this amount too). 

keto english muffins

Anyways, they both didn’t smell eggy when they were baking. I was feeling great about these recipes… until I tried them. 

To be honest, the banana bread was still pretty eggy despite the stevia and vanilla. Not overwhelming like the loaf and rolls, though. 

However, after one night in the fridge, it tasted a lot better. Still can't replace the regular one, but much better than when it came out fresh from the oven. 

The egginess was also not as strong, and I could eat it without feeling yucky.

Banana bread is on the second rank after the cheddar crackers. 

a closer look at the keto banana bread

Now for the muffins, they also tasted better when I ate them with salted butter or cheese. Probably homemade sausages would be great with these too. 

Since the egginess of the muffins weren’t so bad, this recipe is my third favorite

I also came up with a conclusion that other recipes that may taste really good are the ones with fewer eggs and more cheese. 

Although, I could be wrong, since I didn’t try all of the recipes in this keto bread book. 




My thoughts on this keto bread cookbook 

I'm just gonna be honest and get to it. 

There's something that I'm not really a fan of when it comes to it’s use of fear as a marketing tactic. 

Well I mean not explicitly, but the site (and book) puts all the bad stuff first about grains, white bread and even gluten-free products. 


keto bread book claims


Kelley Herring also mentioned sickness and diseases first (not from personal perspective), even though her product here is about bread recipes. 

I know she puts citations (to research, scientific literature), but the other sides will put citations as well

So, I'm not gonna try to refute or back up anything.  

In my opinion, the type of healthy diet/lifestyle that makes your body feel good and is sustainable (you stick with it in the long run) is the one that you should stick to. 

herbed dinner rolls baking

If it’s keto, great. But if it turns out not to be keto, then that’s fine too.  

Because as I said, one side is going to convince you to not do the other side, this happens all the time. 

But, doesn’t mean that I don’t like this keto bread book at all.  


Things I like 

Now, it’s not a lie when the book and inside reviews say that the recipes are easy to follow. I agree with that fully

Really, I didn’t have a hard time to follow the recipes at all!*

prepping herbed dinner rolls

I didn’t have any experience with almond flour and psyllium husk before but I could make the bread without too many challenges. 

Also, I really like that there are substitutes or alternatives to allergens. So, if you’ve got allergy, you can still enjoy this keto bread book. 

Then, it’s got metric measurements, which is always nice because I honestly don’t speak imperial units. 

It's also always nice to be precise (the eggs have their weight written too) because first timers like me don’t want to screw things up. 

So, it’s safe to say that this keto bread cookbook is beginner-friendly

a closer look at the keto classic sandwich loaf

Again, the texture, IMO, is similar to real bread. I don’t think it’s the same, but really close. It can be a healthier substitute for you. 

Due to the nutritious ingredients, the breads here are high in fiber and of course nutrition.  

My favorite cheese crackers taste great but it’s packed with the good stuff, which I like. 

There's a money back guarantee on, so you have a risk-free purchase. More on this later. 

Each recipe has its own macronutrient ratio and nutrition information, including how many calories.  

If you’re one diet, or you really pay attention to your macro intake, this is really helpful. 

Below are the nutrition information for all the recipes I made.



Things I didn’t really like 

Like I said, I didn’t like the egginess of the breads. For the last two recipes, I did use fresher eggs, the right weight, but they still tasted eggy

I honestly couldn't stand this keto classic sandwich loaf says that they ensure the breads smell and taste like the conventional ones but I don’t think so. Still pretty eggy. 

I don’t hate eggs, mind you. It's just that I can’t stand anything that tastes eggy. Eggy flan? No thanks. Eggy choux filling/custard? Nope! 

The ingredients to make recipes in this keto bread book are not easy to find and cheap to buy here.  

I know we can substitute organic stuff with the regular ones, but some other ingredients are still quite pricey. 

For five recipes, it costs the same amount of money I need to buy my own groceries for one or two weeks. I’d rather buy my groceries, frankly. 

Making or cooking keto food/meals can be way cheaper (here, where I'm from) than baking them.

  And that’s why I don’t think changing my breads to the keto ones is sustainable for me. I'd rather have cheat days. 

keto bread book english muffin

I had to put this English muffin in the fridge too

One thing that can be a bummer is that almost all recipes in this keto bread cookbook are not gonna last long in room temperature. 

It's understandable because the ingredients have a lot of eggs and all. But you need to put your bread in the fridge and reheat it. Almost all the time. 

  So of course, compared to conventional bread, it’s not conventional. 

If you’re a seasoned keto baker, then the recipes here may lack variety to you.  

But to be fair, I believe the healing gourmet recipes are more for the keto starters or keto-baking beginners. 




Please note that… 

I haven’t tried all the keto bread book recipes, and some of the ingredients I used are not by the book. 

  Maybe if you use all the things that Kelley Herring tells us, it may taste a lot better. 



I'm not used to bread or other food tasting very eggy, and that’s why I disliked some of the recipes. But if you are, or you like it, your opinion’s gonna differ from mine. 

Also, like I mentioned, I didn’t measure the weight and check the freshness of my eggs

The egginess of the bread I made might be caused by too many eggs (and not the fresh ones, to add). 


So, do I recommend the keto bread book? 

Of course I do. Hey, even though I dislike some of the recipes, I still recommend this keto bread book. 

keto bread book

Taste is something that is not universal. What didn’t taste good for me may do for you and vice versa

And, it’s not like all recipes are bad. I particularly like the one with no egg and more cheese. 

Above, I mentioned that the recipes in this keto bread cookbook are really easy for me to follow. That's a plus point worthy of recommendation as well. 

Because there’s a money back guarantee (more on that later), I think you’ll have risk free purchase of keto bread book. 

When you have nothing to lose, that’s always a good thing, hence my recommendation

keto bread book recipe

This keto bread cookbook is great for people with solid keto or paleo lifestyle or the ones who are just starting out. 

It's also good for those of you who can’t have grains or conventional type of bread (meaning your body can’t tolerate them). 

On a related note, if you’re suffering from gut problems (caused by your diet), then the healing gourmet recipes here can be your good friend. 

All in all, I think you should absolutely try this 




Simple. I recommend the recipes and still can't bring myself to dislike this keto bread cookbook entirely.

Again, even though I dislike some of the breads, I'm pretty sure that it's because I didn't use fresh eggs and also because I didn't use the right ingredients

I believe that if you do (use the right, fresh ingredients), you're going to like this keto bread book.

It's not expensive, zero risk, the instructions are very clear, complete with nutrition facts, and hey, I like the cheddar crackers and banana bread alternative!

Yeah, in short, I like Kelley Herring's book.


Wanna try? 

I'm pretty sure that by this point I've convinced you enough to get the keto bread book and try the recipes. 

And I personally think that you don’t wanna miss tying out the healthy breads. I mean, there’s no harm in trying, is it? 

So, I suggest you to get the recipes now, for only $17!

Though I must remind you that the keto bread cookbook I purchased is a digital one.  

You can get the physical book delivered to you for an additional $5.95. 


keto bread book price


Since I've mentioned a lot of risk-free purchase before, here’s what you need to know: Kelley Herring’s book has a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days. 


keto bread book money guarantee

If for any reason you don’t like the recipes here at all, just send them an email and ask for a refund. claims to “respond within a few hours in most cases (even on the weekends).” 

You've got 60 days to figure out if you like what you’ve bought, and you’ll get complete refund when you’ve decided that you don’t like it. 

I think that’s great, and that’s why I recommend this book 





  This review is based on a personal experience and therefore not a formal article. That said, my review does not reflect the product itself. 

Always consult your doctor or physician if you have any allergies or intolerances to certain food or ingredients. 

Even though Kelley Herring implies that she found out her leaky gut condition herself, I still think you should check with your doctor first. 

That said, your doctor’s but a human, and they can make mistakes or have limited knowledge to some things. 

So, find a doctor or physician that you can trust and easily talk to. 

Your health conditions are more important than trying to strictly follow a certain type of diet. So, make sure to pay attention to this first. 

In the keto bread book, it states that “Each individual would need to consider the ingredients used to make Keto Breads and make a personal decision about including them in your diet.” 

Let me remind you that I tried this recipe because I want healthier alternatives, not because I have health issues that Kelley Herring mentions in her website or the beginning of the book. 

The product is available in both digital and physical versions. Shipping and handling costs stated here apply for deliveries in the USA.  International shipping is available for a few dollars more. 

If you've never ever baked before, consider learn the basics first. Even though the instruction's clear and easy, you may not know if a dough is well-mixed (or potentially overmixed) or not.

8.4 Total Score

Content variety
Author Credibility
  • The recipe book is not expensive
  • Money back guarantee
  • Easy instructions (beginner friendly)
  • Macro and nutrition information on each recipe
  • Texture similar to conventional bread
  • Metric system available
  • There’s a substitution/alternative list
  • Still pretty eggy
  • Some ingredients are not cheap
  • May lack variety
  • Breads must be stored in the fridge
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