Experience the Feldenkrais Method: My Review of the Complete Program

Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka review – Don’t you know that we move a lot every single day? Also, don’t you know that the way we move tells a lot about us? That’s what I learned from Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka.


This is a story about how I learned an incredible lesson about my own body. And I admit Feldenkrais Therapy that I have done from the program is one of the best therapies I have ever tried.


I have completed the whole program by the time I write this review, and I feel the satisfaction from doing it.


My story began when my recurring back pain went crazy after I got ill a few weeks before. Not only it recurred more often, but I felt the impact was also greater to my body.


At first I thought it was sciatica or symptoms of it, but looking on my mother's experience with sciatica, it didn't match what I felt. I also felt like this one has more of “negative energy” in it.


I wanted to revisit previous programs that I did, such as Stop Sciatica by Steven Guo or Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson, but the programs were meant to cure sciatica like they did to my mother.


As I realized this one was not caused by sciatica, I tried to find another way to cure this back pain.


Looking for it online, I stumbled upon Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka. I joined the free course at first and found it excited me.


I decided to join the full course and by the time I write this I have completed the whole program.


feldenkrais method

Proof that I Have Purchased the Program


Here is my honest review about the program created by Moshe Feldenkrais and how it solved not only my back problem but also many other problems.





How I Experience the Feldenkrais Method


feldenkrais method 2

As I mentioned earlier, I first discovered about Feldenkrais Therapy online. Therefore, first thing first, let’s talk about what the method is all about.


Feldenkrais method is a kind of Therapy invented by Moshe Feldenkrais during the mid-20th century. This method utilizes variations of body movements to improve the overall quality of life.


How can our movements affect our overall life quality?


When I first hear about the description, of course it confused me a bit. But Lavinia Plonka explained about it in the simplest way to understand.


She explained that many of our past traumas and memories affect the way our body naturally responds to our surrounding, thus affecting our movements.


Feldenkrais Therapy is a way to release the bad things and make the good things resurface, thus not only we would feel more motivated to improve our lives with better quality.


And it all can be done by literally moving, or not moving, in certain ways and paying attention to our movements.


I learned a lot even from the beginning of the course, and that’s why I want to share about my experience.


Paying Attention to Our Movements


feldenkrais method


The way we move and the parts of body we move apparently means something to our whole body. As Lavinia Plonka said, the way we move our body is the way we move through our entire life.


Our physical postures and patterns depict the imbalances that we have experienced, in example, slumped shoulder can reflect or even reinforce image of shamefulness or unworthiness.


Moreover, it may also affect our health!


Such posture can affect our heart function and constrict our breathing. Therefore, in case we have such kind of posture we need to find a way to fix it.


Sometimes, our bad movement patterns and postures give us the feeling of pain, just like what I experienced.


sciatica sos by pain


The thing is, such kind of discomfort may not be the result of problems in our muscle or joints. It may come from our brain!


The brain gives us mixed signals of discomfort to tell that some things are wrong with the body such as emerging old wounds, constant disruption in our body’s chemical reactions, or new fears.


Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka is the program that specifically works on such kind of problem.


By simply guiding us to change the way we move our body consciously, we can solve such kind of problem and even improve our overall life quality!


And all of that is done with just simple exercises that looks like stretching!




How Does Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka Work?


feldenkrais therapy


I have tried several back-pain relieving program to cure my recent problem. However, none of them seemed to work as intended.


When I looked online about the solution for my back pain, many of them requires huge determination such as time-consuming workouts or expensive equipment.


Those are not the thing I wanted because I look for a method that is both inexpensive in cost but also flexible with time and place to practice.


I was lucky to come across Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka since it says that I need literally nothing to do it and it can be done anywhere anytime.


Bell Hands

Bell Hands


Lavinia Plonka caries the program by guiding us to do particular movements such as the ‘bell hands’, leg lifting, and literally just standing up with full consciousness!


All of those movement methods require nothing to expertise.


Most of the practices can be done laying down on the mattress, so people who find it difficult to stand up would may get the benefits.


Furthermore, it even stated that in case we don’t feel comfortable with the way the practice is done, we can stop, rest, and do it with our own version that we feel comfortable at most.


feldenkrais method easy

The Exercises are As Easy As It Looks


In example, when I found that lifting my leg in particular angle gave me a sharp pain in my lower back, the program created by Moshe Feldenkrais said that it is okay to lower the angle.


But the best part of the program created by Moshe Feldenkrais is not the exercising.


Instead, the best part of the program in my humble opinion is how Lavinia Plonka explains every movement with details. The most important thing in Feldenkrais Therapy is to be conscious about what happens inside our body when we commit particular movement.


She also explained her experience when she was in her 30s the she had similar problem, and after learning the cause, she said it was caused by her constant struggle with stressful situations.


The cycle might work this way: our back hurts, we protect our back, the brain interprets it as lack of safety, therefore our nervous system subconsciously gives in to the interpretation and make our back pain even worse.


Such kind of process is the thing that we are tackling with the Feldenkrais Therapy.




Conscious Movement with Feldenkrais Therapy


feldenkrais method back pain


So how does Lavinia Plonka deliver such kind of powerful information?


There are several delivery methods used in this program, such as video lessons with transcripts, handouts for independent practices, and audio classes to listen to whenever we have the time to do it.


Divided into seven sections, each section talks about specific problem and solution and is meant to be engaged for a week each.


Each of the section contains different kind of exercise which as Lavinia Plonka said are free to be skipped or practiced anytime anywhere independently.


Here is the list of the sections:


Section 1: Transform Trauma & Chronic Pain – Finding Freedom to Make New Choices & Fully Engage in Life.


feldenkrais method 1

This section talks about the basics of and introduction to Feldenkrais Therapy, including the how our body parts talk to each other in example by using ‘pain’.


This section also talks about basic exercises which include the breathing exercises, releasing tensions, and simple body movements such as the bell hands and shoulder shrugs.


I got a lot of information about the whole program in this section, and of course about the Feldenkrais Method in general also.


Section 2: Free Yourself from Back Pain & Move Freely in the World.


feldenkrais method 2

This section is the section that got me interested in the first place, most likely because I was looking for solutions to my back pain.


What’s interesting is that the section doesn’t only talk about the back pain as physical problem, but may also related to stress and burden in our subconscious mind.


Knowing about that, this section is more than just where we learn about exercises to ease our back pain, but also how to control our mind to get rid of the pain.


Section 3: Discover Your Power Center – Finding Dynamic Stability in Your Pelvis.


feldenkrais method 3

The title of the section speaks for itself. Mostly, this section speak about how our pelvis area maintains and performs the balancing part of our body.


Our pelvic area is actually a holistic element of our body and even slightest disturbance in this area may affect the whole body. Therefore, we learn about exercises to bring back the balance in our pelvic area in this section.


We will also talk about movement and visualization practices which can be an alternative to Kegel exercise.


Section 4: Standing Your Ground – Moving from Habitual to Healthy Postures.


feldenkrais method 4

Moving on to the fourth week, we would talk about our posture and every aspect that it affects or may affect it.


In example, in one part we talk about how vagus nerve that supports our lungs, digestive tract, heart, and other organs affect our emotions and further our posture.


What’s interesting is the fact that the expression in our face also affects our posture, and this section talks about how to reset it.


Section 5: Open Your Heart – Healing Anxiety, Giving & Receiving Love.


feldenkrais method 5

From this chapter on, we shift the talks from our physical condition to the more holistic conditions such as feelings, alignment, intuition, and manifestation.


While in this section, what we are talking about is about our feelings, especially what is felt with our heart.


There are also fewer number of physical exercises and more lessons about our inner self. Therefore, the program created by Moshe Feldenkrais can be done by anyone even those with physical limitations.


Section 6: Clarify Who You Truly Are – Aligning Intention with Action.


feldenkrais method 6

This section talks about how to align our conscious and subconscious movements. In fact, both of them affect our daily life greatly.


Mentioned as ‘internal blind spot’, this is the way our nervous system interprets our daily movements and produce the result that sometimes we do not want.


This section not only helps to identify it, but also to realign our movements and internal blind spot so that we have full awareness about it and reach the things we aim for in life.


Section 7: Activating Your Visionary Capabilities – Intuition, Manifesting & Enacting Your Vision.


feldenkrais method 7

This final section of Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka is full of instructions to open up our blurred or blocked vision by utilizing our movements consciously.


For a closure of the whole program, this section acts as an exceptional dessert. All the lessons learned eventually built up the path to this section.


Overall, all the lessons are explained in exceptional details and even shown with video excerpt.


And coming as a man with back pain, I emerged as a new me fully conscious about my movements.


Meet the Instructor: Lavinia Plonka


lavinia plonkaSo, who actually the instructor of Experience the Feldenkrais Method?


The name is Lavinia Plonka, and I admit I was not familiar with her. I searched online and found her website.


In the website, it is mentioned that she is a body language expert who has helped people improve their movement, behavior, relationships and careers for over 40 years.


Her unique expertise connects the dots among posture/movement, emotions and the mind. Lavinia’s training and professional career have included theatre, dance, yoga and the martial arts.


She has taught The Feldenkrais Therapy for 30 years and is also an Assistant Trainer. Lavinia is a level CL4 teacher of the Alba Method and an Emotional Body Instructor.


She was an artist in residence for the Guggenheim Museum and movement consultant for theatre and television companies around the world, from the Irish National Folk Theatre to Nickelodeon.


A faculty member of the Shift Network, Lavinia’s popular workshops explore the intersection between movement, emotions and the mind.


She is currently the director of Asheville Movement Center in Asheville, NC. Lavinia’s writing includes several books and audio programs.




Delivering the Process

moshe feldenkrais method

Body Movement in Feldenkrais Method


Here, I will talk about how we do the sessions, and what needs to be done.


As I mentioned earlier, this program is delivered with mainly three media: as video lessons with transcripts, handouts for independent practices, and audio classes.


The videos are around 1.5 hours long each, consisting of explanations and instructions by Plonka herself with some visual aids from her assistant to do the movements.


All of them are downloadable which means we can access it whenever and wherever we want.


Her explanations about each movement are very detailed that when she said I would feel a twitch in some particular parts of my body when doing the explained movements, it really did happen!


The videos are accompanied with clear audio and subtitle, so we can just download it to watch on our phone anytime and anywhere we want.


video lecture example of feldenkrais method

Example of Video Lecture


While talking about the video, sometimes we need to accompany our lessons with the handouts that can guide us to practice more effectively.


Talking about the exercises, there is no difficult thing to do. Most of it can be done by lying down on a mattress, and none of them require additional equipment.


One thing that makes this program different from others is that you do not have to follow the instruction EXACTLY like explained.


You just need to do it as relax as you can, as easy as you can, and the less painful or uncomfortable as you feel.


Like Plonka said, the program created by Moshe Feldenkrais is not about pushing you to do what the instructor wants, but rather about learning how to be fully conscious about every single movement we make.


But is it effective in solving my problem? Let’s talk about it next.


Much More Than Solving My Back Pain


back pain


It is time for me to talk about my own experience in following the complete Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka.


Since the program itself is divided into seven weekly sections, the required amount of time for me to complete it is identical.


Now, let’s talk about what I got from the program created by Moshe Feldenkrais.


As I mentioned before, the very reason why I decided to join this program is because I wanted to look for the cure of my back pain.


And in case some wonder did I consult medical experts first about this back pain before joining, I did. I just got tired to keep using painkillers, so I looked for the more holistic solution.


This program indeed helped me to solve my back pain by the second or third week, I forgot the exact time. Of course, it has something to do with the second section of this program which is talking about back pain.


Plonka explained various causes of back pain, including too much sitting while in a constant stress which what I apparently experienced.


feldenkrais method sit

Too Much Sitting? Practice Feldenkrais while Sitting!


I recently had to face some kind of problem that required me to sit a lot in a room, and maybe that’s the reason why I got this recent aching back pain.


The exercises to eliminate it are simple, like rolling your upper body into both direction for 30 seconds, and can be done both by sitting or laying on a mattress. At first I felt slight pain in my back doing it, but later on the pain was gone.


Plonka said that was just natural, and as the pain was gone, meaning I got my problem partly fixed. I can keep doing the exercises to keep my back at ease, and up to nowadays I don't get the same pain anymore.


But that's not all, since I was also taught the way to eliminate such problem from the stress in my mind.


She called it a lesson of experiental anatomy, and what I like about the method that this program used is that it does not only dealing with the physical problem in my back by doing exercises, but also how to relieve my stress.


By the time I finished the second course, I already felt better both physically and mentally. One of the most noticeable feats of this program is the relaxation breathing technique.


Now, every time I feel like the negative energy is coming back to my mind, I cannot help but releasing it with the conscious breathing technique.


As a result, by the time I finished the second chapter, I experienced less episodes of the concurrent back pain and when it had to come it was less painful.


It is so relaxing and the fact that it can be done in any condition helps a lot!


Moreover, she also taught me to eliminate the bad habits that can cause the problems. Habits like turning your waist around while sitting on an office chair is apparently both not natural and harmful for your lower back.


Plonka explains every reason behind the movements, how to reach the ideal position, and of course about the alternatives if we cannot do the movements.


To accompany me while I was doing something, I downloaded the audio version of the lesson so I could just listen to it and practice what I can practice.


By the way, I usually practice the exercises, accompanied by my wife, during my break time at noon and after work before sleeping. And that's just enough time!


Even though the video lectures are about 1.5 hours long, the full exercise might only take 10-20 minutes of your daily time to do it!


And since the exercises include a lot of stretching, one of the most apparent results I got instantly was better sleep and fresher body.


It just feel so nice having to relax my whole body without subconsciously and constantly putting it in fight or flight mode!


My back pain usually struck harder when I woke up from my sleep. And by the end of chapter 2 I felt it got eased a lot.


And with all those mind-easing practices, not only my body was fresher but also my mind got refreshed.


In fact, the reason why I didn’t stop only on the second section is because of how interested I was with the rest of the program.


feldenkrais method posture

Posture Alignment Exercise


I also wanted to learn about the power center, the posture alignment, exercises related to my heart & lungs, also of course body awareness.


All of them are explained completely with one section for each!


Apparently, from the information I got from the program created by Moshe Feldenkrais, everything is connected. What is experienced by our body is being recorded in our mind too.


Therefore, when we fix our mind, we can also fix our body.


Also, do not forget that this program includes dealing with our mind too. It includes the exercises and mind trainings to boost our confidence level and well-being.


Thinking about it, I feel glad coming as a man with back pain and turning as a man with boost of confidence after.


In my experience, this is the worthiest effort to result program I have ever experienced. It works both on my mind and my body with almost immediate result.


Not only it helped me to tackle this one episode of back pain, but it can also help me prevent similar episode in the future.


And the best thing about it is that you may share the information to your loved ones, like how I also share it with my wife.


This program is incredibly beneficial in my opinion.


Talking about whether this program has some setback or not, I should say that I found some minor setbacks. However, I didn’t find all of those setbacks to be significant enough to eclipse the positives.


First setback is the subtitle that the video has. Yes, everything is explained crystal clear, but sometimes the subtitle is off the timing.


For those who rely a lot on the subtitles, they might find it a little bit unsettling to learn the program. Luckily, we have transcript of the whole program included.


So, for me, when I found that the subtitle went off timing, I looked at the transcript and continue doing it until the subtitle got right.


The Handout

Second thing that I found “out of the class” of the program is the quality of the handouts. Some even look like just a simple PowerPoint presentation without additional beautifying.


For a program with such high eminence like this one, I think it doesn’t suit the quality.


Indeed, the information in the handouts are excellent, but maybe the author wants to put a little bit more effort to make the handouts look more appealing.


Also, I was surprised to find that the transcripts do not highlight important information that Plonka told. It all just go bland in the transcript and least appealing to read because of the number of words.


Having important information among the sea of words highlighted should be nice, so we will not miss it while drowning ourselves reading the transcript.


Considering the benefits and usefulness, I think those minor setbacks will not prevent those who want to learn about the Feldenkrais Therapy from this program to get it.




Testimonials from Other Members


One of the reasons why I decided to try this program was because of positive testimonials from the members who have tried Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka.


Here are some testimonials I found online when researching about this program. *


“It freed me from a decade of darkness.”

Thank you again for the life-changing three days. For the first time in many years, I drove without any pain in my shoulders. It freed me from a decade of darkness.

— John Carter, Rancher, environmentalist


“… encourage[s] us to begin to notice how our bodies hold and generate emotions.”

[Lavinia’s] succinct and straightforward survey… encourage[s] us to begin to notice how our bodies hold and generate emotions.

— Dragonfly Media


“… helped me do things I only dreamed about before!”

Working with Lavinia and the Feldenkrais Method® has helped me do things I only dreamed about before!

— Kathy Dee Zasloff


“… an invaluable resource to get out of pain and get back to the ease that our body has capacity for…”

Lavinia’s online lessons are an invaluable resource to get out of pain and get back to the ease that our body has capacity for… but that we lost out of habit, stress, or injury. Lavinia’s clarity and excellent teaching makes it simple to do these lessons with her from the comfort of our own home. I am grateful Lavinia is committed to making this profound learning method available to as many people as possible through her online series. If you haven’t tried it… don’t wait!! You’ll be glad!

— Judy Greenman, Feldenkrais Center of the Florida Keys


Who Can Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka?


moshe feldenkrais

Moshe Feldenkrais, the Creator of Feldenkrais Method


So now, what do you think of the program? You might get interested and want to Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka.


Indeed, this program is created for everyone who wants to get rid of their body pain, change their bad posture, and rewire their brain.


It can be practiced while you are sitting, laying down, or in any condition you prefer. The Feldenkrais Therapy also does not push you to do weird movements that you don’t feel comfortable to do.


The best characteristics of Feldenkrais Therapy are gentle and pain free. You just have to move with your best effort during eh exercises.


The main point is to make yourself fully conscious about your movements and imprint the consciousness into your brain.


This program is good for people with back pain, muscle or joint problems, and those who want to make their brains fully conscious with their movements.


However, it should be noted that Feldenkrais Therapy is not a quick fix to your body problems.


Even though the problems may disappear pretty quickly, but mostly it still needs some time for it to completely gone.


Remember, your body saves your trauma and it may need some time to heal the trauma in your mind. Yep, I learned that from the program created by Moshe Feldenkrais.


How Can I Enroll for Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka


feldenkrais method with lavinia plonka


After reading my review above, you might want to enroll into Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka.


But how to do it?


It is easy, just click the link below and you will be directed into the main page of the program.




The original cost of enrollment is one-time payment of $297or two payments of $158 each, but using the link above you can get it for only $247 for the one-time payment and only $133 for two payments!


Oh, don’t miss out the opportunity to join the free webinar first!


The reason for that is because you will get so many benefits compared to enrolling directly to the program.


Here are the benefits:

  • Access to 4-minutes Feldenkrais Movement practice to shift your habits directly emailed to you
  • Good background knowledge about the Feldenkrais Method and conscious movements
  • A brief session to lessening the tension in our body just like session 4 of the program
  • And most importantly, a special discount that will take off $100 from the initial purchase price!



Interested? Just enroll for the 60-minutes free webinar, and you will not regret it!


For your information, to get the special discount, make sure you follow through the whole 60 minutes of the webinar.


The Price Cut You can Get from Following the Free Webinar


Afterward, you will be given two payment choices: onetime payment with direct $100 cut from the price or 2-time payments with $50 cut each.


Both of them are covered with 100% satisfaction guarantee which allow you to claim for refund within two weeks of following the program.


Not only that, you will also be given the chance to claim for extra bonuses!


Bonuses? Yes!


Here are the bonuses you can claim by purchasing the program from following the link provided above:


Self-Hug: Audio Lesson from Lavinia Plonka



We all need a hug sometimes. This hug will offer new insights into your scapulae and ribs, and will also teach you about the joys of rotation and differentiation — two crucial abilities that are easy to lose in our sedentary culture.


Less Pain More Gain: Video Dialogue with Cynthia Allen from FutureLife Now


bonus 2 feldenkrais method


There is, in fact, nothing we do that’s NOT movement — from the way we digest our food… to the way our cells bump up against each other, to our every breath.


Though we can’t consciously control these inner workings, we can influence them more than we realize.


Whether pain is coming from the holding and tension in our body… wear and tear on our joints, resulting in an inflammatory process, or emotional upset and the way we respond to life, Feldenkrais offers relief through the comprehensive examination and resetting of the way we move.


The Little Book of Falling & Getting Up: eBook from Lavina Plonka


bonus 3 feldenkrais method


In this elegant work, you’ll find inspiring descriptions that unlock your mind-body abilities and get them producing for you.


Gain an insider’s look at colorful case studies from the Feldenkrais Method® that flesh out the ingredients of balance and alleviate the fear of falling.


Lavinia systematically explains how to apply your own skills to transform the fear of falling into greater confidence and ease.




I have completed the program by the time I wrote this, and here is my verdict about Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka.


I will try to explain it in the form of pros and cons, so here we go:



  • Very easy to practice for anyone
  • Author is legit expert
  • Cured my back pain, and many other useful information included
  • Delivery of information is crystal clear using video lectures and exercises footages
  • 100% Money back guarantee no question asked
  • In my opinion, the program created by Moshe Feldenkrais covers almost everything about mind-body relationship



  • Subtitles sometimes goes off sync
  • Lack of taste in the handouts design
  • Transcript doesn’t highlight important information


Basically, I feel satisfied enrolling for this program created by Moshe Feldenkrais.


This program gave me the result I wanted and even more benefits. I got rid of the back pain, and I gained more knowledge about my body movements.


Considering about the benefits I got and other people may get from this program; I think the pros eclipse the cons easily.


Therefore, I recommend this program for you who want to eliminate the problems that it covers such as back pain, body posture, lack of confidence, and overall well-being.


For more information about this program, again I should tell you that the free webinar offers so many clues about it.


Not only that, it is better off you to visit the free webinar first before deciding further and get a huge discount in the process.




Experience the Feldenkrais Method with Lavinia Plonka is a 7-week program designed to help you overcome the problems with your body and mind.


Result may vary between users since this program works on both the body and soul, and everyone is unique.


This program utilizes the Feldenkrais exercises accompanied with mind training and breathing techniques. Users are allowed to practice the ones they prefer.


Make sure to consult your trusted medical experts for any special condition.


This program offers 14-days money back guarantee to ensure consumer’s satisfaction, since each consumer’s result and satisfaction may vary greatly.


The lessons are delivered in 1.5 hours downloadable video per session, and independent practices guided by handouts. Supporting media such as downloadable audio and transcripts are available.


Lessons are accessible weekly for 7 weeks, and past lessons are accessible as long as you still own access to the program.



8.8 Total Score

Easiness to Practice
  • Very easy to practice for anyone
  • Author is legit expert
  • Downloadable contents
  • Delivery of information is crystal clear
  • 100% Money back guarantee no question asked
  • Covers almost everything about mind-body relationship
  • Subtitles sometimes goes off sync
  • Lack of taste in the handouts design
  • Transcript doesn’t highlight important information
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