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PaleoHacks Review – WHAT IS A PALEO DIET?

Have you been heard about “back-to-nature-diet” such as the Caveman diet, the Stone Age Diet, Neanderthin or the Hunter-Gatherer Diet?

I never hear about Paleo diet!

Exactly, same with me.

Before I got and read this Paleohacks ebook, honestly I haven’t hear this kind of diet.

From this ebook, I know that the Paleohacks is a food plan based around the foods that the cavemen of the Paleolithic era would have had access to.

The most important thing you have to know is that our hunter ancestors only consumed food that readily available in their environment and involved very limited preparation.

Of course they didn’t suffer the disease like we face today, for instance a chronic disease, since the foods they ate were very different from what we consume in this modern era.



Our ancestors in the Paleolithic era were only consume the simple basic food that humans have thrived on: healthy animal products, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and nutrient-rich fats.

Basically, paleo diets want to emulate a diet like what the ancient people ate.


Paleolithic age food

Paleolithic age food
(source: My Social Studies Teacher)

Does it sound impossible to adapt ancient habits to be applied today?

Yes, maybe it does…

But, some people already proved it. They followed the paleo diet for longer periods of time.

Most people who have been applied the Paleohacks cookbook took many advantages from this diet.


What are the benefit of Paleohacks?

People felt more healthy, got extra energy and had improving immune system.

Not only that, they also lose weight and reduced cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Can you believe it?

Surely, don’t believe it before you try this diet at your own way!




I told you that this Paleo cookbook package is very practical, easy-understood and simple ebook that containing useful information inside.

It has 6 main books, detail information of each book is below:

#1 Paleohacks cookbook (part 1 and 2)

Each book, either part 1 or 2, consists of 150 pages that show us about various paleo-friendly food recipes.

Kind of paleo recipes such as salads, snacks, soups, meats, seafood, omelette, desserts, pepper sandwiches, noodle recipes and breakfast recipes.

Most recipes do not need much effort to prepare since it’s simple to be practiced.

#2 Paleo Hacks 30-Day Jumpstart

Author explain the basic of paleo diet, many advantages, do and don’t follow list for paleo diet, and any other.

As a layman who just heard about Paleohacks for the first time, I can enjoy and understand the overall contents of this Paleo cookbook.

Clear explanation about guidelines to follow paleohacks is also provided here.

#3 Eating Paleo at Restaurant

Maybe you have great success when make your paleo food in your own kitchen since you have full control over everything you have been preparing and eating.

But, sometimes, you went for eating out in a restaurant.

And, what should you do if there’s no paleo-friendly food in the restaurant?

This book give some keys and guidelines for eating out so you can enjoy great paleo food just like you do when its preparet at home.


Paleohacks Paleo cookbook menu

Example of Paleo Menu

#4 The Paleo Food Guide

It’s very simple paleo food guide. There are just 6 pages that contain some list of various paleo-friendly food.

This list is helpful for the beginner!

#5 Paleo 4X Paleo Cookbook

This Paleo cookbooks provide some delicious paleo recipes using only 4 ingredients at a time.

For example, to create Honey Spiced Baby Carrots, you need prepare 4 ingredients:

Baby carrots, olive oil, honey and cayenne pepper.

Looks so simple, right?

#6 One-Month Paleo Meal Plan

Are you still confused how to start this paleo diet?

Don't worry, this book provides a guide and an overview of what menu you can prepare from day 1 -30.


What’s more?

The author gave detailed 10 Steps to Successful action are included in this Paleo book.

Paleo recipe team will help you to set a goal to stick to the diet for at least 30 days.


Do Paleohacks works nowadays for your lifestyle ?

Of course it does! The very first step to begin a paleo lifestyle is figure out what’s going to work for you and your lifestyle.

It’s possible to make some modifications for paleo recipe that work best for your lifestyle.

Don’t be worry if you are a very busy person or maybe you work outside home.

You still able to prepare your meals for tomorrow.

Author gave some tips here about how to prepare daily meal ahead of time.

Something that interesting for me from this Paleo book is the possibility to enjoy meals entirely while maintaining your paleo lifestyle.

You just requires some planning. How come?


Let’s read this Paleo recipe to find a great answer

If you still find any difficulty to eliminate certain foods from your diet menu, read the Paleo Cookbooks!

Some recipes from Paleo recipe team within these cookbooks will help you creating a meal planning and enjoying a great amount of variety in your diet.


Meet The Author – Chef Samantha Gladish

Samantha Gladish is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Metabolic Balance Weight Loss Coach, Hormone Cure Coach and Author of The Qualitarian Life.

She is also a personal consultant behind her site www.

Paleohacks Author - Samantha Gladish

Samantha who focusing on weight loss and hormonal balance have helped women over the globe to living happier and healthier.

She uses her passion and expertise to share simple and sustainable methods of stress management, detoxification, hormone balancing, green living and more.

Samantha believes in the power of food as medicine. She devotes herself to finding deliciously recipes that her subscribers get to enjoy trying every week from her site

You can find her cooking up quality food on a regular basis or reading the latest health book.



I like this Paleohacks book because it displays various kinds of recipes that look so simple to make.

But most recipes require an oven to process food, whereas I don't have an oven.

So, I  sort out any dishes that can be made without an oven.

To be honest, not all the ingredients in the recipe are easily available in my country, Indonesia . For example zucchini, parsley, beetroot, almond, etc.

Even if it's available, it's usually expensive.

But that doesn't matter, I can modify recipes and replace food ingredients that are easily available in the local market here.


Palehacks - modified recipes

Modified paleo food

I tried to cook some paleo foods, but to be honest those are not match exactly with the recipes in the cookbook.

Sometime I use some vegetables or beef that available in my refrigerator.

Then I made egg noodle with tomatoes, spicy beef, meatball soup and banana chocolate for dessert.

I haven't applied the paleo-recipes routinely. I just tried to cook some modified paleo food.

But, I'm pretty sure if I can do consistently with the paleo cookbook guidelines, I will get more advantages from this Paleo diet.

Why I can be sure?

Because all recipes in paleo cookbook were less carbohydrate and high protein.

I have proved for one week diet without carbohydrate and it works to lose my weight arround 0.5 – 0.8 kilograms.

But my diet used to be very tormenting because I didn't know the various kinds of delicious recipes like in this Paleo cookbook.



Actually, I was surprised when I found this PaleoHacks review from Amazon. It was rated 2.5 stars out of 5.


paleohack review

PaleoHack review from Amazon


I wonder if the reason behind people's disappointment …..

amazon testimony

Here is the answer of their disappointment…. 

What I get from their testimonials is they were like being deceived by the advertisements offered.

It's written FREE DOWNLOAD for the Paleo Cookbooks. But in reality it's not an application that contains a complete recipe as they expected!

It just an advertisement to purchase eBooks.

So I suggest to buy directly to the official website instead of Amazon. The Apps on Amazon and The Ebook on official site is 2 different thing.

The content on the ebook is legit and has some value, while the apps is just an advertisement



There is a list of paleo cookbooks after you download your package, included:

  1. The PaleoHacks Cook Book -Over 125 Full-Color, Mouth-Watering Recipes
  2. Paleo Hacks 30-Day Jumpstart
  3. Eating Paleo at Restaurant
  4. The Paleo Food Guide
  5. Paleo 4X Paleo Cookbook
  6. One-Month Paleo Meal Plan

paleohacks cookbook


On the landing page for downloading e-book, you will find 6 books about Paleohacks. Don’t be confused, just download all e-book and save on your storage.

First of all, open the Paleohacks 30-day Jumpstart. That is the key to go through all e-book program, so read all information there. The other book contains various recipes recommended for Paleohack program.

Besides main e-book about Paleohacks as above, I also grabbed more Paleo Cookbooks and Program from the Paleohacks Collection as below:

##1 Paleo Dessert Obsession

Are you obsessed with some desserts?

Don't worry, paleo diet lets you enjoy a variety of tasty desserts.

It’s okay to eat chocolate milkshake, frozen chocolate banana or cinnamon apple cookies.

paleo dessert recipes - paleohacks

This book shows you the wholesome dessert to eat with many creations of the ingredients.

You will find the white flour was exchanged for almond and coconut flours, margarine and vegetable oil were exchanged for coconut oil, and refined sugar was replaced with raw honey and pure maple syrup.

Diana Keuilian, as author of this book, said that paleo desserts rival any traditional dessert in taste and enjoyability.

Have this book and you won't regret it for sure!

##2 Paleo Beef Cookbook

For everyone who love eating beef, don’t worry you still able to enjoy many delicious beef dishes for your paleo diet.

This book give some beef recipes which so mouth-watering for your daily meal.

Inside this book, you will find some slow cooker recipes, stews and soups, beef and vegetable recipes, which all is perfect for everyday meals.

paleo beef recipes- paleohacks

I love this book since it provides detail and simple recipes.

Also, it shows some pictures in the recipe, so I can imagine the look in the end.



The Paleohacks Cookbook contains of 6 eBook which originally priced at $27 for each item. It will charge over $150 for the entire package.

But, for limited time, you can receive $40 off the Paleo Cookbook if you purchase directly from the official website.


Surely, your final price is just $12.95 for entirely Paleohack Cookbook!!!

From your purchase, you will also get extra bonuses that worth over $97.



Purchases are processed through ClickBank, with the 60 day money back guarantee available.

After purchasing, you just need to download your copy of Paleohacks Cookbook and start enjoying food!.

If You want a Physical Paleo Diet Cookbook. you can check on PaleoPete Cookbook created by Peter Servold – professional Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef

There are 80 Great-Tasting Gourmet Paleo Recipes on this book. and you can get it just by pay the shipping fee


Get Paleo Pete Cookbook ( Physical Book – Just Pay Shipping )


Paleo diet is a such of diet program which basically adapt the ancestor habit’s diet. Above all, a modern diet rooted in ancient principles.

You don't require to follow any exercises to lose weight. It focus on a meal plan that the food ingredients are very easy to find in your area. You also will be provided with a guideline, also list of do and don’t follow for paleo diet.

Recipes in this Paleohacks Cookbook package is so simple to be cooked. It might be seen very easy to follow.

There were many people implementing this paleohacks diet, some of them felt a good result like losing their weight, but some didn’t.

Trying this paleohacks diet is needed at least 30 days, so don’t expect any dramatic result at the short time since this program’s approach is changing a habitual in food preparation or meal planning to get the stable result.

The Paleohacks apps receive many negative review on Amazon because of false advertisement. so i would suggest just go to the Official site to buy the PDF Version. the ebook version has great value and content





Information in this Paleo cookbook do not provide any medical advice and have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. The content of this Paleo cookbook is intended to informational purposes only. Individual results will vary. For any specific questions regarding your health-care, please contact your health care provider. Please consult your physician before starting the Paleohacks diet or any other weight loss program.

8.6 Total Score

Content Quality:
  • Book is easy-understand
  • Very Cheap. You Get 6 Ebooks just For $ 12.95
  • Don't need to do work out
  • Many simple recipes to do
  • Author is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Coach
  • No instant result to lose weight
  • The Paleohacks Apps on The Amazon is an ads. Just go to official site to get The Ebook instead of Apps
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