Gregg Braden Human by Design – Is It Legit? My Honest Review


Gregg Braden Human by Design is an online course that caught my attention when I first saw its claim to boost greater resilience and self-empowerment: two things I needed as of lately.  

Also, I agree with the course statement about globalization in unprecedented ways and how we’re not effectively prepared for this yet. I was wondering if the classes would teach me something about it. 

As I read more into the course page, it got more interesting to me: I found out that in this program, Gregg combines spirituality and science. 

I've been on the internet long enough to know about “science”, and I was instantly curious about how this course would play out.  

So, I tried the course for a month, and you’ll read my honest review below which includes the result, what I like and dislike, and my whole experience. 


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What’s this course about? 

Gregg Braden Human by Design: The New Human Story is a course with the aim to improve your overall wellness by deepening your brain-heart connection. 

It’s done by firstly understanding the biology and neural connections of humans, and eventually, our body.  

We've believed (or maybe been told) that our bodies are designed to be automatic or unchangeable.  

For example, our knee-jerk reactions to situations are just a part of us that we can’t change, or that our fight-or-flight response always happens and it’s normal. 

Some of us have also believed for too long that healing ourselves doesn’t come from the inside because we were born with it or our bodies have adapted to the trauma 

Gregg argues that it’s not the case at all, that we have the capacity to transform our own bodies into something better 

It's like when people usually consider it a normal thing to be more sluggish and frailer when we get older despite the fact that we can change our bodies through exercise and balanced diet. 

So, when we want ourselves to have self-healing, strong intuition, better perception, and stress management abilities, we can do it. When we know how. 

That's basically what Gregg’s course is all about. We get to understand human body, the whole biology and evolution, and that it’s totally possible to improve ourselves outwards and inwards, through what he calls brain-heart coherence.


How “Gregg Braden Human by Design” works 

Before you purchase the course, I suggest you to watch the free webinar first.  

It covers the things we’re going to learn and get in the whole program, and I think it’s quite informative.  

gregg braden human by design free webinar 3

I know a little bit about New Age but when I first joined the free webinar, I found it interesting to really apply the science I know of in the lessons instead of “science.” 

Sometimes New Age authors say that their courses are science-based, but it turns out that they’re completely on the pseudoscience side. 

But judging from the free webinar, I didn’t get that vibe much, so it’s a good start for me. 

Aside from giving you new insights and knowledge delivered in an understandable way, you’ll also get another perk if you watch it until the end. 

After purchasing “Gregg Braden Human by Design”, you’ll get your access to the class. 

There are 6 modules in this course, each with its own topic which you can read in the course page, and each class session takes around one to almost two hours.

Apart from the first module, Gregg would give us a review or recap of what he’d taught us in the previous modules.  



Then by the end of the class, there would always be a Q&A session where he would answer each question, and you’ll have to do your deepening practices which you can download. 

From what I've gathered so far, Gregg would always include the scientific side of his teaching to us.  

In the first module of The New Human Story, especially, it was all about human evolution and how the we, H. Sapiens, have gotten to where we are now. 

And just like university lectures, we’ll also have our “homework” and guides on all classes to help us learn through each week/module.  

Is it going to be hard to understand? 


It’s gonna sound a little concerning knowing that The New Human Story is going to involve scientific lectures about humans. I mean, I was worried too when I heard that Gregg was going to explain about human DNA. 

But don’t worry. While Gregg could occasionally digress about science because he’s passionate about it, he tried his best to explain the science part of his classes in laymen terms.  

And without any background in science, I understood his presentations (except for the few times when he got a little excited and geeky about science). So, you needn’t worry about that. 


Are there bonuses? 

one of the bonuses that you can access

Yes! Officially, there are two bonus videos that you’ll get upon purchasing this course: two lectures from Gregg Braden. 

In reality, however, you’ll also get one original music from Gregg himself, which you can listen to whenever you’re feeling a little gloomy and pessimistic about life or what happens in our current world. 

And while it doesn’t technically count as a bonus, I think the free webinar of “Gregg Braden Human by Design” should be in this list because it’s free and it’ll be worth your while. 




What can you tell me about Gregg Braden? 


gregg braden human by design author


Gregg is a five-time New York Times best-selling author and educator, recognized internationally as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and human potential.  

His journey and experience to make a path between science and spiritual wisdom has led to 12 award-winning books published in over 40 languages. 

In 2019, he received Conscious Visionary Award from the ILLUMINATE film festival for his lifelong endeavor. In 2017 and 2020, he was nominated for the Templeton Award. 

He's a little bit of everything and he’s good at it, too. For example, he’s also a musician, as hinted from the bonus.  

Now, if you’re thinking that Gregg sounds like a New Age figure, you’re not exactly wrong.  

It’s never stated on his own website or the course page that his work deals with New Age, but his specialty and his teachings (from what I've gathered in the course so far) sounds like it. 

However, he’s not just an emerging New Age guru with barely any experience. Gregg is a well-known, respected figure with solid experience and track record that you can see on his website. 

What I like about Gregg is that despite his achievements, he’s willing to freely share his knowledge outside “Gregg Braden Human by Design.” You can listen to his broadcasts on his YouTube channel where he covers a range of topics. 

You can also connect with him through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook so you won’t miss whatever he’s up to. 

All I'm trying to say is that I understand that in this day and age, it’s not easy to find reputable New Age author or educator. But you don’t have to worry about Gregg Braden. 


Have other people joined “Gregg Braden Human by Design”? 

Yes. During the Q&A session in the 4 modules I watched, there would always be people tuning in the class and asking questions.  

As for testimonials, you can read other people’s reviews of Gregg on the course page too, which you can see here. 



Now, I tried looking for other reviews online. But for the life of me, I couldn’t find bloggers who've tried Gregg’s course on The Shift Network. 

I did, however, find some reviews about his book with the same title on Goodreads. Here are some of them. 



Here’s what I experienced within a month 

First, I joined the free webinar, and I was quite pleased with the science part, because it was at least believable to me.  

Then, I got to the first module of “Gregg Braden Human by Design” and here, he was mostly talking about human evolution and our biology using what I assumed to be PowerPoint slides.  

I felt like I was thrown back into my early university days, seeing how old-school his presentation style was, and the university lecture teaching style. 

But it was quite fascinating. A typical scientist would confidently say that modern humans evolved from apes, but he disagreed. 

Without spoiling too much, Gregg gave his evidence on this matter—something to do with the mismatch of our DNA and the DNA of late bipedal primates. 

To me, it was a good class.  

One thing made me frown however. Although he didn’t say that it is the case, Gregg didn’t rule out the possibility that aliens might have intervened to help with our creation.

That was the only thing I couldn’t accept, as I have my own convictions about it. But his other views were fine. 

Then, I was told to answer some questions—both from Gregg’s class and the homework—deepening practices. 

Basically, as learners, we are told to pay attention to ourselves: how we do things, how we react, how we treat ourselves physically and mentally, how we give our body nutrition, things like that. 

Essentially, there was nothing much to do in week or module 1 other than paying attention to ourselves and what we do. It was like just keeping a daily journal. 


Week 2 & 3 


It was during the second module of “Gregg Braden Human by Design” that I started to practice brain-heart coherence. I first learned about it during the class where Gregg showed how to do it.

I found that this coherence method is just a modified box/square breathing, but I'm not disappointed. The modifications did bring me to a better state. 

In short, this module was trying to get us used to the coherence session. 

Gregg said it was okay to do the heart-brain harmony with music, but it must be ambient music or music without rhythm or beats.  

I went to YouTube instantly to make a playlist of such music—all in 10 minutes so I didn’t need to pause or loop the video. 

He recommended 10 minutes every day. Now, 10 minutes is not too long, but on some days, I simply couldn’t find the time to do ten and just did the minimum: 3.

Also, the harmony session, to me, was perfect before my night prayers. That’s why I sometimes did it before sleeping.  

During mid to late week of “The New Human Story,” I discovered that I occasionally couldn’t focus on my heart enough.  

Sometimes it can go completely the other way, too: although with light pressure, it made me focus on the feeling of my fingers touching my chest rather than the heart itself. 

So, I took out a weighted tuning fork and tried it; it was effective! I was delightfully surprised when it worked and I used it for the 10-minute coherence sessions. 


Not what I expected 

I was excited for the third module because it got to the resilience topic. 

I was also looking forward to this module because in the previous one, Gregg Braden had mentioned that he couldn’t do a live presentation here and must record the lesson. 

One thing that I didn’t like from this course was Gregg’s internet connection. I'll talk more about it in the next section. 

Midway through the class, I was a little let down because I found out that the resilience isn’t the kind I was looking for.  

I got the impression that Gregg’s definition of resilience is similar to stoicism, which I've practiced most of the time. That, in the face of suffering or unexpected changes, we should learn to accept it without attachment to the outcome and focus on the greater possibility. 

Moreover, I didn’t quite understand the deepening practices in this module. I didn’t get how remembering details from reading articles in the morning or talking to people can contribute to resilience. 

Although, I got the bigger picture—if my brain-heart harmony were stronger, I'd have better resilience, in my definition or Gregg’s. 


gregg braden human by design video lesson


A little unsuccessful 

As a part of the deepening practices, I forced myself to watch or listen to people I disagree with on the internet, as I get knee-jerk reactions on the web a lot more than in real life. But before, I did the coherence session first, as recommended. 

And well, my reactiveness decreased… a little bit.* I could listen to what they were saying more calmly and sometimes I could put myself in their shoes. Also, I found myself less irritable. But they didn’t last too long. 

My other instantaneous reactions went down not by a large degree as well. Seems like my tolerance wasn’t big enough and I need to work on that. 

Maybe it was due to me skipping some days of harmonizing my brain and heart, and I also skipped some homework days as well. Or maybe because I ate more high-calorie, small volume processed food this week and I was hangrier than normal. 


Week 4 

Usually, Gregg would review what he taught on the previous modules without much changes, and it just sort of made the classes unnecessarily longer.  

But in module 4 of Gregg Braden Human by Design, he elaborated the third module instead of just repeating what he taught, which I appreciated. 

Mainly, this class was about intuition: how we learn to switch it on at will and how we can make it stronger. 

During the class, Gregg asked us if we’d ever asked the universe and known the sign and he went on saying that to know the sign, we should improve our intuition. 

Now, I'm not a person that asks the universe. But to me, the ability to be more intuitive is important. 

I think a lot, and many times when my intuition came up, I’d try to reason. This has brought me to bad times, and I knew I should trust my intuition more. 

The way to improve intuition involves harmonizing our brain and heart as usual, but then Gregg told me to ask my heart as if it was sapient. And he asked if I felt anything when my heart answered my questions.

Let's just say I honestly didn’t feel anything (though maybe it was just me) and I wasn’t gonna ask my heart the way Gregg wanted me to. It just felt too new age-y for me. 

One thing I got from the asking-my-heart exercise, though, it felt good to be able to answer questions without interruptions from my reasoning. 


This one ain’t easy 

I have to admit that I found the deepening practices of this module hard.  

For the longest time in my life, I’ve listened to people while also thinking in my mind: what advice I can give them, how I should respond, guessing what they’re going to say. 

And as a result, sometimes I forget the stories they’ve told me and I often ask them to repeat it again, with embarrassment.  

So, it was hard to simply listen without thinking anything. I mean, even when I think to myself alone, there are many other “voices” jumping in.  

While doing coherence ahead helped a little, I didn’t always have the time to do the coherence first before talking to people.

Real life conversation is way different from practicing it at home. I could ask my husband to talk in two minutes like recommended and kind of repeat what he said.  

what's inside my head when I listened

In my case, I couldn't do it to other people. I found my mind “talking” then I remembered to listen, and then it went back to “talking” again—it was a mess and I knew this is one of my big weaknesses. 

Now I personally don’t think that we all should listen without judgment all the time, because there are times when reasoning is needed. I just lack the balance. 

I guess this module taught me what I really should improve, and I'm glad that “The New Human Story” helped me point it out. 




Did I notice any changes from joining “Gregg Braden Human by Design”? 



I definitely noticed some changes*, although not by much because I didn’t completely follow Gregg’s instructions and deepening practices.  

Then, if I go back to my answers to question from the first module and homework and compare it to the new ones, I don’t see much difference as well. 

I mean, I’ve seen the benefits of giving my body more whole foods. And by practicing coherence regularly, I haven’t been as too easily annoyed as my starting point.* 

But as far as I'm concerned, I don’t think I can heal myself like Gregg does yet, and I still don’t have deep intuition. Stress management, on the other hand, is better* due to the regular coherence sessions. 

Oh and, by the way, the answers of module 1 questions are personal so forgive me for not sharing it with you and forgive my inability to show you the ones that changed and ones that didn’t. 

Nonetheless, I don’t feel like the whole month of learning the science of self empowerment was for nothing. 

The major points I learned were that 1) my irritability needs to be worked on, 2) I need to better my listening—to myself and other people. 

I was more surprised by the latter because I'd thought I was an above-average listener. Clearly, I was wrong. 

The other result I got from this course is that I now know how to perfectly start my night prayers.  

Starting prayers is not something I struggle with, but I believe the heart-brain harmony sessions take them to a next level.  


Things that I liked from “The New Human Story”

  • I appreciate the fact that Gregg always tried his best to explain the science of self empowerment as simply as he could. 
    There were times when he couldn’t, and he had the tendency to focus more on that side because it is his passion. However, he’d still try to make people of non-science background understand.
    I also like how he, as a person with science background, is confident in saying that he doesn’t know everything and that science keeps evolving, with some questions remaining unanswered until now.
    Now, I'm not generalizing all scientists, but sometimes people with that background can be a tad pedantic. I didn’t get that impression from Gregg during my 1-month course.
  • This course is mainly about spirituality, but Gregg always included science on each module—he had a good balance when he doesn’t get too passionate about science, and I think that’s one of his strengths.

  • Although I don’t get much of the benefit from the brain-heart harmony, I’m thankful to have joined Gregg Braden Human by Design, because learning the coherence made me know how to perfectly start my prayers.
  • On a related note, I like that this course is also good for people of all faiths. Gregg can be new age-ish, but if we put that aside, it’s helpful for the spirit.
  • Even though The New Human Story was using old-school type of presentation and graphics, he explained well.
    I could understand what he was trying to say although I wasn’t too knowledgeable about a subject. Really, sometimes I felt like going back to my university years. Only this time, I was learning about another perspective on human evolution.
  • Some people might disagree, but I like how slow-paced this course is. I mean, throughout all modules, I was told to keep training our brain-heart harmony with some other focus—depending on the topic of the module.
    At first, I found myself frowning at the pace because it seemed too slow, but then I realized that the coherence binds every other lesson that Gregg was trying to teach me; my brain-heart connection must be strong first so I can master the other things, like intuition.
    And, it taught me how to be more patient and take things more slowly; a much-needed trait in modern, fast world I live in. I'm glad I was reminded of this.
  • I'm also grateful that, despite me failing some of the modules, I realized the things I need to improve in life—I know myself better and it’s a good thing for me. 


What didn’t work for me 



  • I was sort of disappointed when I discovered that the video classes of “Gregg Braden Human by Design” are not downloadable.
    Now, I understand that I didn’t need that, because what I should be doing is to pay attention to one lecture and do the deepening practices. 
    But sometimes, I remembered something about his lecture and wanted to listen to it without having to log on to the internet.
    There are transcripts in the form of pdf files that I could track back to, but I mean, listening is a lot better.
  • While I understand (and at times find it admirable) that Gregg is passionate about science, he could end up rambling about it, and sometimes it led him to make his answers harder to understand in the Q&A sessions.
    I think this is a me problem, though—I might be just too focused on the questions and formulated possible answers in my head (you know, a bad trait of mine)—but some people might be like me.
  • Like I mentioned, I didn’t care for Gregg’s internet connection which made his pre-recorded live classes choppy and laggy. 
    I still believed that the science of self empowerment class would be much better to pre-record everything and then have a dedicated Q&A session later, just like in module 3.
    In my opinion, it’d be better if The Shift Network redid all the modules with high-quality recorded lessons instead of the current pre-recorded live sessions. 


Challenges from “Gregg Braden Human by Design” that I experienced and tips from me 

  • I'm the type whose mind will wander if there’s nothing to focus on, and I found that I could focus better when there’s ambient music.
    So, for your brain-heart harmony sessions, I suggest you do it with free meditation music or videos available on YouTube or maybe other streaming platforms.
    There are many kinds of it, even ones with certain frequency to help you focus or be feel connected with your body.
  • Like I mentioned, sometimes I couldn't keep the focus on my heart, and my weighted tuning fork really helped me shift my wandering attention back.
    To me, the fork really helps, as opposed to just touching or putting light pressure on your chest. That's why, if you have the same problem as me, and you have a weighted tuning fork, I think it may help.
    Mind you, there's no mention of tuning forks in the whole 4 modules of “Gregg Braden Human by Design,” so do it at your own discretion.
  • Depending on what I ate or my activities, sometimes I couldn’t inhale and exhale for 5 to 6 counts, as Gregg recommended. 
    If you’re like me, it’s completely fine. As far as I know, minimum counts for box breathing are 4. 
    Gregg himself also said that 4 counts are fine. If you do this regularly, chances are your ability to inhale for longer counts will increase.
  • This one's not a challenge, but a tip: I found two videos in the bonus sections, when I wanted to find out what they’re about. Don’t worry about it and just pick one. I think the two videos might be a bug or an oversight from The Shift Network.
  • For those of you who don’t need to be on a certain diet due to health conditions, and can be busy at times, I just want to say that I understand not all of us can afford to eat the best food for our body all the time or exercise all the time as recommended.
    Now, nutrition is a subject of debates and I don’t wanna step into it for now. Though I can say that so long as you don’t eat processed or junk food all the time every day, it should be all okay.
    Just be prepared for feeling more hunger, since processed or instant food is generally low-volume and high in calories.
  • When it gets too uncomfortable for you to practice some exercises because of your faith, like me not wanting to ask my heart, then simply ask yourself or ask God or the deity(ies).


Things to keep in mind 

One thing I'd like to point out is: I haven’t finished all 6 modules of The New Human Story. 

My review and experience may have some influence to your view on Gregg’s course. However, please understand that my “training” isn’t complete, and this review is based on just 4 modules or 1 month. 

Moreover, I sometimes didn't practice the coherence as regularly as recommended and didn’t do some of the deepening practices religiously like I mentioned. 

So, the results or experience I had may not be ideal compared to people who have learned this course from start to finish and did all the deepening practices as well as brain-heart harmonization thoroughly. 




Gregg Braden Human by Design is suitable for… 


  • Gregg Braden Human by Design is great for people who want to be more in tune with their bodies, like trusting one’s own intuition for example.
    Sometimes, we’ve been told to use our brains more. While it’s not wrong, we’ve also dampened the ability to act through our heart. This course may help you get that back—if it’s fading away, that is.
  • People with trauma and are on the path to heal can also benefit from this course. Gregg has designed the brain-heart harmony to help us change how we feel about bad experiences and eventually we can rejuvenate or heal ourselves.
  • Maybe you’ve come across new age or self-improvement teaching but you really want to know how that helps us biologically.
    Well, Gregg also explains about human biology and what’s going on inside our body before, during, and after meditative state with graphics, charts, and data.
    So, what he’s saying is backed by research, and he shows it and explains it to us in the simplest way he can—not many authors or figures do that.

  • Even if you’re not looking to help yourself or find a new form of spirituality, you can always broaden your knowledge and learn new perspectives from alternative science. At the same time, knowing another form of meditation is a most welcome bonus.
  • Gregg explains his point of view clearly on each module, where you can agree or disagree with the science. Either way, it’s a good place to learn new possibilities that science can bring.
  • On a related note, I think this course is also great for curious minds who have always been interested in the connection between spirituality and science. The two may seem incongruent, but Gregg can connect them well.
  • One more thing. I know that some people don’t believe that we’re the result of an ape evolution, but they can’t argue against typical scientists or explain it. Well, maybe those people will like this course.

Who this course isn't for 


  • People who are not open to alternative science or alternative point of view. 
    Now, I'm not disparaging anyone here—I did mention a couple times that sometimes Gregg can sound a little conspiratorial or new age-y. 
    But, “Gregg Braden Human by Design” gives us a food for thought or a perspective of another side. It can also expand our horizon or give us new ideas. 
    That said, I fully understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • This course is slow-paced.
    While it’s good to take us back to how we, as human beings, functioned before the era of high-speed internet boom, it may not be for people who are short on time and expect results or change faster.
  • It's also not for people who are expecting to get some kind of alternative medicine. So far, what I've learned from Gregg's course is that the self-healing is to help us heal trauma or “unseen wounds.” It may also boost recovery from actual illness(es).



Before you go on reading the FAQ, I just want to mention that these questions are not found in the course page—there's only FAQ about refund policy. 

So, I've compiled some questions from “Gregg Braden Human by Design” (that I've learned so far) which I think may be frequently asked by people who are completely new to the course, Gregg’s teaching, or The Shift Network. 

Does this course actually make use of meditation? What's the difference between meditation and brain-heart coherence? 

The techniques shared by Gregg are technically not called meditations but, in a sense, a form of one. He doesn’t use the word meditation because it’s often associated with the word prayer, and people begin to associate it with other practices. 

When people think of meditations, they often associate it with yoga, Eastern traditions, martial arts. Those can be accurate, but through “The New Human Story,” he’s working to find a neutral language and middle ground so that we feel free to explore and develop these subtle abilities. 

When we harmonize the heart and the brain, every one of those organs is linked through the nervous system to what you've just created. In this harmony, the body interprets that as love and all the organs are benefiting.  

That's why Gregg chose this technique to anchor this course upon because it has such versatility and such power, and it is so simple. 

Gregg Braden’s background is in geology; how is it related to human biology? 

When he was doing an interview, Gregg was asked this question. He asked the interviewer back, “Do you know what the profession was of the man that created the theory of evolution? Do you know what Charles Darwin's profession was?” And he said “No.” To which Gregg said, “Well, he was a geologist just like me.” 

Gregg is a degreed geologist, which has helped me to delve into the hardcore peer-reviewed scientific journals so that he can find those new discoveries and bring them together in a way that's meaningful and accessible to a broad general audience that may not be so technically oriented. 



Will I be able to heal illnesses? 

While Gregg Braden Human by Design may help you heal faster from illnesses, help you decide which is best to treat them, and help lessen pain, particularly from practicing and mastering heart-brain harmony, it is not to cure fatal or serious illnesses.  

If we simply say, “I just trust that the healing will happen” when we talk about health care decision, this could lead to disappointment.  

The healing may occur and you have the power to heal within your body. But, Gregg has friends that are no longer in this world because they trust blindly and never followed through to put into place and to implement the things that gave meaning to what it was they were trusting in. They never gave their bodies the strength, the nutrition, the changes in lifestyle they needed so their bodies could accomplish the healing. 

Nevertheless, what you can do is go into your heart or your body, and open a dialogue with it. Ask if the technologies or treatments for your health issues are right for you or if you need it. 

Of all the monks, the nuns, the abbots, the shamans, the healers, the curanderos, the mystics, the yogis, everyone Gregg has ever talked to, they tell the same thing: when we query the heart, these parameters will help.  

Can I do this course anywhere? 

Definitely. To do the science of self empowerment course, what we only need is internet connection (make sure it’s safe if you’re in public places) and any gadget or technology to access The Shift Network which we can access via browser or apps (on Android or iOS). Be sure to have a PDF reader as well, since the Deepening Practices are in the form of PDF files. 

That said, when you need to be focused on and be very present in the world, you don't want to be doing the technique or coherence. If you've done this technique first thing in the morning and you get in your car and you go to work, you are very present, your response times are to be faster, your perceptions are going to be much clearer, but you don't necessarily have to hold that focus in your heart for that to happen. 


How much is “Gregg Braden Human by Design”? 

For 6 class sessions, relatively 6 weeks of training yourself with guides, and two bonus lectures (plus one free song) from Gregg Braden, the whole course costs you $297. 

You can purchase the course one time with that price or in two-time installments at $158 each. 

As I’ve mentioned several times before about the benefits of joining the free webinar, here’s the cherry on the cake: you’ll get a discount. A pretty big one. 


gregg braden human by design free webinar discount


By joining the free webinar and watch it until the end, the course will show its appreciation by giving you a $100 price reduction.  

So, you’ll only need to pay $197 for the one-time payment. Alternatively, the two-time payment will cost you $108. 

Now, personally, I do think that the price is a tad pricy. And remembering how I didn't like the format, it almost felt like the course wasn't worth the price.

But, I remember that Gregg is a renowned figure with a lot of accolades and experience, so I do think that the course price is just.

That's why I highly encourage you to join the free webinar of “The New Human Story.” You'll be more knowledgeable about the course and general science-spirituality, and you’ll get a discount! 




What if I don’t like it? 

Not to worry, you are covered with a customer satisfaction guarantee.  

The Shift Network understand that not everybody will love the course. 



Therefore, if you find that the course isn’t for you and you don’t want to try it further within a week or so after you’ve purchased the program, simply contact the Support Team. 

According to the course page, the Support Team will refund your purchase within 5 days and you’ll get an email confirmation once your refund has been completed. You can look through the full refund policy here. 

So, despite being slightly pricier, “Gregg Braden Human by Design” is 100% risk free, and I encourage you to TRY IT OUT!  


My verdict 


To sum everything up, I find this course interesting. It also gave me new insights. 

For one, I liked the science part of The New Human Theory. Many authors claim to have science proof and kind of slap a label on their works, but Gregg doesn’t do that. In fact, I think he integrates it well with spirituality. 

Then, although I didn’t notice significant results, as mentioned on the course page, I still got some results anyway.* 

Some exercises or practices that made me know more about myself—how I'm quite far from the person I thought I was. 

And even though the course had new age teachings for me at times, I could put that aside and improve my own spirituality: my night prayer routine has become better because of it. 

There are some things I didn’t enjoy from this course, for example, the format—I think it’s better to record a high-quality video lesson than pre-record live sessions, especially in places where internet connection can’t accommodate. 

But, remember that I haven’t finished all 6 modules, so I ask you to make your own judgment. 

All in all, I recommend you to try out the course, learn brain-heart coherence and reap its benefits, and see if it works well for you. 

I’ll remind you one last time: before you purchase the course, make sure to join the free webinar first to learn more from “Gregg Braden Human by Design” and get a discount. 

I wish you the best of luck in your self-discovery and self-healing journey and I hope you find the science of self empowerment fun! 







Results that one gets from this course vary from one person to another. They depend on one’s time, adherence and/or completion of the course, as well as mental and physical state. 

This review must not be treated as a medical or scientific article, evidence, or prescription, as it comes from a personal experience. 

Despite its promise for self-healing, this course must not be used to treat serious or life-threatening physical and/or mental illnesses. Seek professional help if you have such conditions. 

Consult your physician or doctor in advance if you have underlying medical condition that affects both your psychology and physiology. 

Whenever you want to do the brain-heart coherence, do not do it when driving, operating machinery, or in any potentially dangerous situations. 

Although Gregg Braden published a book with the same title of this course, it’s not related to this course. Therefore, there are no physical products that one gets from this course. 

8 Total Score

Author credibility
Practicability & applicability
Content quality
  • Well-known author with proven track record that you can get to know more of through easy-access platforms. 
  • More believable science-based spirituality lessons and alternative science that’s backed by research. 
  • Thorough lessons that can make us know ourselves better. 
  • Simplified explanation about science for people without that background, aka the laymen. 
  • Free webinar that gives us a perk ($100 discount). 
  • Risk-free course with money back guarantee. 
  • Accessible to people of all faiths. 
  • Choppy video lessons due to author’s internet connection at times 
  • Slow-paced course which may not give faster results 
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