I’ve Tried Sacred Sound Healing System For 3-Week! Here’s My Full Review

Sacred Sound Healing System Full Review – The first time I read about the Sacred Sound Healing System, I was like what? What's so sacred about that?

Then, I decided to watch the video about it… Saying that I was hooked is an understatement. The promotion video is just as interesting as I imagined it to be. 

The thing is that I was convinced to try out this program the minute I finished watching the video. 

My reason is quite simple. I was dealing with some sorta negative emotion in the past months. I sabotaged myself, kept myself away from people I love. Basically, I did what it's called self-blocking: a type of reaction when you can't make peace with your inner self. 

I know it's a loser thing if I give up on my situation. That's why I want to change. 

But, I need a source, support system to help me get out of my dull thinking. That's how I found the Sacred Sound Healing System. 

I decided to follow the program and see if it makes a change in my life. So, here's my full experience for 3-week. 



What Is The Sacred Sound Healing System?

energy sacred sound healing

Before delving further into the program, you may want to learn about it first. 

As I mentioned earlier, the Sacred Sound Healing System is an age-old method of using magical sound to help heal the mind and body. Oftentimes, we are too occupied with daily responsibilities that result in ignoring our mental and physical health. 

People think that working their fingers to the bone is mandatory until they realize it's never a good thing. Human minds and bodies always scream for their break from the noise of the world.   

The way to restore our system to its state is to bring it back to its source: nature. That's how the Sound Healing System works for you by providing astounding sound to remind you to take it slow. 

The Sacred Sound Healing System uses the Biofields (healing light frequency) technology in its digital audio tracks. The technology itself is derived from a popular scientific premise from Einstein where everything in the Universe radiates energy.

The audio tracks use this premise to embody the human body energy or in Chinese is called chi. The brain wave entrainment on each audio track will transmit the subtle Universe energy to the human body. It allows us, humans, to feel energized and more connected with the higher source that eventually helps us solve our daily problems.

With that being said, to feel and synchronize to the Universe through the Sacred Sound audio, you need to spare your time finding a quiet, calm place that will support your program. Moreover, you'll also need to provide a headphone to fully experience the Sacred Sound Healing system.

Simply listening to 15-minute of the Sacred Sound Healing System to help you decrease the negative thought in your mind. 



Meet The Author

jace white sound healing

The author of this program, Jace Little or White Crow, is an enthusiastic sound healer who believes that everyone can experience the sacred sound to improve their quality of life. 

Jace has met many people who experience depression, trauma, constant struggle, anxiety, and more during his trip. He puts it into concern on how these people need help as he did years ago. 

When he fell into a pitfall, Jace met Master Zhu in whom learned to use energy for healing. After continuous training with his Master, Jace started to find peace within himself and able to streamline his potential into good use which is becoming a vibrational researcher and energy healer. 

With that in mind, Jace decided to help people like the old him, find their joy and peace in life. Jace knows that every voice we hear daily will shape how we see the world and substantially give an adverse effect on our day-to-day activity. Hence, listening only to ‘good voices' will help you improve your life significantly.

In this program, Jace will help you conquer your fears through his unlikely manifestation you can't simply find anywhere. 

P.S. It's really hard to collect information about the author of this program. You know, the creator information is important to decide whether a program is real or not.

However, the good point is that the official Sacred Sound Healing System social media account is pretty active.

That means you can rest assured that the program is real and people are handling this. If you want to ask some questions, you can connect with the team through their Instagram directly. Or, if you want to get additional energy sources, check out their YouTube account.


Inside Sacred Sound Healing System

energy healing

We all don't feel guilty when spending all day long listening to music every day. That's because we find comfort in music, the sound helps us resonate with life much easier. 

Music or sounds in general is the universal language. No matter what native language you speak, you'll find yourself drowning in music voluntarily. 

That's how the Sacred Sound Healing will bring you in. You won't realize that the audio can help you overcome your negative thoughts and achieve your goals. 

There are four ceremonies you'll find inside the program. Each audio takes 15-20 minutes long to deliver the needed manifestation for you. Sounds a bit too long, doesn't it? But you'll get there, you'll be used to it. 


🏆The Divine Clearing Ceremony 

This ceremony is designed to erase the energy block. This meditation walks through cleaning and energy release processes. Since every emotional problem is stored in the human body and mind (even air tension, pain, and disease), it will be accumulated evenly. 

If you can't handle emotion well, the accumulation of negative energy, anxiety, waiver, fear, etc. will be created which is bad for your health. The feeling will be stacked, and we're going to suffer in response to holding all negativity around. 

In this ritual, you can identify where you create the energy you have contracted in your body. This may be anywhere, but in many cases, the accumulated emotions are stacked in your mind before they affect your body. If you find these permanent emotions in your body, it'll be harder to clean them thoroughly as it takes time. 

That's why the meditation of divine clearing will help you remove the accumulated unhealthy emotion in your mind and body. 

sound healing sacred


🏆The Heart Awakening Ceremony 

The heart awakening ceremony is synchronized with the center of the human body; the heart and mind to create an energy balance. This meditation walks through the process of cleaning and energy release. 

The body is a mirror, a storage system for all emotions that every people experience in a daily routine. Unlike the Divine Clearing Ceremony, this meditation will focus on awakening your heart to fully accept the situation you're experiencing at the moment.




🏆The Whole Body Healing ‘Golden Qi’ Ceremony  

The whole body healing of “Golden Qi” is like digital acupuncture or a Qi Gong session, which promotes health, relaxation, and internal positive energy flow to users. 

The session promotes healing mental health, relaxing the mind, giving subtle energy flow for internal healing, and eliminating energy blocks. This constant affirmation and sound will also help organize your state of mind much effectively. 


🏆The Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremony 

The Shamanic Ceremony makes it possible to understand your way of life using your own mental guides, identifying your problems and concerns, as well as correcting the self-sabotage in your mind. 

This meditation will make use of a Shamanic guide to help you analyze every different area of your life, whether it affects your happiness, and so on. Listening to this guide enables you to solve the problem you're facing right now. 


Corona Rescue Package

  • 10 Minutes Earth Healing Sound Bath
  • Super Immunity Secret Ebook
  • Surviving and Thriving After Corona Ebook

Surprised Bonus Part 1

Surprised Bonus Part 2

Surprised Bonus Part 3



How does Sacred Healing System Work?

vibrational sound

There are over thousands of users who find this program helpful, especially in improving their quality of life. If you're still a bit unsure whether to join this program, check out how the program works for you. 

🏆It helps clear away negativity

People are bound to have a wary feeling or some sorta negativity as their natural defense. However, having uncontrollable, overflowing suspicious thoughts can wear you down. Most of the time, people will unconsciously blame themselves for thinking negatively which often leads to major depression. 

If you happen to always have constant negative thoughts, that means your mind and body need to take a break and supplement. What I say about the supplement is that your mind should receive positive affirmation to counter that self-sabotage. 

The Sacred Sound Healing System will help you remove the unhelpful thoughts and plant affirmation that support you to achieve your dream. 


🏆It helps connect your vibration with the universe

Listening to the Sacred Sound Healing System allows you to boost your vibration and connect it with the universe. When your vibration is in line with the higher source, you're able to achieve the goal you want in life simply by asking and believing in it. 

This training will transform your life in a meaningful way. It takes time, but you'll reap the benefit once you're used to letting your mind think positively. 


🏆It helps awaken your positive energy

Last but not least, it's crucial to have a system that supports you and counter all the negativity in your life. By a support system doesn't mean that you have to fully rely on family or friends to back you up. Your own self can definitely become the number one supporter of your life. 

But, to become a strong figure is challenging for the most part. You won't stand a chance if the negative thought takes over you quickly. That's why you need to train yourself to shift from unhelpful sentiments to positive minds through constant listening to magical affirmation in which the Sacred Sound Healing System provides. 


Who Can Benefit From Sacred Healing System?

sacred healing

Alright then… Now you know how this program works. But, is it for you? 

There are indefinite criteria about who benefits the Sacred Sound Healing System when everyone must've experienced sadness, had negative thoughts, and more. That's it!

That means everyone can use this program to boost their life and restore their body and mind. 

However, there are some specific examples (if you insist) that may need to follow this program as soon as possible. 

  • Depressive disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Sleep problems (insomnia)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight issues
  • Cognitive issues (thinking, comprehension, focus, memory retention, etc.)
  • Traumas

The list above may sound harsh at first, but the author himself states that his vibrational session does help his clients overcome certain problems.* 

Basically, the program will revolve around fixing negative thoughts and self-blocking by providing a valuable manifestation. Through constant affirmation, you'll be surprised at how simple positive thoughts can change your perspective in reaching your dreams. 



What Did People Say About the Program?

I got a call yesterday for a job interview a few months ago… I thought they overlooked my application… but I discovered they think I’m suitable for a higher post, so they created this post within that time TO HIRE ME!!

-Sarah E.*

I received a check for $861.85 out of nowhere. The letter stated that I was overcharged in interest from a loan that I got some time ago and this was my share of the settlement.


I am in tears right now… I have been working tirelessly to create financial freedom, only to be up and down on a roller coaster. I listened to two recordings yesterday and got up this morning in anticipation of what would show up. At exactly 11 am, less than 12 hours – OMG, I received an unexpected $750!!

-Malini S.*

So calming and soothing. I have healed issues that have lingered for years. ABSOLUTELY!! I would advise you to try without expectation and let the universe guide you to the healing you need. The most effective system I have tried and I have tried many!

-Cecilia B.*


I Tried Sacred Sound Healing System For 3-Week

sacred sound healing system

To tell you the truth, the first time I listen to the Sacred Sound Healing System audio, my ears pretty much refused it. This is important information I should give to you because I myself can't even fathom what the sound was all about.

I might be too naive when expecting about listening to some kind of heavenly sound as imposed in the program title itself: a sacred sound. 

Although it was my blind expectation about the program, I insisted to try on the program to find out whether it worked out. 

So did it?

First of all, the time I tried listening to the Sacred Sound Healing System coincided with the holy month of Ramadan. For those who don't know, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar when Muslims have to reflect on their behavior, do fasting, pray even harder to get God's blessings. 

The fasting part itself has so many benefits for our mind and body which include improve gut health, reduce inflammation, boost cognitive performance, and more. Basically, the holy month of Ramadan offers Muslims a time to reset their mind and body. 

My point is that Ramadan itself offers a number of mental and physical benefits for those who perform the activity. Joining the program at this time may leave an individual confused over which gives the actual result.

However, that doesn't stop me to try the Sacred Sound Healing System for I curious if the program would fuel my energy during that month. 




Alright, back to experience…

I decided to listen to the audio at dawn right after performing my first meal (suhoor) of the day. FYI, suhoor is the meal consumed before fasting. 

If you're a morning bird, you'll know very well how calm the situation is at dawn. Cool temperature, light breeze, and noiseless. That's why it's a great time for meditation or performing prayer. 

Must I tell you that I didn't quite enjoy listening to the Sacred Sound Healing System at the very beginning. It was so foreign to my ears. 

Since the program mentioned infusing Chinese approaches (using chi) to healing the mind and body, I kinda expected to hear some Chinese ancient or traditional sounds on it. Instead, I listened to some uh… foreign sound I never heard before. 

The audio, however, isn't all about the sound. It includes guided narration that looks similar to affirmation for me. Since I wasn't comfortable listening to the audio (not the narration), I felt like receiving nothing in my first week. 

audio listen

Moreover, I felt overwhelmed after listening to the audio in the prior week. The reason, I believed, was that I kept trying to listen to the sound ceremony every day at dawn. 

Unlike binaural beats, where you can listen to some natural sounds on alpha/beta/gamma frequency, the Sacred Sound Healing System is an entirely different game. 

Then, I decided to stop listening to this program for a few days.

When I began to follow up on the program, I was glad I could continue again and the rest was history.  

I began listening to the Divine Clearing ceremony with a day off (not every day). I could then finally focus on the narration of each play. Although I didn't fall into my subconscious mind, I still feel rather relax after finishing one session (because I finally made it to the end lol).

I continued listening to the Heart Awakening ceremony. This part apparently isn't too bad to my ears compared to the first ceremony. The sound is okay, kinda nature-derived but it's too loud. It overshadows the narration that I can't comprehend what the narration is trying to tell me.

Mind you, one of my problems is getting easily distracted. I can't really focus on something that isn't interesting in my view. I find it hard to understand what the narrator implies in both of the ceremonies. That's why instead of getting super relax, I find myself trying to comply with guided narration.

The next part is the Whole Body Healing ceremony. This is by far the best ceremony of all. With not so much narration, the sound itself is okay to hear — kinda gives the sense of staying outdoors as the audio mimics the sound of nature.

From this ceremony, I learned to slow things down that leads me to get more patient. I feel that by listening to this audio, you're being told not to rush over many things.

Last but not least, the Shamanic Plant Medicine ceremony. Although it sounds like it has something to do with the plant, it is not. The ceremony asks us to observe our minds and helps us to connect with the Universe. However, I don't resonate well with this ceremony not only it somehow mimics the sound from the Divine Clearing session (that's irritating for me), but it's simply something I don't look for.

After listening to the audio for another week, I noticed that I got more patience. I didn't rush to do anything for the most part.* 

When I decided to take some days off from listening to the program and finally continued it, I found out that my persistence gave me results. If I gave up in the first place, I couldn't listen to the narration inside the audio clearly as I despise the sound. Also, the fact that I find it hard to comprehend the narration forces me to pay attention more to it. 

This led me to receive another change: getting into focus. 

According to my MBTI (doesn't matter if it's relevant), I tend to think in a bigger picture. Hence, derailing me from paying attention to details and often get distracted. That's why I found it hard to focus when something failed to catch my attention. 

However, listening to the Sacred Sound Healing System has helped me improve my cognitive performance as this isn't something that I expected before.* 


How to Purchase Sacred Healing System

vibrational sound healing

No worries! You won't empty your pocket by registering on this program. In fact, you'd be grateful that the cost is considerably affordable with so many good reviews and benefits it offers. 

At a standard price, the cost will be $338 at a single purchase. However, you can now claim the discounted price just by clicking here and on every golden button on this page. 

You'll get to purchase the program for only $47 which is a pretty good deal. After clicking on the button, you'll be directed to the purchase page where you can make an order in an instant. 

What's more, you'll receive a 60-day money-back guarantee no question needed! There are also over 20 surprise bonuses that you can access in my product section. These bonuses can accompany you on many occasions.




I'm skeptical, especially when I first learn about the title of this program: sacred sound. However, I manage to listen and keep up with the program for three weeks. 

Here's my conclusion about the Sacred Sound Healing System.

  • The program itself is great for those looking for a way to cleanse their mind from mental blocking. Since I'm one of those who tend to sabotage myself unconsciously, I find this program is quite helpful.
  • The narration fits your mental state. The author himself said in the guidebook that you should choose to listen to the ceremony that fits your condition. So, you're not forced to listen to all of the ceremonies if you don't feel the gut to do it. After all, each audio ceremony is designed to solve the problem you're facing. 
  • The audio is kinda meh… If you're not aware of some Shamanic sounds, you'd be surprised yet kinda overwhelmed with them. I felt that too in the very beginning as I found them so strange in my ears. Although the other two audio tracks aren't too bad for my ears, I still find the sound irritating and too loud that it overshadows the guided narration. (P.S. It's my opinion)  
  • I do find a change or two after completing the program. Since I began adapted myself to the sound, I find the narration quite intriguing. That's how I began practicing focus to understand the guide.
  • I find the 15-20 minutes session is too long. Most people don't have time to completely listen to the audio unless they spare their time to it. However, even the author says it's okay not to fully listen at one sit. Or you can opt to listen to the shorter version.

In addition, the author advises listening to the audio for 30-day to get better results. If you have time or want to dedicate your time to follow the program, it's never wrong to try this out.  




The Sacred Sound Healing System is meditation audio to help you solve some negative thoughts or mental blocking. It comprises four stages of ceremonies that you can choose freely. However, if you suffer from depression and other serious mental/physical issues, you should visit professionals instead. 

The result I get from this program can be awfully misinterpreted since I perform a month of fasting during Ramadan. As fasting itself does help improve mind and body health, I may confuse the final result. However, I can focus better after listening to this program. 


7.6 Total Score

Sacred Sound Healing System helps you recover from depression, anxiety, self-sabotage, and more. The sound ceremony fits you on every occasion.

Author Credibility
  • Applicable & easy to follow
  • Guide book available
  • Lifetime access & downloadable materials
  • Many bonuses inside the program
  • Only takes 10 - 15 minutes / session
  • I Felt some changes , more patience and focus
  • 60-day money-back guarantee without question
  • Lack of author's information
  • Audio might be boring for beginners
  • Require headphones
  • Require quiet & free-distraction places
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