35-Day Conscious Parenting Program Review -My Honest Review After Completing it

Conscious Parenting Review – Up to nowadays, I still remember the time when I was a kid, my parents used to tell me to grow up into better person compared to them.


Of course, I had no idea about what they meant, because for me they have always been the best. But time went by and now I have become a father myself.


Now I understand why my parents used to tell me those words. Once you have a kid, you always want the best for them.


But a question emerged in my mind. If I want the best for my kid, why should I think that it should be better than my condition right now? And why did such kind of thing also happen to my parents?


conscious parenting mastery 6


Fact is, our kids getting the best doesn’t mean we have to compare their happiness with us. So, what happens with the comparison?


It was the time I thought there must be something off with the way I perceive things.


What if something is really a little bit off with me, and it would affect the future of my children later? I just had my first kid, and somehow, I feel everything is in chaos.


How can I let my kid run into the chaos I see? Worse, what if my kid apparently inherits such weakness in the future?


  All of those questions burst into my mind, and I couldn’t find the answer for that question. I talked with my wife about those fears, and she told me to calm down.


My wife told me to ask for advices to my friends about how to be a father. Well, I thought it was a good idea, so I started to talk with some of my friends who are already fathers.


One of them told me that he had similar problem when welcoming his first child. He recommended me to join a Mindvalley program called Conscious Parenting by Dr. Shefali.


conscious parenting mastery 5


He said that Conscious Parenting is a good guide to master YOURSELF, instead of your child. But why does this program deal with yourself instead of your child?


I found the answer to that question after I joined the program, and actually there are many other things that I gained from joining the program.


Not only I now have a clear target that will not burden my kid, but also this program has improved myself in a way that I didn’t imagine before.


Up to the moment I write this review, I have completed the whole program!


Here, I am ready to tell you my personal experience in following Conscious Parenting by Dr. Shefali.



Becoming a New Parent


conscious parenting mastery 2


Becoming a parent, or I’d rather say parenting, is not a life skill that you immediately earn throughout your lifetime.


You have to learn and unlock the skill just when you are progressing through this game called life, and not everyone chooses to unlock this skill.


But the thing about parenting is, sometimes you have to learn this skill no matter your excuses. There is a great force called love that can push you to learn it even if you are not ready.


And it happened to me.


Around a year ago, I did not expect to become a father that fast. It happened just almost immediately after my wife and I started to plan on having a child.


We went through things together throughout the pregnancy period and fast forward nine months later, my first baby was born.


I immediately fell in love in the first sight with the baby, and all of a sudden, I promised to become a great father for the baby.


Indeed, I planned to become a father. But after the first time I met the baby, I decided to bring things to a whole new level.


I tried to learn about parenting from books, internet, and other fathers’ advices. But the more I learned about things, the more I got confused and insecure.


conscious parenting mastery


Questions like “Am I worth of becoming a father?” haunted me in the night. Combined with lack of sleep during the baby’s early days, it really gave me a nightmare that I loved somehow.


I asked other fathers about this hard time, and apparently all of them experienced such kind of experience.


The thing about this is, some people deal with this condition better than the others.


I asked my friend who belongs to those few who deal with such problem pretty well, and he told me to use my Mindvalley access (he knew that I have it).


The man told me to enroll for Conscious Parenting by Dr. Shefali, and try at least two weeks of the program.


I told him that I might have no time to do the Mindvalley program, because of one thing and another, but he said that this program is designed for people like me.


Okay, after he said that it’ll be okay, I decided to check the free masterclass first like any other Mindvalley programs, for example like in The M Word by Emily Fletcher that I have reviewed before.


And it was at that moment I started to discover interesting things about what this program was trying to tell me.




The Free Masterclass


free masterclass

Dr. Shefali's Free Masterclass


I think it is still better for you to check the free masterclass by yourself, because I cannot explain the concept better than Dr. Shefali herself.


However, I will tell you a little glimpse of it. To start it out, this free masterclass will help you to understand about the whole program, and it may act as the introduction.


Not only an introduction, this free masterclass will also give you some clues about the program itself. For example, it talks about problems you can relate when becoming a new parent.


High hopes, headache, that unbelievable amount of love bursting in your heart, and that great anxiety I experienced all piled up to become the thing I got overwhelmed with.


Dr. Shefali said that it is normal, and I should not get rid of all those feelings in one go because time and that acquired love will heal every single thing.


 From the free masterclass, I also got some useful information about how to shift my parenting paradigms.


One big revelation I got from this free masterclass is, when both the parents and the child are happy on their own, things will become better than only the parents or the child who is happy.


In that case, it means that my wife and I have to find our own happiness first, and let the children find their own happiness.


conscious parenting mastery 7


In other words, we cannot force our happiness to the kids because their happiness can be different. And forcing something to the kid is a big no-no.


Inspiring them about something will plant a better seed than just telling them about everything. Their own intelligence matters, and we should not interfere with their growth.


Those things might sound cliché, but the choice of words Dr. Shefali chose to tell me those things were so relatable to my current condition at that time.


I think even if you are not planning on joining the program, you should try to check this free masterclass out.


Why? Because it is more than just a parenting masterclass. I think it is more like a self-improvement class that everyone can take whether they are parents or not.


free masterclass talk

Free Masterclass You Should Try


Her words in the free masterclass are just on point for me. No wonder this inspirational expert was invited into Oprah Winfrey’s Show.


“In the 30 years that I’ve been doing interviews, the best I’ve ever heard. She’s (Shefali Tsabary) absolutely revolutionary, and so evolved, that her ideas are really a paradigm shift that can change the world,” Oprah Winfrey stated.


And most importantly, if you are planning on joining the program, this free masterclass will give you a special offer if you follow through until the end of the session.




Clearing The Myths About Parenting


conscious parenting mastery 8


Now back to the main program. By the time I checked out the free masterclass provided by the program, I found out that there are a lot of myths and assumptions following the parenting world.


First thing I learned from the masterclass was that most of our problems in parenting doesn’t come from the baby.


The kid has no problem at all, and is not a problem whatsoever!


You cannot blame anything on the kid, because they are still in the purest phase of human being ever. So, if you find some problem about parenting, you have to look on other places.


Where? Try yourself. Try to look at yourself and find what’s the problem that you are suppressing deep inside.


And in Conscious Parenting , Dr. Shefali is debunking 7 myths around parenting. The myths that the program is debunking sound so common and acceptable.


One of the examples is, A Good Parent Is a Loving One. Sounds true, but that's not always the fact! Well, I agreed with the myth before knowing further about it, but after I joined the program, I got clearer vision about parenting.




Clearing the myths about parenting is very important because without that, we will limit ourselves and apparently close the door to greater force: love.


Most of the time, your belief to those myths will only limit your actions to show your children the overwhelming amount of love and further it is limiting their growth.


For example, the way you deal with their emotion such as anger or sadness might be a little bit more controlling because you think you have to be in control.


However, that’s not the best way to deal with it. Such kind of thing is explained in details by Dr. Shefali in Conscious Parenting along with any other myths.


But remember, Conscious Parenting is not only about parenting myth busting! It has a lot of other useful contents that can be useful for literally every single person on earth!




Conscious Parenting: It Is All About Ourselves


conscious parenting mastery 00


As I stated above that Conscious Parenting is more than just a myth busting program, here I will give you a better view about the whole program itself.


Conscious Parenting is a 35-days online program consisting of video courses that you can access daily. The videos are guided by Dr. Shefali herself.


The videos are about 20-30 minutes long, so you can do it in between your daily chores like while you are having lunch break or before you sleep.


Not only videos, this program also includes some workbooks and tasks that I guarantee will not burden you with any difficulties to do.


workbook content

Content of Workbook


The first time I got into Conscious Parenting , the neat curriculum of this program was the thing that first caught my attention.


The program listed 5 transformational shifts in paradigm. Each of them was separately delivered, evenly spread, during the 35 days course.


Here are the five transformational points that the program talked about:


  • Changing From Projection to Pause: From this part, I learned that forcing your belief and thoughts to your child is not the best way to guide them growing. Instead, allowing your children to express their own feelings and learning decision making is the best way to help them grow.


  • Changing From Expectation to Empathetic Engagement: Every single parent, either it is consciously or subconsciously, will put some pressure to their children even though it is undue. The best way to avoid it is to try to see the world from your child’s perspective. See what their expectations are, and see how can you support it, and you will more likely get satisfied.


  • Changing From Judgmental to Compassion Accepting: You know it is wrong labelling your child’s behavior as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. But most of us often subconsciously do that! However, what if you try to accept their behavior and guide them in evolving into the best person you will ever meet in your life.


  • Changing From Reactions to Feelings: Now, what to do when we find unexpected events involving our children? Instead of relying on our emotions to react, we should cope with our feelings and observe the big picture. For example, when our children is drawing on the wall, don’t scold them because it makes the wall looks dirty. Instead, give them proper drawing tools and support their talents.


  • Changing From Correction to Connection: There is no need to correct the kids’ behavior entirely. What we need is to develop deep and meaningful bond with them, and they will learn by themselves about what should and shouldn’t be done.


Those points really opened my mind about parenting.


Everything is curated skillfully that even by looking on the title of each session, you will understand how the flow of this program is going.


But to make it clearer to you, here is a simple explanation about what the program is going to present. I will make it into three sections as Dr. Shefali explained:


Conscious Parent’s Mindset:


This section of the program is 14 days long, which means you will be presented 14 different courses that work as the foundation of your mindset.


The main purpose of this course is to ‘talk’ with your inner child and break it free from any limiting patterns that affect your decision making, and indirectly make you a bad parent.


The points in this section are:


  • Discover how your own upbringing may be influencing your current parenting style, and how you can free yourself from your parents’ expectations.


  • Learn how to stop yourself from projecting your own expectations on your children so they can learn how to step into their own authenticity.


  • Create the space your child needs to embrace the full spectrum of their emotions so they grow up as emotionally-resilient adults.


  • Break free from toxic labels that may be negatively influencing your current parenting style – so your child can express their natural joy and bliss.


  • Discover the simple habit that encourages your child to be courageous and ‘in the moment’, without even thinking about it.


Parent-Children Relationship


The second section also lasts for 14 days, but in this section, you will be brought to the next level after going through the previous one.


While in the first section you were being ‘repaired’, in this section, the thing that gets ‘repaired’ is the relationship between you and your child.


Here is the breakdown of this section:


  • Unraveling one of the biggest parenting myths that cause many unwitting parents to place undue expectations and pressure on their children.


  • Understanding the simple concept that your child is a “sovereign being” could save him or her from years of anxiety and insecurity.


  • Learn how to circumvent any unconscious judgment you may be placing on your children so they feel accepted and confident as they are.


  • Transcend the role of ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ and instead become the spiritual guide your children need so they feel empowered to express their truest selves.


  • Use this one technique to help assist your children to navigate through any emotional turbulence they experience – and out stronger on the other side.


From Discipline to Mindful Connection


This section is where you learn how to tie both of those things together and become a conscious parent.


The final section Conscious Parenting lasts only 7 days, which make the total of this whole program a 35-days program.


Here are the highlights:


  • Learn how to negotiate between freedom and fear so you can guide your children without controlling or correcting them.


  • Discover how to place the right types of boundaries in your home that enriches your child’s growth rather than restricts and stifles them.


  • Rewrite the rules of the “parent-child” relationship so you can see one another as allies on a path of self-growth and self-discovery.


From all of those sections, you should already know about the framework of Conscious Parenting. You might think that the course would be boring.


But trust me, the course is quite fun to follow. Especially when the points hit you right in the spot.




The Dr. Shefali We Know


pdf ebook free masterclass


So, who actually created Conscious Parenting course?


According to her official site, Dr. Shefali received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Columbia University. Specializing in the integration of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy, she brings together the best of both worlds for her clients.


She is an expert in family dynamics and personal development, teaching courses around the globe. She has been acknowledged by a lot of famous people, starting from Oprah Winfrey to His Holiness Dalai Lama.


And the acknowledgement doesn’t come far from her wisdom about parenting and happy family. She has written four books, three of which are New York Times best-sellers, including her two landmark books The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family.


Dr. Shefali’s journey into this radically new parenting paradigm arose from her own experience as a parent herself. Reacting irrationally to one of her then 3-year-old daughter’s tantrums, Dr. Shefali became deeply self-aware that her parenting frustrations was never about her child.


video conscious parenting mastery

Dr. Shefali Herself


Rather, it was about her own unmet childhood needs that she was unconsciously projected on her own daughter. This profound realization led her to dissect and challenge the more ‘controlling nature’ of traditional models of parenting – which, as soon discovered, often puts undue pressure on young children, robbing them of their confidence and autonomy.


Merging western psychology and eastern philosophy, Dr. Shefali espouses a more conscious approach to parenting that centers around honoring our children as sovereign beings, creating real connections with them, and most importantly, raising our own consciousness as parents.




What Did I Get After This Whole 1+ Month?




Okay, enough of talking about the program itself and start talking about my experience in following it through until the end.


First thing first, I want to talk about how the lessons are delivered to you. As I have mentioned above, the main media is video of Dr. Shefali herself coaching you about parenting.


Each day, different topic is picked, but each of the topics are actually corresponding to each other and the curriculum makes each topic is actually a build up for the lesson tomorrow.


Fast forward to the contents, I realized that the main purpose of this course is to build a good connection between me, my child, and my inner child.


My inner child? Yes.


As every single person is built by experiences and memories, our inner child is actually our very own base in developing our own characters as adults.



conscious parenting mastery 10

If anything is a little bit off with your inner child, you will most likely reflect it in your parenting paradigm to your children.


Settling things with your inner child is the best weapon to change your paradigm about anything, including in parenting.


In example, a parent who was forbidden to eat ice cream, would likely to let their children eat ice cream as much as they can even if it might be too much.


Now you understand about your inner child?


Next lesson was about changing my paradigm. After dealing with the myth and the inner children in me, I was taught about how to shift my paradigm.


One of my biggest concern about being a father was how to keep being the right person for my child, so I can tell them what’s right and what’s wrong without mistake.


By that thought alone, you should already know how problematic my paradigm was. Even now, I saw it as a kind of dictatorship to my kid!


Dr. Shefali said that such kind of dictatorship mind grew from our judgmental behavior that should be gotten rid off if we want to learn parenting.


During lesson 19, which is transformative skill 3: Judgment to compassion, I did the judgment detox exercise.


This exercise is one of many ‘exercises’ that you will need to do during the program, but the reason why I mention this one is because Dr. Shefali quoted Rumi for its explanation:


“Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.”



Example of The Content. That Lesson 19 Hit Me In The Spot


While the task is so simple. I had to write judgmental statements about me and my kid in two lists, and reflect on those lists while choosing which judgment I should eradicate.


Such kind of exercise worked pretty well for me, because it was not difficult to do, didn’t consume so much time, doable anywhere, and for me it was quite effective.


I also checked the discussion forum provided by the program and found a lot other people found this exercise the same way as I did.


And if you ever have a question you want to ask to the teacher, you can either check the provided Q & A session or go to discussion page and submit your question to the other attendees.


In my opinion, the structure the course is well-arranged, and its practicality is designed to be doable by busy parents. Which is great.


Now, let’s go further into my impression toward the whole contents.


Talking about the contents, I think we should first talk about how the sessions are held. Like I mentioned above, each session is guided by 20-30 minutes long video lecture.


Dr. Shefali herself is the practitioner in each video, which makes each session is like having a personal appointment with the expert.


In addition to that, I want to point out a lot of things in the course, but one thing I found really stood out from the presentation of this course was the language of Dr. Shefali!


anothre video example

Conscious Parenting Video Lesson Example


Her choice of words, her intonation, her body language in telling things, I was impressed at how professional she appeared.


And the messages she conveyed was easy to understand and comprehend. You should have known that from how I explained about this program above.


But how do this program directly affect my situation? A lot of individual sessions really worked wonder when I practiced it.


In example, in lesson 21 about Parent & Child Connection Day, I learned to ‘watch the train passes by’. It is a lesson about letting go the bad feelings we develop during our parenting.


The association of our feelings with train is easy to understand and when practiced it appears to be a guide to instant meditation.


In addition to that, just in the same day I also got the chance to join the prerecorded Q&A session which apparently consisted of 17 interesting questions.


For example, one of the questions is: “Where is the line between us imposing our will vs simply teaching our child values?”


FAQ prerecorded

Prerecorded FAQ of The Last Lesson


Dr. Shefali’s simple answer got me bursting of laughter because it was so smart. She said: “Moral and value is not something that you have to teach, it is just part of the home and part of the culture”.


Wow! I didn’t expect such simple but right on the spot answer.


She said that our children will absorb any signs and energy that they are exposed to, and their behavior will reflect anything they absorbed.


That’s why, if you see them doing something that you consider as ‘wrong’, first thing first is reflect on yourself before talking with your kid about their very reason of doing wrong.


One of my biggest thought about parenting was how to control my kid’s behavior in the future. But that simple answer cleared up my mind.


Can you see that most of my burdens came from my overthinking? Didn’t you also see that this program provided the guide for me to ‘heal’ my inner child first before my child?


conscious parenting mastery 9


Yes, and again I tell you that this program is about healing your inner child’s wound first before transforming you into a conscious parent for your kid.


Overall, it all worked well for me. HOWEVER.


There are still several things that people who want to join this program need to understand to prevent them regretting their decision.


First thing first is, don’t expect perfect result, as nothing is perfect.


This program might give detailed information about what to do and what you can do. But you might want to learn about your real-life condition first before doing anything.


This program is not perfect, because every single person and every single child is different from one another. Some might require extra treatments; some might require little to no treatment at all.


It also means that the result can vary greatly to each person. For me, it might become a good guide to solve my overthinking problems. But for other, the whole course might appear like boring lecture.


conscious parenting mastery 4


Second thing I want new members to notice is, the course is delivered all-digital for 35 days long.


It means you have to deal with a lot of digital information to process. For you who are not familiar with accessing digital information, especially videos and pdf workbook, you might find it hard to keep up. Unlike when you access information through printed book.


It might be easier to open up a book to learn about parenting for case-by-case scenarios. Re-accessing books can also be easier than re-accessing 35 videos and find the exact topic.


And talking about book, Dr. Shefali is known for the author of The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children.


This book is the written version of the program, which mean if you want the written version of the program, you can literally purchase the book.


I don’t really know whether the contents would be similar, but every single review of the book tell almost exact the same description about the content of this book and the program.


For me, personally, if both provide the same contents, I’d rather choose the book because I like books more than digital version of anything.


product pinggir conscious parenting masteryBut by being digital course, you know that Conscious Parenting is accessible anywhere and anytime, as long as we have the gadget to access it.


And moreover, we will never lose the access because it doesn’t have any physical form. As I said above, each version has its own plus and minus.


Overall, according to my own experience with this program, I love it because of the contents. Any other things related to it is insignificant compared to the usefulness of this program.




How Other People Find Conscious Parenting


Okay, so that was how I see the program from my own point of view. But how do other people see Conscious Parenting?


Here I found some testimonials from other users, and commends from public figures about Conscious Parenting:*


“… Dr. Shefali Tsabary describes the importance of compassion in simple, secular terms, discussing how we can learn to develop it from our relationship with our children.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama


“If you want to understand relationships (partners, child/adolescent) and to become an overall authentic person I encourage all to take Dr. Shefali’s courses. Read Dr. Shefali’s wonderful books. Join her Luminous Group. Do all this and your life will be changed in a wonderful and enlightened way. I did the work, as Dr. Shefali always encourages, and have become a more fulfilled person, in my 60’s.”

Cathy Mirra (Social Worker. New Jersey, United States)


“Dr. Shefali's ability to see through to the heart of a family's challenges in order to expedite the healing process puts her in a league of her own. Her groundbreaking work is the long-sought-after elixir humanity needs to alleviate today's generation, and all those that follow, of unnecessary suffering. I'm forever indebted to her for the personal and professional transformation I've experienced as a result of applying her teachings, and have no doubt she will be remembered as one of the greatest leaders of our time.”

Kristen Schott (Elementary Teacher. San Diego, CA, United States)


Dr. Shefali’s work has given me a greater understanding of the ongoing process of growth and evolution. I am learning to embrace my own humanity, deconstruct patterns and walk this journey with empathy, compassion and acceptance of the present moment.”

 Annmarie Bowman (Ohio, United States)





Who Can Get Benefits of Conscious Parenting?


conscious parenting mastery 3


Wait, some of those who gave testimonials did not talk about parents-children relationship. That’s a bit weird, because this program is named Conscious Parenting.


  That’s indeed a little confusing. How can non-parental relationships get the benefits of this program?


This is the interesting part of this program. Even though you are not a parent, you may get some positives from following it.


Dr. Shefali stated that following the lessons can change you into a better person and opens up your awareness, because the lessons include a lot of self-reflection.

Indeed, most of the lessons are about reflecting our interaction with other people. For parents, the other people can be their kids.


  For those who are not parents, the other people can be anyone.


It can be your neighbors, it can be your spouse, it can be your colleague, your students if you are teachers, or even your parents.


Conscious Parenting will help you strengthen the link between you and them, or help repairing damaged links if any.


But if you are still skeptical about this course, I personally suggest you to check the free masterclass first to see whether this course is for you or not (yet).


  Afterall, there is nothing wrong in checking out a free masterclass that can improve yourself.


I’m Interested, How Can I Join?


product lengkap conscious parenting mastery


After checking out the free masterclass, there is big chance that you are interested in joining the full program like I did.


Especially when you can relate a lot about the problems being talked about in the masterclass like me, a confused young parent with zero experience.


To make things simpler, here I put a link you can visit to purchase Conscious Parenting by Dr. Shefali.


Visit This Link:



From following the link, you will be directed to the official sales page of the program. From the link, you will be given the chance to purchase it for $449!


That's a special and time-limited price which is $700 less than its original price, and it comes with 15 days money back guarantee.


You will also notice how accessing the link will provide you the chance to purchase Mindvalley all access with lower price too, which will grant you access to every single Mindvalley program without additional purchase in the future.


I suggest you to take the all access one if you want to improve a lot of aspects in your life. But if you only one to join the program and you can spare some time, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you to visit the FREE MASTERCLASS FIRST!


bonus free masterclass


Why? Because you will be granted access to two benefits as follows:


  •  Bonus: 5 Pre-recorded Group Coaching Call with Dr. Shefali.


  • Free lifetime upgrades for the program you purchase


  • ADDITIONAL PRICE CUT which makes the program is accessible for even lower price for anyone!


FREE Masterclass in This Link:



Conscious Parenting Verdict and Conclusion


So, after 35 days of joining the program, did I find Conscious Parenting satisfying?


Again, to answer that I think I should tell you this program is more than just a parenting class, despite the title of it.


Conscious Parenting is about self-improvement, especially about dealing with past mistakes and betterment in communicating with other people.


self assessment

Self Assessment Quiz


By that, you can see that this program provides two solutions for two different problems: mental burden of past mistakes, and mistakes in communication.


For me, it was the mental burden that caused stress and anxiety in welcoming my first child. And for that, Conscious Parenting provided me step-by-step solutions in the 35-days-long course.


As for now, I know I have become more accepting to the mistakes and upsets I had before and now I try to never burden my kid with the aftereffect.


The curriculum itself is so neat, that each day I think that the program is an update of what learned the day before. Tasks are not that difficult to do too, because mainly are about meditating and answering question as honest as possible.


Overall, it was a pleasant experience for me. However…


Conscious Parenting doesn’t provide any hand-outs, which means the whole course is delivered in video presentation done by Dr. Shefali herself.


In this case, learning can be a little bit difficult for those who find digital courses are not as enjoyable as printed out books.


And for further consideration, you have a lot of contents and values in the program, that finding a specific matter might take some time to browse in more than 35 of 20-30 minutes long videos.


  In my opinion, Conscious Parenting Mastery is designed to accompany someone to solve their problem while doing the course.


So, to know whether or not this program is suitable for you, it depends on what you are dealing with. And in case you are still wondering about it too, be sure to check the free masterclass.


Not only the free masterclass will give you a good insight about the content of the program, it also comes with better offer for the program.


And in case you decided to purchase the program and find it not as satisfying as you thought, you can claim its 15-days money back guarantee.




Conscious Parenting by Dr. Shefali is a program that will teach you how to deal with two main problems in parenting: letting go unpleasant experience and memories from the past, and improving our ability to communicate


This program, albeit the name, doesn’t aim only to help parents with their kids but it can be applied to anyone in general.


Results may vary greatly, since different person faces different problem in their lives. It comes with 15-days money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the contents.


To get a good insight about the content and other additional benefits, make sure to check out the free masterclass via the link provided above.


Conscious Parenting courses come with all-digital format in form of 20-30 minutes long videos accessible by any gadget you have, accompanied with pdf workbooks. No physical product is available







8.4 Total Score

Easiness To Practice
Author Credibility
  • Author Is A Legit Expert
  • Provides Free Masterclass
  • 15 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Mind-Opening Contents, Easy to Understand
  • Applicable for Everyone, Not Only Parents
  • All Digital Program, No Physical Products
  • Doesn't Guarantee Perfect Result
  • Content is Almost Similar to Author's Book
  • Length Of Program is More Than A Month
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