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Being born in a family where music plays a big part in our lives, I myself have a very big interest in music. My siblings and I have all took lessons for at least 2 types of instruments each. I on the other hand did take vocal lessons for a few months.

Even after vocal lessons I really did not feel much of a difference and I did not like my singing voice. I wasn’t tone deaf thank goodness, but I felt like my voice was strained. This resulted to no confidence whatsoever in singing in front of an audience.

The only people who have heard me sing were probably my family, my best friend, and my vocal teacher. Then I heard about Superior Singing Method, and to be honest I’ve tried many free online courses that did not help at all.

So of course I was skeptical on whether I should buy this product or not, but I’ve heard many good things so I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try. This is my fully honest review and whether you would like to purchase this product or not would be your decision.



What is The Superior Singing Method?

Superior singing method is a breakthrough method that does not only improve but also skyrocket your singing ability. This superior singing method is the ultimate method that everyone could ever wish for.

Whether you’re just a non-experienced beginner, or you’ve been singing for years, getting The Superior Singing Method is basically like hiring a full time singing coach for a one time fee.

The creator of this online singing program, Aaron Anastasi, has created and combined together a whole training package that consists of HD video lessons. Every lesson, tip, and vocal exercise is done on HD video that is highly comprehensible so you can follow along easily, and study over and over until you reach your goal.



Is the Course Legit?

Creator of the Superior Singing Method, Aaron Anastasi believes strongly that singing is something that can be learned by anyone with the right techniques and exercises and can improve upon anyone’s singing voice, even if they weren’t necessarily born with talent.

The main goal of this method is at improving tonality, power, voice control, agility, and vocalization & breathing pitch techniques.

The lesson can be reached online and made up of eight levels with each is targeting specific area, with a short video of Aaron demonstrating the focus of the lesson. For each level you have passed, the data are all set up so you can track your progress easily.

After each lesson, users are allowed to download the exercises of that particular lesson, so that later on, it can be uploaded to your mobile device. This is pretty neat, because you can practice anytime, maybe while waiting for your line at the dentist.

You can literally practice everywhere, while doing chores, babysitting or whatever else you do on the go.

Aaron, the creator of superior singing method, is a professional singer who’s worked with Grammy award winning producers and has toured around many parts of the world.

He’s also very well educated and he devoted himself to put all his knowledge to teach people how to sing. As he teaches and updates his vocal training course, he’s still singing and producing music himself.

Based on research itself and totally unbiased, this course seems pretty legit, not to mention Aaron himself has quite the number of followers. Meaning, many are suitable with Aaron's way of teaching.


Who is This Program Suitable For?


I think this program is suitable for singers or songwriters that use their own voice. Or maybe a regular person like me who thinks they can’t sing or are not good enough and you just want to improve your voice.

Those who already sing well but want to master their own voice or unable to hit the high notes and want to be able to hit them without any strain.

This program is suitable for anybody who wants to improve their voice overall or maybe learn how to sing from scratch. But you must be willing to put in the work to get better.



What Do You Get For Your Money?

The vocal sessions are organized into modules which mean one week of singing lessons, which includes 6 singing lessons, the seventh day of the week being for rest. The course includes 31 audio vocal lessons and 49 videos you must go through.

Module 1 – Warm Up Your Voice Before Singing

Module 2 – How to Breathe when Singing?

Module 3 – How to Sing with Great Vocal Tone?

Module 4 – How to Sing on Pitch?

Module 5 – How to Improve your Singing Voice’s Resonance

Module 6 – How to Sing High Notes and Mix Your Voice

Module 7 – Singing Exercises for Vocal Agility

Module 8 – Advanced Strengthening and Vocal Techniques

The Superior singing method cones in a package which includes Superior high notes, Vibrato, Vocal Health and access to their website where you will get more tips and advice on how to be a professional singer.

The High Notes system, Aaron says, includes videos, tips and exercises aimed at developing your ability to sing high notes.

Superior singing method offers more value with affordable price compare to another similar system. Jordan Upshaw of Tennessee wrote on his blog that the Superior Singing Method has “more extensive features” and it has “clear step by step instructions for improving your singing”.

The same sentiment was shared by other reviewers like Lindsay Taylor of Boston, who said that between the two, the Superior Singing Method offers more in terms of content.*




You will also get 2 extra modules as a bonus: “How To Overcome Stage Fright And Perform Your Best” and “Music Marketing”, which are advice on how to overcome your fear singing in front of an audience and how to make money from your singing. You will also get 2 bonus mini courses “Developing Your Head Voice” and “Vocal Agility”.

All those bonuses are at a $47 value, which is pretty excellent deal.

A bonus of 124 pages pdf manual is also added to the videos and audio files of the course. The catch of the Superior Singing Method is that a onetime purchase will give you the opportunity to receive lifetime of advice and tips from Aaron himself and access to others’ opinions.



Who is Aaron Anastasi?


Superior Singing Method - Aaron Anastasi

Aaron Anastasi

Aaron Anastasi is the founder and coach of the internationally recognized, Superior Singing Method, an online singing lesson program that grosses 7-figures annually. With over 10 million views and 100,000 subscribers, Aaron has the number 1 singing / life lesson channel on YouTube.

Aaron Anastasi is a professional singer and an accomplished vocal coach. Hundreds of people improved their singing voices with the help of Aaron. He uses both video and audio lessons to teach you how to sing better.

He’s also a serial entrepreneur with online businesses such as Superior Songwriting Method, Signing Success, and the internationally recognized, Superior Singing Method, an online singing lesson program that grosses seven-figures annually.

Aaron has the #1 singing/life lesson channel on YouTube and has over 15 million organic views and nearly a quarter million subscribers total on his three channels.

Aaron Anastasi



Kira, North Hollywood, CA:

Aaron!!!! Am I crazy to think that in only 6 days I have seen a tremendous improvement in my voice!!?!? I felt and heard it while singing, but I wanted to make sure so I recorded myself and BAM- so much more powerful. Thank you sooooo much. This is amazing …You totally saved me!*

Dylan, Georgia:

Aaron, I’m in the last week of the course and I just thought I’d say that the improvements I’ve seen are unlike anything I’ve ever expected!!! I thought I’d only sound this good in my dreams! It took me a little longer than most but I’ve finally seen the improvement I’ve been looking for!!! You’re awesome and thanks a bunch for creating this course!!!!*



Where to Buy?

This is a digital product, no hard DVD copy is available, however you are able to download the tutorial videos to upload to your mobile device to watch later. Once you make the purchase, you will be emailed the access to the landing page.

You can purchase the Superior Singing Method by clicking the button provided below. The course is on sale for $97 from $147 and all payments are secured with CLICKBANK.



Bottom Line

What I personally think as a person with average experience in singing, also not the type of person that is willing to spend much money on tutor class/an expert to teach me with vocals, I was doubtful with this course.

Besides that, as a person who works multiple part-time jobs, I don’t have enough time to go to a physical tutor lesson, or arrange an hour or two to learn singing.

My schedule is unpredictable, and applying for a tutor demands a fixed schedule, but after I heard about the Superior Singing Method, I was so thrilled.

So this is one of the benefits I am glad about, that I can learn to sing wherever and whenever I want, using only my gadgets and internet (wifi/mobile data). I do not have to worry about my schedule anymore because I can learn from the Superior Singing method during my free time.

Another plus is, the materials are given orally and verbally through videos and is also in written form using guide books. I think the way he delivers the message is comprehensible, and easy to follow and understand.

I’ve been following his courses and tips and tricks, and I would say there’s definitely improvement in my vocals especially in hitting high notes.*

High notes are my biggest weakness, sometimes I can reach them but my voice sounds very strained. Also the strength in my voice has gotten very strong since before I started the course.

I go to karaoke a lot with friends or family members, and not trying to brag but I have received many compliments.



This course takes dedication, even though you only need about 10 minutes of your time everyday, for the best results, make sure to not miss any courses, or only take the tutorials where you think you need help on.

It's better to start from scratch, and see how much the improvements make your singing sound so much better.



Similar to other online singing courses, The Superior Singing Method also has its pros and cons. It is also not a magical gateway to become a famous singer overnight.

Being a proper singer needs perseverance, and you have to go through a long process to reach to fame.

9.2 Total Score

Content Quality:
  • World-class vocal teacher with a large YouTube following
  • Affordable price and useful bonuses
  • Time-efficient
  • You will get a PDF e-book that summarizes all the important points
  • 60-day full money back guarantee
  • Only 10-15 minutes a day is needed
  • Demands dedication everyday for the best results
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