Custom Keto Diet Review – Is It Effective? Here’s The Result in 10 Days

Custom Keto Diet By Rachel Roberts's Honest Review – Who doesn’t want to have an ideal weight and a healthy body?

I’m sure everyone would want it. However when it comes to achieve it, not everyone is committed.

And I would totally understand that this kind of resistance may due to some issue that foreshadowing the diet process.

If we generate the word diet in our minds, we tend to think about giving up our favorite daily meals to an excruciating change in our menu.

There might only be bland and boring meals for lunch break. Some diet programs out there may even draw strict rules without considering that our body needs a certain amount of nutrition to operate healthily.

But don’t you worry despite those crappy diet programs that would possibly wreck your body metabolism and lead you to eating disorder; there are still programs out there that you can healthily follow, one of which is CUSTOM KETO DIET.


Source: | Credit: Foodie Factor

And how effective this program to help you lose weight?

Stay tuned for I’ve bought this program for my mom and had every progress she makes noted down.

But before we dive into her weight loss report, I think we as smart buyers should first talk about the most important thing we need to consider before buying:



Custom Keto Diet; Who Created this Program?

Custom Keto Diet is an 8 weeks diet program created by Rachel Roberts.

custom keto diet

Who is she?

At first, with such a thorough and an articulate program, I thought she was a kind of personal nutritionist. But as I looked up and tried to find who she really is, there’s nothing much information about her rather than she is the author of the program and she works with couple of other people to build this diet program.

Still curious about who she is I decided to drop a question to their customer help center and ask them directly regarding what’s her background to be able to make such program. It doesn’t take too long for them to respond to my question and they informed that:


She is a user of the keto diet and saw how powerful it was so decided to make it easy for everyone else to use too.”

Well, Not as I expected her to be. But at least she’s not pretending to be other than who she really is. And if she’s honest with this little thing chances are she’s honest with the whole program and how the program could help people out to lose their weight.

Nevertheless, this program is created based on scientific research and studies (all cited). And as I’ve mentioned earlier, Rachel Roberts isn’t alone. She works with a team, she has united some experts like leading nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs to develop the Custom Keto Diet in the way that are, effective, affordable, convenient, and most importantly enjoyable.


How Custom Keto Diet could help you achieve your weight goal?

It’s by eating a dietary high-fat.

Well this may sound odd and stand on the contrary of the old belief and simple logic that eating fat must equal getting fat. However the latest study has proven that this belief is totally misguided.

In fact, eating high-fat make you have a much faster metabolism.

And as quoted from JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) that:


“The real villain when it comes to weight gain is sugar (carbs) and not fat.”

Why is that so?

  • Eating sugar raises your blood sugar; it causes a spike in your fat storage hormone- insulin. Spiked in insulin causes: hunger, cravings, overeating, it will also subsequently slowing metabolism and storing more belly fat.


Source: | Credit: Bru-nO

Dr. Ludwig, Harvard professor has also conducted a study to test two different diets: (1) high-fat, low-carbs with (2) low-carbs, high-fat through a method called crossover trial, and the result was the high-fat, low-carbs diet did better.

In fact:

  • Our body need fat in order to function properly, ‘cause fat helps: (1) absorb vitamins, minerals from the food that we eat. (2) The deficit of fat makes us tend to eat more carbs, and remember carbs is the villain.

This whole idea of eating high-fat, low carbs will make our body entering a metabolic state called ketosis. And this is good, ‘cause at this point your body will turn into a fat burning machine which is the most important thing your body does to lose weight.


Will ketosis affect your body in a bad way?

There are indeed side effects to consider while your body is trying to adapt the ketosis. Due to each person has different body adaptability; you might / might not experience some of these things:

  • Keto flu, this can happen when your body begins to adapt the minimal carb intake and gone once you’re adapted. The symptoms of these include sugar cravings, nausea, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, weakness, irritability, poor concentration, muscle cramps, sleep problem, and dizziness.
  • Keto breath, being in ketosis can also release acetone that affects the breath. However this acetone drops when your body adapts the high-fat diet. As solutions; make sure you maintain proper oral hygiene, drink enough water, or chew sugar free gum. All solved.

Despite the side effects of keto diet (which not everyone affected), scientifically, ketosis will otherwise give you much bigger benefit for your body, it could:




  • Improve brain functioning.
  • Manage or even reverse diabetes
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Improve gut health
  • Prevent and treat certain cancer type

Now what do you think about the facts of keto diet?


Through the awesomeness of keto diet this program was born. This diet program may not be the only one who seized the effectiveness of keto diet concept and decided to spread it all over the world so people could have easier access to it; however what makes this program special is their leading innovation to make it personalized.

It can be really overwhelming to get yourself into ketosis if you don’t know the right dosage to do so. And as to overcome that matter, this program will do all the jobs and give you; your personalized keto meal plan based on your current condition and the goal you wanted to achieve.


Learn More about Your Personalized Keto Plan


What Comes on Your Lap?

As I’ve said earlier that this program is personalized therefore you need to first of all answer some questions regarding your:

  • Gender
  • Types of daily activity
  • Food preferences (meat and veggies and dairy products)
  • Current body measurement (age, height, weight, and target weight)

And after all data is submitted and paid (obviously), here you go; you can access yours and start your personalized plan right away. As to get started you can see a warm welcome video by the author, Rachel Roberts, herself.


custom keto diet

A Snapshot inside the Member Site

There are some pages on the site. And let’s take a look at each of the pages. First and for most is:



custom keto diet

At the top of the display you can see your information align with your daily calories intake, and other nutrition like protein, fats, and carbs. There’s also a little reminder of your target weight. Well, Custom Keto Diet is designed to be an 8 weeks program, however in my mom’s case you can take a look at the tiny description that it was expected in 30 days. I think this estimation may differ depends on how much weight you wanted to lose.

Have I mentioned that this program is thorough?

I mean, look at the minutiae that they made on the diet plan which I didn’t expect:

  • Daily water intake, this may seem nothing but I gotta tell you that it would help you to anticipate the keto flu and the keto breath.
  • Printable meal plan recipes and shopping list. For me it can be inconvenient to bring any gadget in the kitchen, so yeah I go with papers. And for the weekly shopping list? It’s really handy.
  • Swap for keto fast food, featured with many fast food restaurants, such as; McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, Burger King, and many more. A good alternative not to skip any meal in a busy day, don’t you think?

And for the main part of this page is your daily meal plan. You’ll get to eat 4 times a day; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You don’t have to be bother about calculating the nutrition or anything ‘cause they already do the job. All you need to do is to rely on that and watch the progress.


KETO 101

custom keto diet

Do you need to read the e-book in order to lose weight?

No you don’t, but if you want to know what kind of diet you got yourself into, then you do.

This e-book isn’t boring at all, it compact yet complete. When other program would have it separated in 5 to 6 different e-books, this “Keto Diet 101” has it all gathered in 1.

About the book:

  • It’s short (26 pages only) but it’s guaranteed to be the most valuable resource you’ve ever gotten yourself into.
  • Everything is based on scientific research and proven studies (with all of its sources cited by the end of the book)

The content of the book:

  • How the keto diet work
  • Why keto diet maximizes fat loss
  • The benefits of keto diet
  • The keto diet set up
  • Keto diet common mistake
  • Keto diet trouble shooting (battling some problems that appear as you’re on the diet process)
  • How to track ketosis
  • FAQ regarding keto diet



If you’re not much into reading, Custom Keto Diet has a solution for you; they break down the 101 keto e-book into 9 videos:


custom keto diet

A Snapshopt of One of the Keto 101 Videos


  • Keto introduction
  • What is the ketogenic diet
  • Benefit of ketogenic diet
  • Keto diet and blood pressure
  • What do I eat on keto diet
  • How does the keto diet work
  • Getting started on the keto diet
  • Keto tips hacks and conclusion
  • Keto recipes



Despite the recipes that are displayed on your daily keto plan, you can also switch it up with the other recipes served by the program (it’s totally optional). How many recipes will you have?

custom keto diet

They’re 11 in total. Each book contains 30 recipes, and each recipe complemented with its nutrition facts. These recipes are not repeated, they are covering a wide range type of foods and they’re indeed very appetizing to try. What are those recipes?

  • Fast keto recipes
  • Keto cookies
  • Keto avocado recipes
  • Keto savory foods
  • Keto deserts
  • Keto chocolate treats
  • Keto superfood smoothie
  • Keto bacon
  • Keto fat bombs
  • Keto peanut butter treats
  • Keto party snacks



As a matter of fact that some of the keto dieters might experience the keto flu then you might want to check out this page and find a supplement as anticipation. If you don’t know which one to get; the supplement page has already give some effective recommendation lists together with its usage information to help you boost your diet process.



This page contains a lot of commonly used ingredients in your custom keto plan that you can ordered and have them send to your door to save up time. However not every country is available for the product shipping.

Note: I personally don’t get much value of these 2 pages (supplements and ingredients) since the majority of the products are not shipped to my country. But if they do, they’ll cost a lot. So, I’ll pass.

Last but not least:



Before you sent them question, it would be better for you to check on their FAQ list first ‘cause it’s probably been answered, so you don’t have to be bothered to send them any message and to wait for the customer help center to respond.

Is that all?

Nope, there’s one useful BONUS awaits you.



custom keto diet

Is this bonus useful?

Well you decide. We might notice that online program’s bonus can be impractical sometimes. And even this keto diet program says that we don’t have to read or implement this book. However, just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful.

Intermittent fasting can be perfectly combined with your keto diet to deepen ketosis and turn your body into a fat burning machine. And it can be very useful to optimize your diet result further. And through intermittent fasting you can also fasten your body metabolism by 3.6 % up to 14 %.

Here’s the sneak peek inside the book:

  • What is intermittent fasting
  • In what ways intermittent fasting helps you lose more fat on the keto diet
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting
  • To whom the intermittent fasting is implacable
  • How to perform intermittent fasting into your custom keto diet
  • Info of some foods that you can consume while fasting
  • Info of the right amount of hydration your body need while fasting

Alright now, with the goods and bonus unloaded, do they really work?


Custom Keto Diet Weight Loss Report; 10 Days Experience

I bought this program for my dearest mother couple of weeks ago (however only 10 days counted). I was shocked when my mom said she needs to lose weight.

Apparently self-consciousness can affect everyone at any ages, my mom for instance. Though, there’s other important thing that my mom is also concerned about which is her health. She felt that her current weight slowed her a little bit and it seemed to make her body can’t function like it used to.

Without being over generalized, it’s pretty common for Indonesian, especially women, to have a small talk about someone’s body weight.

The possible scenario might go like this:

“Hey, long time no see, you gain some weight ya?”

A little forward but don’t be flattered. What kind of small talk is that? I don’t know, I don’t get it either.

And because of this small talk lots of women can become more self-conscious about her weight including my mom.

My mom’s weight is never stepped higher than 47 kg when she was younger. And now as she is older she apparently likes to crave more foods. And as you all know; Asian, especially Indonesian, we eat rice (not once, not twice, but trice and maybe more) in a day, and rice contains high carbs.

Long story short, my mom gained weight. Here’s her information:


My Mom's Weight before Custom Keto Diet

If I calculate her BMI (Body Mass Index), my mom doesn’t really need to lose her current weight, for with the BMI equation:

With the range results:

Below 18.5      = Underweight

18.5 – 24.9       = Healthy weight

24.9 – above    = Overweight

It means, my mom’s current weight is considered in a healthy range (her BMI is 20.69).

And if her goal is to go back to 47 kg, she’d still in her healthy body weight range. With this kind of fact, I agree to help her to reach it out. And finally came up with the Custom Keto Diet Program.

So far, is my mom satisfied with it?

Yes, she is 

However, even with the right and straight forward diet program like this, as a newbie with a completely different set of menus, my mom was indeed experiencing trouble.


The struggle as a newbie

The number one problem I noticed is whether or not someone has strong determination to completely rely on the program’s custom meals for the personal daily usage. And unfortunately, my mom wasn’t having it strong enough. She had a couple of dinner and wedding invitations and here goes the diet program needs to start all over again.

It doesn’t mean that the custom keto meals were plain and dull to eat; in fact, they vary and taste good. It’s just a matter of self-commitment.

As to overcome this problem, I finally decided to go all the way (I feel responsible for signing her up) and I need to pay close attention to help my mother (making the meals included). And thankfully, my mom made a promise to me and most importantly to herself that she’d stick to it until she got what she aimed for.

And don’t forget, as suggested to the program:


“Don’t get fixated on the number on your scale”

How often should you need to weigh yourself, you may ask?


“Once a week is pretty fair” suggested the program.

However, we decided to go extra mile and not checking it out until 10 days. Fingers crossed.

The preparation

As we are our own cooks, we need to prepare the ingredients ourselves. But don’t you worry if you’re too busy to do that; the program can help you, they’ve already created your weekly printable shopping list that you can download from the dashboard.

custom keto diet

Basically you will get to eat four times (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack) of custom keto meals per day, and of course they vary so you don’t get bored for eating the same cycle of meals.

By varied, I mean, keto Diet has a bunch of recipes (in addition of some featured fast food restaurants menus) entails with the detailed nutrition information that you can access in (1) your already made weekly keto meals or (2) by clicking ‘recipes’ to get other variations like smoothies, peanut butter treats, cookies, and many more.

custom keto diet

Note: please bear in mind if you’re going out of your already made plan to try other custom keto’s recipes you have to consider calculating the right number of calorie substitutions yourself.

However if you’re more practical like we are, and don’t mind to have the same cycle as long as they taste good, you definitely can pick some meals to rotate through and doesn’t need to make all the plan meals. You do you.

So, in my mom’s case:

We only picked four types of meals to consume each day that are matched her daily calorie needs.

custom keto diet

With 1209 cal/day, here are the fantastic four that my mom eats:


Spinach and Quail Eggs: 254 kcal | Credit: Garnesi


“Potato” Keto Salad: 372 kcal | Credit: Garnesi


Spinach Soup: 311 kcal | Credit: Garnesi


Keto BBQ Chicken Kabobs: 337 kcal | Credit: Garnesi

For the Spinach and Quail Eggs, I make a  modification in the process. I replace the 1 tsp ground pumpkin to 25 g sliced avocado. I chose avocado as the replacement since it’s hard to find ground pumpkin and avocado itself is a low- carbs fruit, so yeah, I give it a go.

The other 3 meals, I make it exactly as it told. And for  the Keto BBQ Chicken Kabobs, I make some extras ‘cause not just my mom, I love it so much.

Besides these four tasty meals, don’t forget the water intake. For my mom is 2.2 ltr/day.

In case you’re wondering:

“While on diet does your mom experience the keto flu?”

Luckily, she doesn’t. I think it must be because the right amount of diet meals and enough hydration. And maybe because my mom’s digestion is highly adaptable.


The 10 days result

Has my mother achieve her goal yet?

Well, not yet, but she’s quite there. In 10 days she lost 1.4 kg *. Her weight now is 49.8 kg!


My Mom's Weight Loss after Custom Keto Diet

And with this kind of progress, we believe that 47 kg is definetely achievable in the near future!


Do Other People Enjoy the Program As Well?

Yes, they do. There are indeed so many positive feedback * spill over the internet. Here is some of what they say about the program:

Jessica Grey from US says:

“I'm 4 weeks into my custom keto diet plan and I've lost 14 pounds which I must say is pretty incredible, it's actually amazing watching my body transform into something I am actually proud of rather than something I have always tried to cover up.”

Katy Thompson from UK says:

“As of today I've lost 35 pounds, I have no hunger pangs and mentally I feel sharp as a pin. This is definitely going to become a ‘way of life' for me as it's so easy to follow… All my meals are planned out for me and I even get a downloadable shopping list with all the ingredients I need for the weekly shop so it really is a doddle.”

custom keto diet


Is This Program Suitable for Everyone?

YES but NOT really, this program is good for everyone regardless of gender and age, however there are things to consider:

  • Pregnant woman. Though some say that keto diet is safe for pregnant woman however this program doesn’t recommend you to do it if you’re pregnant. There’s not enough research regarding to this matter. So, don’t.
  • Those who are reluctant to take action.
  • Mr. Know-it-all who think they know everything and unwilling to follow expert’s instructions.


Here’s How to Sign Up

So, if you’re not pregnant and willing to take the chance to act, here’s what you need to do:

Take the quiz. Answer the given questions, this will allow them to create your perfect personalized plan for 8 weeks ahead.


Start Your Custom Keto Quiz Now

You can also directly visit their official website to read some interesting facts regarding keto diet, and then take the survey there (apparently it’s inevitable) then you can check out your cart.

The actual price for the whole package as being a par with having a personalized nutritionist you have to pay an average of $ 900. However you don’t have to pay that much ‘cause this program will only cost you $ 37 and with which you have a lifetime access. Sounds good to you?



Plus you will also get the benefit of 60 days of 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the result by drop them a message HERE. This benefit will help you eliminate your doubt to start an action ‘cause it risk free. And if any program would give you this kind of benefit chances are they’re sure that their program will work for you.


Final Verdict

After seeing a significant progress of my mother’s weight loss, yes, I would certainly recommend this program for you to try. Why would I recommend this program for you?

Let me sum it up:

  • It’s personalized, it’d make you feel like you’re hiring a personal nutritionist but instead of paying it $ 900, you’ll only get to pay $ 37.
  • They have the benefit up to 60 days money back guarantee. The customer satisfaction is prioritized here. As a newbie this benefit somewhat makes me feel safe to click on purchase. But as I’ve seen that this program works for my mom, I’ll definitely stick to it.
  • It’s straight forward. You don’t even have to read the e-books. They’re just supporting. If you only wanted to lose weight and not be bothered with anything else, stick to the plan and have your progress on record.
  • This program is thorough. Your keto plan will give you not just what to eat but how much water should you drink during a day. It also gives alternatives that you can easily follow when you’re busy; you can always grab the food at your nearest fast food restaurant (as previously listed in this post). And you don’t have to be worry the fast foods suggested by the program have all been calculated in a way that doesn’t make you gain weight but the contrary.
  • It contains BONUS too. Is it just a frivolous bonus? Nope, you’ll get much value with this bonus as “intermittent fasting for keto dieters” method will help boost metabolism up to 14 % faster. And it works perfectly with your keto diet.

And as to answer the question I put on the title “How effective is this diet program?” the answer is highly effective.

Wanna give it a go?




Custom Keto Diet is a program made to allow people to get their very own diet plan according their current information and body measurement.

The plan and information provide by this program is all based on scientific research and proven studies to create personalized keto diet plans with which maximize the fat burning through the right amount of each individual correct calories and macronutrients.

This program known as to lose up the avarage of 7 kg (15 pounds) in 4 weeks, however, weight loss may vary to each individual. There’s no guarantee implied.

PS: This post is created based on real user’s (my mom’s) personal experience as a result of implementing the custom keto plan for 10 days.

8.6 Total Score

Content quality:
Author's credibility:
Practicality :
Customer Help Center:
  • The diet program is personalized based on your gender, favourite food, weight, height, and your target
  • The content is simple and easy to use
  • The availability of 60 days warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Bonus available
  • Life time access
  • You can eat keto fast food if you don't have time to cook
  • There's only a little information about the author's credibility
  • The result is not guarantee
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