12 Week Yoga Burn Challenge: How I Get Better Sleep and Fewer Period Cramps After A Month

12 Week Yoga Burn Challenge Full Review – If you are reading this, chances are either you want to lose weight or merely curious about starting a yoga class by yourself. Whatever it is, both can answer your questions. As for mine, I’ll go with the latter option.

Before continuing my post, I want to congratulate all of you who strive until this day on. It has been some weird months to ever happen for most of us, yet we are still healthy and that’s the important thing.

The point is I know most people gained weight –unintentionally– during the past months. Said consuming food made you better or fitness center was closed that time, either way, few pounds has entered the chat – no turning back. But, here I’ll show you a great deal to get your body just like before.

This is Yoga Burn, a digital body shaping program for women from a certified yoga instructor. It helps women lose weight and shape their bodies within 12-week.

I personally tried this class for a full 4-week and let me tell you, I am a beginner beginner yoga student. There will be a video to show you how newbie I was but now I’d say not a week passed without yoga!

Without further ado, let’s dive into what so special about this program.



What is Yoga Burn?

zoe bray cotton yoga burn

Created by Zoe Bray-Cotton, an International personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, and female transformation specialist; Yoga Burn is a specialized digital yoga class to help women lose weight, shape their body, and reach confidence.

Yoga Burn isn’t that yoga class you can find anywhere, in which you need an instructor to help you start doing one. Instead, you can learn yoga by yourself with Yoga Burn as it is available to download and stream anytime you want.

The 3-phase approach to natural and healthy weight loss is what makes Yoga Burn is so unique compare to similar programs out there. These phases are designed carefully to fit whoever starts doing yoga even as a first-timer. It lessens the occurrence of certain injuries as the technique goes from easy to hard mode. So, instead of enrolling in a local yoga class, Yoga Burn can be a good option for starting on your own.


Inside the Yoga Burn Challenge

download page yoga burn challenge

There will be a 3-phase approach for 12 weeks long with each phase consists of 3 workout videos for 45 minutes. A single workout video compiles three parts of a 15-minute long yoga technique with 10 seconds to rest. This repetition will allow you to fully learn and memorize the correct pose.

As bonuses, there are 4 additional videos and specialized calendars to help you follow up with the program.

In brief, you will only need yourself, a yoga mat, and a laptop/phone to stream the videos. Voila! Now you can start yoga burn challenge on your own.

Phase 1. Foundation Flow

In this phase, you will learn a solid yoga foundation by executing a proper form and strong mind-body connection. Your body will adapt to the technique in the first 4-week before continuing the next exercises. Additionally, you start to build lean body muscle and have fun at the same time.

Phase 2. Transitional Flow

This is a sequence of muscle building with the focus on the upper body, lower body, and core. It teaches you how to combine the moves in phase 1 into a smooth flow that allows you to burn more calories. Also, these sequences will help you focus on the present moment which replicates a meditation.

Phase 3. Mastery Flow

The last phase is designed to get the most workout pose done within a short time. It allows you to burn even more calories, fire your metabolism, and obviously get that sexy hourglass body. The workout sequences will spice things up; combining all the techniques we learn from phases 1 and 2.   



Why should you try Yoga Burn Challenge?

yoga techniques

credit: yoga-burn.net

First of all, yoga may not fit everyone but almost anyone can start doing one. Yoga itself is a series of pose and gentle work-flow with breathing techniques, making it a versatile workout choice regardless of the age and fitness level. Moreover, there is a lot of benefit from doing yoga which you may never know.

In this science-based health article, yoga can promote certain benefits to our body including:

Decrease stress level

Relieve anxiety

Improve heart health

Reduce chronic pain

Improve sleep quality

Gain strength and stamina

Improve body posture and many more. 

However, a certain yoga technique can help burn more calories which results in a weight loss.

If you have one of those problems above, you may consider Yoga Burn challenge for your workout routine. As this program is designed to practitioner from a beginner level to an advance one, both can get the most of it.


What did others say about this class?

Mary Morency Ferguson – Just finished phase one and I am down 2 1/2 inches off my waist! I’m obsessed with your DVD’S and look forward to my workout every day! I do them 5 days a week because I love them so much. Thank you, Zoe!*

Jennifer Ottomanelli – I am in week 9… I am almost 50 years old and was having trouble losing some extra pounds. I have lost 8 pounds in 8 weeks but, more importantly, I feel amazing thanks to Yoga Burn Challenge! You rock Zoe!! Thanks so much for making this series available!*

Ashley Young – I was skeptical when I first saw a post from you about Yoga Burn Challenge eight months ago, but I wanted to try it to see if it would help me with my anxiety from a diagnosis my daughter got almost three years ago. I absolutely love you Zoe and Yoga Burn. I again was looking for an outlet and while doing so, I found a piece of me that I didn’t even know existed. And I have to mention, I started as a size 7 and I now wear for the first time in my life a size 3. Thank you for all you do and for helping me be a better me.*

Angela Bargerstock – Hands down best programs I’ve tried (and the only ones I’ve stuck with!) I have the 12-week program, the entire monthly set, and just recently got the booty challenge. It’s great to be able to have lots of options -there truly is some yoga here for any kind of mood or Fitness level emoticon soooooooo worth it.*



My personal 4-week Yoga Burn Challenge

yoga inspiration

credit: unsplash.com

Oh girls, did I tell you how beginner beginner I was? I barely a full-time gym person let alone start working out at home. The exercises I fancy the most are swimming and aerobics, whereas you know the circumstances won’t let me do the former. As for the latter, I guess, Rasputin – Just Dance will do justice for my laziness.

So yeah, that was me… a month ago.

Ah, before continuing I will make a disclaimer that my intention to doing yoga was never to lose weight (I am quite skinny, FYI) but shape my body. I know that a summer body is kind of everyone’s goal but for me. I just want to develop some muscles here and there, and if it turns out an hourglass shape well, I don’t mind either.

Here I challenged a full month of Yoga Burn with thrice workout a week. I usually did yoga early in the morning or late afternoon.


Week 1.

This is embarrassing but I barely finished 15 minutes (part 1). It was so hard. I felt nausea after exercising. That was the first day ever I tried yoga technique in my life – not even exaggerating.

The second day was nothing better. I didn’t finish the first part. My nausea was still there but not that much anymore.

The third day was finally the day I finished 15 minutes workout without resting. I felt slightly better with no more nausea; however, my body was all aching the following days.



Week 2.

I knew it supposed to be the second workout videos but looking at my track record I didn’t think to follow up the next part if I had not mastered the first one. So, I decided to focus on improving the first workout technique.

On day one, I successfully finished a 30-minute long workout video with some rest in between. There was no nausea at all and I finally managed the breathing technique.

Second and third exercise days were better than before with the latter was only within 15 minutes. I continued doing another exercise.

I felt that starting this week on, I had better sleep since I suffered from insomnia a long time ago (I tried other methods to help this issue with meditation music). This led me to a fresh body and mind in the morning.


Week 3. 

Starting this week, I began my second quest with the next workout session. As expected, I could only manage to finish the first video part. And yes, it’s getting harder. However, I didn’t have nausea as I did in the first-ever yoga workout.

For me, it was quite exhausting but challenging; since I had better sleep I intended to continue the workout for as long as I could. 

The following days were never better. I had no longer aches on my body and started to feel lightweight. 


Week 4.

This was the last video workout of the first phase. I began exercising for 15 minutes on the first day and 30 minutes the following days. The reason was, of course, my body needs an introduction to a certain workout. So, I always did it gradually with no pressure to achieve a full 45-minute long exercise. 

In fact, I never did a full workout as suggested by the author. I was burnt out and I guess, that was enough, eh? 

To conclude, I did workout thrice a week with 15-30 minutes long each. 

After finishing the 4-week challenge, the side-impact I never thought could happen is that I had less pain during my period. That was like a great deal besides the better sleep I got the past weeks. Also, my mind started to worry less and that’s enough to put a smile to me.* 

And of course, there is this thing going on about weight-loss and tone-up body. Since I ramble about how I wanted to muscle-up my body, uh well… I don’t think 4-week is enough to build muscle. I am still that skinny girl – without the crappy, obviously.

However, I did lose weight without my intention after this whole yoga session. The thing is that I never wanted to lose pounds, even though I did check my body weight before partaking the challenge. I was 50kg and now I’m 49kg lol.*

I know it’s probably nothing considering how careless I was to not following up on the 45-minute workout. But, if a care-free me with only 15-30 minutes exercise can lose a kilogram, so can you!



Interesting… Here is to purchase Yoga Burn

yoga burn meditation

Worry no more; here you can purchase your own yoga class to achieve a healthy and summer body. I know all the stories may be tempting but I assure you it is your time to create your story.

Yoga Burn only costs $37 included bonus videos and physical collection. The digital videos and bonuses can be both streamed online and downloaded for a better experience. You will also receive a calendar for a full 12-week program. This way, you won’t miss out on exercise while tracking your session.

Moreover, there's a 60-day money-back guarantee with no question needed. It is so convenient for you who want to try it first.


Final verdict

Yoga Burn is definitely apt for every woman trying to pursue a healthy weight and body shape. It is easy to follow and beginner-friendly. And of course, a humble home-workout.

Today’s circumstances are really challenging, in which a ‘healthy body’ is now everyone’s ultimate goal. This condition, though, won’t let people exercise as they used to be; certain options are now surfacing to keep our body get enough energy. Yoga class is one of the best options.

However, starting yoga without an instructor can be quite harmful if a participant does not follow the correct technique. Although multiple free yoga videos are around, still one cannot simply do yoga without the first step. This is what Yoga Burn is competent in doing so.

Recorded by a certified yoga instructor, Yoga Burn allows you to follow yoga from step one continuing to higher steps. Each phase has been carefully designed so that one’s body can adapt to the yoga pose gradually.

What I love about Yoga Burn are those thoughtful phases. I was and am still a beginner, but I didn’t find it super hard to follow the technique. Yes, it was hard but it was doable. The 3 parts on each video didn’t really intimidate me at all since I found a way to let my body learn the exercise gradually.

After challenging myself for a full 4-week, I feel certain changes happen inside my body (and mind):

I had better sleep in the second week. It wasn’t the tiredness that talked but it merely my body wanted to sleep. This led me to wake up freshly in the morning.

I had fewer period cramps. This annoying problem always occurred monthly on the first day of my period. Sometimes the pain was manageable but the other time was like hell. However, this month I felt less pain than before, I guess, it’s another big deal.

I lost a kilogram. I didn’t know if this counted since I didn’t really pay attention to losing weight in the first place. But yeah, I did.

Overall, I’d say this Yoga Burn is very satisfying for me as I don’t find a big flaw from this program. The only critic I will say for Zoe is that the author needs to explain what commonly mistake happens for a beginner. I believe I did so many wrong pose and breathing technique but I didn't know which is which.



Before partaking this program, it is advisable to get a word from a personal physician as a certain health condition may not work better with yoga exercise. It is also important to follow the phase gradually since it was designed to get the body adapted to it.

This yoga workout can be beneficial for those who attempt to lose weight and shape the body. However, the result can vary from each person based on the initial condition and workout frequency.

I did customization to my exercise routine. Instead of doing workout 1 2 3 in a span of a week, I did workout 1 for the first week, workout 2 for the second week, and so on. It allowed me to follow the instructor easily and let my body to adapt for certain techniques.




8.4 Total Score

Physical result
  • Applicable
  • Gives real impact
  • Created by a legit author
  • You can do it at your own home
  • A lifetime access (downloadable content)
  • Social media community is active
  • Man can also do this program
  • 60-day money back guarantee with no question
  • No do's and don'ts information
  • Beginner may find it difficult to follow the breathing techniques as there's no tutorial on this aspect
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