Life Makeover Coaching – Finally A Program That Trully Cares!

Isn’t it tiring to be in a self-help program that only keeps you motivated for a while before you’re going back to the old habit?

For me it is.

And if you wonder why, that’s just how we are. Let’s face it, We tend to improvise. By improvise I mean, PUTTING OFF.

We felt so aspired to be productive while we’re still in. But after few weeks or even days, the program’s ended, here we go again…

We’re going back to the notion of “I’ll do it tomorrow” (or whatever excuses there might be)… until we end up never doing it.

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So, if we’re on the same page here, I’d like to introduce you to a program that has the high possibility of not letting you fall off. It creates a definite guidance called an 8-step system (an integrated and do-able guide) to help you solve this kind of problem well; a program that assists you with expert life coaches!

All you need to do is to show up at the coaching call once a week for 4 months in a row and stick with it. Then, you’ll notice a change to your mindset as well as habits that can bring you closer to your goal.

That’s not it,

You’ll also be able to create more balance in 8 life categories:

  1.   Money & Finance
  2.   Business and Career
  3.   Relationships
  4.   Health and Wellness
  5.   Personal, Spiritual and Professional Development
  6.   Recreation & Play
  7.   Personal Environment
  8.   Service & Life Contribution

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…

Life Makeover Coaching

I’ve tried it for 3 weeks! And with some research I gathered before enrolling plus the actual judgment of being in the program; I’d say that this program works and will hypothetically still work even if you don’t renew the 4-month subscription.

In this post, I’ll go over the information about what this program is about, how this program works, what’s inside the package, some benefits, pricing, customers’ testimonials as well as my 3-week experience. But before that, let’s get to know the person behind this program.

So stay tuned!

Who Makes Life Makeover Coaching Possible?

It’s T. Harv Eker.

life makeover

He is the founder of T. Harv Eker’s International, businessman, motivational speaker, and the author of Secrets of The Millionaire Mind. His book hits number-one on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestsellers lists on its first week, even beating Harry Potter.

One thing I found interesting about Harv is his conviction that anyone can be successful and rich – no exceptions. In his interview with, he says that even the sociological factors (race, class, gender, sexuality, and age) can’t be the barriers.

“everyone's going to have obstacles. Everyone. The only question is, will those obstacles overcome you or will you overcome those obstacles?” – T. Harv Eker

Well, it doesn’t mean that there’s no structural discriminations out there ‘cause that would be ignorant. But being aware of these limitations does not equal to letting it overcome you ‘cause if it does that’d be your choice. In fact, 80% of people who become a self-made millionaires and billionaires started with nothing – this includes him.

Though Harv Eker is now known as a successful man, the story before that is quite the opposite. Harv was once broke, had a variety of jobs, and started a ton of different business but never hit success, not even when he grew his retail business up to 10 stores within two and a half years. He’s still not quite there because after almost two years of mismanagement he lost all his money. And he’s going back to the start.

Through that hard time, he decided to get back up and developed his own theories about people’s mental and its relationship with money. He implemented it to himself and saw how it changed his life completely.

And as he already made a vow to himself:

“…if I ever get rich, I’m going to help others to do the same…”

Here goes the program; Life Makeover Coaching was born.

What is Life Makeover Coaching?

Life Makeover Coaching is an answer to a question:

“Why is it hard to change your life?”

We hope that we can follow the healthy diet habits, productivity habits, better finances, or even quitting bad habits. However, most of the time we fell short of it.


The main reason is the internal world, what inside our heads.

But why would we stand in our own way?

I might be oversimplified this answer but it’s been there for years, creating patterns, and these patterns becoming parts of our coping mechanism when dealing with difficulties.

Our brains will react to any difficulty and send a red alert to avoid it or postpone it. Now you see how procrastination habit came from.

Moreover, change is never easy, that’s why sticking with it is hard.

Then how do we conquer this?

We need to hold accountable to our goals, make it a habit. But that’s the problem, isn’t it? It’s hard to stay accountable, it’s hard to break the long-built pattern.

Well… that’s why we can’t do it alone.

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New research out of Ohio State University shows that people tend to be more committed to their goals after they share them with the one who they see as “higher status”.

The keyword here is to share it with higher status people or those who we would consider as an expert or at least more expert than us. Because we need to be careful, not everyone can be a support system.

You can also check out a FREE WEBINAR when Harv explains: “how society set us to mediocrity”.


With that being said, the Life Makeover Coaching program can be a great solution for this matter. This program knows exactly what we need and why we need it – expert life coaches will come to your rescue. These people will help you to stay accountable; they will give you advice and guidance as well.

What’s even better is this program is not only working on your personal goal but they will also help you to have more balance in 8-life categories because it’s not cool to have money but suck at relationship or health or whatnot.

These 8 categories are:

  1. money & finance
  2. business & career
  3. relationships
  4. personal environment
  5. recreation & play
  6. health & wellness
  7. service & contributions
  8. personal, spiritual & personal development

How does this program work to Help You?

This program is designed to help you maintain your progress and to get you into the habit of doing what you said by a proven process – a definite guide called the 8-step system.

If summed up, this system will rotate through these words:

Goal -> Strategy making -> Action taking -> Accountability

Looks simple but the benefit is profound, this will systematically create balance in life and get you closer to your personal goal.

Different from other self-help programs, this time you won’t be completely alone. You’ll be guided by a coach and accompanied by a small group of 4 to 6 like-minded people. What a good combination don’t you think?

Who are the coaches you may ask?

There will 6 experienced coaches that you can choose (but when I got in, I see only 3 available). These coaches are successful entrepreneur and professionally certified. They each been handpicked and trained by T. Harv Eker, himself. They will coach you exactly like how Harv would.

And don’t worry if you don’t like being preached at, because this is not that kind. The coaching-style holds tight on support, guidance, and accountability.

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Life Makeover Coaching will get you to a total of 16 calls in 4 months, which means you’ll get once a week call. And since this is a live call, you can definitely seize the opportunity to ask your coach a question directly at the end of each call.

However, please bear in mind; just because you have these expert coaches doesn’t mean it’ll all be their responsibility to get you to success. You’re the main character, not them. You have a part here and your part is the most important of all: SHOW UP on every coaching call!

What if I missed the call, you may ask?

Chill out, they have it all in the package.

In case you’re wondering what’s in it, I’ll show you around the customer site, just so you can see some cool additional features as well as the BONUS!

Sneak Peek inside the Life Makeover Coaching Program

life makeover

Screenshot inside the customer site

The site looks pretty simple and easy to navigate. You can see the menus placed neatly on the left side. And here’s what they are:


There will be some sections inside this menu:

The first one is the warm welcome video by Harv together with some tips and a glimpse introduction about the coaches before starting your coaching session.

Second, I’d say it’s the tutorial sections. Here, you’ll get a guide to navigate the customer site, and some tutorials to get you wired to the coaching call (what app you need, how to use the app, and how to schedule your coaching time).

Third is the Pre-coaching questionnaire. What is it for? To know what priority category (chosen from the 8-life balance categories) you’d like to dig deeper.

What is the priority category?

Alright, let me shed some light here:

In the Life Makeover Coaching program, you’ll be cycling through the 8-life balance categories, however, each week the category will constantly switch between life balance category (picked by the coach) and your priority category (the one that you picked, you can even pick more than one).

So, in 4 months; you get 8 coaching calls for life balance categories; and another 8 coaching calls for your priority category.

Fourth is the printable workbook and the private Facebook community that you can join in. the workbook is a very helpful tool that you can use to make a note as well as brainstorm what strategy you should make and also as a reminder to do the actions you said you wanna do during the week.



Here’s the cool additional features I was talking about. I wasn’t expecting these features would be available until I was enrolled!

Here you’ll get access to:

Some tips and strategies videos from Harv to maximize your learning process.

Money management system.

You’ll get access to 7 videos of Harv talking about the famous JARS system!

Some book recommendations

Million-dollar life lessons blog


Now it’s time to get access to the core program.

For the Life Makeover Coaching program, there are different coaching times in different timezone that you can choose.

life makeover

However, for the Tough Love Mentoring, the schedule is once a month and it’s settled to one certain date.


The next stop is the replays. So, don’t worry if you are unable to attend this week’s Life Makeover coaching call or missed it, because you can keep up with this option. The replay will send directly to your inbox or you can log in to the customer site and check that out. However, these replays can be accessed online only. There’s no offline option.

Different from Tough Love Mentoring, there’s an option to download it. So you can replay at any time with/without internet connection.

And for the last stop is…


Here you can have detailed information about Life Makeover coaches. Who they are, what is their background and accomplishment, all listed.

life makeover

Screenshot of Life Makeover coaches

What Makes Life Makeover Coaching Stands Out in a Crowd?

  • The bonus that makes you feels like you have two programs running in a single purchase. You’ll get access to 90 minutes LIVE call with Harv Eker in Tough Love Mentoring for 4 months.


  • There are amazing features and free resources attached to the program. You can have a printable workbook, coaching replays, downloadable Tough Love Mentoring’s replays, and ‘JARS’ money management videos.
  • This coaching program is not only going to work on your one personal goal, but it will also work on fuller and more balance on other important aspects of your life.
  • This program featured varied, competent, and experienced life coaches from across the world.
  • To match your busy schedule, Life makeover Coaching accommodates you with different coaching time each week.
  • You’ll get a chance to ask your coach at the end of every coaching call.
  • You’ll get the privilege to join the private Facebook group. The group has currently joined by 4,161 members across the world.

Not only you can share your thoughts and progress, but here you can also watch discussion videos, which talk about interesting topics, such as; brand management, or why life doesn’t work in your favor.

life makeover

Screenshot inside the Facebook community

  • A full tech support, if you happen to have any trouble regarding the program, you just need to drop them an email. The customer support is highly responsive. The response would take in less than 24 hours.

What People Say About This Program- Do They Like It?

Yes, they do(*).

Here are some of real customers’ testimonials that I sum up for you:

For the privacy matters, I censored the profile pictures and names.

life makeover

As you can see above, the Facebook community is alive. And it’s nice to be in, share progress and have each other’s back.

The list and testimonials go on, spill over the internet…

Enough about these people’s testimonials, here’s to me:

My Personal Experience Enrolling Life Makeover Coaching

I’ve been enrolling to this program for 3 weeks, below is the detail of what I got so far…

The first two weeks on Life Makeover Coaching call

I’d say I’m quite lucky here because on my first coaching call the category was matched with my priority category (the one that I was aiming for), which is business and carrier.

I’d been planning to have a full-time job as an independent artist. But I kept on thinking about it instead of doing it. I was overwhelmed about the actual process, about what other people would think (let’s face it, art is not the best carrier choice, at least that’s the stereotype). And it for sure holding me back.

If you happen to experience the same thing as me: overly self-conscious and care too much about what other people would think, I’d like to suggest you attend Harv’s webinar. You will learn the 3 reasons why you’re not living the life you want. Knowing these facts will help you realize the things that hold you back and cut yourself free from that.

Click Here to Attend the Webinar for FREE

Alright, now let’s go back to my experience.

Post the call session, for sure I came out with do-able and measurable actions (if not, the coach will kind of force you to revise it, and if you can’t think of any, don’t panic, the coach will advise you).

My actions are small but systematic, which is great to stay away from the overwhelming feelings. Because you know, far-fetched goals get us overwhelmed. Therefore, we end up not doing it.

So, I started it with a project instead of boldly straight to the business (thank you, coach, for the idea!).

So I signed myself in an art project; it’s an art challenge held by an already established artist.

And the good news is I did.

Did I win the challenge? Probably not.

Doesn’t matter.

You know what matters?

It’s the feeling of finishing a project and pushing myself through.

Maybe you think ‘that’s it? You just need to do simple actions? Then I can do this on my own.’

Well, it’s good for you then if you already have what it takes. Congratulations!

However, some people don’t.

And think again.

Have you heard the concept of action faking?

Most of the time, it’s easy for common people to fall into this trap, it’s hard to navigate. It seems like you’re being very productive but in reality, you’re not. It might make you feel good but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

The thing with this program is, you’ll get full guidance from an expert coach to do the simple things yet for sure have a great impact in the long run.

Let me take you to my previous action, which is joining an art challenge. Sounds simple right? But doing this challenge is not only pushing myself through to just finish a project but also will get me to a bigger audience, and this is a great opportunity to get prospective customers in the future. In fact, I gain a couple of followers. Can you see this?

 Week 3 on Life Makeover Coaching

On my week 3, the life balance category is relationship.

Same as before, the output is actions.  

But here, I realize that balance is good. It changes my perspective about life. I used to think that money and having a good business is the only way to go. Once I can reach a certain level, getting a certain amount of money, I’d be happy, and my relationship can automatically be lifted because of that.

But that’s not always the case. You can have a million dollars but if you don’t have a good relationship with anybody, you will sooner or later feel sad and lonely and you can die from loneliness. Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration.

Source: | Credit: Bessi

My experience with the Bonus section: TOUGH LOVE Mentoring

Well, I actually haven’t had a chance to schedule it but really looking forward to it. It’s once a month so I gotta make sure I don’t miss this month. I mean, it’s a rare opportunity to be able to ask Harv directly and to have your question answered thoroughly.

However, to make up the difference I went to the replays and listen to it solemnly. The content is no doubt a goldmine. I stumble upon one topic that I deeply relate to, which is working towards passion. I treasure this so much, and I feel much empowered to go after the thing I really love doing, work hard on it, and not giving a shit about what other people think or expect.

So, what is it that bothering you and make your life feels suck? You can ask Harv directly in TOUGH LOVE Mentoring.

The sum up of my 3-week experience with Life Makeover Coaching

I notice a slight change to the way I see things and a slowly formed habit.

Here’s the list of my progress:

  • Once I have an idea in mind, I directly think about strategies and actions that I could take to get me there.
  • I started to develop a habit of seeking a solution to any problem instead of wallowing or daydreaming.
  • Stay accountable to things I said I’d do.

For this one, I do it with the help of the coach and other like-minded people.

To be honest I was against the idea of sharing with people about my idea. I was afraid of being judged. But here is actually different, good vibe only.

Moreover, there will always be a follow-up in the next coaching session, that’s why I say on the title “a program that truly cares”. And I don’t know why, but these follow-ups sort of give me a sense of responsibility to accomplish the things that I say I’ll do.

Overall, I like being in this program and I really treasure each session. It gives me courage to go balls to the walls (this time with smarter approach), and balance in my life.

One more thing that I like about this program is; how this program works with the concept of teaching people how to catch the fish, instead of giving them the fish.

Now, what do you think?

Are you interested to join the tribe and talk directly to an expert coach?

It’s okay, you don’t have to make up your mind now, you can take a small action and start it with the free webinar like I did. Then, you can decide whether this program is for you or not.


How to Buy the Program

You can buy the Life MakeOver Coaching program on its official website.

The actual price for this program is $1188.

Wait, what?

Why is it so pricey?

I don’t think so, with the goodies on the package I think it’s quite fair. In fact, Life coaches indeed cost a lot. I googled it and it says between $ 200 – $ 1000 for 4 meetings.

But don’t worry, with the current DISCOUNT you’re not going to pay a thousand dollars. You’ll only get to pay $ 297. How’s that sound?

There are 2 payment methods you can choose:

  1. One-time payment for $ 297 (you’ll save up 75 %), or…
  2. 4 times payment plan for $ 97 per month ( you’ll save up 68 %)

And once you bought it, you got:

16 weeks group LIVE coaching with the coach of your choice, free access to every coaching call replays, JARS money management videos, workbook, get access to the private Facebook community, and the precious BONUS; 90 minutes LIVE Tough Love Mentoring hosted by T. Harv Eker himself! + get access to every Harv’s Tough Love Mentoring replays and they’re downloadable.

That’s not all…

With your purchase, you can also get the benefit of 15 day-money-back guarantee. If you happen to dislike this program, you can seize the opportunity and tell the customer support to have all your money back.

Please note that Life Makeover Coaching program comes with an auto-renewal subscription that keeps you at a special rate for $ 297 every 4 months. You may easily cancel this auto-renewal at anytime by contacting the customer support at the end of the current 4- month cycle.

Final Verdict

With the progress that I experienced myself and other people success stories, I’d say this program works. Will I recommend this program for you?


Here are the other reasons to consider:

Huge DISCOUNT up tp 75% with 2 payment methods available. With what’s on the package, this program is valued at more than $ 1000. However, you’ll get a special offer and only pay $ 297 for 4 months.

They have the benefit of a 15-day money-back guarantee; feel free to try it first.

I can’t seem to emphasize this enough but this program has many good things to offer; 60 minutes Life Makeover group coaching call for 16 weeks taught by expert coaches, the replays are available in case you missed the session, get access to JARS money management videos, and join the private Facebook community.

BONUS that’s going to make you feel like you have 2 programs running with no extra penny. This bonus is not the typical one, on the contrary, you’ll get so much value from this bonus. You’ll get access to 90 minutes LIVE mentoring with T. Harv Eker’s TOUGH LOVE program plus the Replay in case you missed it.

Last but not list, like I said on the title, this program truly cares. The coaches will hold you accountable, and will constantly have the follow-ups on the things you said you want to do. With that being said, it will be highly possible if this way of living can be a second nature to you even after 4 months.

Wanna give it a go?

Watch The Ultimate Life Makeover’s FREE WEBINAR

I Want to Enroll Now!


The Life Makeover Coaching program is a proven system created by T Harv Eker to help you design your ultimate life. It will help you create balance in 8-life categories, enable you to see the bigger picture of your life, designing a plan for it, and help you hold accountable to your plan.

PLEASE NOTE that the result is not typical and this is not an overnight transformation program.


8.1 Total Score

Content Quality
Author's Credibility
Customer Support
  • 90 minutes LIVE Tough Love Mentoring hosted by Harv Eker himself
  • 60 minutes LIVE coaching call with expert coaches once a week
  • LIVE Q&A session at the end of each coaching call
  • Get full guidance to change your life from experts
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Get access to the private Facebook community, share your progress, and find so many interesting discussion spread on its timeline
  • Affordable price of only $ 18.5 / week, and you'll get access to the LMC and the Tough Love Mentoring.
  • There is replay for both LMC and Tough Love coaching so you won't miss it
  • Get access to JARS money management videos
  • Responsive customer support
  • It's a group coaching of 4-6 people so the coaches have limited time to work on each individual
  • Short money-back guarantee of only 15 days
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