Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas Malkani : How To Get the Universe on Your Side?

Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas Malkani Full Review – How is your quarantine so far? I know it’s really frustrating to stay home all the time; even working from home is becoming stressful. But, fear not for I will review a life-coaching program that might help during this difficult time. It is Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas Malkani.

Are you kidding me? You are not making me wiser in this corona-life, right?

Well, take the joke aside we need to be wiser amid a hard-time situation, like are we gonna stress it up the whole quarantine things and not doing anything? Because that won’t get us anywhere. That’s why I want to try this life-coaching thing to keep me sane.

Don’t you though?

However, let’s dig it up to my review first before you decide to purchase this program as there are tons of similar courses to get your check!




What is Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas?

life wisdom matrix with vikas

A life course from a popular instructor and founder of the meditation center based in Singapore: SoulCenter. Vikas Malkani brings the meditation-combined life course to another level as if you are attending his office in real-life. He is a wisdom guru from India who has coached Business Tycoons, CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Celebrities, and Royalty to grow their Life, Business and Wealth. Vikas even got his nickname as the Worlds #1 Wisdom Coach, the Steve Jobs of the spiritual world, a genius of wisdom, the Ultimate Yoda, and a Jedi Master.

Unlike other life programs I have ever taken in the past, Vikas does bring the whole meditation vibe in his couching. I mean it when I said about attending his meditation center as if I was there. You are gonna hear the chuckles of other participants in the room, his side jokes, and the Q&A section that probably represents what you are thinking.

Also, Vikas’ appearance in the TEDxTalks Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) had garnered a lot of attention across the world. One of the reasons why I am interested in his program was a testimonial from Jack Canfield, the author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I mean, I am a fan of the book and when the author himself talks good about Vikas’ program I need to try it myself.


Inside Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas

life wisdom matrix with vikas

If you read my review about The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris, you gotta find a similarity in terms of how the program works. Likewise, Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas offers a video course consists of four modules and three advanced modules. The latter, however, needs an upgrade to get access, unlike the first four modules.

The thing is I can't spill it out what is inside the modules as it will violate the copyright. What I mean is that I won’t explain much detail as I used to in another review, because the videos are nothing but all the teaching itself!

First of all, here are the four modules you will get after purchasing the program:

Module 1. How to get the universe on your side

Module 2. Finding and following your inner voice

Module 3. How to be authentic

Module 4. How life helps those who help themselves


And the advanced products if you agree to upgrade your class:

Module 1. How to be in the now

Module 2. How to manifest the life you desire

Module 3. How to develop a happy mind

So, imagine having an hour TEDxTalks in your room with the speaker talks about certain things and particularly life lesson. That would be your experience using the Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas program.

That is the exact reason why I don’t write up the entire speaker says about the teaching because then I will spill the tea.

But I can give you a summary of what Vikas said in the 4 modules and my experience during the time being. His teaching revolves around how to live decently. He also told some popular Indian stories that line up to the living teaching he offered.


The Teaching

The year of the horse

First off, Vikas began the modules with the correlation between the year as of the Chinese zodiac and what life should take an example to the year’s zodiac. He filmed the course in the horse year in 2014. Vikas explained what personality the horse is and tried to relate to our daily life.

For instance, a horse is always on alert as if danger is approaching it. This aligns with our daily life, not in a literal way to stay on guard as if a thieve will come to us, but we should take it as opportunity might come unexpectedly.

Well, almost every opportunity comes without us expecting it the hard way. But, calling it fair how many of us miss out on the opportunity or worse not realizing that it is in front of our eyes?

This is what Vikas means to be alert on the opportunity that approaches us.

Here is a story about the opportunity.

“In India, they call Lakhsmi a goddess of wealth. She comes to people three times a day knocking at their front door. The thing is that she only visits at night when everybody sleeps peacefully. Soon the people hear the knocking door; they neglect it and think as if a threat coming at night. That is when they lose the Lakhsmi’s wealth.

On the other hand, the awake people who don’t sleep at night won’t get the opportunity knocks either. The reason is Lakhsmi never comes to an unpeaceful environment where our minds and heart are at war.”

Of course, we cannot take the story like literally staying awake hoping to get a Lakhsmi visit. The moral of the story is that we should be aware of any opportunity and never judge whatever coming to us a threat. Also, to create a ‘peaceful’ environment as if a prepared soul to receive an opportunity.



Constant Personal Improvement (CPI)

Vikas mentioned CPI multiple times in his teaching; it is like monitoring for your growth that can be on a daily to monthly basis. Asking ourselves a question such as what can I do better this year will be a great reminder for us.

It will restrain us to not compare with others as we can focus on personal growth. This method leads to becoming authentic in every single aspect of our life or in short just be yourself.

Becoming authentic is more powerful than copying what others have. The reason is that authenticity will attract genuine people and that’s what we all want to have, correct?

However, I just cannot tell you how to be yourself because obviously, I don’t know about you. Search within yourself who you are and who you should be, then reflect on it. The authenticity will come out just about seconds – by itself.

There are two aspects of authenticity based on Vikas Malkani:

  • Get rid of people who drains your energy

Well, honesty sucks, right? Just like authenticity, you being authentic don’t come up with many friends tagging you all along because when you show yourself, the real you, only the real people stay. So, don’t worry about losing some ‘friends’ for your wellbeing.

  • Do not believe your own hype

Hype in this context is the social media that probably has taken a significant part in our life. Don’t ever judge yourself by the number of your followers or friends because they are all online, and those online people may not know who you truly are.

We all know that having a photogenic face and trendy style will help rising more followers, only then we eventually realize what we post on social media was never to make ourselves happy but convince others that we are happy through fancy photography. That alone will lead to comparison and depression in the end.

So, we need something to become authentic and stay grounded.

Ship Analogy

Has this thing ever cross your mind that every ship needs an anchor? No matter how big the ship is, they always have an anchor attached.

This anchor is to hold the ship in position when it docks. Without the anchor, the water will drift the ship away from the harbor. Besides, the bigger the ship is the more anchors they have. Usually, a big ship requires 2 or 3 anchors on them.

How it relates to our daily life? Well, obviously as a human we need an anchor to stay grounded. Just like the ship, if the bad environment influences us more than the life principle we hold then be prepared to get drifted away.

The anchor or the stabilizers of life consist of wisdom, tools, and practice. The sources of these stabilizers can be from the religion we believe, meditation we practice, or other beliefs like the natural force.


The 3 aspects of life

Vikas explained there are three things we need to pay attention to life. They are time, energy, and effort. All these things are what form life as we have the energy to make an effort in the given time. Moreover, they are all limited.

We don’t know how long we are going to live, let alone having constant energy until the day we die. Yeah, we are clueless about those things and certainly cannot control them as we want. However, we have that one thing to do: an effort.

An effort can change everything. It is the only thing we can manage, whether we want to give it all or save it all; it depends on us. Therefore, the effort is the key to our life – our health and wealth. Want to be rich? Work hard. Want a healthy body? Exercise more.

That sounds simple only when we are not lazy. But, remember that the time, energy, and effort will make a life. And life is an opportunity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!



What did others say about Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas?

“Vikas, I love who you are and what you do!”

~ Jack Canfield

America's #1 Success Coach & Bestselling author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”


“Vikas is going to be bigger than Deepak Chopra. He is very phenomenal, very powerful.”

~ JT Foxx

World’s #1 Wealth Coach


I would like to thank Vikas for his inspirational and energizing teachings. I am very grateful and happy that life brought me to this amazing master of wisdom and wonderful human being when I just needed it the most.

~ Goran Musulin, HR Director (Asia & Australia)

Siemens Healthcare Singapore


I actually think that it has been life-changing for me. I am generally much happier now & focus on the positives in life which have led to a different approach to work, more work-life balance, and no more sleepless nights.

~ Liz Fendt, British


My Experience Trying the Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas

life wisdom matrix with vikas

Overall it took me almost two weeks to complete all the courses, however, let me tell you it was only because of my procrastination. If you are diligent enough to attend the course, you will complete it all within a week or barely 4 days – assuming one module a day. But, I might have reasons as to why I didn’t finish it quickly.

So, as I mentioned earlier this course has a total of 4 modules on the initial purchase. Each of them consists of a smaller video up to 13 pieces with the spend time of 2-21 minutes. These smaller videos are the cut version of one module that will compile into one single video. In brief, you will get 1-2 hours long four video courses on this program.

The next thing is probably the main cause why I got bored super soon; I didn’t expect to have a course like literally I was attending the program in real life. Literally.

First off, since I have a good experience with The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris; I expected to have a similar experience as they share a common technical method: a video course. For instance, some amount of interactive animation or entertaining teaching the least.

However, what I got was a motivator sitting in the front of a board preaching for like 2 hours. For real. I was a bit upset about this.

Although it was just me – an easily-bored person interested in taking a life-course program – I see this as a loss.

How about the content though?

Well again, this video apparently was taken in 2014 and the course was not surprisingly talking about the year of the horse – which of course that year based on the Chinese zodiac. While here I am 6 years later battling with my own emotion and the urge to survive in this corona-life.

But, it’s okay though I finished all the modules; let’s jump into the good sides of this program.

Albeit its upsetting introduction, the courses were not that disappointing.

There are a lot of stories taken from Indian culture that relate to the current day. Vikas is also funny and entertaining in terms of breaking the ice during the preaching. He always brought stories to give an analogy for his teaching and each of them carried its morals that are valuable in life.

Since I never took a meditation and preaching class before, I felt that watching a guy telling story and wisdom was killing me off. Therefore, I put a headset on and listening to it while doing chores. I mean, I didn’t just sit and watch all the time – sometimes I did – and yes I took notes.

But, if you put the best effort to sit and watch the program for 2 hours a day, I bet you will finish the program in just four days. If you are at it, the fastest way is to finish it in a day which I don’t recommend at all. It is like you do a one-night study for tomorrow's test, you will forget it the next day.


Interested? Here you can purchase the program

life wisdom matrix with vikas

You can visit Vikas’ meditation center in Singapore called The SoulCenter. However, if the flight costs you so so much more then worry not. You can still have a real experience of attending the center – as in recorded version – just by purchasing this program.

It costs $47 for a four video course and if you want to get an advanced course, you can upgrade your account for $39.

Of course, it costs much cheaper than flight expenses.

Here is the official site to purchase Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas.



Final verdict

After learning the course barely 2 weeks, I understand a bit more to be wiser – no lie. The teaching depicts our daily life and the analogy stories relate to a full point. Although Vikas always connect the horse as a basis of that year's study with how we act towards life, I still find a correlation to this day. Only it would be great if he manages to record a new video course annually since the author brought the Chinese year in the first place.

However, if you are a fan of a self-help or self-development book, you may be not foreign to the teaching this program has. In all honestly, Life Wisdom Matrix with Vikas is similar to many of the books I have read before.

So, did I get the positivity amid this pandemic situation?

Straightly from the video course, not really that much since most of the modules aim for us to reach our goals. But, yes there is a but, I will say that his principal really got me. I love the part about being authentic since not many of us being one. I think, to be authentic isn't merely about getting real friends, but being as human as we can.

That also counts on how we are ‘aligned' to the source/universe/religion we believe. It is obvious the universe will value us and ‘grant' us the manifestation based on how genuine we are.

It connects to my second favorite lines' from Vikas: get your own anchor. Yes, you're right! Our beliefs and meditation practice are the anchors that ground us down at every challenging situation; and in this hard-time, we surely need something to stay sane.

That is exactly what we’ll be doing during and after this crisis is gone.

To stay positive.



The content and opinion I produce above do not represent the website as a whole. I tried the program myself for two weeks with detailed instructions in the article. Do not take the program as a substitute for a mental disorder treatment. The teaching was aimed for educational purpose only.


7.3 Total Score

  • Applicable
  • Gives a positive impact (change mindset)
  • Created by a legit author
  • Each module takes 1-2 hours
  • There is a recorded Q&A section, similar question might show up
  • Price is not worth the modules
  • Similar teaching can be found in the self-help book with much cheaper price
  • The program is boring, viewers had to bear watching the speaker in a same costume (for 4 modules) and position
  • The course was recorded in 2014, way too old to relate current situation problem
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