Binaural Beats Meditation Music: 6-Day Challenge For A Better Sleep

Binaural Beats Meditation Full Review – I have never tried meditating before let alone using some specific music on it. Recently, I was fussing about many things that drove me into someone I used not to be. I looked for some healing process through the internet and bumped into these binaural beats meditation methods.

If you are furrowing your brow the second reading this title, you are not alone. I didn’t know about this beats – any kind of meditation music and such – at all. So, I went to the official website to dig it up to my curiosity.

By the end of the day, I purchased this module to hopefully solve my inner problems. I was quite skeptical at first since I have never encountered any of these things in the past. However, I am tempted to try the so-called meditation beats for a week to prove what it claimed in the introduction

So, here is my honest review for binaural beats meditation. I will show you How To Get Mega Discount, keep on reading!




What is Binaural Beats Meditation?


Listen to Binaural Beats for Meditation

Listening to Music Illustration (source:

Okay. We all know the meditation thing – a kind of act posing lotus position; sitting with cross-legged to train the mind achieving mental clarity and emotional stability.

Meditation alone can be a lot of things, for instance, spiritual, mindfulness, Zen meditation, and many more. While usual meditation is not using music in general, in recent decades particular music stole the attention of this practice. (If you want you can also make a meditation journal too)

It is binaural beats, a kind of sound using different frequency tones to each ear while the brain recalculates them, perceiving as one specific tone.

Here is, for example, a tone with the frequency – measured in Hertz (Hz) of 200 is sent to the left ear and 206 Hz to right ear at the same time. The brain will recalculate the difference between them which is 6 Hz as one new wave. The brainwave will send the code to the human body, stimulate it as a particular suggestion.


How does The Frequency work To The Brain?


Brainwave Illustration

Brainwave Illustration (source:

Each activity within the human body perceives different brainwaves. Sleeping, for instance, works in some specific waves in the frequency of 0.1 – 4 Hz. This frequency range is the delta wave. This goes the same with another activity; each of them will interpret different kinds of waves.

Since it is my first experience doing a binaural beats meditation, I tried the entire brainwave to know how it makes any difference in my life.

Before jumping into my detailed experiences, I will explain shortly what each wave does in our meditation – and its impact on our daily activity.


Each Frequency Breaks Down

Starting with the lowest frequency wave, delta; it ranges between 0.1 – 4 Hz and is generally found during sleeping. The low frequency induces the state of being super calm and unconscious. As a result, listening to beats can promote deep sleep and pain relief. Also, the music that is in this range of frequency can be used as general healing, insomnia reduction, and calming to unconscious state access.


Do not listen to the delta wave while driving, working, and or any action using a full state of consciousness!


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Usually, the sound derivations for a delta wave are from low tones such as floating swirls, soft pads, soothing ambiance that drive a person to practically sleep.

The second wave is theta. A frequency between 4 – 8 Hz and we can find this wave during the meditative, drowsy, and hypnotic state. Listening more to this wave will promote deep relaxation, creativity, and inner peace.


Sleeping Binaural Beats Meditation

Deep Sleeping (source:

As a consequence, listening to theta sounds can help people boost their creativity as it stimulates the creativity zone in the brain.  But, it won’t automatically turn you into a more creative person – for your information.

Being creative is forcing ourselves to think and do out of the box. Nothing can turn a person into ones if we don’t push ourselves to the limit, right? The beats only help us to force our inner selves to be more creative by stimulating the brain.




The theta sounds also help the body to reach relaxation, so it is best for meditation. The music is usually coming from natural sounds, for instance, water dripping, wind chimes, rainfall, and so on.


Alpha wave ranges between 8 – 14 Hz. It indicates the relaxed body and learning activity. As a consequence, this wave can reduce stress; accelerate learning, gain positive thinking, etc.


Usually, the alpha wave brings out the joy feeling compare to the other wave’s sounds as its purpose to fuel the mind to be positive. This kind of wave is best for meditation with the goal of self-healing like self-love and any kind of motivation.

What wave is there while working? It is a beta wave. The range between 14 – 30 Hz, can be found while we are using the energy to do any kind of analytical thinking, problem-solving, and activities that require highly focussed attention. Another benefit of the presence of a beta wave is to fuel the energy within the human body.


The best listening practice for a beta wave is during an activity that needs detailed attention, high-level cognition, and thinking – in general. Try listening to this while studying or working.

Last but not least is the gamma wave. The range between 30 – 100 Hz and its high frequency are not common to hear in daily life. It promotes the peak awareness of the human body and brain, specifically. The sound is best for enhancing the brain's ability to receive and keep information.


So, if you are having trouble memorizing things, the gamma sounds is best for you.

The gamma wave is also great for aging people as it keeps stimulating the brain to work as it were young. Moreover, listening to this specific wave from an early age may help to boost the brain into its peak performance and resulting in better keeping information.


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The Binaural Beats Meditation is Suitable For


Meditation in The Cloud

Meditation in The Cloud (source:

Everyone who wants to experience the benefit of binaural beats itself. Even though one might not be a meditation person – like me, the binaural beat is worth to try.

It may be best combined with meditation. However, simply listen to it anywhere will be fine. Since different kind of wave perceives different signal the brain sends to the body, it is important to follow the listening instruction.

The binaural beats meditation is also for those who are seeking inner calm and dealing with internal problems.


My Experience


Stone Balance

Stone Balance (source:

I have tried the music for a week even though I didn’t practice the meditation – if the meaning of it is posing a lotus position with headphones in my ears.

However, I still follow the rule of each wave proposed in the introduction. It is substantial to do so. Also, it is important to use headphones to block unnecessary sound outside and give an in-head music experience.

Since I purchased the mega package – consists of 12 modules that are all the combination of each wave, I got the chance to listen to the entire brainwaves. Each module divides into 30 minutes and 1-hour music. One of them may have more than 2 music including voice affirmation. The affirmation, though, is usually present in the module that needs some kind of motivation like self-love meditation.

So, here is one of the things. I have trouble sleeping at night and easily distracted at work. Then, the modules I choose specifically are:

  • Blissful Sleep (Delta Wave)
  • Creativity Boost & Wind Chimes Meditation (Theta Wave)
  • Zen Focus & Self Love Meditation (Alpha Wave)
  • Energy Express (Beta Wave)
  • Memory Enhancer (Gamma Wave)


Screen Capture of Alpha Wave Music

Alpha Wave Music

I started listening to the alpha wave in the morning to hopefully enhance my mind to be more positive. Half an hour will do. Then, at work, I listened to the beta wave for as long as I got bored. The music, though, provides 30 minutes and 60 minutes versions.

In the meantime or during a break, I would listen to theta wave as it brings up natural sounds like wind chimes and bird chirps.

Before bed, I listened to delta wave as it promotes deep sleep.


Screen Capture of Beta Wave Music

Beta Wave Music



As for gamma waves, I listened to it occasionally in between break time.

To be honest, listening to all of these things is quite overwhelming. Sometimes I got super bored for specific music from a wave. However, since I committed to doing the whole week, I forced myself to bear the boredom.


Screen Capture of Music Playlist

Binaural Beats Playlist

Among all of the waves, I would say the one work effectively for me is the alpha, theta, and delta waves. The first one, for instance, helps me to feel calm to start the day as I am no longer in a rush. I get rid of negativity most of the time.

I am super relaxed while listening to theta wave. It probably has something to do with my preference, though. I like the sounds of the natural environment and surprisingly the second wave gives me what I love to listen to.

The last wave, delta; helps me to deep and quick sleep. I didn’t remember at what specific time the music sent me to sleep. As a result, I woke up freshly as I slept early. This, if not the only one is the best among the entire music in the modules.


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What about the beta and gamma sounds?


Memory Enhancer

Memory Enhancer Using Gamma Wave

I am sorry to say that personally listening to the beta wave during my work didn’t quite help me focusing the attention. On the other hand, I got irritated working while listening to these super slow beats. I did try it for a week though, 30 minutes is too long for me.

The gamma wave perceived the heaviest sounds among the rest of the music. I didn’t like the sounds at all. Also, I don’t know if there is something to do with the frequency as it has the highest one, it made me feel uncomfortable.*

Of course, it is just my opinion of what I experienced during the 6 days of listening to binaural beats. The effect will vary for each person and what I say here is nothing more than just a whole experience.



I have tried many different BB recordings from other providers with varying results. Then I listened to you last night. I haven't been that completely relaxed in a long time!

Ron ~ Arizona, USA

It worked perfectly, I can’t thank you enough!! just changed my life. I feel incredibly better in many areas of my life!!

Alexandra, Brazil

Thank you so much for this muscle relaxation download, I can feel the tension melting away as I am listening and writing. Keep up the brilliant work. Thanks again.

Baldev – UK

I'm amazed by how your meditation audios work, it's unbelievable!! I experienced a lot of changes in my life.

Mohamed ~ Morocco


The Founder


homepage binaural beats

Homepage Binaural Beats Meditation

James Matthew, a sound engineer of 20 years who is also an author of Binaural Beats – A Beginner’s Guide and the founder of popular download store Binaural Beats Meditation.

The binaural beats meditation designed and produced their music which right now can be used for meditation practice in a wide range.

While the practice is on-demand, binaural beats promote a new kind of meditation without actually doing it. To enjoy binaural beats music, traditional meditation is no longer valid as people can listen to it whenever they are.


Binaural Beats Meditation Store


download page binaural beats

Download Page Binaural Beats Meditation

If you are interested in spending your time listening to this unique music or just curious how it may work, here is the official website of binaural beats meditation.

There are separate modules you can pick whatever you like to purchase. However, you can choose the module packs which consist of pieces of music. The pack will combine all types of waves though, don’t worry!

Each module costs around $9.95 – 14.99 depending on how many pieces of music inside. Generally, there will be 2 versions of music at a lower cost. Also, the price is quite cheap for original music that is not in anywhere.

Instead of picking out the built-in pack whose music may not be your favorite, you can choose your preference and build your custom pack. They give a special discount of up to 60% for a mega pack module which consists of 12 music files.

This is my custom mega pack to show you the discounted price I got. I put modules in various ranges of prices, so the total amount might be different for 12 modules. After adding the music in the cart, the discount will show up immediately.


Mega Pack Discount

Mega Pack Discount



Final Verdict

The binaural beats are a kind of music using the technical process to adjust to some specific frequency. The music sources can be derived from natural sounds, musical instruments, and any kind of sounds like soft pads.

In modern meditation, they use the binaural beats music to replace the natural sounds that are hard to get in a city.

After experiencing the beats for a week – combining all the waves and listening to them at a specific time, I successfully solved some of the problems I had been fussing before.

I had better sleep and felt more relaxed than ever by following this method. However, some music may not be in my bag as I felt bored and confusingly had a headache – not that kind of headache, it was a feeling of irritated while listening to a specific wave that I finally stopped myself for going further.

Above all, the binaural beats meditation is worth trying for everyone in general.



Official researchers and scientists had never done an examination on binaural beats meditation regarding the aftereffect of listening. All the claims are specifically from the people who followed the methods which have no scientific proof. However, the result of each module varies and should not be regarded as medical healing.

It is not supposed to be the medical substitute for some specific complaints like sleep deprivation and muscle pain. It is important to always see a personal physician for further sickness.





8.8 Total Score

  • Original
  • The music covers all the waves' range
  • A lot of modules
  • Ability to purchase individually and pack on preference
  • Each module gives a snippet of the music
  • Free music available
  • A lot of music similarities between modules
  • Some waves contain a few music options
  • No major point why this product is better than any free binaural beats music
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