The Smoothie Diet Review: A 7-Day Challenge – Does It Help To Lose Weight?

The Smoothie Diet Full Review – How come a delicious smoothie helps people to lose weight? When it is derived from a fatty milk, cream, and sometimes a scoop of ice cream?

Everybody loves smoothies, including you and me, at least I never meet a single person who hates this jar full of creaminess. So, when I began a 7-day smoothie challenge, I didn’t hope to lose a kilogram. Instead, I was gonna enjoy the smoothie diet recipes.

However, a thing does happen during those days and surely I am going to drop a full review of the smoothie diet just right below.

If you are curious how I experience the smoothie diet in a passive-aggressively hoping to lose weight, let’s check it out!




What Is The Smoothie Diet?

smoothie diet in a jar

It isn’t just any smoothie.

Judging by its name, these smoothies work to help people lose weight – and initiate a healthy diet. That is why the smoothie diet's recipes will be so much different from our regular smoothies.

Even though there are change in ingredients which mostly are swapped to a diet-y one, this smoothie diet doesn’t taste any different. Instead, it brings both experience to our table: delicious and healthy.

For instance, a jar of smoothie made from 2% whole milk, sugar, and fruits can be replaced by a cup of almond milk, honey, fruits, and greenies! The last ingredient is the key point of this whole smoothie diet: a handful of green vegetables.

Also, replacing fatty cow milk with a plant-based milk is one of the basic rules to follow as it contains less fat and most importantly, that is another secret key to make a creamy smoothie.

However, we cannot just drink a smoothie diet whenever we want or after a full course meal with bacon and meat. It won’t work.

This beverage doesn’t work like that. If one wants to commit a weight-loss program, there is there and that to follow such as a meal plan, exercise training, positive thinking, and many more. That is the reason why the smoothie diet challenge exists.



Who Creates The Smoothie Diet?

the founder

The name is Drew Sgoutas, the creator of the smoothie diet who is also a certified health coach and nutrition expert. He is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners with the aim is to create training with natural ingredients.

Sgoutas created the smoothie diet in the hope of helping people to lose weight without consuming any weight-loss pills and practicing a hard-trained exercise. Through the smoothie diet recipes, he convinced people to start a healthy life with only a jar of resourceful smoothie.

As a certified health coach and nutrition expert himself, he saw the problem in one of the popular drinks in the world as a café and beverage shop claim to serve a diet smoothie while using animal milk and a bunch of sweetener for the ingredients. Instead of losing weight, this kind of smoothie will only gain weight with the amount of sugar in there. Though of course, these smoothies are heavenly.

However, he came to mind to create a smoothie diet without reducing the heavenly experience and taste of a jar of smoothie. He created a full 21-day weight loss plan using his smoothie recipes, and it does help many people to achieve their ideal body weight.


Inside The Smoothie Diet

inside smoothie diet

There are 3 e-books ready to download after purchasing the smoothie diet package. A smoothie diet core guide contains full information before, during, and after the program. For instance, before starting a smoothie diet program, we should know how many calories intake per day based on our activities.

Still, in the same book, you will find some information on smoothie related including storing smoothies, shopping guide, foods to eat and avoid, and of course, the 21-day smoothie recipes. Besides, there are a handful of information about food facts at each recipe page.

However, there is a 3-day detox book to whoever isn’t ready to start the program. It helps us recognize the smoothie diet experience as well as remove the toxins in our body. It sounds like a win-win solution for me.

The 3-day smoothie detox may be rough as it replaces the whole meal a day with 3 smoothies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unlike the main program which only replace 2 meals a day, this detoxification program is intended to remove the toxic that has stayed in our system through what we ate before.


Although it isn’t a primary program and separates from its main diet, experiencing the detoxification may be a good idea before starting the 21-day smoothie diet plan.

The last book is the smoothie diet quick start guide. It is a simple and short version of the smoothie diet core guide. It contains all the things we should prepare before starting the program including a 3-week shopping list that breaks down to each week plan, smoothie recipes, a 21-day schedule to print out, and the next step after completing the program.

In brief, the smoothie diet by Drew Sgoutas compiles all the information we need before, during, and after the program. It is a complete and thorough program with a bunch of health-related knowledge.



Is The Smoothie Diet Healthy?



Healthy Ingredients (credit: the smoothie diet)


The ingredients only come from some selected vegetables that each of them bring a separate benefit to our body. Also, there is a reason why some ingredients are best suited to each other when blending into smoothies.

Although most ingredients are great for both our palate and body, some of them have a strong taste that we might not handle well. That is the reason why a nutrition expert works in this field as he should calculate and create the best combination of healthy ingredients as well as a product that will help to lose weight.

For instance, a combination of kale leaves and orange fruit is great for those who suffer iron deficiency. How so? It is because the vitamin C content in the orange fruit does a good job absorbing iron which comes from the kale leaves (or in any green vegetables). This combination will promote a strong immune system, wound healing, as well as maintaining normal health pressure.

Of course, the so-called green smoothies in your favorite café would never be healthy unless they reduce sugar content and all those carbs-based ingredients. However, we can always double-check them, right? Yeah, we can but it would be a hassle to do that each time!



Should I Start The Smoothie Diet Weight Loss Program?



Preparation (credit: the smoothie diet)

Yes and yes and no.

It’s a double yes and single no. The first yes if you are planning to lose weight healthily with less hard-trained effort. The second if you are just want to experience the smoothie diet without counting all the calories you eat per day. Lastly, only if you have some health concerns and ingredient restrictions that put you in danger while consuming these beverages.

That’s it. As simple as that.

However, if you are in the first group just keep in mind that you are going to commit yourself in the next 21 days and bear those meaty and sugary foods temptation.

Or you can try their 5-day challenge!



Getting into this diet was so easy and the results were so fast. After only 1 week on the Smoothie Diet, I weighed myself and realized I had lost 8 pounds! I feel better and more confident than I have in a very long time, I don't have to suck in my stomach to button my pants anymore and I still have to stop to do a double-take every time I walk in front of a mirror.*


Danielle – Houston, TX

I've never seen the weight come off like this. I really LOVE this ‘diet'! It's more like a life overhaul! I have more energy than I've had in years and my skin is actually glowing! This is the perfect “Mommy Makeover” I was looking for.*


Sarah – Tulsa, OK

I’ve been trying forever to lose the last 10-15 lbs. and tone up and that’s exactly what happened so I am very happy. I feel great about myself, I don’t find myself holding in my belly anymore and feel confident about myself and people have noticed that about me too…and my love handles are gone! I couldn’t be happier with this whole program and I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to lose a little or lose a lot.*


Jade – Buffalo, NY


My 7-Day Challenge Experience


ingredients green

My Day 1 Ingredient (credit: prabhandini)

Before going further, I’d like to make a disclaimer that I was not in a weight loss plan as I think I am already well-fitted with a 163 cm height and 50 kg body weight. I consider myself as the second group of should I start the smoothie diet.

However, I put a commitment within 7 days to prove this weight loss program so that I can recommend this to my family and friends. It is because of its simplicity and healthy option considering how many similar programs out there.

Also, it doesn’t require a hard-trained exercise which is apt for a working person, and basically everyone. So here it is.
First of all, I calculate the calorie intake I need per day. This helps me put each meal on the table. This calculation needs basic body info and activities per day which gives me roughly 2048 cal/day.


The smoothie diet will start at a 1400 cal/day intake, so each person’s result should consume their respective calories needed in a day to maintain weight. On the other hand, consuming more than needed calories will gain weight and conversely.


While the smoothie diet rule is:


Smoothie 1 – 350 calories
Snack 1 – 150 calories
Lunch – 450 calories
Snack 2 – 150 calories
Smoothie 2 – 350 calories

That would leave me a solid 450-calorie meal for lunch which is a single plate of nasi goreng telor (fried rice with egg). Fortunately, I am not into snacking so I skipped that part so that I can add up more calories to my lunchtime.
The first 3-day was okay as I already consumed 6 smoothies in a row. The fourth day was starting to get boring (forgive my low resistance), I started to get super hungry at night as apparently, the night smoothie didn’t last long till the next day.

However, I got used on the sixth day since I started to plan what lunch I’d be having from that day on even though the next day was the last!

In the end, I found out to always plan for lunch beforehand because of all the calorie-thing I need to follow. Surely, it was a big deal for Southeast Asian like me where soto sapi (beef soup soto flavor), bakso sapi (beef meatball soup), sate kambing (goat satay/skewer) are around.

So, here it is the most important thing after a 7-day challenge. Did I lose weight?

Yes, I did… by a solid kilogram.*

I don’t know if my weight measurement broke or not since a kg doesn’t do a significant change to my body. It may be a water reduced, may also be fat even though the latter isn’t a convincing answer.

But it works, doesn’t it?

Besides, there might be a mistake when I decided to pull the snacks part into a 750-calorie lunch or when I combined 2 snack time into a single grab. Either way, I did lose a kg in which using this assumption: I am going to lose 3 kg in 21 days.


green smoothie

Banana Oats (credit: prabhandini)

Do I feel satisfied with this program? Yes.

I had no upset tummy during the whole week instead felt fresh (?) whatsoever. I thought it was a kind of suggestion due to the amount of green veggies I consumed the last 7 days. Nevertheless, everything was fine and I had better digestion.

Although I started the challenge to attempt a proof, which I subsequently get, I think the smoothie diet is a great option to live a healthy life with their recipes. It is also best for vegan as the recipe doesn’t contain animal products. I will gladly continue making a smoothie diet as it does taste so good which I never thought before. However, I might get this smoothie without following the diet rule as I had experienced for the challenge.

The reason is that I couldn't afford the whole recipes: it is expensive. I live in a city where a proper meal doesn't cost more than 2 USD. I usually spent around IDR 45,000 (3.3 USD) per day without snacking. The price changes if I go to a high-cost restaurant, but it would still be affordable to my pocket.

On the other hand, these 7-day recipes would require at least 45 USD which surely robbed me out! However, I managed to cut down more than half of the price by substituting the ingredients. For instance, a cup (240 ml) of almond milk costs IDR 30,000; that means I gotta swap into another plant-based milk and coconut water.

If you are living in the USA or other countries where the estimated cost doesn't bother you a lot, you may consider this weight-loss program to your list! However, keep in mind that the price above may differ from another country as I used the Indonesian price.



Where To Purchase The Program


As there are a lot of green smoothies out there, the 21-day diet plan can only be purchased at this official website.

The package which includes 2 bonuses (3-Day Detox and Quick Start Guide) costs $37 which is affordable for a weight-loss program. Besides, the creator of the smoothie diet is a certified health coach and nutrition expert. So, everything inside the books are carefully designed for a respective program.

In addition, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this program and multiple payment choices are there.


Final Verdict


iced pumpkin

Iced Pumpkin (credit: prabhandini)

The smoothie diet is a healthy and nutritious meal substitute for a weight-loss program. I did lose weight just in a week, albeit a single kilogram will also be counted.

I did some changes for the recipes as some of the ingredients are pricey i.e. almond milk then substitute it for another plant-based milk. Also, I pull out both snacking parts either into a single-time or adding to my lunch box. I don’t know it may work ineffectively for the challenge.

After experiencing a solid 7-day program, I lose 1 kilogram which I presume to be body water; not even close a fat. However, it might have something to do with the lunch I ate since I didn’t exactly measure calories on each meal in real life. I assume the calorie amount based on what the internet told me how many calories in a specific meal.
Besides, I don’t have any allergic or resistance to the ingredients I used for the smoothie diet. Thus, I didn’t experience any damage or negative impact after consuming it for a straight 7 days.*

Check also my review for another weight-loss program to compare which one is apt for you!




The smoothie diet guide is solely for informational purposes and not to be used as a treat and cure for weight-related diseases. The ingredients also contain nuts and seeds which may trigger food allergies. Thus, one should see a healthcare professional before starting the program. The result may vary from one person to another.



9 Total Score

  • Affordable program
  • With 36 amazing recipes
  • Has complete shopping guides, alternative ingredients, and blending guides
  • Legit author (a certified health coach and nutrition expert)
  • Vegan friendly
  • I personally feel the result, although i only try for 7 days and substitute some ingredients
  • The Program is easy to read and understand
  • Recipes are costly , But you can substitute some ingredients
  • Time consuming to make each smoothie
  • Cut a lot of daily calorie needs which eventually leads to a sudden hunger
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