Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes By Steven Guo – Is It Effective OR Is It Scam?

Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes by Steven Guo Review –  Sciatica is one of the most common disease in the world. Data stated that about 40% of human population experience this condition at least once in their lives.


However, not everyone realize that they are suffering from it. Mainly because the symptoms of this condition vary greatly from mild pain to great suffering.


For those who experience mild pain that went away quickly, sure they are the lucky ones. However, that’s not the case for my mother.


  My mother’s initial strike made her completely unable to get up.


Of course, it made the whole family panicked, because she showed no symptoms of any condition the night before it happened.


We brought her to have medical examination and it was discovered that she got sciatica because of hernia nucleus pulposus (HNP).



Hernia Nucleus Pulposus


It was about 13 years ago, and after medication and therapy all this time, she is getting better nowadays.


However, she still cannot get the fitness she had back then before it happened.


Today, everything indeed got better, except how my mother walks.  She cannot walk as straight as before, and if she walks for too long, she will feel pain in her lower left body parts.


That’s why, we keep on searching a way to bring back her fitness.


Luckily, a week ago, I found a page that led me to one particular program which said will cure the problems in less than 7 days without drugs, surgery, physical therapy, and exercises!


The program is called Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes by Steven Guo.


One thing that caught my attention was how this program promised to show its effect since the first session, and it requires no more than 8 minutes!


Well, of course it seems too good to be true. That’s why, here I will share my honest experience about this program and how effective it is for my mother.



Experiencing Sciatica


pain treat sciatica now


As I mentioned above, what happened to my mother is not a rare incident. Around 40% people on earth experience it at least once in their life.


But if you have never heard about the condition, you are not the only one. This is also one of the most misunderstood conditions among others.


Most of the times, sciatica feels like regular back pain, but something is different.


The biggest difference to regular back pain is that sciatica is about pain in sciatic nerves. It occurs when the nerve roots or fiber of it is pinched or irritated.


That’s the reason why the pain is linear through several body parts, like what my mother experienced in area around her lower-left body parts.


The amount of pain during the first strike may vary from mild inconvenience to total hell, and if it is not handled correctly will get worse in no time.


This is why when you have a back pain, it is suggested to consult medical experts, especially when you feel such signs of sciatica:


1. Constant pain in one side of lower body parts

2. Pain in one leg with burning or stinging sensation

3. Either numbness or weakness when moving one side of lower body part

4. Worsening pain when you are sitting or standing up from sitting.


My mother actually experienced it, but she ignored it because she thought it was the effect of tiredness.


However, she was wrong. One morning, the pain got worse that she said she couldn’t get up from bed. My family immediately brought her to hospital to find out the cause, and doctor said it was sciatica caused by HNP.




Modern Versus Traditional Treatments


back pain treat sciatica now


Of course, our first response to my mother was to bring her to modern medical facility. There, the doctor diagnosed the problem and treated her pain.


However, the doctor said that my mother might require a long time to get back to what she used to be, because at her age her body’s natural recovery process couldn’t work as good as when she was young.


For months, she had to consume her medications prescribed by the doctor. However, she still couldn’t acquire her fitness back.


Especially her lower-left body part still felt pain even she had consumed all her medication prescribed.


Because of that, my father decided to bring my mother to alternative treatments. It was some kind of physical therapy, and she showed significant progress after that.


However, the therapy was time and money consuming one, that my mother then decided to go there less often after at least her lower-left body part didn’t feel pain anymore when sitting and laying down.


pain treat sciatica now

After those series of efforts to cure the condition, my mother still went through some other treatments up until nowadays. Some resulted in good results, and some didn’t affect her much.


And that’s the story of how my mother could reach nowadays condition. Recently, she also followed a program called Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson that helped her to walk straighter for some period of time.


Among those treatments, there are two things that my mother avoided. First is it should not include medication or drugs, and second is it had to be not too expensive.


Well, Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes by Steven Guo offered those things, in addition to promising fast result.


And unlike other methods which rely on expensive modern technologies that often also include consumption of drugs, this program doesn’t.




Spoiler Of Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes Contents


steven guo treat sciatica now


With all those promises, of course it got my interest. I purchased it and read the contents first before giving it to my mother to be practiced.


The content of this program is a 24 pages eBook containing information about the condition such as what is the nature of sciatica, common causes of sciatica, and what methods are usually used to cure it.


Here is a spoiler for the contents of Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes from its table of contents.



Quick Peek Of Table Of Content


From that little spoiler, you should realize that it doesn’t go straight to the point of how to cure the condition.


It rather talks about the condition first to give you a good introduction. Well, maybe most of us already know about all the contents in the ‘introduction’ part.


However, the real deal starts at the page 16.


If this is not your first time looking for the cure for your sciatica, you might have read all the information written in the first 15 pages.


But still, you might want to understand more about your condition and I cannot recommend to skip the first 15 pages of the eBook.


Fast forward to the treatment itself, Steven Guo is actually telling you an ancient secret (that we will talk about later) in a simple delivery.


The explanation doesn’t lead you to run in a circle, but it is practically easy. And when done correctly, it actually showed real results to my mother (that we will also talk about later).


For the content, I would say that even if this book only contains the last 8 pages, it would be enough for us.


How Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes Works?




Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes by Steven Guo treats this condition with treatment originated from TCM (Traditional Chinese Method).


It is completely natural, because it doesn’t burden your body with chemicals or painful exercises, as well as no expensive physical therapies included.


Unfortunately, I cannot mention the exact treatment method used in the program, but I can tell you something to assure you that this program really works.


What’s mentioned in the book is as simple as massaging specific spots in your body 8 minutes a day. But you have to massage the right spot or it would not give any results.


And the science behind finding the right spot in your body is based on 2000 years old medical theory written in Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor.


It is ancient Chinese medical text which has been used as fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese medicine.


With the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor text basically tells about diagnosis methods and acupuncture therapy, this program has a really strong base.


This strong base is also one of some reasons why I chose to try out the program.




My Honest Testimonial About The Ancient Secret


Treat Sciatica Now


Well, enough about the introduction and explanations of this program, let’s talk about what really happened in real life.


After it drew my interest, I decided to purchase it.


purchase page

Prove That I Have Purchased The Program


Available only in digital version, it means that I can still access it even though I have given the eBook to my mother via different device. It can also be printed to make it a more physical version for those who prefer.


The reason why I want an access to this program too is because I want to prevent myself from getting into the same condition my mother was suffering from.


I am a content writer, and I mostly spend my days sitting to write information about nature for Earthbuddies.


I read that sitting for too long is not healthy and it can lead to sciatica itself. Let alone the fact that in several occasions, I woke up feeling slight inconvenience in my lower-left body parts.


That’s why, I hoped that this book can give us something. Not only easing my mother’s pain, but also helping me to prevent sciatica in the future.


As mentioned above, I examined the contents of this book and found out that information provided in the first 15 pages are pretty much general knowledge about the condition.


figure I wasn’t very satisfied with it, since I thought I spent money on something I already know.


But once I reached the page 16, I found the real deal about this program. That’s why, I said above that even though this eBook only consists of 8 pages, it would be enough for.


In the last 8 pages, I discovered how to find the right spot to do the treatment, and how to do it properly to both me and my mother.


At the very first day of purchasing it, my mother and I could immediately practice it and I personally thought that it was 8 minutes well-spent.


My mother said that she felt an ease of pain during standing and walking with straight body. But still it didn’t directly make my mother able to hold the posture for too long.


And for me, the treatment felt like it refreshed my lower-left body parts. It felt lighter to move and somehow, I felt refreshed.


It was a good start for both of us, and thus we decided to continue doing the treatment for the rest of the week.


massage treat sciatica now


 For your information, the treatment used in this program is not acupuncture,  nor herbal medication.


The method itself is indeed so simple, safe, doesn’t require any equipment, and doesn’t require you to do anything burdening yourself.


You don’t have to change your diet, do complex and hard exercises, or go to expensive therapy facilities to do it.


The treatment mentioned in the book can even be combined with any treatments for sciatica you are currently having. We, my mother and I, feel pretty much satisfied with this program.


As I mentioned above that my mother is also doing a sciatica treatment called Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson, we personally think that in practicality this program does better.


However, Sciatica SOS can provide more additional cover ups for the problem and gives more detailed information about sciatica.

Thus, it is up to your consideration which program you would prefer to choose because each program excels at one side compared to the other.


However, I think this program needs further improvements.


First, as I mentioned above, the very important part of the eBook is in the final 8 pages of it. It makes the rest of the book is kind of redundant.


Information provided by the first 15 pages are available on the internet and we can find it easily.


Even though some people might find it informative, but for those who already know what’s the deal with sciatica it is not very informative.


Next, the website of this program is so simply designed, as simple as the presentation of the eBook. It made me wonder whether this is a serious way to cure sciatica or just a scam.


Although what matters most is the content, but a good presentation gives us a good feeling about it. And having a good feeling about a program is a good start to dive deeper into it.


Another thing I want to say is that at first, I really thought that it was a scam because I couldn’t find any information about the author and other programs he made.


Still, even though I couldn’t find any information about who Steven Guo is and how could he discovered this simple yet effective method, I feel pretty satisfied with this program after practicing.


Oh, and another think that would make me rate this program with no more than 4 stars is its price.


The original price of this program is $56, and looking on how it could only provide me 8 useful pages of eBook, it means that the price of each page is $7. Fortunately, I got a special deal that brought the price down significantly.


Let alone how this program doesn’t really provide any bonuses in addition to the eBook itself.


Even though it is stated in the eBook that if you follow a link and ask for a bonus eBook titled “Back Pain Relief Miracle”, which I did follow, I still don’t receive any confirmation or bonus.


Overall, I’m not very satisfied with the professionality of this program for those reasons I mentioned, even though the result is satisfying.


If only this program was more well-presented, I think more people would be interested in it, and it might be able to give much more benefits to sciatica sufferers.


The only thing that made purchase this program at the first place was its 60 days money back guarantee provided by the program via Clickbank.




Who Can Get The Benefits?


Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes by Steven Guo especially focuses on curing the pain you have from sciatica. Thus, people who suffer from the condition can get the benefits that it offers.


After the seventh day of practicing it, my mother can now walk with straight posture for even longer time. Before, she said that even standing with straight posture gave her pain.


In addition to that, I found out that practicing the treatment shown in the eBook can also benefit people who want to prevent sciatica.


Take me for example, since I don't want to get sciatica because of my passive daily activity, I also accompanied my mother to do the treatment.


The sensation I experienced from the first practice was a slight warmth in my lower back. 


That's why, I decided to do it together with my mother for 7 days. As a result, I feel somehow my lower back is more ‘movable' than before.


I also don't experience the inconvenience I usually had after sitting for a long time anymore.


We, my mother and I, continue to practice it hoping for better result and healthier lower back area even after the seventh day.




Apart from my own experience with this program, one of the reasons why even consider to believe in this program at the very first time is the number of testimonials left by users.


Here are some testimonials I found:


“Hi, thank you for giving me my life back. I had been suffering from sciatica for years and spent thousands of dollars and a lot of time on different kinds of therapies, medicines, physical therapies, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, none of which worked. I have had enough! After reading your eBook and following your treatment, I was cured in 7 days. I can’t believe the cure is so simple! Everyone with sciatica should try this.”

David Solomon, New York USA


“The treatment worked for me within 2 or 3 days, I was so grateful. Anyone with sciatica should try this.”

Gordon Litt


“I never had any kind of health problems until sciatica and it came as a frightening surprise. I couldn’t walk for three weeks and no cure seemed to work. I was beginning to panic and started doing a lot of research on the internet and came across this website. I was very skeptical but I was desperate and would have tried anything. To my surprise the cure actually worked and I’m back to my old self again, I still have numbness in my leg and that makes it a bit difficult to walk right but the pain is completely gone. In those initial three weeks i had a lot of sleepless nights because of the excruciating pain.”

Catalin Badea


“I never thought that my sciatica could be healed by such a simple method. Really, no one needs to suffer from sciatica anymore using this amazing method.”

Kevin Seguin, Canada


“I suffered from sciatica which occurred during my pregnancy and I really worried about my baby during those days. I had no idea what kind of therapy I should choose. One day, I found your website on the Internet. I want to tell you that your method worked very well for me. Now, my body has made a perfect recovery from sciatica. Your method is very safe and it is very effective. I really appreciate it. Thanks!!!”

Rebecca Sidmore, Ohio USA


Special Offer For Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes


Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes


As I have mentioned above, the original price of Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes by Steven Guo is $56, which is too expensive for my consideration because it personally offered no more than 8 pages of eBook.


However, I learned that I could get a better deal by purchasing it from the following link, which bring down the cost to only $37!




Of course, I didn’t want to miss my chance to grab it since it is also giving 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked, via Clickbank.


And for your information, once you purchase it, you don’t need to pay for additional prices in the future. This is a one-time purchase and you can access the program for your lifetime with initial purchase.


Verdict And Conclusion


Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes by Steven Guo is an alternative treatment to sciatica that requires around 8 minutes a day. This is a product that’s worth trying if you have a sciatica problem just like my mother had.


The treatment method is so simple because it doesn’t require anything but simple massage in specific area, without involvement of drugs, exercises, therapy, or any kind of devices.


This book can give you the promised health improvement, in example my mother doesn’t feel much pain anymore while standing straight and walking compared to before practicing it.




The real content of the Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes is so simple, that most part of the eBook seems too wordy. The real deal starts in page 16 of 24 pages eBook.


The cost before special deal I mentioned above is also not that cheap, making this book worth $7 a page. However, the special deal that i will show you will bring down the cost to be more affordable.


It also doesn’t give the marketed bonus, even after I followed the instructions to get it. therefore, you literally buy the program for the 8 last pages alone.


The author of this book is also not a famous health practitioner. Even though, the method somehow really works pretty well.


This book literally suggests you to consult to medical experts first before joining the program, because it might not be effective for those with specific conditions or problems.




The method this program offers is a simple massage in specific area to ease your sciatica pain.


Stop Sciatica In 8 Minutes by Steven Guo offers 60 days 100% money back guarantees no questions asked since customer’s satisfaction toward the course may vary.


The result can be felt after the first practice for my mother, but considering many factors, the amount of time required before the effects take place can be different.




6.9 Total Score

Easiness For Practice
  • Simple Yet Effective Treatment For Sciatica
  • Immediate Result After 1st Try
  • Only 8 Minutes A Day Required
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • No complicated Diet / Equipment
  • eBook Too Wordy
  • Author Is Not A Famous Expert
  • Price To Content Comparison Is Too Expensive
  • Presentation Is Too Bland
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