Ted’s Woodworking Guided Me to Make a Table: A Honest Review

Ted's Woodworking by Ted McGrath Review – Have you ever thought you would try to learn carpentry? Me neither, but apparently, I found out that woodworking is something interesting.


Not only does it create something that you can make function of by your own hand, but there is satisfaction behind every activity in it.


It all started with the time I told my friend who owns a wood workshop that I needed some of his help to create a new table for me.


Unfortunately, my friend was still busy with other orders and said that I should be patient for another month.


I had the time, but I thought one month for just a table is too long.


Later, during his coffee break, I showed him about the table I wanted to build. He laughed and said:


“Boy, you got to learn how to create this table by yourself instead of waiting for a whole month.”


Of course, I told him that I did not have the woodworking skill and equipment to do that, to his response:


“You can do it here, but bring your own woods and I will introduce you to Ted's Woodworking by Ted McGrath.”


Fast forward a two weeks later, and a few cups of black coffee in my friend’s workshop, here I am with a big smile and a new table that I created myself.



Woodworking is Hard Work? Not With Ted’s Woodworking


proof of purchase ted's woodworking by ted mcgrath

Proof That I Purchased Ted's Woodworking Membership


To begin with, maybe we should start with busting the myth that woodworking is something that requires special taste and gift from beyond.


At least, we should start to accept that even I who had zero experience in doing it around two weeks ago can finally create something on my own.


So, what’s actually inside Ted’s Woodworking that it could help me create something on my own? Actually, there is no secret recipe in this book but clear explanations.


Ted's Woodworking by Ted McGrath explains that the work can actually be dissected into several parts.


tools according to free diy woodworking plans


During the work, we first prepare our tools and lumber, then we work on the lumber using the tools, and then we assemble the final cuts into one functional woodwork.


Ted's Woodworking by Ted McGrath explained to me every each of those steps that I needed to take to create the specific woodwork.


It contains detailed plans for creating your own woodwork starting from a simple box to a wooden cabin. 


I discovered that he instructions and explanations included in the program was so easy to understand even for beginners like me.


Not only it includes pictures of all angle, but everything is also broken down as far as into a list of tools, equipment, materials with the exact size.


Even only by reading the plans, I got the sense that what I would do were doable by me.


Of course, it got me inspired, thus I decided to get a copy of the program for my own.


However, my friend who owns the woodworking workshop told me to look at the woodworking plans first before getting into deep.


And, of course it got me inspired!




From Scratch with Ted’s Woodworking Plans



I often watch woodworking videos on YouTube because I have always been an admirer of the work.


However, sometimes as an amateur I found that the processes shown in the video are too fast to grasp for my mind.


When my friend introduced me to Ted’s Woodworking, I also thought that it would not be any different from the videos.


However, after I checked the link given by my friend, I discovered something different: the program is made as a guide for any level.


Not only the explanations are easy to understand, but it is so detailed.


Each plan comes with pictures, checklists, tips & tricks, even some videos so that even beginners like me can understand yet experts would do it in just a glance.


How can I know about the experts?


Of course, it is because my friend who owns the workshop told me so. The plans come in PDF form and DWG blueprints that can be accessed with CAD software.


example of blueprint

An Example of the Blueprints Included


Using CAD program, the blueprint would literally come to life (or actually become a 3D visualization).


I am not experienced using that program and chose to be an old-school apprentice of carpentry, so I just used the PDF.


Nevertheless, even the PDF blueprint is crystal clear.


I skimmed through the pages after I downloaded them from the welcome page and every one of them contains detailed blueprint instruction.


Does Ted’s Woodworking Really Contain Over 16000 Woodworking Plans?


ted's woodworking by ted mcgrath example box

An Example of the Plans


So, the program is promoted to contain over 16000 woodworking plans. But does the program actually contain that many plans?


At first, I would say that the program doesn’t contain that many plans.


There are ‘only’ around 8000 plans included to the program in my count. And even though that already sounds so plenty, but that’s just far from the marketed number.


ted's woodworking by ted mcgrath dvdSo, does that mean that Ted’s Woodworking is a scam? Well, if you say that providing around 8000 plans is a scam, then you say so.


However, you should know that Ted's Woodworking by Ted McGrath doesn’t stop giving you access to woodworking plans right there.


They keep giving monthly updated free plans afterward.


The month I purchased this program I got 7 additional contents and one of them contains a good essential or carpentry and joinery.


Further, they said inside the program that we can request for more contents the next month.


And one of the requestable contents has even  woodworking plans! Of course, this is the choice I chose.


The plans are updated every 30 days, said the program. Therefore, even though you don’t get all the 16000 woodworking plans in one go, you will surely get that by regularly checking the contents.


Just an Example of the Plans Collection


Don’t forget that the plans are not only in PDF version, but also CAD blueprints and videos. Therefore, the number should not count only the PDF version included.


So, would I say that the program is bluffing to put that number of plans in their promotional page?


I’d say no. The program CAN fulfil the promise but surely it may take some time to reach the number.




Watch, Read, Woodwork, Repeat



I have mentioned so many times above about the plans included in the program. But how do the plans make woodworking easier?


To explain it, I think I should list the things included in the program.


With initial purchase, you will gain access to:


list of contents


  1. A pair of initial woodworking plans

The initial woodworking contents are served in two volumes. Each contains thousands of woodworking plans starting from creating a simple wooden box to store your jewelry up to creating a wooden gazebo.


This is the main reason why I decided to purchase the program. Not only it provides that many number of plans, each plan is also explained in detailed explanation that even an amateur like me can understand.


The author said that this kind of guiding is “hold-you-by-the-hand” instruction. Would be a big turndown if the plans are unreadable by me, aren’t they?


  1. CAD/DWG Viewer software for FREE

I didn’t make use of this feature a lot, since I have no experience in using such kind of program. But my friend said that this feature is important since a lot of similar programs are expensive in the market.


To say that this program includes the free version of the program means that the author respects the professionality of any woodworkers out there. Moreover, the program is available for Mac and Windows user. Pretty handy, isn’t it?


  1. Free woodworking jigs video course

My friend said that this one is a good feature included in Ted’s Woodworking program. It helps him to create various useful version of jigs that he can use for betterment in crafting with precise size.


My friend also said that the course itself should cost me more than a couple bucks. Because it helps me to save money if I want to go deeper into woodworking, and it comes for free in the program.


16000 woodworking plans videos


  1. Access to +100 woodworking videos

And of course, the program includes video tutorials to create various wooden products. There are more than 100 videos included that we can watch online and all of them are selectively chosen.


  1. 12 guides and manuals of basic woodworking

How dare I say that this part is not the most useful for me. The 12 manuals are the things I need the most to start DIY woodworking projects as an amateur. So, if you are also an amateur, don’t be afraid to try this program out, like me!


From the list above, you might have understood what the program is all about. However, not only those things mentioned above, the initial purchase also comes with additional features that I would mention later.


Knowing the contents included in the program, I felt relieved at first sight.


I didn’t consider that the contents included would be that many, so after knowing that all of those things came with my initial purchase, I felt relieved I was not scammed.


Ted McGrath: Creator of Ted’s Woodworking?



So, who is actually the person behind Ted’s Woodworking?


The name of the person is Ted McGrath, a pseudo-anonymous woodworker said to have fell in love with woodworking since very young age.


Ted McGrath’s work has been displayed domestically and internationally. he loves to transform ordinary wood into an eclectic array of styles.


He believes the heart of the work lies within the choice of wood, grain, and texture.


He is semi-retired now but Ted McGrath is still active in woodwork groups and teaching in a technical college for a wood turning class twice a week.


Ted McGrath created TedsWoodworking.com as a culmination of his life's work to spread the joys of woodworking to the public.


He has kept an archive of all his 16000 woodworking plans and blueprints that he has ever owned. Therefore, over 16000 woodworking plans in high quality are ready to be shipped to us.


Ted McGrath is also a certified master woodworker, educator, trainer, author, member of AWI.


Two Weeks for a Table


the mission

The Table I Wanted to Create is Part of This Set


Okay, I think it was enough explanation about the program itself. Let’s jump into my experience in creating this table I needed for work.


As I told you many times above, I created this table in two weeks’ time. During that two weeks’ time, I only worked on the table after my daily job.


And because I have other things to do, I had to create a working schedule that would not interrupt my other activities while I was doing my woodworking.




I spent about two to four hours a day doing woodworking, which was sometimes irrelevant because I did the woodworking in my friend’s workshop.


In some occasions I maximized my woodworking, while in other times I just spent the time chatting with my friend about woodworking techniques or other things.


By the way, during that two weeks’ time, I didn’t work on that one single table only. I also tried to create a wooden clothes rack.


I tried to make use of the leftover woods by turning it into wooden clothes rack, but unfortunately, I didn’t succeed to make one since the woods were imperfect.


You know, since I used leftover woods left by my woodworking friend who worked on other DIY woodworking projects of his own.


Back to the main topic.


As I have mentioned that everything in Ted's Woodworking by Ted McGrath is broken down into the smallest pieces of explanation, I found that the instructions were so helpful for amateur like me.


Here are standout things I noted from the program:

  1. The list of materials and tools really helped me to save money and time.
  2. The tips and tricks from the handbook helped me to save even more time and avoid confusion
  3. Detailed step by step illustrations helped me picturize which part goes where in no time
  4. Apart from quality of materials, the final result is beautiful and aesthetic beyond my expectation for such ‘easy’ woodworking.


All those qualities were enough to help me build a table I need with ease, and because of that I really appreciate the amount of attention poured into making the program.




Next, let’s get into the table making process I have done.


First step I did to make a table is collecting the materials and tools I needed.


The plan did exceptionally detailed job in explaining what are needed and what are optional for me to create the table.


Even the measurement of each material is explained in millimeters detail. I felt relieved because of the details.


I collected leftover woods from my friend’s workshop and followed the measurements included in the plan with a little change.


cutting down


Second step is to turn the materials into the correct parts of the table.


All the works such as cutting, shaping, and sandpapering was done here. As you can se from the picture, I did it all by myself borrowing the tools from my friend’s workshop.


There was no noticeable problem during this process for me, except my own clumsiness in using the tools I have never used before.


Again, I appreciate the detailed instruction and the tips included in the program. This process is the one where I needed them a lot and my expectation was fulfilled.


In example, the plan showed me a shorter table, but because it wanted it to be higher so I modified the measurement to meet my ideal height.


And for that case, Ted’s Woodworking includes the instructions to make better measurement.


Thus, not only it includes instruction to build something, it also includes the instruction to make customization and personalization.


ted's woodworking by ted mcgrath with free diy woodworking plans


Going to third part of the show, of course the arrangement of the materials collected.


The tip here is to put numbers into the materials and that’s something I learned from the program of course.


Well, it was like building a Lego block. Not that difficult especially, because I got the instruction sheet on what goes where.


And since this is basically the easiest part in the process, it didn’t take me long to do it. Put this here, put that there, screw screw screw, and voila!


Finally, I made my own table using my own hands!


cutting ted's woodworking by ted mcgrath

Shaping the Pieces into the right Part


ted's woodworking by ted mcgrath picture 2

Sanding is Important Too


ted's woodworking by ted mcgrath instruction

Did I Do Right?


I felt so satisfied because the final result is so beautiful in my opinion. My hard work for the last two weeks was not in vain.


Witness the beauty of this table! I couldn’t even imagine creating such kind of thing before I actually did it.


the table


By the way, what made me even prouder is the fact that I failed at making simple clothes rack before this beauty.


I realized my lack of skill and poor materials were the problems.


Well, thanks to good accompany from both my friend and Ted’s Woodworking, I now feel even more enthusiastic toward woodworking.


Maybe I would want to create some small boxes next for my wife’s precious goods.


The instruction actually includes some finishing job that can be done to make the table even more beautiful. However, the finishing job can wait, because I already am satisfied with the result.


coffee and table


Oh, before I say my final words about this product, there are some things that I feel you need to know.


Even though I feel satisfied with most of the features included, there are some things I feel the need to be improved. Those things are:


  1. Plans are not categorized neatly

The thing that I had to look for the exact thing I wanted between thousands of other projects is sure wasting my time.


Let alone when I had to look for specific product, like a good table, among other products. I even started to think that it was destiny who brought me to the plan for good table I created.


index page

Separated Index is not So Practical


What matters more is that the plans handbook don't even have table of contents. Yes, a separate index of content is included, but that means I have to open up two PDFs just to work, which is not so practical. So, I built a table without table of content.


A good categorization, such as putting tables in one category and other things like cupboards in other category should be more convenience for users.


  1. Plans are not arranged for its difficulties

Again, not only the plans are not categorized neatly, but it is also not arranged for its difficulties. I sure have mentioned I failed at creating a clothing rack earlier. Well, I chose to create it because it was on the earliest pages of the PDF.


In fact, the clothing rack is pretty difficult to create. My friend told me that it needs special kind of joinery to build. That special joinery sure needs special technique and good quality of wood.


Yeah, I Failed to Make the Rack


I am an amateur to begin with, who would have thought about such kind of thing? Therefore, if only the plans are arranged neatly in levels of difficulties, I think it would be a great improvement.


  1. Inefficient contents for mobile phone

Ted’s Woodworking is very practical program since it is a guide for us to create some woodworks. However, I didn’t find it practical enough to have during my DIY woodworking projects.


Why? Because I could not freely use my mobile phone while creating the woodworks. Some of the contents are in zip version that cannot be accessed via my phone.


Therefore, I needed to extract it first on a computer and then copy it into my phone for better practicality. If only there is another way to do it, I would be very happy.


  1. Some plans can be found online

The last thing I want to talk about is how some of the plans are available online on other sites. Moreover, some of the sites offer the plans for free! Why should we pay if we can get it for free?


That was my first thought while searching for the right design for the table I wanted to create. However, after looking deeper into the contents, I found most of the plans included in the program can be found nowhere on the internet.


table details


I still find that the compiled plans in Ted’s Woodworking is more favorable for that reason. With Ted’s Woodworking you can have one-stop source of woodworking plans without having to constantly search for it online.


All those 4 things mentioned above might also help you consider whether or not this program suitable for you.


For me, I found those 4 things as small glitches in the program that need to be fixed. Yet, I still found the program was highly useful for me, so the plus beat the minus.


Overall, I feel satisfied with the details included in the product, even though some practical improvements would make things even better.

Well, that’s my honest testimonial about this program, based on my own experience in creating a table from the plans.




Other Testimonials


While I repeatedly said that I am satisfied with how this program guided me to create something out of nothing, what would other people say?


Here are some testimonials I found on the internet talking about Ted’s Woodworking.*


God bless you, Ted. You saved me tons of money. I almost went to bought an overpriced side table until I saw your plans. Thanks for all the great ideas. It's gonna keep me occupied for a long time. 🙂

Andrew Furman


Great DIY woodworking projects inside with clear instructions on each. I've gotten an enormous feeling of accomplishment & pride from making my own bookshelves. Thanks!

Brian Pally


I downloaded your plans 2 days ago and had to come back just to say that, it's just like what you said. There is enough variety of DIY woodworking projects in here, big and small, intricate and simple. Cheers!

Eddy LeBlanc


How to Get Ted’s Woodworking?


title ted's woodworking by ted mcgrath


So, I have told my story in making a wooden table in just two weeks.


I feel satisfied not only because I made it from scratch, but also because it was my first woodworking experience. As an amateur, of course creating such beauty means a lot to me.


And if you want to experience what I experienced, you might want to try Ted’s Woodworking. Just click the link provided below and you will go to the purchase page.


The initial cost of the access to Ted’s Woodworking that contains 16000 woodworking plans is $487 plus subscription fee of $39/month.



However, by following the link below you will not be required to pay those numbers. Instead, you just have to pay for $67 ONLY ONCE!


Yes, the promo included in the link below will still give you the benefits of monthly subscription without even paying for it at all for the rest of your life!


Click Here!



Even better, the program includes 60 days money back guarantee no question asked to ensure customer satisfaction.


Therefore, anytime you don’t feel satisfied purchasing it within the next 60 days, you can just claim the money back.


Think that’s good already? Then look at the other things it offers, which include…


Free DIY Woodworking Projects Plans & Special Offers



Yes, you didn’t read it wrong because Teds Woodworking offers free DIY woodworking projects plans.


But to get the free plans, you need to do some tricks. Visit the link we provide above, and then pretend to leave it by moving your cursor into the close button.

free plans


By the time you are going near to the close button, a pop-up window will appear to notice you about downloadable free plans that you might miss!


The free plans contain 50 detailed plans starting from creating a chair to a wooden cabin. And it comes in PDF form.


While the value of the eBook is around $40, you can download it for free this time. Interesting, isn’t it?


Also, don’t forget about the monthly member bonuses!


Every 30 days, the program will give around 20 additional manuals that we can download for free. All of them usually come in PDF form, so you can just download it on your phone and directly access it.


The contents are various starting from free plans, tips & tricks, basic essential techniques, and such kind of things.


However, make sure to download the newly update plans as soon as possible. Because once the plans are updated you will less likely get access to previous plans anymore.


Oh, one more thing.


You can actually request specific plans or projects in the link provided by the author in this section. So, you can just ask for anything you are planning to create next month here.


Verdict & Conclusion


In this verdict and conclusion section, I would like to list my opinion about the program, divided into simple pros and cons.


I base my opinion on my own experience of being guided to create a table, and some overall experience I had with Ted’s Woodworking.


Here are the pros of this program:

  • Include a lot of plans. Literally thousands of it!
  • Include tips & tricks for easier woodworks
  • Exceptional details in explanation of plans
  • Comes in PDF and CAD/DWG for ease of use
  • Videos included are selected exclusively
  • Monthly lifetime bonus plans without monthly subscription


While the cons are as listed below:

  • Pseudo-anonym author whose real identity is unknown
  • Plans are not arranged neatly and not categorized by difficulties, even without table of content
  • Plans are less compatible with smart phones while only available in digital version
  • Some of the plans included can be found online


The program gave me the results I wanted, which is a new table created by my own hand. Moreover, I did it only in two weeks’ time with leftover woods on my friend’s workshop.


The table is just one of thousands of plans included in the program. There are many other beautiful wood products I can make in the future thanks to the program.


Thus, basically I feel satisfied with the output this program can give.


However, the way the program is delivered is not really a big satisfactory for me. I prefer an easier access during the woodworking process.


A nice catalogue of products that I can make, so my flow is not disturbed, might be a huge boost to the product also. By the way, talking about the flow, you might want to check out my other review about Hack the Flow State.


Overall, I consider this is already a useful and practical program that can give good results, but an increase in practicality would be a huge boost to it.




Ted’s Woodworking is a program that gives us access to 16000 woodworking plans. The plans are not limited only to professional woodworkers, but also for amateurs.


The plans are only guide for your own DIY woodworking projects, so the final result may vary greatly between one to another depending on your tools and skills.


Therefore, this program offers 60 days 100% money back guarantee to ensure customers’ satisfaction.


For non-professionals, make sure to check for safety measurements and lean how to operate required tools before practicing the woodworks.




8.3 Total Score

Ease of Usage
  • Include a lot of plans. Literally thousands of it!
  • Include tips & tricks for easier woodworks
  • Exceptional details in explanation of plans
  • Comes in PDF and CAD/DWG for ease of use
  • Videos included are selected exclusively
  • Monthly lifetime bonus plans without monthly subscription
  • Pseudo-anonym author whose real identity is unknown
  • Plans are not arranged neatly and not categorized by difficulties
  • Plans are less compatible with smart phones while only available in digital version
  • Some of the plans included can be found online
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