Royal Numerology Review – Is It Scam? I’ve Bought And Tried It!

Royal Numerology by Aiden Powers Review – What if your destiny is not merely the result of fate or chance, but rather, has a tight connection with number?


If you recall, have you encountered any numbers and somewhat know that it has deeper or sentiment meaning in your life?


If your answer is yes, you’re not alone, and chances are those numbers are not just coincidence.


In fact, For a long period of time numbers are believed to have a divine relationship with human life therefore there are meaning behind them.


A figure like Pythagoras for instance stated that everything had a numerical relationship. And in AD 354-430, St. Augustine of Hippo agreed and added that numbers were the universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.


And later on, in the year of 1907, lining up with the idea of number and life relationship, there’s a new practice called numerology, emphasizing on decoding the meaning behind numbers based on one’s birth name and date of birth, finding the connection behind those numbers, and describing how it could affect someone’s trait and life path.




Nowadays, in 2020, there are many free as well as the premium numerology readings spill over the internet that you can easily find. For example, the one from that had been previously reviewed.


However, in today’s opportunity, let me introduce you to the ROYAL NUMEROLOGY for I’ve tried the free reading and purchased the premium.


Along with this post, I will share with you the insight of both options. And by the end, we’ll decide whether or not this Royal Numerology worth trying and whether or not this reading is “that accurate” like other people have testified.


Without any further ado, let’s dive into it!


First stop, Let’s get to know the person behind the desk.



Who Created Royal Numerology? Is He Real Or Fake?


royal numerology

Aiden Powers


It’s Aiden Powers.

If you think that he is the old guy from the Midsommar 2019 film, let’s high five. But, he is certainly not.


In fact, the photo you’re seeing right now is just an unknown man in white background purchased from iStock for $14.97.


Wait, what? So is this whole Royal Numerology a fraud?


I don’t think so.


Here’s why:


Upon his gaining popularity, Aiden Powers decided to keep his real identity sealed by using a pseudo name and an iStock image. Moreover, he himself has openly talked about this information on the Royal Numerology’s official site.


If he is a fraud, there’s no way he would admit that, don’t you think?


About Aiden on social media:


Do not expect he has any because there is none. And because of this thing, some people grow suspicious of his real existence. There’s even a blog specifically argue and conclude that Aiden Powers is not real. Well, I can’t blame them because I was thinking the same thing before knowing the fact that Aiden has spoken about this matter prior. Now, I’m pretty sure it’s them who are missing a point.


After all, it won’t matter even if it remains ‘unknown’. Do you know what matters?  It’s the quality of the reading. On the bright side, this, so to speak ‘anonymity’ allows us to see the numerology report objectively based on its face value.




If you’re still wondering who Aiden Powers and what his background is; this information may help:


Aiden Powers is now known as one of the best world numerologists, having 30+ years of experience. Some people who have tried his service even call him ‘gifted’, even so, he insists that he is just a common person.


Earlier in his life, Aiden has already shown a fascination with numbers and it started when he was very young. As he grew older, his fascination in numbers immersed specifically in numerology, but before that, he was invested more into the scientific side, which was the study of quantum physics.


After his discovery that numbers have secrets that were much more magical than what the science has, he changed his mind and shifted his path. He then dedicated himself to decipher the secrets behind numbers through the study of the numerology and metaphysics.


Now, with all of his gained knowledge, dedication to present quality, and accuracy, as well as the help of the internet; here he is right now, bringing the Royal Numerology reading one step closer to the global clients (to you).




What Is Royal Numerology And How Does It Work?


Royal Numerology introduces themselves as one of the best online numerology services that provide a high-quality individual reading.


The quality offered here is not only based on dedication and accuracy but also on their advancing idea of writing the report comprehensively using personal development teaching as its approach.


As the name has spoken for itself, Royal Numerology reading is rooted in the 20th-century study called numerology, where everything is numbered and there are hidden meanings behind those numbers.




Similar to astrology, numerology can offer insights on everything from personality traits to what the future holds.


The major difference between the two is Numerology is not finding those meanings behind the movement of planets but rather counting the numbers out of one’s birth date and birth name and later on deciphers the influence of those numbers on one’s life.


Royal Numerology offers two services; the first one is the premium reading that requires payment. And the second one that will benefit us all is the FREE reading. You can directly try it out by clicking the button below:




Of course, the service offered by the two options will be different.


The free reading will cover the 3 major aspects, includes the overview of your life path and your personality traits.




The premium reading will be in much depth and covering a wider range of your traits in a way that would increase your self-awareness, confidence, even finding the best career path that matches your true self and may bring you the key to success.


Need more detail?


Here Are What You’ll Get From The Premium Reading:


royal numerology

Inside the customer site


As you can see from the image above, once you purchased the premium Royal Numerology reading you’re not going to directly get the report within/ to 24 hours.


However, as they said “expect the unexpected”, therefore, 24 hours is not always the case.


In my case, it requires little longer than that. Not because of their negligence but because they were experiencing some tech problems. And I gotta say they were proactive on this matter and sent me an email, as follows:



After I sent them the needed response; it turns out, they didn't break their promise and sent the report within 24 hours.


However, while you’re waiting for the premium report they will give you 5 interesting BONUSES:


I’ve checked the same value of these bonuses they gave on Amazon and found that the price of individual bonus was around $ 10 to $ 20 each. So, these Bonuses are a real catch!


Here’s the list of those bonuses:


royal numerology

Understanding The Celestial Zodiac Influence Book


Art Of Devine Astrology


royal numerology

Accessing Tarot Cards To Read Your Future


The Complete Guide To Mastering True Numerology For Your Happiness and Succes


Using Palmistry To Understanding Your True Self


These 5 bonuses can be great companions if you want to take these practices on a further extent. Isn’t it fun to know how these things operate and gain some knowledge from it?


Now let’s talk about the personal premium report:


When your premium report is ready, they will send you an email with 2 PDFs attached to it.


The First PDF (it will have your name on it)


This PDF will be divided into 3 parts:


  • The first and second parts: Life purpose and personality profile.


royal numerology

These parts of the PDF will give you in-depth information about your life path, personal traits, things you good at, your inner desire, inner talent, your soul, your strength, your weakness, even addressing your mature-self calling.


What’s inside here will really suit you if you feel lost in this life, not knowing who you really are or what thing you can do best, you can find solace or rather a solution here.


P.S: These parts of the first PDF report are somewhat reminding me of the report I got from, which I already reviewed before. So, If you want to know your personality traits in another version of reading (using the psychoanalysis approach by Carl Jung) you can check that out HERE!


  • The third part: One-year Forecast


If you’re into future reading, this part will benefit you. You’ll not only get it for a week, nor a month, you’ll get it for one whole year. Still, this is not a typical future reading nor astrology, this one year forecast is compiled from your personal chart’s numbers.


The report you’ll receive is made so detailed, in a way that it will tell you what’s likely to happen EACH DAY during the year.



The Second PDF: Pinnacle Period Guide


Although the concept is similar to the one-year forecast (future reading); they are different. Pinnacle period specifically talks about something more essential, where it only happens within a certain number of days in the future (in my case it happens in 66 days).


During this period there is a massive life-changing event that may never enter your life again. Therefore, they make this guideline for you to get through that. And as to make it even easier, they’ve broken it down to a weekly guide for you.



My Experience With Royal Numerology’s Free Reading


I was so intrigued by the idea of numbers and how it could have specific meanings in one’s life, so I signed up for free reading. And since I’m extra, I’ve tried not only one free numerology readings, I’ve also tried some other sites that offer the same value. Therefore, I will do a comparison here.


The results I got from those free readings are mostly the same as what I got from the Royal Numerology reading. Apparently, they use the same equation to come up with an analysis. So, if everything the same what makes this Royal Numerology special then?


You know it’s free sources and it’s obvious that the result you got will be just an overview. However, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the Royal Numerology service (as they claimed) is focused on quality. And by quality, It’s made not only accurate but also comprehensively based on self-improvement teaching.


If compared with others, this is what makes the Royal Numerology free reading different; you’ll not only get the number and its brief explanation, on the contrary, Royal Numerology will get you fuller information. If others give you not more than one or two paragraphs, here you’ll get it in a full page.


Well, longer information doesn’t mean better information, right?


Right, but I gotta say it does here. It’s long but dense with information; well articulate and no fluff.


However, there’s one thing that I personally don’t like about the free Royal Numerology reading: there’s no explanation of some technical terms like ‘expression number’ or ‘temporal pinnacle’, I didn’t know what that meant, therefore, I need to Google that up. That’s too much effort.


What about the accuracy?


For me, despite the fact that I need to Google things up to fully understand the information, I’d say the result is highly accurate. It’s up to 95%.




I have some friends who also tried the free Royal Numerology reading. They came up with varied answers. And if summed up, the accuracy ranged between 80% to 90%.


What we can conclude from here is: even the percentage is considered high; there’s no single answer when it comes to its accuracy. So, I’d suggest you try it yourself and see how accurate it is to you?


Click Here to Get Your FREE Royal Numerology Report 


What I Found beneficial From The Free Reading:


One of my friends said that the report she got was felt like praises to her and it made her look better than she actually is. But, that sort of how this thing works.


Think it this way, people are not used to judging themselves objectively; even our family, closest friends, or relatives are not able to give a 100% honest opinion about us and it can be perplexing to get to know our own selves. So I think an analysis from a third party like Royal Numerology reading can be a good solution for this.


Maybe, my friend was not aware that she is actually that good.




Different from her, the report that I got is not just containing the good traits that I have but also some weaknesses and warnings that I need to work on.


For example, I got 5 on my expression number. Based on this number, They said that I have the ability to think quickly but my thought process is sometimes unorganized and scattered.


Well, I don’t know about the quick thinking ability part but if my thought process is scattered, I couldn’t agree more. And since someone (whom I never met) has clearly point that out, I can’t hide any longer behind this façade of innocence.


Moreover, this thing somehow gives me a sense of urgency to find a method and get things straight in order not to let it get in the way of my success. I count this as a benefit!


Another benefit that I can say about this free Royal Numerology reading is:


It gives an objective insight into who we truly are: our potential, natural traits, gifts, talents, as well as our shortcomings. All of these flow in one purpose, which is to give us a sense of self-realization. Only through that can we be the best of our own versions.


And because I was dead curious to know more about myself (to be honest, I’m pretty lost in this phase called “quarter-life crisis”), so, I decided to buy the premium analysis.


You can definitely take your own pace and don’t have to rush to buy the complete analysis. In fact, you can already value something from the free Royal Numerology reading like these people;


Tom Hayes, NY*


“I was really surprised at the predictions made by you, Aiden. It was so accurate that I think I should be afraid? I’ve gained a lot of insight about myself and it has helped me to understand myself better and change my life for the better. I can’t thank you enough.”


Sarah Ashton, US*


“This is the most comprehensive reading I’ve ever received and I’ve gained the insight that I’ve been searching for years! This is amazing! The advices were practical and after implemented them, I’m starting to see positive changes in my life. Thank you so much.”


Now let’s move on to the premium reading:



My Experience With Royal Numerology’s Premium Reading


The premium report will obviously talk about ‘you’ to a further extent.


And if the free reading doesn’t have a clear definition on some terms as I’ve said earlier, this premium reading will not bother you with the same problem. It’s definitely much more deliberate, clearer, and practical.


So, after waiting for a while, they finally sent me the report. There are 2 PDF files.


The first PDF got my name and birthdate on it and the second one called the Pinnacle Guide.


I think I’m supposed to read the pinnacle guide first but I was more excited to read the one who had my name on it, so I read it religiously.


If the free reading only offers you three aspects; life path number, expression number, and soul urge number; the first PDF of the premium report will cover a lot more than that.


Here are some of my personal highlights on the first PDF:


  • Personality number, this shows your superego; how others view you as a human being.


Well, who isn’t curious to know how other people perceive themselves? Not me. This is not necessarily a good thing to know because it doesn’t define who you truly are. But I can’t help it. It’s fun to know.


And this numerology reading has given me the idea to dare myself and to prove what’s already written on the report. I talked to some people I know and ask them to tell me how they think about me. It’s nice to hear their opinion about me and use it as a reflection to improve myself for the better.


To my surprise they also give a compliment, which I’ve never thought would describe me before.


And you know what?


About 85% of what’s written on the report match the actual opinion!




  • Maturity number, this will give you the insight of your wish and desire that gradually surface at the age of 30-35, and become more profound as you get older.


This maturity number will surprise you as it does to me. How can it not be so when my maturity desire is the opposite of what I want now? It’s a career choice that I’ve been trying to avoid from 2016 to the present. But it’s weird ‘cause no matter how hard I do that, it keeps floating back to me and I keep on doing it.


And you know what’s even weird? I’ve actually been thinking ‘if this career was really my calling’ before I even know numerology, and after I got the report and read it, I had some kind of affirmation that it might be. Well, I don’t really like the sound of it but we’ll see.


If you’ve been wondering the same thing like me, you may get the answer here. So, prepare yourself!


Click Here to Know Your Maturity Number 


  • Karmic lessons, on the free reading you get a glimpse of the area you’re lacking of already, but here, you’ll get the extent of it; there will be three karmic numbers, each contains your weaknesses that you may have to face throughout your life.


What I like about it is it doesn’t just preach on what areas you are weak at but also helps you out by giving you some advice. And again, I have to say that this Royal Numerology report can read beyond my persona. Well, I’m not going to confess right here, it’s enough for them to give me a personal slap on my face so I can be more cautious.


  • Hidden Passion, this is what I value the most of all the analysis. It reveals the special strengths that you may or may not aware of it because it usually suppressed by us (whether it’s because of our upbringings, societal standard, or because we think it doesn’t sell).


In my experience, since I’m already aware of some of it, it gives me more confidence to keep pushing and the courage to let it shines. And for the things that I was not aware of, I welcome the idea, and willing to cultivate that as well.




  • Balance number, here you’ll be provided with guidance on how to deal with difficult or threatening situations.


As I’ve mentioned earlier that the premium Royal Numerology reading is practical; in this balance number, you’ll find do-able guidelines.


At this point, I’m amazed that they can address the situations that I personally felt threatened correctly.


Doesn’t stop there, they give me guidance, though it was just one, I think this sufficiently addresses what I need to do in hard time situations.


So… I think that are some of my highlights. There are actually a couple more aspects that this Royal Numerology covers (which I also gain some value from), however, to keep your curiosity burning, I’m gonna stop right here. I hope that these can give you enough insight.


Wait, what about the second PDF ‘The Pinnacle Guide’, you may ask?


Well, Although it is fun to know what the future holds, I’m not personally interested in that. However, as I’m writing this review I decided to take a look.


Pinnacle Guide works as your blueprint to help you see what’s coming on your highlighted moments in life. The pinnacle period will specifically last in 66 days and it broke down into a weekly forecast.


It’s been three weeks since I purchased this Royal Numerology premium reading without once looking inside my Pinnacle Guide.


And since I’m not that interested to know the future, I decided to look at the past; to see whether their predictions were right just so I can give you the idea if this second PDF worth reading.


Here’s what happened:


The first and second week, I’d say they’re completely wrong!* It didn’t match what actually happened in real life.


But by the third week, some predictions are partially true*. It predicted that ‘I may want to crawl back into my comfort zone’. And it’s true, I did that last Thursday. I was not doing what I should’ve done, instead, I curled behind a closed door. And this was something that I regretted now since I missed the reward that I was supposed to get if only I walked out of my comfort zone.


So, what I can say about this is the future cannot be easily predicted even though I’ve seen some of their predictions are true. They’re not God (obviously) and it’s impossible to get 100% valid answer out of this. Up to this moment, the percentage that I give to this Pinnacle Period Guide is less than 50%.




However, as we know that the future can’t be predicted, therefore, I don’t want to make a generalization because what I’ve experienced here doesn’t automatically add up to someone else. In fact, there are some people who testified differently, like this one:


John Frost, US*


This report was one of the best! … this is like my bible now and I refer back to it all the time! Thanks for having such a wonderful product.”


So, now, the choice is yours to make.


In case you’re open with this whole concept of numerology reading and interested, here’s what you need to know:



Where To Buy The Premium Royal Numerology Reading


It is very easy to check out the premium Royal Numerology reading. First of all, you can visit the official website, do the free reading, read it through and by the end of it you’ll be offered to process the premium reading with varied prices that you can choose.


  • The first one is the GRANDMASTER’s price (I purchased this). It costs $ 49. The benefit from this price is your premium report will be personally crafted by the hands of Aiden Powers himself.


  • The second is the MASTER’s price. This will cost you cheaper, at $ 39 only. The report you’ll get is crafted by master numerologists with 6-7 year experience.


  • The last one is APPRENTICE’s price. This one is the cheapest of them all, it’ll only cost you $ 29. And the report you’ll get is done by apprentice numerologists with 1-2 year experience.


This service also comes with little more upgrades but it’s optional and you can just ignore it.


In case you’re wondering what are those upgrades,


Here they are:


  • $ 20 to upgrade to the very detailed report by Aiden Powers.


  • $ 9.95 to receive your premium reading on the same day. This report is manually crafted, and you’re not the only person who uses the service therefore they need 2-3 days to process. But If you can’t wait that long, they’ve made a solution for you.


  • $ 9.95 to get the audiobook version of the Pinnacle Period Guide PDF read by Aiden.


For any type of price you choose, you’ll get the benefit to get a risk free with 60 days money-back guarantee. With this option, you’re allowed to have more time to read and see if the service they offer works on you. If you don’t think the whole premium Royal Numerology report is helping you can always seize this option and ask your money back by simply sending them an email.



Conclusion And Final Verdict


It’s time to answer our burning questions:


  • Is the analysis accurate?


Based on my actual experience of using the Royal Numerology both free and paid one; I’d say:


YES, it is about 85 – 90% accurate when it comes to overall life purpose and personality trait sections; but NOT REALLY when it comes to what they called one-year forecast and Pinnacle Period or simply to say their future prediction.


I said not really ‘cause even though I don’t believe it, I have to admit that so far it partially true. And please note, that my opinion about this can’t validate the overall quality of their prediction since it’s predicting one year ahead, and I’m still on week three.


However, there’s another thing I want to add:


As I got my report and read it through, I no longer think that accuracy holds the most important aspect anymore when it comes to the personality trait analysis. Because oftentimes we fail to see the good and the bad in ourselves. Therefore, what’s rather important from this analysis is how it can be our reflection to observe ourselves more objectively so that we can be a better person.


  • Is Royal Numerology worth to try?


Despite, the fact that they missed some of its future predictions, I’d say that this service is still worth to try.


Here’s why:


  • Life is full of secrets and if you feel lost in life, you might find it with the help of numerology. Or if you don’t believe any of those, this can still be very entertaining. How can it not be so when we can discover what our numbers are and how their meanings strongly connected with our lives.


  • Royal Numerology doesn’t require you to pay any cent right away because they give the benefit of FREE service.


  • Different from other free services, Royal Numerology contains larger, comprehensive, and more thorough information.


  • The premium service offered by the Royal Numerology is considered affordable with varied prices from $ 29; $ 39; to $ 49, and the benefits they include are quite a catch; two detailed personal analysis ebooks and five bonuses.


  • Royal Numerology is fully aware of the possibility that not everyone is going to value the premium report the same, therefore they give another benefit; 100% money-back-guarantee up to 60 days.

And if there’s an additional question asking; would I recommend Royal Numerology reading? My answer is yes; try the FREE one first and I let yourself decide afterward.







Royal Numerology is an online numerology service made for the purpose of entertainment only.


This service will require your personal data such as your birth name and birth date in order to process the analysis.


The analysis made by Royal Numerology may or may not see equally valuable for every client.


What’s written here is completely drew upon the writer’s personal experience using the Royal Numerology services (for three weeks) and it’s not necessarily added up to others’.

7.5 Total Score

Overall Content Quality
Author's Credibility
Future Prediction Results
Reading's Accuracy
  • Free service available
  • The premium report contained practical advice
  • This service might also work for skeptics since the results are quite entertaining to read
  • Both free and premium analysis is articulate, comprehensive, and thorough
  • The price is varied
  • There's the benefit of a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The package includes 5 BONUS
  • The free report left some technical terms unexplained
  • The premium report takes some time to proceed
  • Some of its pinnacle predictions are false
  • The real identity of the creator is protected under a pseudo name "Aiden Powers"
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  1. […] kind of fortune telling, like Royal Numerology, makes me don’t believe to any of them. How can we expect some advices about what will happen in […]

    • I feel the same way you feel,,, and the person who wrote this article seem to me like they may have some affiliation with Aiden Powers and this whole numerology thing. I don’t think I will be accessing this site or answering any emails sent to me.

      • Hi Bri

        Yes We indeed an affiliate of this product, but unlike any other affiliate , we actually buy the product itself and test it and give our honest opinion

        so customer can decide whether it is good for them or not

  2. Hi Aiden,
    In simple words, to trust you with my future, you must be able to pridict my past as well. It’s a no brainer. I’m gullible to wisdom, who is not? When you are able to crunch numerology to pridict my future, why not my past?
    It won’t even take you 20 minutes to figure it out and when you are accurate, I’m willing to pay for the readings and everything else for many years to come. Just 3 dates in my past needs a maximum of 6 words, you can even do it in just 3 words to describe it. Providing answers for these 3 dates precisely is a matter of your professional dignity in demonstrating your due delligence to the world and me.

    1986 ? What took place?
    1987 ? What took place?
    2003 ? What took place?
    Official name: Saput Sherchan
    Birth Name: R…… ……..
    Birth date: 30:..19:..
    Birth Time:……
    Birth Day: Monday
    Blank space for privacy appologies. Wish i get a reply from you Aiden, so every one can see the challenge..I’m not presuming that you can’t…time will tell

    Best regards


  3. Hi…I did just the free one and Aiden asked me to be his apprentice. Has anyone else had this experience that you have heard of? He said he was willing to pay me to do it. I’m just not sure because when I looked at the guy in the picture I knew it wasn’t the real picture of him right away. I sensed he looks completely different. I haven’t done the in-depth reading so I wondered how he could know that I would be good at this. Just checking to see if he has asked other people. Thanks.

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