Hero Genius Legend Review- I’ve Been 25 Days In; Here’s How It Goes!

Hero Genius Legend by Robin Sharma – Did you promise yourself that this year of 2021 would be the year when you become more productive?


Are you like many other people in this world who subscribe to the notion to have “new year resolutions”?


Let’s high five if you do!


I don't know how many of us flunk last year but this year let's hope!


Enough for the wallowing 2020!


hero genius legend

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So in a search for new inspiration as an attempt to accomplish my new-year resolutions I found a seemingly helpful program called Hero Genius Legend launched by Mindvalley.


Mindvalley itself is not new to me, I’ve tried some of its programs before, and they uniquely good.


However, Other than the previous Mindvalley’s programs that I’ve tried before, which were quite esoteric, this one is different; it’s created based on scientific research and study (mostly in human behavior and neuroscience).


This program also claimed to be battle-tested, proven by many people throughout the world, and currently holds more than 30k active users.


hero genius legend


Not only that, even world high profiles and organization like famous celebrities to Nike and Microsoft trust the author of Hero Genius Legend.


But is it really that good though?


To find out, here I am spending 25 days enrolling in the battle-tested, scientific-based, 66-day quest of Hero Genius Legend.


As to give you reference before you actually buying it; I’m gonna reveal the insight of this program, the actual experience joining this program, and the best price to check out.


And for the cherry on top, I’ll put my final verdict if this program trash or treasure.


So, without any further ado, let’s get to know the person behind Hero Genius Legend; why would world-famous figures and top organizations give him a place for recognition?



Meet the Author of Hero Genius Legend


hero genius legend

Robin Sharma


It’s Robin Sharma!


As some of you may have already heard about him, Robin Sharma is well-known as #1 international bestselling author for his books The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Leader Who Had No Title.


His works on leadership and peak performance have sold over 15 million copies in 75+ Countries.


Even another world’s best-selling author, Paulo Coelho, gives appreciation to Sharma’s works:


hero genius legend


In addition to his remarkable writings, in the past two decades, Robin Sharma has become a highly-sought consultant amongst high-impact individuals e.g. movie stars, pop stars, NBA superstars, CEOs, and billionaires.


Doesn’t stop there, fortune five hundred organizations from Nike, Microsoft, FedEx, HP, Oracle, to NASA, and Yale University also featured on his professional journey.


And with this kind of experience did he make his way up and ranked in Top 5 Leadership Experts in the world alongside other famous figures like Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Jack Welch, and Shaquille O’Neal.


hero genius legend

Robin Sharma with Richard Branson


However, apart from his world’s recognition and credentials that he possesses right now; in one of his appearances, he stated that he saw himself as a humble servant and he was no different from other people instead.


Robin also added that he wasn’t always like this; he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.


In fact, he’s coming from very a humble beginning. He was born to immigrant parents and had a hard time growing up. Nevertheless, those hardships didn’t make him have a victim mentality, conversely, he made it to be who he is right now


Of course, his journey to achieve what he currently has is not easy.  He even shared that his professional journey was started in a very modest way. In his first seminar, for instance, only twenty-three people attended, and twenty-one of them are his own family.


hero genius legend

Now his seminar crowded with so many people


But here’s what makes him special; he didn’t give up. His conviction and consistency in what he’s doing made him rises to this point where he can stand on the same stage as other world’s leading figures.


And now with the knowledge as well as the experiences that he gained for the last two decades; he dedicated it to create this Hero Genius Legend program and use it to help and reach out to more people around the world.



What is Hero Genius Legend?


This program started with an illustration of a little boy and his father. One of the lines says:


“Once I got the person together, the world is okay”


Through that quote, the belief revolves; this program convinced that every big and revolutionary change in one’s life (career, promotion, doubled income, remarkable impact, masterpiece creation, etc) firstly started with the revolutionary change in oneself.


And as we all know change is never easy, most people fall back again, and never knew how to harness their true potential; so this time, Robin Sharma together with Mindvalley built a 66-day quest called Hero Legend Genius to rescue those “in need”.


This program emphasizing:


“The revolutionary approach to transforming your habits”


And by “revolutionary approach”, means that every lesson featured here is the result of Robin Sharma’s 20+ years of professional experience working closely with high-impact people PLUS related scientific studies.


Through these 66 days, you’ll be able to master the concept 2x3x mindset. This is where you finally know exactly how to double your income & impact, triple your focus & investment in two key areas: personal mastery and professional capability.


But how this program so sure to help us master those key areas? Aren’t there many other programs just like this?


To answer those questions… here is:



How This Program Different from Other Programs?


First and foremost, as I’ve mentioned earlier, this program is the result of Robin Sharma’s leadership coaching with many of the world’s successful figures for over 20 years.


What’s more?


  • This program is apt, straight to the point, no wishy-washy (lesson only takes not more than 10 minutes per day).


  • Baby-step learning, Just like many other Mindvalley’s programs, Hero Genius Legend will also give you a smaller chunk of lesson material each day.


However, there’s a novelty presented specifically in this program called “implementation day”, which basically “a day off” of learning. It’s only a small addition to the quest but I think it has a huge impact to learn and absorb the lessons better.


  • It’s scientific; mostly based on human behavior and neuroscience studies. Through this scientific approach, the positive changes you’ll get with this program will be lasting.


If you came across Cal Newport’s Deep Work or other similar books, you’ll see that this program indeed shares the quality of previously researched studies (combined with the author’s and successful people's experiences) before they finally came up with the curriculum.


  • This teaching won’t bore you with just listening to lectures. The format of the teaching is visual; it recorded in high-quality videos and crystal-clear audios.


Source: Pixabay.com


Moreover, you’re not just going to watch the lesson videos and sit around bored. Conversely, this program also includes small daily actions for you to tackle every day.


  • Allows you to meet and converse with other active users. Yup, this program has a private community to do that; it allows you to make new like-minded friends.


It’s nice to have a further discussion about the lesson you just had, hold accountability, and get feedback.



Is This Program for You?


Well, ask yourself if you want to sharpen your personal mastery, win a big game, cultivate your potential, get rid of a bad habit, overcome a mindset that only dragging you away from the success you deserve, have better performance, and increase productivity, then this program is definitely for you.


However, that could be undermining; the truth is this program suits literally anybody, regardless of what they want or how far they want to go; regardless of any backgrounds or professional careers.


As to give you a solid proof for this matter, below I gather some of the users’ testimonials. You’ll see that they came from various backgrounds; housewife, student, professional; and they use this program to improve various aspects of their lives as they personally wish.



What Users Say about Hero Genius Legend


Rose James*, USA, says:


“I am more efficient at everything. The daily practice of identifying 5 daily wins and 10 blessings at the start of my day sets the tone for a great day every day regardless of what transpires during the day.”


Michael Bucci*, Student at University of Toronto, Quebec, Canada, says:


“Robin’s tactics, mindsets and habits will take your life to the next level. As soon as I have implemented some of his habits, my life changed forever…I can never go back to how I used to live. I have more time to do the things I love and I am confident when I listen to my inner voice…”


Rajeev Maholtra*, Deputy General Manager- Seiko Watch India, says:


“Special Thanks to Mr. Robin Sharma to elevating my Life…My life was absolutely out of track & feeling very un-secure & always have fear of failure. Feeling stress even doing good work. Now I even wake up at 4 am…”



What I Say about Hero Genius Legend; My 25-Day Experience


I’d say it’s tough. Change felt like an uphill battle for me.


25 days had passed, the battle is still going, but these past couple of days it’s becoming more and more convenient.


And may I remind myself again what Robin Sharma always states in the program:


“Change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle, but it's beautiful at the end”


“If it is not hard, it is not a real change”, he added.


So… it’s 25 days down, 41 days to go, and I already feel a burden start to lift off my shoulder… slowly but surely.


Here are three things that I’ve learned and valued from the program so far:


The art of journaling


Journaling is not a new thing to me (maybe for you too), I have heard about it so many times but yeah, I’ve never really tried it before.


I’ve always thought that journaling would only add more work to do, but I was wrong. I never thought that journaling would make such a significant impact on one’s life until today.


Source: Pixabay.com


Of course, it is not just writing a journal, there’s a purpose as well as techniques on how to do that. Otherwise, it would just be like writing a diary; nothing wrong with writing down your feelings but that’s not really what we want.


We’re talking about journaling that can make us perform better, understand ourselves better, become more productive, more positive, and more absorbent in our learning process. These kinds of things that we will learn here in Hero Genius Legend program.


However, if you asked me:


“Is there any way I could learn about this kind of journaling without firstly enrolling to the program?”


YES, there is!


You can have a thorough insight into how to do it by joining its FREE MASTERCLASS.


Please note that it will take a bit longer (60 min-ish), BUT, I guarantee you’ll learn and benefit so much from it.


And guess what’s even more beneficial from this Free Masterclass?


After joining this program, I later found out that Robin Sharma actually spilled some of its paid lessons quite thoroughly on this Free Masterclass! What a treat!




Alright, back to my personal experience,


I bought my very first journal as the program suggested!


hero genius legend

My Journal


I started my journaling journey, and there are two highlights:


 First, by journaling, I notice a change in my perspective, with which helps me to shun away my catastrophizing habit.


Maybe some of you remember, there’s a line from the movie Pretty Woman that said:


“Bad stuff is easier to believe”


I sipped it way too far.


I know it sounds ridiculous, but that’s what my catastrophizing habit is about; I believed that most of the things are going to be bad. And subconsciously, I sort of made things end badly even though it could’ve been successful.


Sounds pretty messed-up huh?


I used to believe that this way of thinking prepared me for the worst-case scenarios. And for so long I believed it helped me survive the harsh reality and it kept me preserved from any kinds of disappointments.


Source: Pixabay.com


However, I noticed that I was becoming more “toxic” rather than “prepared”. I was blasting these negative vibes over my surroundings because I was so “defensive” and pessimistic about life.


What’s even worse than that?


In a constant attempt to keep me away from disappointment, I lost gratitude.


And on this particular thing have I felt that Hero Genius Legend changed my perspective to see life.


Through the art of journaling and the practice of daily gratitude, I was “forced” to be grateful, even to the simplest things that I experienced each day.


It taught me to see beauty even in the “ugliest” situations.


Source: Pixabay.com


After 25 days, I have a deep realization that changes my perspective. I now start to believe that gratitude is more effective to keep myself from disappointments than catastrophizing ever did.


I mean, if one is full of gratitude (even in their darkest time), what disappointment can possibly get them down?


Of course, it was not easy, as I said it was an uphill battle because I have to constantly “wake myself up”; I have to be on the watch and remind myself all the time so I won’t fall back into my old habit.


Robin Sharma has also stated this in one of his lessons. He stated that “willpower” is required for starters to keep pushing through (before it’s automatized) because again, change is hard at the beginning but gorgeous at the end.


And even though I haven’t reached the end of this 66-day quest, with the willpower I maintain in these 25 days, here’s a positive impact that I got:


With a more grateful heart, positivity, and the diminished of my catastrophizing habit, I have more clarity in mind, and with clarity in mind, I’m becoming more creative and productive.


Source: Pixabay.com


 Second, I found the best learning method that works for me!


It’s called deconstructing.


Without spilling too much information, all I want to say is this method works well, and it is not restricted to this program alone but applicable to any other subjects you want to study out there.


From now on learning new languages, reading hard philosophical books/ textbooks, implementing marketing strategies, setting priorities, making lucrative goals, even finding solutions can be more manageable.


And those things mentioned can be achieved through “just” writing a journal.


How can it be so, you may ask?


Well, to know the answer you may want to let Robin Sharma explains a glimpse of this particular information himself:


Join Robin Sharma’s Masterclass For Free Here 


Before we’re going to our next point, I wanna add a little something…


Please note that this program has so many valuable personal-mastery lessons during its 66-day quest (no doubt about it), however, I don’t necessarily value and follow all of them.


In my 25-day journey of joining this program, I have one lesson (day 18) that I don’t feel comfortable with. There is an idea called “second wind work-out” and I personally don’t subscribe to this and decidedly not to do that*.


I mean working out is good, in fact, I do the morning routine workout before journaling (Lesson day 2) but the second workout? I don’t think it’s necessary since it may also lead to exhaustion.


Source: Pixabay.com


Well, I’m not saying that it is wrong to work out twice a day. That idea is good for some people e.g. athletes or people who have too much of sedentary life (which caused them obesity) but generalizing it to all can be risky.


So, if you happen to enroll in this program, it would be wise for you to still be cautious with your own physical condition.


Alright, that’s it of my little adding, now let’s move on to the second valuable things I got from this program!


Trained focus through simple and doable methods


Other than this pandemic, there’s another thing we’re currently facing in this 21st century…not as deadly, but quite disruptive for our self-development.


What’s that?


Instant gratification, which leads to a shorter attention span; we’re living in an era where our brains are more into something that is quick.


And if you noticed, that’s the reason why social media or internet marketing nowadays is giving you something a lot shorter than before.


Source: Pixabay.com


What it exactly did to us?


Well, we got easily distracted and it becomes harder to focus on one thing in a longer period of time.


We may have the best learning methods but if we can’t focus, it’s nothing, right?


I personally find myself in this downward spiral too and it’s getting harder for me to even watch an hour-long YouTube video without skipping or fasten the speed.


My attention span was terrible; before I got into this program, I think it’s no longer than 15 minutes and there’s a possibility that it would get even shorter if I didn’t do something. And thank goodness Hero Genius Legend has this problem covered (week 2 and 3 lessons).


So far, there are two trained-focus routines taught here that I found highly effective.


As the program suggests, I do the first routine every morning (after the daily journaling) whereas the second is more flexible but I personally like to have it before bed.


The practicality of these two routines is not going to get you overwhelmed at all. In fact, these will give you more time to relax without being less productive. Say what?


Yes, this program knows well that spending more time doesn’t mean you’ll get more work done.  As a matter of fact, real productivity is achieved through an undistracted focus not the quantity of time.


Long story short, with these two methods to train focus installed; here is what I experience:


  • I feel more satisfied and fulfilled with the work I did.
  • I finish more work in a considerably shorter period of time.
  • I feel less stress on doing the work.
  • I have a longer attention span; I’d say it’s about an hour-long now (but the number keeps growing).
  • I can finish a novel from cover to cover within a week.
  • I can have a better understanding of the book that I read.
  • I can have time to relax without feeling “guilty”.


And the last valuable thing I learned so far is:




Source: Pixabay.com


Let’s face it I am guilty as a person who hardly finishes things.


An instance I can think of off the top of my head is my inconsistency in learning Japanese.


I self-study Japanese a few years back (I’ve always been in love with the language) but it’s been on and off and there’s no actual result that can be seen obviously.


But this particular lesson (day 24) of Hero Genius Legend really gets me to start over and re-committed to it.


Day 24 lesson gives special encouragement and challenge at the same time to me. I’d say it’s something about how Robin Sharma delivers this principle to be persistent (even through a small daily execution) that speaks deeply into me and awaken this flame inside me.


Since then, I make a small daily action to tackle ‘Nihongo’. I wrote a schedule in my journal specifically dedicated to this: an hour each day and not memorize more than three kanji.


And you won’t believe how much I actually learned more in this one-hour studying (with no more than 3 kanji memorized) consistently every single day.


So, that’s it for my testimonial, to conclude; I’m happy with how this program helps me develop myself for the better. Despite the truth that I was quite skeptical of this program at first, now it turns out I have nothing against it*.


I still have 41 days to go, and from what I can see here, the further the lesson, the more valuable it gets. I mean, Hero Genius Legend has lessons on Mental Mastery, Be OK with Being Different, Beating Procrastination, and Practices of Global Influencer!


How’s that sound? I myself can’t wait for those upcoming lessons!


In case you also have the urge to have a new beginning in life; to transform your life from your past self to the better version of you are… it’s never too late. All you need to do is just taking an action.


No, you don’t have to buy this program right away, but you can start a small action by attending Hero Genius Legend FREE MASTERCLASS then decide afterward.


However, if you feel pretty convinced already, here’s:


How to Get the Lowest Price to Buy This Program


Source: Pixabay.com


If you’ve been to Mindvalley’s programs before, you’d know that every program they launched has a quite high price (considering the equal quality of teaching they serve).


For this program alone, you can visit their Official Site and see how much it costs. YES, it’s tagged for $1,049.


However, don’t freak out just yet, because recently Hero Genius Legend has a huge discount and the price is now cut down to $299.


Still pricey?


How about having more discount PLUS something valuable to learn?


Sounds good huh?


 Indeed, by signing up for Hero Genius Legend FREE MASTERCLASS you can have more discount and get a lifetime access.


Start Your FREE Masterclass and Get More DISCOUNT Now! 


Wait, there’s more!


Every purchase of Hero Genius Legend is secured with 15-day risk-free, a considerably enough time to decide whether you want to continue the journey or want your money back.



What Do You Get With Your Money?


This program is one package deal, if you think you’ll only get lectures, you’re wrong.


To fulfill the advertisement in which promises to work on our mindset, heartset, fitness, and spirituality; therefore, this program covers:


  1. Principles
  2. Routines/ Rituals
  3. Exercises
  4. Tools
  5. Tactics
  6. Maxims
  7. Guided-meditation


These seven things mentioned above then compiled neatly into a 66-day quest curriculum.


hero genius legend

Inside the member site


So what is in this 66-day quest, you ask?


Warm up – Day 7 – Foundation for Influence, Impact & Results


This is the starting point; the groundwork of personal mastery. This section will re-ignite your desire to live your dream. You’ll get ultra-inspired and have a sense of responsibility by simple and doable rituals to live up every day.


This section highlights:

  • Setting your commitment to do a small daily act of greatness
  • Practice ritual to inject a healthy dose of gratitude into your busy days
  • How to stay unshakably inspired all-day
  • How to set goals like history maker
  • How to keep on track even if you don’t feel like it


Day 8 – Day 22 – Rituals for Extreme Focus and Productivity


Attaining focus is hard especially at this age when distractions seem to be everybody’s best friends. But since the focus is critical is important to your success. You gotta learn to shut down the distractions and this section will help you to do that; streamlining your mindset to achieve maximum focus and boost productivity.


Source: Pixabay.com


This section highlights:

  • Principles on how to set new productive habits successfully
  • Guided meditation to rewire your higher self
  • Routines on how to wake up productive and positive
  • Routines on how to remain productive and fit throughout the day
  • Embodying leader mindset to raise every aspect of your life


Day 23 – Day 37 – Winning the Race before It Starts


This section will encourage you to run your own race and prepare you to win. Here you’ll get maxims to live by. These are battle-tested ideas to help you dial in your personal life and your mindset to get your craft as well as your lifestyle to a whole new level.


This section highlights:

  • How to light the fire of authentic bravery in you
  • How to condition your mind for consistent success
  • How to kill the temptation to quit before it rises
  • How to be resilient to discomfort and even pain
  • How to build an empire in your mind and force the outer world to match it
  • How to everything and need nothing at all
  • How to use love as a tool for great achievement


Day 38 – Day 54 – Cutting Through Mental Materialism


This fourth section deals with advanced tools for mental mastery that cuts out the inefficiencies and superficialities to bring you clarity of purpose and definiteness of your path forward so you’re pulled towards your dreams.


This section highlights:

  • How to be okay with being different
  • How to hardwire the 8 mentalities of mastery into your brain
  • How to use your personal mastery power grid
  • How to discard your past and believe in a remarkable future
  • How to learn without feeling bloated with knowledge
  • How to become a habitual giver instead of taker


Source: Pixabay.com


Day 55 – Day 66 – Being The Master of Your Universe


In this final section, you’ll remove your final barrier and shine up your mental armor. This is where you take the leap into owning your craft and dominating your industry.


This section highlights:

  • How to beat procrastination
  • How to be unconditionally brave
  • How to use meditation to conquer fear
  • Practicing 5 tactics of global influencers
  • How to be a hero



Conclusion and Final Verdict


After 25 days partaken in this program, I’ve noticed great deal of improvements not just in an increased level of my productivity but also in my being and my perspective in life*.


Hence, with such experience, I must say that this program is definitely not trash; Hero Genius Legend program works well for me!


I’ll certainly continue and finish this 66-day quest!


And with the same willpower to follow through this program’s quest, I strongly believe it will also work for everyone else*.


So if you think you need an immediate change from a “messed-up situation” and have the commitment to do that, I totally recommend this program for you!


Other than the fact that this program does help, I also have other reasoning why this program deserves a try (I can't seem to emphasize this enough):


  • It has high-quality lesson materials, it’s no surprise that every Mindvalley’s program has high quality and Hero Genius Legend is no different. In the video as well as the audio, everything is crystal-clear.


  • I like the compactness of this program. The daily lesson won’t require me more than 10 minutes (without missing its point). For people who suffer from a short attention span, this kind of teaching is our first aid.


  • It gives us time to chew and swallow. My personal favorite when it comes to Mindvalley’s program is its format to give users a “bite-sized” lesson each day so they won’t get overwhelmed.


  • This is a science-based program. And by science I mean it’s made under the consideration of clinical research in the field of human psychology and neuroscience; nothing pseudo here.

PLUS this scientific-based is also collaborated with the author’s coaching experience for over two decades amongst impactful world’s figures and organizations and it’s been proven to work.


  • Community group available, it’s always nice to have like-minded people, get feedback, and greater accountability.


  • To make it more convenient for every potential customer, this program has the availability of a 15-day money-back guarantee. In case you didn’t meet your expected results with this program, you can ask for your money back.


But since there’s also a chance that you may like this program, why not give it a go first?


Join the Free Masterclass and Get Discount 





Hero Genius Legend is a self-improvement program launched by Mindvalley emphasizing the revolutionary approach to transforming your habit and personal mastery.


The content displayed here is subjectively made by the writer’s personal experience of using the service of Hero Genius Legend program for informational purposes only; results overgeneralization is not advised.


Users’ satisfactory testimonials shown in this post are representative and don’t necessarily speak for all other users neither the overall product’s quality.


Please consider that each person's experience may differ from one to the other.

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  • Free Masterclass available
  • Lessons made in high-quality videos and audios
  • This program is thorough, it includes daily actions to increase productivity, principles, fitness, even guided meditation
  • Scientific-based program
  • Taught by expert
  • Bonus not available
  • Lessons cannot be downloaded
  • No workbook like other Mindvalley's programs
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