I’ve Tried 14 Day Rapid Soup Diet: This is My Honest Cooking Review!

14-Day Rapid Soup Diet Full Review – I'm not the biggest fan of soup or watery meals. I'm more fried food or grill-type meal lover. Oh, I love fried foods! But, that doesn't mean I avoid every soup meal in my entire life. I still like it tho, not to the extent of my love for deep-fried chicken, for example.  

So, if someone asks me to choose between chicken soup or something fried, I'll go for the latter. I usually consume a lot more soupy meals when I get sick because the feeling is nice. 

Lately, though, my throat was too dry. I barely tasted a good meal because everything was hard to swallow. I even had a cough which pretty worsening since the weather wasn't in a great state. 

I suspected my habit of taking a lot of fried meals to be the cause of my cough and dry throat. That's when I decided to get in some soups to ease my condition until I met the 14-day rapid soup diet cookbook. 

purchase page

I decided to purchase this program

Obviously, the course of this cookbook is to help you lose weight. But, that's not my goal (at least for the moment). Since I reckoned this recipe book to be explaining about every soup recipe, I was hooked from the very beginning.

I've tried some recipes from this cookbook and to say that I'm very impressed is an understatement. To get you some insights into what I've experienced from this book, here's my full review of it. 



What is a 14-day Rapid Soup Diet?


Of course, it's a cookbook with soup recipes on it. But, unlike an ordinary recipe book out there, the 14-day rapid soup diet is designed to help you get in shape within a short time. The menu and its ingredients are arranged according to the needed calories intake for you to lose weight. 

There are six books in total when you decide to purchase this program. Every book contains different purposes that you can use best for your fitness regime.  

Although it's called a 14-day program, this is a cookbook and not a fitness program. There's no exercise plan, instead only soup recipes that help lose weight without much exercise.    

The Author

On the offering page, it's mentioned that Josh Houghton was the creator of this keto soup detox program. But, the name isn't found everywhere and it's hard to check if he's real. 

After purchasing and checking on the recipe book, another name is mentioned as the author. He's Derek Wahler, the founder of Derek Wahler fitness and creator of another program: Flat Belly Detox. 

Derek Wahler soup diet

Derek Wahler

I'm pretty sure Derek also made this cookbook, if not, co-creating with Josh Houghton. 

Not to worry because Derek is an actual person. He even has a LinkedIn page and mentions his educational background. Derek was graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and had operated Derek Wahler Fitness since 2013.




Inside 14-day Soup Cookbook

Once you have purchased the book, you'll have access to the download page where you can download six PDFs right on your desktop. 

Here's the breakdown.

Book 1. Quick Start Guide


Well, basically, it's just a quick guide into using your cookbook correctly. Although it may seem common and a bit useless, it's not. In fact, before you start cooking, it's advisable to check out this guide to understand how to better use the cookbook later on.

From this book, you'll find three quick guides to start the keto soup detox diet program. These guides will be valuable for you to follow up the weight loss program easily. 


Book 2. Rapid Soup Diet Main Manual 


If you're looking for a meal plan for your weight loss program, this is the book. The main manual book contains the meal plan for seven days straight that you can repeat as you want. 

There are seven breakfast recipes (one of them is a smoothie), seven lunches, and seven dinners accordingly. In total, you'll get twenty-one recipes for seven days.

The breakfast ones, I believe, are quite simple for all of us. You'll cook omelet, casserole, granola, and muffin, which are a bunch of low calories meals for the beginning of your day. Then, you'll have heavier lunch recipes to give you some energy. Some of the lunch menus are sandwiches, burgers, and salad. 

And, to end your day, you'll have a hearty soup that will warm your body after doing activities. The soups are simple yet appetizing to recharge your energy after a long day. 


Book 3. Keto Soup Cookbook


Basically, this soup diet plan follows a keto meal plan. The Keto diet has been widely popular over the past years for many fitness goers. The diet program has successfully helped many lose their weight safely. That's why the author makes keto-friendly soup recipes.

In this cookbook, you'll find 30 soup recipes that go well for your dinner meal plan. Unless you want to consume soupy meals all day long, you can strictly follow the meal plan from this program and use the soup recipe from this book instead. 

There are a variety of soup recipes in this book. You'll be surprised that the cookbook covers different types of soup from east and west. So, you can find some eastern soups as well as western styles that will fit your taste well. 

What's more, you'll find the nutrition facts of every soup in this book. You don't need to worry about taking too many calories as you can check its information right from the book. This is also great for you when looking for specific nutrition intake or avoiding them to meet your health condition.   


Book 4. Immunity Boosting Soup


In contrast to the previous soup recipes, this cookbook focuses more on increasing immunity for the body. The recipes from this book will be perfect for you when you're seeking meals to boost your immune system.

If you're feeling unwell or about to get sick, it's worth taking some recipes from this book to help you covered. Some notable soup recipes you can get here are pressured bone broth and crispy prosciutto soup. These are very nutritious soups that will help you improve your overall health. 




Book 5. Weekend Soup Detox


Before you get to worry about getting new soup recipes, as if the previous ones aren't enough, this book isn't all about soup despite its name. The weekend soup detox aims to help prepare your gut before partaking in this program.

Although you can always start the soup diet plan without undergoing a detox phase, the recipe in this book is worth cooking. There are only three recipes you'll find here: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This may sound simple, but of course, it's made that way to prepare your digestive system.

The author recommends you detox your body within three days using the recipe in this book. You'll find simple recipes that allow you to get used to the meal plan for the next 14-day. Psst, the dinner menu is always soup. Be ready for that. 


Book 6. Keto Immunity Smoothies


Last but not least, you'll find keto smoothie recipes when purchasing on this program. So, surprise!

Although the main program is to introduce you to all kinds of different yet hearty soups, I believe you'll find yourself bored eating too many soups for two weeks in a row. So, here is the smoothie recipe to save your day.

This book contains 20 smoothie recipes that you can make for breakfast or snack time. I'm sure you can swap every other day with these recipes without getting you bored because twenty is a lot. Again, you'll also find the nutrition facts on every recipe to help you count every calorie intake in your body.



Benefits of Healthy Soup for Our Body


Of course, there's a benefit of consuming soup for our digestive system. Not only it will satisfy your hunger, but it also keeps you energized during or after a long day. These are some other benefits you should know if you eat more soup.


🏆Soup makes you warm

Nothing beats the feeling of drinking warm chocolate on cold days. The thing is that your chocolate may have more sugars on it than the actual chocolate, which makes it worrying for those with diabetes. Unlike a cup of hot chocolate, soups will make you warm as well as healthy as they contain more nutrients in a single bowl. 


🏆Soup helps lose weight

According to research, people who consume soups will have lower dietary energy density and better diet quality. The high water and fiber content from vegetables added to soup keep you satiated in a healthy and hydrating way.


🏆Soup relieves fatigue and pain

Bone broth is high in gelatin, collagen, and glycine that promote anti-inflammatory effects. If you're making soup, considering boiling the bone instead of discarding it. The bone broth will help you improve the immune system as well as combat all the pain in your body.


What Got Me Interested in Rapid Soup Cookbook

As I mentioned earlier, I had a bad cough and my throat was sore because of the dryness. I had suspected fried meals and partially blamed them over my sickness. 

So, if you expect a drastic weight loss from me, that's not gonna happen–even though I believe there are other people losing weight from this program. 

To tell you the truth, I was a bit freaked out when I started having flu the other day. You know how worse the situation is right now, with my symptom, it's easy to suspect whether it was Covid. Thank God, it wasn't!

When I stumbled on the website, I was rather impressed at how the idea of a soup-based meal plan. I had encountered many programs promoting weight loss with specific meal plans but keto soups. That's why I wondered if a bowl of soup can really help us lose weight, and more importantly, maintain a healthy body.

I was then quickly hooked on the immunity soup that this program had offered. Since I was battling with flu and dry throat, I thought it's a good idea to try on this program. So, that's how I decided to purchase the cookbook to see what's it for me.



What People Say About the 14-day Soup Cookbook

testimonial 14-day rapid soup diet

Testimonial from Sharon*


testimonial 14-day rapid soup diet

Testimonial from Michele*


testimonial 14-day rapid soup diet

Testimonial from Marilyn*


testimonial 14-day rapid soup diet

Testimonial from Gabrielle*



Here are My Soups

Honestly, I was overwhelmed with the number of soup recipes on the program. There are lots of them, which I found hard to choose lol. But also, I was excited to cook some recipes to see if they suit my taste, especially for those western soups.

First off, I only followed the weekend soup program which was the three days detox. Since my intention was never to lose weight, I intended to improve my immune system by cooking more soups after detox days. 

Also, it's pretty easy to follow the program (at least for me) since I didn't count my calorie intake in order to keep my weight steady. So, I'd eat breakfast and lunch with ease.

This is a tomato soup, the first-ever in my life lol. Not gonna exaggerate anything but I'd never have tomato soup before. Since I live in South East Asia, tomato soups were foreign in our ears. Like, we already had a special dish called sambal tomat or tomato ketchup/paste which was basically what people in the west would think they had a similar resemblance. 


tomato soup


The ingredients are super simple. There you'll have canned tomatoes (I used fresh ones), tomato ketchup, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and paprika powder. For my recipe, I added fresh bird-eye chilis to get some hot taste since I love spicy. 

There you go: a bowl of tomato soup with kompyang (kompia), a piece of hard bread, or our local version of a baguette.  

I was so surprised not because of the taste but because of how familiar I was with it despite its popularity in western countries. Like I told you, tomato soups were never in our dictionary before. But, this taste reminds me of that sardine product in my country where sardine fish is cooked in tomato soup. 

I believe if I add sardine fish in my tomato soup bowl, it will taste just the same and I'll 100% eat with rice. 

The second is an egg drop soup. Okay, this is so simple I tell you because we have made this soup a million times before. This soup is so Asian that I can cook even without looking at the recipe. 

But, I was curious to try on this particular cookbook. So, here it is.


egg drop soup


I know my picture isn't appetizing to look at, but the taste is great! It tastes similar to what my family used to cook every other day. Also, the ingredients are so easy. What can you say, an egg soup will only require eggs and water!

But, you can add other vegetables like tomatoes or cabbages. I myself put some cabbages on it and it was amazing. You can also use chicken broth instead of water as it will improve the taste.




The last is crispy prosciutto soup. Prosciutto is an Italian dried ham, which I couldn't find here. Instead, I use dendeng sapi or beef jerky to give some meaty taste.



Again, the picture doesn't do justice to what it actually tastes because it was nice!  

The creamy texture and color come from cauliflowers that bring the soup to the next level. It tastes something that comes out from a fancy restaurant and not just earthy-vegetable taste thanks to the beef. 

Overall, I enjoyed the soup well and had recooked more than once for a recipe. This is another tomato soup I cooked. I was surprised that I love this soup a lot that I considered making another one.


tomato soup

So, after regularly making soups from the cookbook, my sore throat was getting better. I think that's also because I avoided a lot of fried foods by the time I consumed more soups.*



Where to Purchase the 14-day Rapid Soup Cookbook

download page


You may think that so many soup recipes offered on this program will cost you a lot, you're wrong. I was shocked myself when I checked on the purchasing page. It was only $15 for a total of 89 recipes!

Moreover, you'll get a full seven days meal plan to follow when you're about to start a weight loss program. There's also a detox meal plan for three consecutive days. What's more, twenty smoothie recipes are available for you to make. 

So, the price is a good deal for you. You can find every soup style here while also checking its nutrition fact. That's a complete package for a cookbook and diet program. What's more, there's a 60-day money-back guarantee without question. You don't need to worry if you don't like the program.



Wrapping Up

I'm going straightforward about it. The 14-day rapid soup diet has a complete resource for when you seek soup recipes for daily cooking. The recipe itself is so diverse you can find both eastern and western styles easily.

I find the cookbook is helpful as it presents the guideline as well as important information i.e., nutrition facts on every recipe. This will help many of us decide which soup is best for our diet. 

🏆Conclusion of my review:

  • I find this program helpful solve my problem (throat sickness and heavy cough). Although I'm aware that this keto soup detox is designed to help lose weight, I'm interested more in the immunity-boosting soup and immunity smoothies since I have problems with that.
  • My bad is that I didn't check my scale after the program ends since it wasn't my intention to lose weight, but this should clear misunderstanding.
  • However, I still love these books because they give me an actual result.

What I like about this program is obviously its packed information. You can, of course, google it yourself but the amount of time you spend on looking for one recipe and its nutrition fact will be a hefty lot there. Hence, with the quite cheap price, this program is chef kiss.

However, there's something that bugs me. It's that the author of this program isn't clear. I know the author mention himself as Josh Houghton on his offering page. He goes on a full story about his experience yada yada. But, I couldn't find him everywhere.

Instead, I found someone named Derek Wahler, who's a bit more familiar on the internet. His name is also tagged on the Immunity Soup and Weekend Soup Detox as the creator. Moreover, his name is associated with his fitness club under the name of Derek Wahler Fitness.  

So, I assume that Derek is, in fact, the creator of the 14-day rapid soup diet program. 

Although the recipe and whole book are great in terms of their content, the lack of information of its author is a big minus for me. With so much false information and rumors spreading easily on the internet, it's hard to pick the right one to trust, especially when it's related to our health.




Every word stated here is my own and that doesn't reflect the real impact this program has on everyone. If you want to try the 14-day rapid soup diet program, it's best to consult with your physician beforehand. Some ingredients may trigger allergies for some of us and may not suit those undergoing medical prescriptions. 



8.3 Total Score

Author Credibility
Recipe Taste
  • Applicable & easy to follow
  • Guide book available
  • Lifetime access & downloadable materials
  • Many bonuses inside the program
  • The recipes rock, they taste good!
  • Complete information
  • 60-day money-back guarantee without question
  • Lack of author's information
  • Some recipes use canned food and ready-to-serve broth which don't make the meal healthy enough
  • The smoothie recipes don't include pictures (boring)
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