Acid Reflux Strategy By Scott Davis – What Happened To Me In Two Weeks?


Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis Review – I have acid reflux, as well as many of my friends. Many people I know have acid reflux, and all of them don’t enjoy having it, including me.


As a matter of fact, acid reflux is one of the most common conditions that on this planet people suffer. Are you surprised with that fact?


Acid reflux affects about 20%-30% of people all around the world, and the number may increase in countries with unhealthy eating habits.


wiping mouth


You might also suffer from it, but you don’t realize it.


Well, no worries because even though a lot of people suffer from it, not everyone feels the pain as much as some others.


I am one of those who feel it annoying, thus I wanted to end all of this uncomfortableness. My boss knew about my condition and showed me Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis to help me eliminate it.


Acid Reflux Strategy is a book containing a complete information about the condition and how to eliminate it. What made me interested in this book is that it doesn’t only promises to cure all the problems at one go.


Instead, it provides thorough guide for sufferers to prevent acid reflux, as well as what to do when it suddenly comes. All of it will be done without any chemical drug involved.


For me, having such guide is much more promising than solving it temporarily with drugs that I consumed when I usually got acid reflux.


Here I will tell you about my experience with this eBook, and how it has prevented any inconvenience for me in the last two weeks.



Explaining Acid Reflux




First thing first, let’s talk about the condition that many of us suffer. Acid reflux is a condition when stomach acid flows up into our esophagus.


This condition occurs when the small valve between stomach and esophagus doesn’t function well to prevent the flow.


The sensation that it causes is often described as a burning sensation in lower chest area. This sensation is often called heartburn.


There are two symptoms of this condition that I usually feel. First is waking up to a burning sensation in my throat, even sometimes in my mouth.


The second symptom is almost similar burning sensation after eating, drinking coffee, or smoking, usually followed by a gag reflex like I’m going to throw up but nothing is coming out.


When I was in college, I didn’t know that I had acid reflux, but my friends who suffer from the same condition told me that those are what they also feel.


It can occur occasionally for some people (including me), but some others are not as lucky and get it more often.


When it occurs more than twice a week, the person will be diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).


The Lifestyle Disease




If you think that this disease only happens to people at certain age, you are wrong. Many of my friends suffer from GERD, even though they are only at their early 30s.


Me? I’m not really sure about it, but I think I have not reached the stage where I can be diagnosed with GERD.


My acid reflux occurs only occasionally after consuming particular food or beverage. But if you know, you know. Having the terror lurking in your food is not something fun.


Acid reflux is often called a lifestyle disease, even though there are many other factors that can be the cause. Some of which are pregnancy, old age, connective tissue disorder, and consumption of drugs.


The reason it is called a lifestyle disease is because most of us people suffer from this condition can be traced to having unhealthy lifestyle.


The lifestyle we are talking about are particularly obesity, tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, and unbalance diets.


Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis is a guide that will help us to get back on track and eliminate the unhealthy lifestyle we sufferers have.


Not only that, the book apparently also offers some solution for those who get acid reflux because of non-lifestyle-related causes.




Inside Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis


So, what’s inside the eBook that I mention it a lot? Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis is a guide book for people who suffer from the condition, no matter what the cause.




Whether you get acid reflux from your lifestyle (like I mention above), from being pregnant, or from a certain disease, you can get the useful information provided by it.


The contents inside the book is very informative, ranging from the causes, the symptoms, the myths about this condition, and most importantly how to get rid of it.


If you still have no idea about what I’m talking about, here we give you a screenshot of the table of contents.


table of content


You can see there that the eBook covers almost everything you need to know about acid reflux.


The first thing mentioned in the book is myth busting, which is very important since there are so many myths about this condition.


As an example, when you consume antacids, you might think that you have solved your problem with acid reflux.


However, that’s not true.


Antacids can only provide temporary ailment for your acid reflux, and the effect last only about 30 minutes. What about when you have it again the next hour?


I understand that antacids can make us feel good after consuming it, but indeed it doesn’t solve the problem. I always bring it everywhere like I’m addicted to it.




That’s why, to cure the ‘addiction’, from chapter 3 to 6, the book talks about how to fight it. Starting from a quick guide, homeopathic remedies, diets for GERD, and food combination to avoid acid reflux.


In example, the first step to get rid of acid reflux is to avoid consuming coffee too much.  It doesn’t matter whether the one you drink is regular or decaffeinated, because they are the same.


  Caffeine doesn’t have anything with your acid reflux because coffee is acidic by its nature. Surprised?


Well, I did not think about it at first, but now I realize that it is true. Coffee contains citric acid and malic acid naturally, and both of them doesn’t have anything to do with caffeine.


In three next chapters, 7 to 9, you will get information about acid reflux in people with particular condition, starting from stressful people, pregnant women, and infants.


This is the most interesting part, in my own opinion, because in many cases, people who have acid reflux got it from their particular condition.


  Most pregnant women, in example, get acid reflux in a form of something that we often call as morning sickness. You must have understood that.


The problem is, pregnant women cannot freely consume medications because it can affect the baby inside. Let alone if the medication is made of certain chemicals.


This eBook offers the safe, all-natural, alternatives to conventional medication that will work as effective.


While the last chapter, GERD Grocery List, is about how to adjust what you should and shouldn’t buy based on your fight against acid reflux.


The grocery list is divided into three sections, containing foods and drinks that will never give you heartburn, the ones that will give you heartburn only if you consume too much, and the one you should avoid.


Examples of the safest options are corn bread, extra lean ground beef, bananas, and apple juice. The second safest ones are such as grapes, garlic, ham, and muffin.


lemon acid reflux strategy


While the examples of things you should avoid are lemon, chicken nuggets, and liquor.


This way, you can easily plan your meals and snacks every day without ever worrying about what will happen next.


From those contents, you should understand that this book is something you might want to carry anywhere for a reference to your condition.


Acid reflux is a lifestyle disease, and changing your lifestyle is the best way to eliminate it. Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis can show you the healthy lifestyle that will help you do it.


All information is explained thoroughly, based on logic and the experience of the author, in addition to his research.

example of table

You might also find some tables that contain explanation about the things being talked about.


Everything is compiled neatly even though his language is a little bit too wordy. Maybe because the author included so much of his experience with acid reflux in this book.


For me, it is rather a guide book that needs to be understood fully than a handbook that you use to find the solution of a problem.




Step-By-Step Explanation


“How can this book give us the information needed to eliminate acid reflux?”


Looking on only examples above might not satisfy you. Thus, I will try to briefly explain about the cure to acid reflux this book mentioned in table of contents above.


In this section, I will explain the methods into three categories:


  • The Quick Fix.


This part will tell you the remedy that will quickly neutralize your acid reflux. The remedy is made of three ingredients only, and all of them are surely available in your kitchen already.


In addition to that, you will also discover eleven other herbs which will make this remedy better.


I actually want to share the simple recipe, but I also want to appreciate the author by not exposing the secret recipe.




But for this review, I will give you a simple clue about what it is. One of the ingredients is naturally sweet, while the other is naturally sour.


The sweet one will make your esophagus feel better after consumption, while the sour one will help the process in your stomach. Got any clue?


  • Avoidance of Triggers


The next step of eliminating acid reflux is surely to avoid the triggers of it. As mentioned above, the book explains a lot of triggering foods, safe foods, and almost safe ones.


But the triggers are not only foods. Your habits can also trigger acid reflux. Thank god, this book also provides information about it and how to solve it.


One new information I got from this book is that we should not mix meals that contain a lot of starches and proteins, because it can cause heartburn.


The reason is because their nature cancels each other in our digestion system. It would make the process takes a lot longer than it is supposed to be, and increase our chance to get acid reflux.


  • Stress management


This one is one of my favorite parts in this book.


Medical world still cannot explain how stress can lead to acid reflux. However, studies found that people who experience stress have significantly higher chance to also experience acid reflux.


Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis wants to help you eliminate the condition totally, thus it also provides some stress reliefs.


One of the examples is Movies in Our Mind that we can do anytime anywhere. Imagine your source of anxiety as a movie that keeps shrinking until it disappears.


Viola, your stress level will decrease as you finish this method. This method is so easy to follow, yet can give us effective results to relieve our anxiety and stress.




Like Having ‘Portable’ Health Expert


purchase page acid reflux

Prove That I Have Purchased And Tried It


If you feel like never experience problems with acid reflux, you are lucky. I suffer from this condition since when I was in college, and I hate it since then.


Let alone when I get it after my morning coffee. Wow, that condition alone ends my day in such a bad mood, and the effect of the coffee I drink will become its opposite.


I am a writer for nature news website, Earthbuddies. And as a writer, if you know some writers around there, you will understand that their favorite ‘snacks’ are coffee and cigarettes.


Having acid reflux is something annoying for me, because it can come and go unpredictably. In some mornings I can enjoy a mug of coffee, and in some others, it will give me heartburn.


coffee and cigarette acid reflux strategy by scott davies


But what do those things have to do with acid reflux?


Coffee is acidic, the very characteristic of any food and beverage that people with acid reflux should avoid at all cost.


While nicotine from cigarettes affects a small valve between esophagus and stomach. This way, the valve will allow stomach acid get through and trigger acid reflux.


That’s the kind of information I got from Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis. I downloaded the eBook into my phone and I can access it anywhere anytime.


Not only that, the book also contains a lot of other information about the condition such as what can trigger the symptoms, how to avoid triggering it, the misconception about it, how to deal with emergency condition, etc.


For me, it is like having a professional health expert everywhere I go that I can consult with about my acid reflux.


For the last two weeks, I dedicated my time to prove whether it really provides me good information about what I feel or not, and I personally think that it does.


Not only I follow the diets guide, avoiding the triggers, and practicing the stress management. But also, I further reduce the consumption of my favorite combination: coffee and cigarettes.


I used to smoke at least six cigarettes a day, but after knowing that acid reflux is highly affected by smoking, I tried to reduce it further into four or three times a day.


While for coffee, I now drink only one mug of black coffee, compared to two large glasses a day. Furthermore, I also followed the trick to make coffee less acidic for my stomach.


Because of that, my acid reflux didn’t recur at all and things felt so much more comfortable for me.


Well, indeed I got my rewards, but I will not say that the program is too good to be true.


At first, I asked myself, who the heck is Scott Davis? I couldn’t find any information about him, and this program itself has no testimonials in the website. All I could find is just a picture of the man.


scott davis

I thought it was a scam, but since it offers 60 days money back guarantee, no question asked, I thought at least I got it covered if it was not satisfying.


Additionally, as I mentioned above, the way the author told his experience about acid reflux is too wordy. Sometimes it includes explanations about things you might want to skip ahead.


However, it still doesn’t mean that the author doesn’t include useful information about how to eliminate acid reflux, because it includes a lot of it. Still, I think it is too much in some parts.


Thirdly, this is might not be the book you want to get if you are aiming for instant cure for your acid reflux even though one chapter of it offers you ‘a quick fix’.


This book informs us how to eliminate acid reflux by changing your lifestyle, which includes quit consuming or doing some things and start consuming or doing some other things.


food acid reflux

Example Of Meal Suggested


You might still experience acid reflux in some moments during the program, but in my own experience this book offers the solution for that in The Quick Fix section.


Another thing I want to say about this book is the price. Indeed, it is useful and powerful, which is good. But for me, the price of the book is almost too expensive.


Acid Reflux Strategy comes with $49 price tag.


But again the 60 days money back guarantee, no question asked, is the very reason I didn’t hesitate purchasing one. If ever I feel this book doesn’t give me what I want, I can easily claim my money back.


In short, I would say this book can offer a long-lasting solution for acid reflux. However, I think this book is a little bit too expensive based on its wordy explanations and the price itself.


Will It Help Me Eliminate Acid Reflux?


From my own experience in the last two weeks, I can say that it has worked very well.


I didn’t experience any inconvenience at all, by following the program and keep myself close with the natural remedies.


I ate the food suggested and avoid almost every food I should. Like I mentioned before, there are only two things I found hard to completely get rid of, which are coffee and cigarettes.


I already tried to reduce my cigarettes intake with another program called Mindzoom that you can also check out. And maybe that’s the reason why I have not experience acid reflux as frequent as before.


coffee cigarette


But for coffee, I still find it is hard to ignore the energy it gives me every morning. Luckily, this book has a way to make it less ‘risky’ to our stomach.


Anyway, different person requires different treatment, right? So now is the time for you to ask, “Will the things written in this book help me eliminate my acid reflux?”


Generally, it will. The reason is because everything mentioned in this book, starting from the quick fix, the lifestyle guide, the stress relieves, etc. are meant to be practiced by everyone safely.


Everyone can get the benefits that this book offers, except for in a few cases where the condition is caused by other diseases.


One of the examples is hiatal hernia, a case when upper part of the stomach and lower esophagus sphincter move above diaphragm.


If you have this condition, you should consult medical experts before trying to eliminate the acid reflux by your own.


And as I mentioned above, this book can work for almost everyone including pregnant women and infants. In fact, this book also mentions the way to fight acid reflux for pregnant mommies and infants.


However, in this case, you should pay extra attention to the list of ingredients for acid reflux remedy provided by this book.


In example, infants are not supposed to consume honey, and pregnant women are not supposed to eat a lot of ginger. This book explains it already, but for this review I think I should mention it.


Other than that, I think every method this book talk about is safe for anyone.


How To Get Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis?


product acid reflux strategy


If you are interested in the program, or you want to try whether or not it will work for your problem, you can follow the link provided below.




The cost of the eBook is one-time-charge $49, which means you will not be asked to pay additional money in the future.


With the purchase, you will be covered with at first, I asked myself, who the heck is Scott Davis? I couldn’t find any information about him, and this program itself has no testimonials in the website.


I thought it was a scam, but since it offers 60 days money back guarantee, no question asked. You can claim it if you don’t find the program is useful for you or for any other reason.


My Verdict


Based on my last two weeks following the program mentioned in the book to eliminate acid reflux, will I recommend this program for you?


It depends. If you are looking for a continuous solution to acid reflux, tips and tricks to eliminate it, and a way to make your stomach healthier, this is the book you want to have.


During the last two weeks into the program, I experienced no symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn.


However, the way the program fixes your body requires time, and if you are looking for instant fix, this book might not provide it.


The problem I found with this book is the explanations are a little bit too wordy, because the author tends to tell his own experience in the eBook.


Another thing that I noticed about this book is the cost. It comes with $49 price tags, even though it is also accompanied with 60 days money back guarantee.


Spending $49 for a program with almost anonymous author and no testimonials might have you hesitate it.


But the information provided in the eBook is so thorough and covers all aspects, which made me feel comfortable of having it.


It is now your decision whether this book is worth trying or not.




This eBook offers 60 days money back guarantee to ensure consumers’ satisfaction, since customers’ satisfaction may vary.


Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis is an eBook meant to inform you about acid reflux and how to eliminate it naturally, including how to avoid the triggers.


It requires some time before the condition can go away completely, but the book also offers tips and tricks to take control of the condition when it is triggered.


Some people who got acid reflux from another disease, as well as some people with particular conditions, might not benefit from this eBook before taking care of the main problem first.


Otherwise, it covers wide aspects of the condition. People with certain health condition should consult with medical experts to understand their main health problem first.




6.6 Total Score

Easiness To Follow
  • All Natural Way To Eliminate Acid Reflux
  • Thorough Explanation And Lots Of Tips & Tricks
  • Good Presentation Of Contents
  • Applicable For Almost Anyone Including Infants And Pregnant Women
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Author Is Not Famous Expert
  • Many Of The Explanations Are Too Wordy
  • Price To Content Comparison Is Too Expensive
  • Results May Take Longer Time
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