A Review on Individualogist Archetype Test – Is It really Worth a Try?

Individualogist Archetype Test Review – Have you ever felt like you're not showing the world who you truly are?

It feels like something keeps pushing it down and concealed it.

I'm pretty convince that you're not the only person, 'cause i and many other people have the same feeling too. Society expects people to behave in an acceptable way. in this case, most people feel obliged to show a believable and likable persona to look presentably good.

Outer representation is not always true; most of them are even deceiving. Every person has hidden desires and whether they realized it or not, their urges might appear at some time. But again, their conscious mind strives hard to block it out.


Source: Pexels.com

However, how we hold ourselves right now is not just influenced by societal norms but also by the traumatic events that no matter how hard the conscious mind try its full force to erase it, it keeps floating back. And it is most likely affecting how we perceive the world and how we act.

Do you notice a traumatic event that changes who you are and how you act?

It looks like all these crappy things we’ve been through have made us losing our true selves, doesn’t it?


Then, how do we restore ourselves?

We are lucky that we live in the era of internet when we can obtain instance answers. There are many ways that we can do to figure this thing out, and one of the easiest way is by taking an online psychological test that widespread all over the online space.

In this kind opportunity let me share with you an online test that I’ve tried in both free and premium. It is called: Individualogist Archetype Test.

Nevertheless, if you don't ship a psychological test, and prefer another online test to know yourself, you certainly can. And I would suggest a numerology. And how does it work, you may ask? you can read its further information by clicking on this review“Become a better me with Numerology Report from Numerologist.com” by Rahayu Pawitri.

Now, Let's get started with the Idividualogist!



About The Individualogist Archetype Test

Individualogist introduces themselves to be an international organization who aims to modernize the idea of identifying human’s archetype. And for your information; this organization is not run by any experts like psychologists / psychiatrists. As I looked up at their profile, these people behind the desk are archetype fanatics, individuation practitioner and spiritual fans.

The test analysis is based from their research on Jungian archetype theory. Through this research and examination the Individualogist will calculate your most dominant archetype and present to you – not only your archetype result but also:

  1. Guidance to releasing your hidden potential through the process of individuation.
  2. Empower you to live the life that you want by helping you attaining self-actualization.

All of this can be done in a very easy way, in which makes me wonder:


Is it really that simple to identify someone’s archetype?

archetype test

According to Jungian Archetype there are 12 basic archetypes that people around the world share: Hero, Magician, Sage, Ruler, Innocent, Regular, Caregiver, Lover, Jester, Outlaw, Explorer, and Creator. Each of them has their own orientation as characteristic. Now, with the help of Individualogist online test, you’ll be able to identify yours.

As I said earlier that this Individualogist archetype test can be done super easy; it will only ask you 4 questions to determine your archetype: name, date of birth, gender, and email address.

Compare with other free archetype tests that I’ve also tried before; they asked many psychological questions to finally come up with my archetype. What confuses me is that they had diverse answers of my archetype. One site says that I’m an Orphan, whatever that means.

I’m not the right person to justify which one which is right. So I decided to send the official Individualogist’s support team to give me enlightenment regarding this matter.

The program promised to assist us along the way, so why not seizing it?  


Below is my conversation with the Individualogist's support team:

archetype test

Individualogist's support team responded:

archetype test

I wasn’t satisfied with their first answer so I reinforce my point again:

archetype test

At last, their last response is quite satisfying:

archetype test

One good thing about this Individualogist archetype test is that they are not lying when they say they will give you assistance. They give prompt response, in my case, it only took few hours.

Ask them questions HERE

At some point, I do agree with their concept of just asking 4 easy questions like name, date of birth, gender and email address. This is  because Jung believes that our true selves / archetypes placed in the deepest layers of human psyche – the collective unconscious that we were born with. Therefore asking many psychological questions would not be considered as the best identification method either.


Why is that so?

To answer psychological questions, we would most likely to think before we come up with the answers. This thinking process can’t be separable from the combination of our persona (ego / the conscious mind) and personal unconscious (our shadow). Thus our collective unconscious (archetype) is still left behind a closed door.

archetype test

And I think the support team is right that in order to justify whether the archetype identification is accurate, the user needs self-reflection and intuition. That sort of how the archetypes work, they are instinctive.  Hence, i can't argue with this.

Nevertheless, I’ve tried one more thing to prove that they don’t randomly mix and match people with their archetypes. I filled the opt-in questions once again with my friend’s name, we were born on the same date, but we have different gender.

As they have explained in their email above that gender and date of birth are indeed a method to determine someone’s archetype; therefore, though my friend and I were born on the same date we should get different archetype results because our gender is different. And it’s true, He’s archetype is Ruler not Hero like mine.

Can this be concluded that there would only be 2 archetypal possibilities (based on gender) in 1 horoscope (date of birth)? It can be.


What’s Inside the Individualogist Archetype Test?

The Archetype test run by Individualogist is giving us 2 choices: the free archetype reading and the premium analysis (as the upgrade of your free archetype reading).

The individualogist archetype test is quite different from other free archetype test on internet. If you go on and try other sites,  they will ask you few psychological questions to identify your archetype.

Other than that the result of Individualogist free archetype reading is also different. Individualogist gives you more thorough result while the other free sites are not even close.

Here are few things that you’ll get in your free archetypal reading:

  1. The characteristic of your archetype.
  2. Revealing your archetype’s hidden strength, unknown tendencies, and positive attributes.
  3. Your archetype shortcomings.
  4. Your archetype true callings.
  5. A glimpse of your love life compatibility with other archetypes.

Unfortunately this particular analysis is not discussed any further in the premium archetypal analysis. As quoted from the individualogist:


“Romance is merely one single aspect of life – not the only. It’s always best to focus on your personal growth… to lead a rewarding and fulfilled life.”


  1. The true resistance that prevents your archetype from transformation.


Now let’s take a look at what’s inside the premium archetypal analysis:


archetype test

Snapshot of My Premium Archetypal Analysis

Once you’ve gone reading all the free archetypal analysis, the Individualogist will give you an offer to upgrade it to the premium analysis with obviously more complete analysis, but the choice is completely yours. And as you agreed to get the premium archetypal analysis, you won’t receive just one book report of your archetype, instead you’ll receive 5 primal E-books!

Not only that, you’ll also get 5 BONUSES.

archetype test

One good thing about Individualogist premium analysis is that all of these E-books are downloadable. You can instantly access it, download it and study your archetype at your own leisure.

To help you with your decision whether or not you’re going to purchase the premium analysis, I’ll give you a sneak peak.


  • The Individualogist E-books were indebted not only to the framework of Carl Jung but also to many researchers and writers e.g Joseph Campbell, TS Elliot, Aristotle, Thomas Antony Harris, and James E. Hall M.D.
  • Please bear in mind that there might be some differences in the content sneak peak that I’m about to share. The premium E-books are personalized to each of the archetypes and what I wrote below are based on my premium archetypal analysis – Hero.
  • There’s an instruction of how you should read the books. Make sure to read it in the right order. But you don’t have the memorize the order ‘cause at the end of each book, they will give you direction of what to read next.


Reading #1: Individuation Fundamentals

archetype test

This is your first toolkit. With 41 pages in total, the book will introduce you with the background knowledge of archetype and individuation in general altogether with terminologies to help you understand the content better.


Reading #2: Archetypal Profile

archetype test

This book will answer the things that you need to know to reconcile with your collective unconscious (your archetype). You will know deeper about your archetype’s strength, tendencies, weakness, and shadow.


Reading #3: Archetypal Incarnation

archetype test

In 52 pages long, your archetypal will tell you more excruciating details; its behavior, emotional, and spiritual attributes. Your archetype might have several subsets, and one of which might describe yourself best.

Reading #4: Archetypal Odyssey

archetype test

This book compiled in 59 pages, according to this book, there’s a stage of journey of my archetype – Hero. As I mentioned earlier that the premium e-books are personalized therefore I wouldn’t know if other archetype could have the same journey as Hero. Archetype Hero is identified as a conqueror who is constantly seeking victory over another victory.

However, if you happened to have your free archetype reading as Hero, here’s the sneak peek inside your archetype journey:

You will learn about 17 stages of Hero archetypal journey. These 17 stages of your Hero traits are organized into 3 separate acts:

  1. The departure or separation
  2. The Initiation (which may have two stages: descent and initiation)
  3. The return

However, The Hero archetype may / may not necessarily experience all of the journey stages.


Learn More about Your Archetypal Journey

Reading #5: Archetypal Exercise Guide

archetype test

The very last of your primal archetypal analysis which I think is the most important part to awaken your long buried archetypal traits. However if compared with the 4 previous e-books; the book number 5 is the shortest, it only 36 pages long.

This book will give you guidance and exercise that you need to break your long lingered shadow, uncover your persona, and awaken the unconscious.

Wait, that’s not all, here are your BONUSES:

In addition of your 5 primal e-books, you’ll also get 5 bonuses.

What are they? Here, I’ll break it down for you:


bonus #1: Exploring Your Birth date with Chinese Zodiac

archetype test

The length of this book is 28 pages. What’s inside the book is exactly as the book title the Chinese Zodiac. Nothing special about this book, I have seen better compilation of Chinese Zodiac. But if you haven’t yet known your Zodiac sign then this book is a good starter for that.


bonus #2: Discovering Your Aura


It’s always fun and games to be able to see our own aura and other’s but “how” is the big question. I always think that those people who can see aura must have the sixth sense, and not everyone has it. But, I was wrong.

With 27 pages long, this book will give ways to see the aura; not psychically, but through 2 practicable ways: intuition and physical examination e.g eyes movements. Not only that, the book will also support you with the meaning of each aura color.


bonus #3: Beginners Guide to the Fengshui Paradigm

Fengshui Paradigm

Contradict with the popular thinking of how Fengshui works; this particular bonus book with 39 pages long will give you enough understanding about what it is and how it works. Fengshui is not necessarily concerned with certain cultural belief. On the contrary, Fengshui is a matter of scientific elements like math and physics. Shocking!


bonus #4: Active Imagination Guide

The primal book 5 mentioned an active imagination as one of the way to awaken your archetype and this bonus works perfectly as its supplementary material. This bonus has 35 pages in total and it comes in more comprehensive way.


bonus #5: Dream Analysis Guide

If you think this book will assist you to interpret someone’s dreams, you are wrong. This book is the continuation of Jung’s concept in human’s conscious and unconscious mind. And our dreams can be a sign of how our unconscious mind wants to be revealed. Instead this book will assist you to interpret and uncover your unconscious state that appears in your dreams.

It will give you useful step by step guidance so you can be able to catch the meaning of your dreams and drag it out to your conscious mind.

So, do you want to try it out yourself?


Here’s to Start Your Archetypal Journey with Individualogist Archetype Test

It is very easy to check out the premium archetype test, first of all visit the official website. And do your free archetypal reading, read through the free report and by the end of it you’ll be offered to process the premium archetypal reading with only $ 37 to get all the goodies I’ve mentioned above.

archetype test

You’ll also get the benefit to get a risk free with 60 days money back guarantee. With longer time span, you can have more time to practice awakening your archetype. And if you don’t think the whole premium archetypal report is helping you can always seize the return policy by sending them email or calling their hotline.


My Personal Thought and Experience with the Premium Archetype Test

I have done filling the opt-in questions in the Individualogist archetype test and found out my archetype is HERO.

I’m so excited to know that deep inside me lays the identity of a person I thought I never become. I received the free overview of my archetype and a big question mark appears inside my head. Am I truly a Hero? All the traits I read as the characteristic of Hero are standing on the opposite of myself right now.

I continue my free reading and I gain some perspective of why I doubt it in the first place. I’ve been through so many things. This process of actions that I’ve been taking plays significant part in my persona (the ego) and my personal unconscious (the shadow). All of this might have partially or completely blocked my collective unconscious (the archetype).

The only trait that I found closest to my current self-representation is “I’m afraid to be perceived as weak” which not good at all. From many positive traits that archetype Hero shares, I dwell on the negative one – the shadow. How sad.


archetype test

Source: Pexels.com


I decided to go on the full premium archetype analysis.

I wanted to know deeper about my true being, as the site has promised to give; diminishing the shadow and cultivating the potential that I should’ve had from my archetype trait. After the purchase, they sent me 5 primal books and 5 bonuses.

I went through the first 4 primal books, and, yes, I gain a lot understanding of my archetype; what potential my archetype can do and how I feel really empowered by this. These books also give me awareness of my shadow, so I can be alert and form ways to anticipate.

I’d say that the first 4 books are great compilations of Carl Jung’s psychoanalysis theory with small addition of other psychological scholars. These are personalized books, which means you'll only receive the book according to your archetype. And the Individualogist has thoroughly arranged it in the way to make us understand the whole concept much easier.

Here comes book number 5 – Archetypal Exercise Guide, in which I think the most important book of them all.


Archetypal book 5: challenging yet cliché

This book is the goal of the entire analysis; to help you awaken your individuation (complete self-actualization). Simply to put, book 5 – Archetypal Exercise Guide will answer the “HOW” questions.

However, as I went through the book, I think this book is no longer made personalized for the Hero archetype, like the first 4 books. It is too general. There are indeed some useful guidance in this particular book but there are also some guidance that I found cliché.


Here’s my point of view:

The guidance to the awakening (book 5) felt too broad and abstract without enough instances to make the reader understand better.

Let’s take instance at the part when the book talks about “obeying intuition” as one of the ways to awaken our true selves, which I think the most cliché thing that I found in the book 5. But on the other hand it’s challenging to try.

The book says that if you want to train your intuition you need to do some observations. And by observation, you can start with some suggested questions like:


“Who’s calling me?” (when your phone is ringing)


“Is the sky cloudy today?” (before you look outside in the morning)


These kinds of questions are what I meant by challenging to try. Imagine that our intuition could be on this level of knowing before seeing. It feels like having superpower, doesn’t it?


Yet, at the other end, I also said that the suggested way of training intuition is cliché.



Because, it could lead us to be either judge mental or oblivious. Not only that, the intuition can be mistaken for the fear of the unknown. These two things (fear of the unknown and intuition) stand side to side in a sheer line. Therefore it is hard to distinguish them, and I don’t find this guide from this book effective.


Source: Pixabay.com

Let’s take a look at another question given by the book to train our intuition:


 “What do my feelings tell me about that stranger?”

Do you see how this could make us judging people easily?

And do you see how our justification to answer the question can be driven by our fear of the unknown?

I’ve tried this method before, especially on this particular question. And the result is wrong in most cases. Maybe my intuition is not functioned properly. I guess logic and experiences win when it comes to evaluating something / someone’s personality.


Other People Testimonials

For more references you can also take a look at Individualogist's official website reviews and testimonials. There are a bunch of reviews spilled there. Here, I sum up some for you:

Barbara Lewis

…Try it yourself…”

Had a great time with my readings! I've learned a lot about my strengths, weaknesses and different latent gifts I have. Gifts that need to be tapped in to and used. There are things in my reading that have amazed me. Try it for yourself!

Debora Brown

“A great reminder of who I used to be…”

I recently purchased the Premium Archetypal Analysis after learning I was the Creator. It has been revealing in what motivates me, as well as a great reminder of who I used to be. I was always so creative as a child and lost this along the way. I believe this report has reawakened that part of me and will serve me well on my path! Big thanks to the Individualogist Team for this awesome information!


Conclusion and My Final Verdict

To practice individuation takes courage and time. It is not easy, as quoted from Carl Jung himself:


“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”

The concept of individuation as the individualogist mentioned in their premium analysis is integrating the unconscious element in the wholeness of the personality. And this can be obtained by realizing that ego is not the center and our true selves lurk in the deep of our unconsciousness.

I Probably spoke too soon when I said that practicing intuition looks ineffective and cliché. But, on the other hand proves that the premium report is right: HERO archetype is oriented in their ego. And I’ve been living this far by this ego (the conscious mind) to repress what’s inside me.

To some archetypes, awaken their inner selves can be harder than the other archetypes. Hence, the Individualogist premium archetype makes a solution for this possibility by giving us the benefit of 100 % money back guarantee in 60 days, in case you’ve been nearly 2 months and you don’t feel satisfied with it.

In my opinion the whole journey of self-individuation with the help of individualogist archetype test is worth trying. You don’t have to rush to buy the premium archetype analysis. You can simply start by utilizing the free test to know the overview of your archetype.

The free archetype reading runs by the Individualogist is the most integrated so far. They give thorough result if compared to other free archetype tests. However, if after your free archetype reading, you feel the internal urge that encourages you to upgrade it, you certainly can. This urge can be the sign of your unconscious strength (your archetype) longing to be awaken.


Start Your Free Archetype Reading Here

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Content quality:
practicality :
Author credibility:
Customer service:
  • Easy access
  • Content is well thought
  • The availability of 60 days warranty
  • Lots of bonuses
  • Free version available
  • Responsive customer service
  • Authors don't have psychological background e.g psychologists
  • The result may vary from person to person
  • Takes time to fully embark the course
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