My Experience With Astro Tarot Reading For 3 Weeks: Is It Accurate?

Astro Tarot Reading Review – A lot of people all over the planet believe in things like tarot reading and astrology. This is not a new thing, since both of them are ancient knowledge passed down for millennia.


Of course, knowing the path ahead we should walk on in our life is much preferable than going blindly into a great unknown.


Tarot reading and astrology can become the torch that helps us to avoid stepping on pointy stones, even though mostly do not talk about it in detail.




Maybe for that reason, I know a lot of people who check for their astrology routinely. Some people I know even go to tarot readers.


But I was not one of them.  


Not only because I believe that destiny is a divine secret, but also because I have never experienced an in-depth ‘reading’.


When I got an offer from my friend to try Astro Tarot by Fortune Alexander, I even wanted to refuse it because I didn’t want to deal with such ‘nonsense’.


Judging the book from its cover, I knew that Astro Tarot is not a ‘normal’ astrology nor a normal tarot reading. This is actually a combination of both.




So, what’s the difference between this ‘fortune telling’ and others that my friends are obsessed with? Why even my friend suggested me to try this one, when he actually knows that I’m skeptical?


That’s why, “for science purpose”, I decided to give it a shot.


It has been three weeks since my first reading, and here I want to share my experience about this ‘fortune telling’ program.


Well, spoiler alert, something funny actually happened during the last three weeks. LOL.



Fact Check About the Author:


fortunealexander astro tarot

The thing with Astro Tarot is, it is authored and guided by someone who name him/herself Fortune Alexander.


If you think that the name is too made up for a ‘fortune teller’, you are just on point. Instead, he/she admitted that it is actually a made-up name.


But it doesn’t always mean that Astro Tarot is a fraud. Fortune Alexander has a very logical reason to hide his/her real identity. The reason is even stated in Astro Tarot’s site.


Upon gaining the fame as trusted reader, Fortune Alexander wanted to seal his/her real identity to protect his/her personal life.


He spent a lot of his earlier years in pain and suffering. After he dropped out of high school, he left the United States to spend time with his ancestors in Asia near the Himalayas.


When he finally returned to the states in 1988, Fortune finished his education and even received his Bachelor’s degree in Astronomy.


It wasn’t long before he began doing astrological readings for his friends and family, and they said it was unlike anything they’d ever experienced on websites or newspapers.


But he did not stop there, he wanted more knowledge and more accuracy, so he learned all he could about the magic of Tarot cards.


And that's when he combined astrology and tarot that his readings became so special and incredibly accurate. He gained his fame then, and many people came to him every day.


After he was too tired to always go 1-on-1 he decided to give online reading so that he can change the lives of many more people all over the world.


The Astro Tarot Reading


welcome page astro tarot reading

The Welcome Page


So, what’s basically the reading that Fortune Alexander does? I tried to search online about what Astro Tarot actually means, and discovered some information.


Astro Tarot is a self-explanatory. It basically combines the two personality readings to make the result of the reading more accurate.


It was said that there is a good reason why astrology and tarot reading are combined in this practice. The two of them are connected in Astrological Correspondence.


Even the cards, especially the 22 major tarot cards, have connections to different elemental, zodiac, and planetary. In example, The World card is believed to be linked to planet Saturn.


In this case, just as in astrology, every single card in tarot is linked to what we call as karma. You choose that card because the card has chosen you also.


In addition to that, the way to read the cards is different between somebody who is born in 1 January and 31 December.


tarot card

With this method, every single reading is specifically chosen for each individual. An occurrence of another reading to give the same result must be incredibly rare.


I visited the website of this program and indeed what it practices is as described above. But not only about showing the path to walk, this program also gives some advices about it.


Well, it got me interested at that point. Not so many online fortune tellers give advices and clues about the results to their users.


Most of them only give very broad and general readings, with ambiguous words so the chance for the customers to agree is high.


The same thing also happens to astrology. I have never read one very specific explanation about what will happen “this week”.




Such kind of fortune telling, like Royal Numerology, makes me don’t believe to any of them. How can we expect some advices about what will happen in the future from such broad and general readings?


But when I read that Astro Tarot also gives advices about what should we do in the future, I thought that the reading must be more in-depth than what I ever read in the newspaper.


  It was at that moment I decided to give a try to its free reading.




My Free Reading Experience


free tarot page astro tarot


As I mentioned above, my first encounter with Fortune Alexander’s reading is when I was given a link, by my friend, to his free tarot reading.


Oh, by the way if you love free programs you might want to visit another program that I have reviewed called The M Word by Emily Fletcher. It offers free masterclass.


Back to the program, I visited the link because I thought there would be nothing wrong with that. And as I mentioned above, “for science purpose”.


In that moment, I was directly asked to choose two between eight tarot cards. My choice apparently turned out to be The Empress card, and The Wheel of Fortune card.


But I didn’t go directly into the reading after I chose the cards. I was then asked to fill my name, email, and date of birth.


free tarot reading astro tarot


Again, it didn’t direct me into my reading. I had to choose between 5 options of my love life, health, family, finances, and work. I chose the finances one.


After that, I was directed into the reading page.


First, it gave me a reading based on my birth card, which is Taurus, and it told me about my personality and a little bit about my chosen topic. Some parts were on point, but some others were too general in my opinion.


Next, going to the tarot reading part, I was given more detailed reading about the topic I chose earlier. But unlike the birth card reading, it gave me more of advices and motivations.


I screenshotted my first reading (sorry that I have to hide some of my personal information) so you can see yourself how general or detailed the reading was for me.


tarot reading astro tarot


In my honest opinion, I am not interested much in knowing my personality from the birth card reading. However, a little part of me began to open up to such kind of readings after I admitted that not every single word was wrong in the tarot reading.


Well, I’m still the skeptical man just like the day before my reading, but I was curious about the in-depth Astro Tarot Reading  “for science purpose”.


At the bottom part of the page, I was led into an offer for premium reading. Well, my curiosity said yes, so I purchased the premium reading to find out whether I would get useful readings from it or not.


What I Got After Three Weeks with Premium Reading


grandmaster astro tarot


I was not so sure 100% when I enrolled for the premium reading. Not only because it was my first time getting deep into such kind of thing, but also because I was still skeptical.


By purchasing the premium reading, I was given username, password, and a link into the login page. I immediately accessed the link and logged in because I was curious.


The first steps toward premium reading were almost similar to the free reading. However, this time I didn’t have to choose two between eight cards.


I did it, and I entered the member area afterward. There, I found something unexpected. It said that I had to wait for 24 hours to get my reading done!


Whoa, I just purchased it and I then it told me to wait for 24 hours? I immediately regretted my decision to follow this fortune telling program.


I told my friend that I lost my trust in this program, but he said that I might want to do what it told me: to wait for 24 hours before asking for refund.


Well, I decided to take my time for my refund collection, but only for the next 24 hours. It was not a hard wait, because in fact I almost forgot about my wait.


24 hours wait astro tarot

After 24 Hours Wait


The next day, I got an email from Fortune Alexander about my queue. I was guided into the members area and there I discovered my reading was actually done.


I got my reading in the form of a PDF file. It says Personal Grandmaster Astro Tarot Reading For ((My Name)) Whose Soul Manifested On ((My Birthday)).


choice reading astro tarot


Before, I thought that the reading would be so simple and brief just like when I had it in the free version of the program. But the 38 pages long PDF was out of my expectation!


I checked the PDF, and see that there are chapters in it. Here is my brief explanation about each chapter and what it explains (I do not include sensitive information written in the reading because it is too personal):




There is nothing much to explain here, because as I read the introduction is about how destined I am to ever visit this program. I have heard a lot of things like that.


But still, there is one sentence in this introduction that attracted my attention. It said: “Astrology is very logical, matter of fact, and to the point so it will activate the masculine energy within you”.


The next sentence is: “Tarot is much more intuitive, mystical, and uses storytelling to call upon your emotions to guide you, activating the feminine energy”.


What’s so masculine about astrology? Most people I know who believe in astrology are female. Apparently, our gender is not the thing that we are talking about.


andrey-zvyagintsev-byfNhh81CWU-unsplash astro tarot


The masculinity mentioned is about calculation and logics, while the femininity is about intuition and emotional condition.


Combining both sides in addition to my sacred number, apparently, can give more accurate confirmation. I have not found anything useful in this part.


Personal Astrology Roadmap:

personal astrology roadmap astro tarot


This part talks about the houses in our sun sign (the zodiac that we know). Again, I have no idea about what this program is talking about.


Coming to the second chapter that I had no idea at all about what they are talking about, again I doubted my decision in purchasing the access.


But then again, the last sentences guided me to the next chapter, and my curiosity kept me from quitting.


Astro-Personality Roadmap:


astro personality roadmap astro tarot


As the two previous chapters didn’t leave a single impression to me, this chapter is quite the contrasting.


Even though it still seems too general, but in this chapter my personality is described well. In example, the roadmap said that most people should have called me stubborn, while I myself say it is determination.


That’s so true. Many people, even my family, call me one of the most stubborn people they have ever met. But what they don’t know is, in my point of view, my stubbornness is usually how I show my determination toward something.


It even mentioned one of my favorite sayings, which is “good things take time”. Well, this chapter was the first thing that impressed me from this program.


Oh, and for your information, what this chapter contains is not only about my stubbornness. It mentions a lot of my personality, and even though most of them are too general I still couldn’t agree more.


Astro-Connection Roadmap:


astro connection roadmap


In this part, this PDF explains about my zodiac’s connection with other zodiacs based on its element. I don’t know whether this part is very useful for me or not.


I have not paid any attention to anybody’s zodiac like ever. I hang out with people I think I like to hang out with, without caring about their zodiac.


It can be giving the right information about my circle, but even if it is wrong, I still had no idea about my friends’ zodiac. Again, I could not relate to the content of this chapter.


Astro-Health Roadmap:


astro health roadmap astro tarot


As the title say that this chapter is about my health, based on my astrology, I found some relatable things that the program mentioned.


In example, I lack of physical exercises and the reading says that it affects both my physical and mental well-being because my appearance greatly affects how I show up to the world.


In the book, it is mentioned that the reason for this is because my companion planet is Venus, the planet of beauty.


Another thing that I can relate to this reading is how I struggle with my weight control. The reading said that Taurus is either too picky or love eating too much. I indeed always swing from one of that side to another.


Thankfully, this reading also mentions some foods that can give me holistic boost such as watermelon, potatoes, pumpkin, and cauliflower. I got useful information in this chapter about my health.


Tarot Birth Card:


Each sign of zodiac is connected to a major arcana tarot card, and as a taurus I am connected to the hierophant card.


The hierophant card means that my journey in this life should focus more on sharing what I have had with my loved ones instead of pursuing the unlimited.


birth card reading


I somehow can relate to that point. My passion and my stubbornness (or I call it determination) always make me wear myself out in pursuing them.


In some moments I can stop and look around to see what I’ve got, and those beautiful moments motivate me even more in my pursuit.


The advice that this reading gave, to begin sharing what I have already got with my loved ones, is worth trying. I admit this one has a good advice.


Sacred Number Messages:


sacred number messages astro tarot


This is the first time I ever hear the term ‘sacred number’. Before, for me every single number is just part of math.


But apparently there is a different point of view that sees numbers as the language of this universe. The reading said that because of my zodiac sign and I have hierophant as my birth tarot, my sacred number is 5.


I haven’t experience anything and even haven’t understand anything related to this sacred number. This chapter also doesn’t describe anything in detail except for something related to number 5 means a sign from my guardian angel.


It just says that I have to be careful with my thoughts when I see those numbers appear. Does it mean that number 5 is my new lucky number now?




Drawing a conclusion about the reading that I got from this premium program, I can say that in some parts it has given me some good advices.


I was highly skeptical about fortune telling and such kind of things. I haven’t even expected anything or somehow even hoped that it is a scam so I can tell my friend that there is no such thing as fortune telling.


But joining this program has introduced me to a new side of fortune telling. I always thought that fortune telling is about telling what will happen tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after.




Apparently, fortune telling is also about knowing your personality and your hidden traits. I just knew that, and for that reason I feel pretty much satisfied with what I got from this reading.




I mentioned several times that since I haven’t learned anything about astrology or tarot reading, many times I cannot relate to what the reading explains to me.


What is sacred number? What is zodiac sun houses? How to apply the information I got from knowing those things into my real life?


Those zodiac-y and tarot-y languages part of the reading made me confused.


Even the way the author speaks in his/her book is a little bit wordy and confusing. I don’t know whether it is the way a fortune teller speaks or what, but for me personally it is sometimes so boring to read.


Another thing that I felt unnecessary is, this program also tries to sell things to us even in the closing parts of the book.


Daily E-Mail:




No, this is not part of the reading, but by purchasing the premium reading, you will be given daily newsletter from Fortune Alexander.


What he talks about in the newsletter is almost similar to your reading, which makes me think that it must be a part of the program.


There are various topics that Fortune Alexander writes in the newsletter, including some kind of ‘daily reading’. But the way it is delivered surprised me.


As I said in the beginning, I had a funny experience with this program. It happened when I had an argument with my wife, and in the middle of our argument, my phone got a notification.




It was a notification from Fortune Alexander, and what it told me in the email was to be more patient, try to listen to my significant other, and realize that as a taurus I am the most stubborn one in the relationship.


I laughed after reading the email, and be the first to apologize in that argument. I don’t know whether it was a coincidence or part of my ‘reading’. Thank you for the advice whatever it was.


Since then, I checked my inbox time to time to see what Alexander said. Well, even though a lot of the emails were not relatable to my condition, but I still found some of them giving good advice.


It has been three weeks for me since the first time I accessed this program, and I keep on checking my email for some useful advices from Fortune Alexander. Even though sometimes what I get is not that useful.


Oh, I think I should also mention that many of those emails were some kinds of offer for other ‘self-improving’ programs. It is somewhat annoying that this program keeps selling me things everywhere.




The Accuracy of The Reading




Let’s now talk more specifically about how relatable the reading was to my life, and how satisfied I am with what I got.


As I have mentioned earlier, I never had any similar experience regarding fortune telling or things similar to that. I didn’t even believe astrology either.


Mainly, because I never believed that people can predict the future.


That’s why, I came into this program as a very skeptical customer, and basically with nothing to lose since it offers me 1 year money back guarantee.


Now, let’s start from the accuracy of the free reading. Some parts were on point, but some others were too general in my opinion.


The free reading only gave brief overview of my personality, and general motivational support for my chosen problem which was my financial.


I think the accuracy about the reading and given motivation was 50-50.


Well, because it was not 100% nonsense in my opinion, I was a little bit surprised and decided to go for the premium reading “for science purpose”.




I was still skeptical about the premium reading, and became more doubtful when it said that I had to wait for 24 hours to get my reading.  It fulfilled the promise and gave me my reading the day after.


In the premium reading, I discovered that Astro Tarot has several aspects and point of views to tell our fortune and see our personality.


Getting into the reading itself, I found out that 4 out of 7 chapters in my Personal Grandmaster Astro Tarot Reading didn’t give me useful information and instead made me more confused.


Those 4 chapters talk about things I haven’t got used to such as other people’s astrology and each Sun sign’s characteristics. I should mention here that I literally didn’t know anything about this topic.


Maybe for those who are used to read their weekly astrology, they will get more grasp to the idea and understand things I didn’t get.


Another thing that I'd like to add is about how the program tells us about particular things in life like finance, romance, health, etcetera.


The free reading will provide you only specific reading in that particular aspect you choose, as I have shown above. You choose health, you will not get things about your finance, vice versa.


But in the premium reading, you get everything in one long reading. You will get the reading about your finance, your health, your romance, and career in one go so that you dont have to choose only one.


And about the 3 chapters that I found useful, (Tarot Birth Card, Astro Health Roadmap, and Astro Personality Roadmap) I got heart-warming insights about my current and future problems, and how to prevent or solve it.


That’s why, even though I the comparison is 3 versus 4, I still think it is 50-50 in overall relatability. That’s still a lot more than I expected.


Other Testimonials


ethan-lee-RxpOfYtpoa0-unsplash astro tarot


As there are many other people who have tried Astro Tarot premium reading, I think it is necessary to share their testimonials about it too, so you can have better comparison and consideration.*


“I feel like I can call on my guides whenever I need them for clear answers!”

I swear I feel like when I’m pulling out my tarot cards now, it’s as if I’m picking up my cell phone and directly connecting to my spirit guides. Every time I have a question, the answers come through so crystal clear. I know exactly who, what, when, and where my guides are directing me to on my journey.”

Myriam P.


“…I never felt so close to my spirit guides before…”

This quiz unlocked another level of love and connection that I’ve never felt before! I always knew I was never alone, but now I feel my spirit guides with me and see their signs clearly. This was the clarity that I needed to confidently keep manifesting my dream life.

Marta E.


“…I never knew that celebrities used this sacred knowledge, too!”

We look to the stars here on Earth for hope that we can manifest our dreams just like they did. Now I KNOW that I can do the same — if not more! If celebrities can do it, I can do it, too!

Emma L.


How to Get Access to Astro Tarot Reading?


astro tarot reading


Do you want to get a free insight about your life? Or you might want to get information about your personality and your future via Astro Tarot Reading?


You can follow the link we provide below to find get access into Astro Tarot reading.


The link will guide you to the free reading session first before going further into the premium reading. This way, you can get better understanding about what actually the program is.


And just for your insight, the price for Astro Tarot premium access is just $19, and it comes with 365 days money back guarantee no question asked.


If you think $19 is still not worth it, you should check about the bonuses that this program gives.


Bonuses? Of Course!


I was lucky that I purchased the premium reading when there was special promo that included a lot of bonuses. Here are the bonuses I got:




bonus 1 guidebook


In this special report, you’ll receive knowledgeable insights about this spiritual tool that your ancestors from all over the world have relied on to guide them in the right direction!




bonus 2 numerology


This guide will give you the ability to read numbers like never before, and receive their information with ease…


It will also highlight the numbers your angels are encrypting hidden messages directly from your spirit network.




bonus 3 intuitive reading


This guide will give you the hidden key to attracting & creating your beautiful, abundant dream life, with Intuitive Reading Apprenticeship.




bonus 4 creative sleep


A powerful audio program that helps you relax and drift off quickly and easily into deep restorative sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, with abundant energy to fuel your day.




bonus 5 renew affirmation


The powerful affirmations in this audio will affirm your journey on your Life Path, lighting your way toward fulfilling your destiny.


Listening will bring your brain into synchronization with your intuitive superpowers so you can tap into this ultra-coveted state of alignment and harmony.




bonus 6 sacred numbers


Do you wonder what it means when you see repeating numbers such as 11:11 or 4:44? Are you curious what it means when certain animals appear in your life or your dreams?


This empowering handbook will guide your way to interpreting the language the Universe uses to communicate with you, giving you divine guidance on your Soul Path.




bonus 7 release tension


This is a powerful Theta Wave program that uses miraculous vibrations to induce an instant calming effect. It goes deeper and becomes more relaxing each time you listen.


It’s called Release Tension & Anxiety, and for many people, it’s far more effective than a candlelight bubble bath, especially if your life is stressful and busy!




bonus 8 creation of flow


This bonus program rapidly triggers your brain’s alpha waves to give you a huge boost in focus and mental clarity.


If you’re trying to build your new career path, write a book, or simply tap into your full potential for creativity and focus, this program is an absolute necessity for you!




bonus 9 detoxify


Detoxify uses gamma wave technology to spark a DEEP change and true purification in your body, all the way down to the cellular level.


This frequency is incredibly powerful and transformative. I’ve seen it cleanse those in pain and rejuvenate the most exhausted, overworked people around.




My Conclusion About Astro Tarot


As I have mentioned several times that this is my third week into this program, I can say that I have gotten deep into it compared to the first day. Here is my conclusion about Astro Tarot:


As a skeptical, this program is not that disappointing for me. Some parts I found in the reading is accurate, but some others are either too general, not that accurate, or I had no clue what it is talking about.


Having adequate knowledge about what Astro Tarot is talking about can be a huge plus. Many contexts I didn’t understand might contain something useful information about my reading, and affect my consideration about this program.


This program tries to sell other programs in so many occasions, including the last chapters of premium reading and daily newsletter. I haven’t purchased any additional program, so I cannot say whether it would be epic or meh.


There are a lot of bonuses included in this program, but I got it during promotional period. I cannot guarantee whether the period is still on or not the time you check it out.


365 days money back guarantee is a nice feature, since you might want to make sure you don’t waste your money for something nonsense. I almost claimed it when I got disappointed with its 24 hours wait rule before I could get my reading.


Overall, as a customer, I feel that this program is worth to try, at least for its free reading session. I would suggest you all to try the free reading session before deciding to purchase it or not.




Astro Tarot is an online tarot & astrology reading service made for the purpose of entertainment only. This program is completely online, and you will not get any physical product from purchasing it.


Astro Tarot Reading will ask for you personal information such as full name, email address, and birth date for its analysis.


The analysis made by Astro Tarot Reading may or may not see equally valuable for each customer. What I consider as valuable or not doesn’t reflect other customers.


This program offers 365 days money back guarantee to ensure customer’s satisfaction, since customer’s satisfaction may vary.


6.9 Total Score

Easiness To Follow
Author's Credibility
  • 365 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes Free Reading
  • A Lot Of Bonuses
  • Interesting Content
  • Premium Reading Provides Practical Advices
  • Author Uses Pseudo Name "Fortune Alexander"
  • Some Parts Are Too Wordy
  • Difficult To Understand For Newbies
  • Accuracy Is Rather Questionable
  • Premium Reading Requires 24 Hours Wait
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