30 Days on Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code Program by The Shift Network – Barely Works on Me

In this review I’m about to give my honest opinion on Emotion Code by The Shift Network – 

What about a dad joke to start our today’s topic?


Here goes:


“My friend said to me that time heals all wounds” –


“So, I stabbed her.”


Good one, huh?


Anyway, you've probably heard of this overused quote that ‘time heals all wounds,' but it might not always be true (as the joke suggests).


I mean, have you ever found yourself in a position where, despite all the efforts you've made, you keep falling into the same pit of emotional or physical pain over and over again? And to make matters worse, you don't even know what causes this recurring pattern.



Sometimes, it feels like an endless cycle, leaving you frustrated and desperate for a way to break free from its vicious grips.


Of course, there are numerous medical approaches available to improve your well-being. These include Western medicine, Chinese medicine, meditation, yoga, and the specific type I'll review today.


The Emotion Code created by Dr. Bradley Nelson


Unlike other alternative healings I’ve tried before, this one offers quite a distinct approach and most importantly proposes a solution that is seemingly worth trying.


Please note that there might be several other online platforms featuring Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code teachings. But, for this review, my primary focus will be on the teachings provided by The Shift Network.


emotion code

Proof of My Purchase


So, does Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code, as offered by The Shift Network, actually work?


Sadly, it barely works on me.




Keep reading, I’m about to give you my brutally honest take!


But first thing first let’s get to know who is the person behind all this:




Introducing Dr. Bradley Nelson


emotion code


Dr. Bradley Nelson is a worldwide known holistic physician, chiropractor, lecturer, and author known for his work in the field of energy healing and emotional wellness.


Remarkably, Dr. Bradley, now highly popular, started his career as an alternative healing patient himself.


At 14, he endured excruciating pain and was diagnosed with kidney disease.


His parents grew concerned, particularly due to the limited conventional medical options available then, ruling out the chance of a kidney transplant.


For this reason, his parents pursued an alternative healing path.


In short, this alternative treatment led to Bradley's pain subsiding within a week, and astonishingly, he fully recovered within a month.


Returning to the hospital, his follow-up tests showed remission, prompting the doctor to commend the recovery and chosen approach's effectiveness.


This life-altering experience made Dr. Bradley passionate about natural healing. So, he started learning about holistic health to help others in achieving well-being through natural methods.


Following his passion, he then attended chiropractic school and earned his honors degree from Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo, California, in 1988.


This marked the start of Dr. Nelson's journey as a holistic physician.


A snapshot proving, he is a legit alumnus of the Life Chiropractic College West


In those years, he specialized in assisting individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, successfully treating patients from the US and Canada until retiring from active practice in 2004.


Despite his retirement in 2004,


Dr. Bradley Nelson remained steadfast in fulfilling his life's purpose. He took his dedication a step further by creating a ground-breaking program called the Emotion Code.


These innovative healing methods target underlying emotional and energetic imbalances that have the potential to affect one's physical and mental well-being.


Through some trials and errors, this practice evolved into a globally comprehensive natural healing method.


And of course, this method has attracted the interest of people from around the world who want to learn deeper.


In 2007, Dr. Bradley Nelson ensured global accessibility by writing and publishing the bestselling book “The Emotion Code.” The book received impressive ratings of 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon and 4 out of 5 on Goodreads.


A snapshot of The Emotion Code ratings on Amazon


A snapshot of The Emotion Code ratings on Goodreads


What all of this tells us is: Dr. Bradley's teachings, both shared in his book and through global media, empower people to enrich their lives by freeing emotional baggage.


Dr. Bradley Nelson’s media appearances


As a result?


There are over 6000 certified Emotion Code practitioners spread across more than 80 countries—a truly impressive accomplishment!


With such remarkable success, you might be curious:


“What exactly is the Emotion Code, and how does it manage to be so effective in improving people's lives?”


Here’s what and how:



Cracking the Emotion Code: Understanding Its Nature and Application


As I’ve mentioned before, Emotion Code is an energy healing method developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson.


After years of refinement, the Emotion Code program claimed to have an effective way to help people release their trapped emotions and enable them to live fulfilling lives.


This method is based on the belief that everything in the universe, including human emotions, is composed of energy. Just like the domino effect, if one energy goes down the other areas would get affected.



With that in mind, our trapped emotions from past experiences can significantly impact other areas of our bodies; not only our emotional well-being but also our physical health.


Yes, you hear me right; our trapped emotions can indeed have an impact on our physical health.


Nevertheless, it's worth noting that our trapped emotions don't solely cause all of our physical health problems.


While the Emotion Code program's foundational ideas propose that trapped emotions might contribute to physical discomfort by disrupting the energy field and weakening the immune system, users must prioritize seeking medical attention.


The Emotion Code program emphasizes keeping medical care and recommends a comprehensive approach that includes both medical care and Emotion Code for addressing physical health problems.


“Emotion Code should not be used by itself in attempting to address any major disease or medical condition, but rather, it should be looked upon as an adjunct therapy.” (Nelson, Bradley, 2019, p. 22)


So, if the above explanation piques your interest about whether your pain stems from emotional baggage and you desire liberation,


here’s how Emotion Code would help you to achieve that:


  1. Identifying your trapped emotions.
  2. Releasing the already defined trapped emotion energy.


Sounds straightforward, huh?


However, it may not be as easy as it seems, especially when we consider trapped emotions—often, we're dealing with those long-forgotten ones, the memories we can barely recall. But fear not, as this is precisely what makes the Emotion Code program stands out.


Emotion Code provides various identification methods such as the sway test, pendulum, arm test, and the well-known applied kinesiology, or muscle testing. These techniques help access the subconscious mind and identify underlying emotions causing challenges.


In addition to that, the Emotion Code will also use another instrument for identification known as the Emotion Code chart, trapped emotion flow chart, and heart wall flow chart which will act as users’ references to consult.


In a nutshell, here’s how those work together:


The Emotion Code practitioner or user should use the charts containing questions and a list of 60 human emotions. These charts act as references for formulating yes-or-no questions for the patient or user.


Simultaneously, Applied kinesiology, including muscle testing and methods like the sway test, pendulum, and arm test, can serve as diagnostic tools to answer practitioner or user questions.



With that, the issue of identifying trapped emotions is resolved!


Let’s move on to:


The core and final stage: the release process.


After completing the program, I find that the release process is notably simpler compared to identification.


Moreover, it requires minimal equipment. We can use a refrigerator magnet or even our palm to effectively swipe away identified trapped emotions from our bodies.


During this phase, we aim to rate discomfort intensity on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 representing no discomfort.


Through repeated swiping, we reevaluate discomfort levels until they either reach zero or lessen in intensity.


Here's to Identify and Release Trapped Emotion


Is This Program for you?


It is if you:


You feel that unresolved emotions are holding you back and impacting your mental and physical health.


You have a friend or family member dealing with emotional burdens, mental health issues, and physical ailments, and you wish to offer help.


You're not looking to become a certified emotion code practitioner because this program doesn’t provide any.


You're pregnant, as this program provides an option for pregnant women to use their hands instead of magnets for releasing emotions (as magnets can be quite a concern for many pregnant women).


You have an open-minded perspective when it comes to alternative healing.




Does the Emotion Code Have a Scientific Foundation?


As I conducted my online research, the above question is quite of a concern for many prospective users, therefore, I’ll do my best to address it here.


To begin, I delved into the copy of Dr. Bradley’s The Emotion Code book seeking insights into the origins of his profound ‘revelation’ that led to the creation of this program.


For your information, upon signing up for this program, you will get a PDF copy of the first two chapters from Dr. Bradley Nelson’s bestselling book “The Emotion Code”.


Sign Up and Get Your Emotion Code PDF Copy Here!


Within those pages, Dr. Bradley Nelson states:


“I very sincerely believe that this healing method comes from above, from the divine source of all truth” (Nelson, Bradley, 2019, p. xvii)


Scientifically speaking, the above statement is kind of disheartening. So, it has to be more…


Delving deeper, I quickly discovered some scientific terms like energy, Quantum Physics, and Quantum Entanglement mentioned in the Emotion Code program.


Wish granted!


Briefly, Dr. Bradley Nelson explains that Emotion Code aligns with the theory of Quantum Physics, which asserts that everything in the universe, including the human body and thoughts, is composed of energy. Moreover, he adds that these energies can communicate with one another.



But is it true that:


  1. Human body and thoughts are made of energy?
  2. These energies can communicate with one another?


The answer to the first question would be YES but NOT ENTIRELY. What I’m trying to say is:


The human body is indeed made of energy, but NOT the type of energy used in energy healing that Emotion Code relied upon.


I’m by no means an expert (obviously), so, the information I’m about to give you is solely based on the research I gathered from the internet. Please take this with a grain of salt.


Briefly explained, the human body is matter, the matter is mass, and mass equals energy (as Einstein’s popular equation suggests E=MC²).


From a Physics perspective, energy is a measurable quantity governed by physical laws. In the context of the human body, we mainly discuss kinetic and potential energy.


This occurs because the human body comprises subatomic particles called ‘quarks,' which bind and move rapidly, generating kinetic energy. These quarks' quantification employs the kinetic energy equation.


Confining these fastly moving quarks necessitates considerable energy or a strong force, wherein the strong force equates to potential energy.


In summary, kinetic and potential energies significantly interact at the subatomic level within the human body's physical boundaries.


Both energies are measurable through physical equations.



Therefore, concepts like thoughts, which are hard to measure, aren't considered in Quantum Physics. This implies that the Emotion Code's energy concept might not align with current scientific Quantum Physics understanding.


It could be true but remains unproven as of now.


Learn How Energy Works in Free Webinar


Now for the second question:


Since everything is made of energy, does it mean that all energies in this world communicate with one to the other?


Considering that thoughts are energy and possess no boundaries, the Emotion Code suggests that human beings are energetically interconnected at a subconscious level. This implies that we can sense the emotions of others to some extent.


The concept that thoughts are energy is expanded to the idea that we can aid in releasing someone's trapped emotions through our bodies.


Throughout the program's progression, I frequently encountered this technique in its modules, and I became genuinely impressed by its application.



Why not consider the possibility? imagine using our bodies as a proxy to aid in others' healing. That would be remarkable, wouldn't it?


Furthermore, Dr. Bradley Nelson states that this technique isn't a novelty. In the realm of Quantum Physics, it's referred to as ‘Quantum Entanglement.'


During the program's demonstration of releasing trapped emotions, Dr. Bradley Nelson elaborates:


“…energies can become entangled at any distance.” (See the snapshot below)


emotion code

A snapshot of Module One’s video transcription, minute 16:49


So, he aims for entangled energies with participants, allowing him to communicate with their subconscious and act for them (See snapshot below).


emotion code

A snapshot of Module One’s video transcription, minute 17:08


However, can ‘Quantum Entanglement' truly facilitate subconscious communication across time and space?


Here I am once again, delving into the internet to uncover the mystery of ‘Quantum Entanglement'.


Unfortunately, Physics does not support such an interpretation.


In Quantum Physics, Quantum Entanglement is a physical phenomenon where the quantum state of one particle correlates with other particles in a system.


Before measurement, entangled particles or a quantum system can exist in a ‘superposition state', holding multiple potential spinning states simultaneously—such as spin up and spin down.


Yet, to resolve this ‘superposition state,' a measurement causes the collapse of the wave function, yielding a definite result for each entangled particle state.


As a result, if one particle is measured in the ‘spin up' state, the other particle must instantaneously be in the ‘spin down' state.


To make it easier to understand, I’ll give you an example:


Imagine two balls—one yellow and one white. These balls are placed in separate bags, and each bag is then put in separate rooms.



You randomly enter a room and select a bag. Inside, you find the yellow ball. Instantly, you can tell that the other bag must contain the white ball.


And just because you know the other bag in the other room contains the white ball, does it mean that the white ball communicates with you?


No, right?


Now, circling back to how Dr. Bradley Nelson applies Quantum Entanglement in Emotion Code:


While entangled particles can show correlated properties regardless of distance, this correlation can't transmit information faster than light.


Thus, Quantum Entanglement doesn't offer a practical way for humans to communicate beyond time limits over long distances.


Rather, it's an observation of interconnected particles within a system, making it impossible to append one particle's information without instantly affecting the other.


So, considering the question:


“Is the Emotion Code scientifically grounded?”



Based on my research, it seems unlikely.


However, let's entertain the possibility that the Emotion Code might exceed current Physics boundaries and give it the benefit of the doubt.


Additionally, the program's global popularity, with around 6000 practitioners, suggests there's value to it.


So, I signed myself in…



What 30 Days on Emotion Code Leads Me to?


Regrettably, it doesn’t lead me anywhere. I was left with nothing but confusion; questioning whether it was me or if something was missing.


Many online users find Emotion Code effective for releasing trapped emotions. There's even a study linking it to reduced symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and depression.


I know I still have 2 modules to go, making my review not 100% valid. Yet, I don’t think going further would add anything other than self-pity. So, yeah, I’m just going to write my review now.


Starting with Module One:


This module offers an overview of Emotion Code, providing a general understanding without delving into details.


The introduction is easy to follow, despite some unexplained technical terms. These gaps will be filled in the following modules.

Overall, the presentation is decent, but there are a few bumps along the way.



The first bump happened when Dr. Bradley Nelson explained The Discover Healing logo's background.


I'm left questioning the need for such detail about the company logo. After all, we're using a different platform here.


The Emotion Code program I'm engaged in is presented by The Shift Network, making Dr. Bradley's Discover Healing logo explanation seem a bit odd.


It raises suspicions about whether The Shift Network is essentially “reposting” video sessions from Dr. Bradley Nelson's Discover Healing.


Moving on to the second bump – a jaw-dropping trapped-emotion-release demo.


Advancing through Module One, two demonstrations illustrate Emotion Code's functionality. I was amazed by the swift and effective approach to releasing trapped emotions.


Roughly, the process was as follows:


After asking for Higher Power's assistance, Dr. Bradley energetically connected with his volunteer.


He introduced “Quantum Entanglement” as the theory behind this connection, enabling communication across distance and time with volunteers' subconscious minds.


Once entangled, Dr. Bradley used muscle testing on himself, pinpointing volunteers' trapped emotions.


Remarkably, in around 10 minutes, trapped emotions were identified and released, reducing pain, as volunteers attested.


This process of identifying trapped emotions, involving quantum entanglement and muscle testing, appeared almost magical.



To illustrate how it goes, here's an analogy: imagine, conversing with an Ouija Board, where answers come swiftly.


However, I faced an unpleasant reality when researching quantum entanglement and muscle testing. As mentioned earlier, they didn't precisely match Dr. Bradley's demonstration.


Nonetheless, this didn't stop me; not until I tried for myself.


Furthermore, I'm not using Quantum Entanglement since I don’t need to be entangled with anybody’s subconscious mind.


So, here goes Module Two…


In the second module of the Emotion Code program, I primarily learned to identify trapped emotions using five distinct methods.


Among these methods, muscle testing stands out as the most commonly used approach.


Muscle testing functions simply: muscle tension indicates yes or no responses—tightening signifies yes while loosening implies no.


However, my experimentation with this method resulted in inconsistent outcomes . The muscle tension didn't reliably correspond to yes or no answers—neither tightening nor loosening.



One might argue that my unsuccessful attempts could be attributed to the possibility that it indeed works, and any irregularities stem from my body and subconscious having a deeper understanding than my conscious mind.


Does this mean I'm on the right track?


Hold on, I'm not addressing trapped emotion identification yet; I'm talking about the lack of precise identification for which tensions represent “yes” and “no” in the first place.


If it can't consistently exhibit clear muscle tension for a definitive “yes” or “no,” how can I trust its accuracy in diagnosing trapped emotions?




So, I've eliminated muscle testing from my options. Now, my last hope rests on the pendulum test.


I bought one and made multiple attempts, but unfortunately, I encountered the same disappointing outcome . Results consistently showed the same swinging patterns of yes or no, repeated no more than twice.


To provide an idea of the inconsistency, I've created a video demonstrating the pendulum's inconsistent behavior when showing answers.  It's totally swayable.



Well, maybe, I couldn’t do it by myself. I seem to need the guidance of a professional in a live setting.


Now, despite my unsuccessful trials, I was still curious about what Emotion Code has to offer in the next modules.


Module three – inherited trapped emotions.


One of the program's strengths lies in its organized structure.


Module three seamlessly follows module two, where identifying trapped emotions is covered. Here, I learned how to release my trapped emotions.


This progression is logical; you can't release what you're unaware of.


Before delving into the release process, Dr. Bradley introduces intriguing additional information. Apart from emotions from our life experiences, there might be trapped emotions inherited from our ancestors.


Regardless of the trapped emotion type, the release method remains relatively consistent.


Excluding a couple of undisclosed factors(to avoid giving away too much), the core of the release process involves using magnetic energy to swipe off identified trapped emotions.


Various sources can provide this magnetic energy, including different types of magnets and even the palm of our hands, which also has magnetic properties.


The number of swipes needed in specific areas of our bodies distinguishes the release process between inherited and experienced trapped emotions (again, I can't reveal the exact area to avoid revealing too much).



Dr. Bradley suggests that if the emotion is inherited, more swipes should be performed. He even specifies a fixed number of swipes to carry out.


While this approach might seem strange, I still can get the logic behind it.


Inherited trapped emotions might be passed down through multiple generations, potentially leading to deeper ingraining than those from personal experiences.


Hence, the concept of using more swipes to release them appears logical.


Then, what’s strange?


First, the question arises: how did he arrive at specific swipe numbers like 3 for experienced emotions and 10 for inherited ones? Why not 17 or 23?


The logic behind these particular numbers remains unclear to me.


Second, there's the mystery of how he precisely determines the historical origin of inherited emotions.


It's almost abrupt, like BAM! “It's from the 1600s,” said Dr. Bradley. This degree of specificity and speed seems questionable.


Lastly, consider this: if the inherited emotion is recent, like from a parent, compared to emotions stretching back centuries across numbers of bloodlines, using the same swipe count might appear unjust.


Moving on, Module Four…


In his fourth module, Dr. Bradley thoroughly covers the heart-wall topic, presenting it clearly.



Similar to the preceding three modules, this module follows the same practical approach.


This approach aligns with the heart-wall's purpose – as it acts like a shield constructed from accumulated trapped emotions to safeguard us from potential hurt.


Thus, releasing the heart-wall requires the same practicality: identifying trapped emotions followed by release.


Yet, I'm once more facing a setback in the identification process, so, there’s nothing much I can say.



What Other People Experience about the Emotion Code?


Just like many other things in life, there are always people who have pros and cons. While the Emotion Code may not have yielded effective results for me, it is clear that a significant number of people have found value and advantages in the Emotion Code.



Here are their success stories:

“My 16-year-old daughter developed an acute onset of panic attacks and anxiety, and had to quit school, dance, piano lessons, acting on stage, and wouldn’t leave her room or get in a car. The Body Code worked to get rid of her symptoms with great results. She has found her confidence and is back in school. She’s getting great marks, is outgoing, back at dance, doing all kinds of volunteer work, and feels alive and vibrant!! Now she asks for a Body Code session whenever she feels off or needs to address an issue. We took her to a naturopathic doctor, ounsellor, family doctor, and a psychiatrist. My daughter will tell you the Body Code helped the most. It was a very difficult time for my daughter and we couldn’t have gotten through it without the Body Code. She is now a 19-year-old university student and doing amazingly well.”

— Carmen der Kinderen, Ontario, Canada


“A friend of mine used me as one of his clients to certify in the Emotion Code and The Body Code. I began sending people to him that I felt he could help. Their changes and mine were so profound that I decided to become certified myself. Since then I have been able to bless my family and many others by helping them to unload their emotional burdens. The effects have been from amazing to absolute miracles. My bipolar son Brandon went from nothing but trouble and pain to an honor roll student in two months. Thank you, Dr. Nelson, for your hard work in developing and sharing this process!”

— James C. Bills, Utah


“I dealt with insomnia for nearly 15 years and had gone as long as six days with no sleep. I tried both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbal remedies, and had even been part of a sleep study. I learned how to muscle test and correct my polarity as well as helped friends learn to do the same. Then I used the Emotion Code and the sway test to determine if I had any trapped emotions. This was an incredible breakthrough for me! My exciting success story is that I now sleep every night!”

— Patricia England, Nebraska


Join Their Succes Story Here



How to Buy the Shift Network’s Emotion Code Program


If mentioned success stories make you interested and wish to assess the effectiveness of the Emotion Code program firsthand, you have two options: visit their official website for a $297 bundle or click any of the golden buttons provided in this post.


By clicking on those buttons, you'll have the opportunity to participate in a FREE WEBINAR and subsequently access the program at a discounted price of $197.




emotion code


Additionally, The Shift Network offers an alternative payment method: a two-time installment plan, with each installment, billed every 30 days for $108.


You can use standard payment forms like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.


Upon purchasing, what if the Emotion Code Program doesn't meet your satisfaction?


Don’t worry, The Shift Network provides a 100% money-back guarantee. Only you can do it within 2 weeks of your purchasing date. If this happens, you can hit their contact: support@theshiftnetwork.com


Pretty fair to try, in my opinion.


emotion code



What Comes on Your Purchase?


Diving into The Emotion Code journey provided by The Shift Network comes with a dynamic trio of learning formats:


MP4: Pre-recorded videos


MP3: Audio version


PDF: The pre-recorded video transcript, handouts, power-point slides, and deepening practice


The beauty of this program lies in its on-demand nature. While it's designed as a 7-week quest, you have the freedom to adapt it to your schedule and preferences.


Upon making your purchase, a portal to its premium site will be sent your way. Let me give you a glimpse of what mine looks like:


emotion code

Proof of My Purchase


And now, allow me to provide you with a sneak peek of the membership site's appearance once you've signed in:


emotion code


Regrettably, the collection of video materials available here cannot be downloaded. However, afraid not, for The Shift Network has you covered with an alternative solution.


As I’ve mentioned above, they offer PDFs of video transcripts that you can easily download and explore whenever it suits you.


And that's not all. The Shift Network goes the extra mile, offering additional bonuses to enhance your understanding of the Emotion Code.


emotion code


These bonuses are also presented in video and PDF transcript format, it includes 5 sessions in it:


Mastering the Art of Muscle Testing: Video Teaching from Dr. Bradley Nelson



For this first bonus, it might not offer you much extra value, considering that mastering muscle testing is already comprehensively covered in the main program, specifically in module two.

Moving on to the second bonus…


Discovering Your Intuitive Type: Video Teaching from Natalie Nelson



In this bonus section, you’ll receive a teaching by Natalie Nelson, a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, guiding you through the process of tapping into your prominent intuitive abilities.


Natalie identifies six primary intuitions within us: knowing, seeing, feeling (emotion), sensing (physical), hearing, and speaking.


However, most people usually have one or two that stand out in them. So, here through engaging exercises, you'll have the opportunity to pinpoint which of these six intuition gifts resonate with you and receive guidance on enhancing and nurturing that particular gift.


Energy Compatibility in Relationships: Video Teaching from Dr. Bradley Nelson



I found this bonus interesting and very useful for those of you who are looking for significant someone.


Before discovering true love, many of us journey through relationships with the wrong person. Unfortunately, this can lead to carrying a heavy load of emotional baggage into a new chapter of our relationships.


In this session, Dr. Brad unveils the secrets to spotting this baggage and effectively unpacking it, preparing your journey toward a prosperous and affectionate relationship


Self-Reliance and Healing: Video Teaching from Dr. Susanne Hufnagel



This bonus session is presented by Dr. Susanne Hufnagel. She dives into the emotional aftermath of war through a heartfelt narrative about her resurrected grandfather.


She also sheds light on the significance of identifying and rectifying the imbalances that may remain hidden, making them tricky to spot.


Additionally, you'll delve into the empowering journey of owning up to yourself and your choices, enabling you to take charge of your life rather than letting circumstances and others dictate it.


On top of that, you'll encounter additional topics such as co-dependency, and Law of Attraction.


Healing Your Animal Friends: Video Teaching from Lana Nelson



As an animal lover, I found this bonus session beneficial.


Here, Lana Nelson, a Certified Body Code Practitioner, unveils the remarkable world of working with animals through the Emotion Code and the Body Code.


Her captivating tales of helping horses, dogs, a robin, a cat, and even a wolf will truly captivate your interest.


A highlight of this experience is Lana's live demonstration with a rescue dog, Malthy.


PS: I’ll add a bit of my quick trial with my dog. Just three weeks ago, she lost her daughter, and ever since, she appeared to be in a state of sadness.


In an attempt to help, I decided to release any trapped emotions that might have been contributing to her behavior.


However, despite my efforts, I wasn't able to see any change. I couldn’t even pinpoint what and where the emotional baggage is, in the first place.


Now, Let’s go to the main course…


Included in the main course are a total of 7 Modules, detailed as follows:




emotion code


Here's what you'll learn in this module:


  • The current challenges in Western medicine
  • Why trapped emotions are a major cause of illness
  • How emotions become trapped
  • How trapped emotions affect us physically, emotionally, and mentally
  • Quick overview on how to spot emotional baggage and release them.
  • Live demonstrations with other participants; releasing their emotional baggage that causes their physical pains.




emotion code


As an extension of module 1, In this module, you'll dive into:


  • The easiest way to communicate with your subconscious and why it brings instant results
  • Tips to simplify your muscle testing process
  • How muscle testing can be a step towards sharpening your intuition
  • Dr. Brad's top 3 techniques for muscle self-testing
  • Correct usage of a pendulum as one of the trapped emotions identification tools
  • Live demonstrations featuring 3 volunteers showcasing various muscle testing methods




emotion code


Unfortunately, trapped emotions are not only caused by the experienced that we had, instead they could be inherited.


And to spot which one is inherited, this module will teach you to:


  • Understand the significance of inherited trapped emotions
  • Release an inherited trapped emotion can alleviate trauma spanning your entire family history
  • Dr. Brad's account of an inherited trapped emotion spanning over 22 generations
  • Dr. Brad's guidance as he walks volunteers through the real-time process of releasing their inherited trapped emotions




emotion code


This module is here for you, especially if you've dealt with heartache or intense grief.


Our bodies are unique systems, the pain that you felt might likely make your subconscious state build a protective barrier around your heart to safeguard it from potential future pain.


Yet, protecting it from further pain sounds good, but it doesn’t, because it will also protect you from the very happiness you deserve.


So, to anticipate that, this module will help you to:


  • Understand the origins and formation of the Heart-Wall
  • Understand circumstances that lead to it
  • Uncover the significant impact of having a Heart-Wall, including its associations with conditions like depression, PTSD, and autism
  • Know the positive impact of removing the Heart-Wall, making it simpler to embrace love
  • Understand better with a practical demonstration of the process to eliminate the Heart-Wall, thus restoring an open heart
  • Do step-by-step guidance to locate and release your own Heart-Wall.




emotion code


In this particular session, you’ll be taught how to use yourself as a proxy. You’ll get benefits if you wanted to help release trapped emotions from your loved ones or relatives.


In this module, you’ll uncover:


  • Techniques for establishing a wireless connection across any distance, connecting with anyone, including children and animals
  • The underlying quantum physics behind surrogate testing and proxy testing
  • The process of obtaining consent to work on individuals remotely
  • Strategies for enhancing testing outcomes by involving an additional person
  • Methods to safeguard yourself from negative energies during surrogate and proxy testing
  • A live demonstration spotlighting a participant addressing either a physical or behavioral issue in their animal companion.




emotion code


Module 6 will have Dr. Bradley elaborate on how your emotional baggage can disrupt the manifestation of the Law of Attraction in your life.


In this module, you'll learn about:


  • The extent of your control over your emotions
  • How releasing trapped emotions paves the way for forgiving those who've caused you pain
  • The drawbacks of pride and the immense strength of unadulterated love
  • Navigating a life of integrity in harmony with a higher force
  • Harnessing the potency of prayer
  • Live demonstrations illustrating the concepts.




emotion code


While trapped emotions play a significant role in causing illnesses and life challenges, you'll also learn to identify and address other imbalances.


These encompass pathogens, deficiencies in nutrition, structural misalignments, toxins, circuitry and systemic imbalances, and more.


In this ultimate module, you'll learn about:


  • The most prevalent imbalances afflicting us
  • Inspiring tales of healing from Dr. Brad's experiences
  • The swift identification of true underlying causes of illness using Dr. Brad's exclusive imbalance detection and removal technique
  • Live demonstrations showcasing the Body Code in practical use.Top of Form




My Final Verdict


After completing the 30-day journey with Dr. Bradley Nelson's The Emotion Code Program through The Shift Network, I find that it hasn't had any noticeable impact on identifying or releasing trapped emotions for me.



There are a few things I consider as contributing factors:


First off, let's talk about some scientific theoretical framework e.g. Quantum Entanglement that's supposed to explain how the emotion code works. However, when I look into it, it seems that this theory doesn't quite match up with the claims.


Second of all, the program predominantly relies on pre-recorded class videos, which, in my view, were presented rather poorly. It feels like watching someone having a nice discussion through their house window.


Another point to consider is that, as a beginner, relying only on this type of tutorial video delivery was tough. The practice itself is quite complex, and just using videos to learn made it even harder to make progress.


In retrospect, it's pretty clear that a more interactive approach could have helped.


Joining live online classes where you can interact and get feedback could have made a big difference. Or, getting personalized help from an Emotion Code practitioner might have been a better way to bridge the gap between learning and doing.


Although my personal experience leaves me skeptical about the program's effectiveness, I recognize that others might have had different outcomes.


The Emotion Code Program might indeed hold potential, but its delivery method and absence of personalized guidance held my ability to fully embrace its benefits.


Prove The Emotion Code Potential Yourself


As an alternative, since trapped emotions have strong relations with trauma, I would suggest you check on my previous post on The Shift Network’s Biodynamic program, which had a positive impact on me.





The Emotion Code Program is based on the observation and experimentation done by Dr. Bradley Nelson, the CEO of Discover Healing, as well as others who have experienced this healing method.


Any of the methods explained in the Emotion Code should not be taken as a replacement for health care professionals. Nor, should it be taken as a mere diagnosis for the absence or presence of diseases.


Therefore, users of the Emotion Code program should take full responsibility before deciding to use it.

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Author's Credibility
Content Delivery
Program's Practicality
  • Author is credible
  • Free Webinar offers $100 OFF
  • 2 weeks 100% moneyback guarantee
  • Content placed orderly
  • Content delivery is quite poor
  • All of the material videos undownloadable
  • Quite pricey compares to the quality provided
  • Lack of scientific evidence
  • The result is not tangible
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