The M Word By Emily Fletcher: My Honest Impression After 2 Weeks On It

The M Word by Emily Fletcher Review After 2 Weeks – What was the last delicious meal you have eaten recently? Was the deliciousness of the meal able to satisfy both your body and your soul?


Well, talking about satisfying your physical appetite with delicious meal is easy, but satisfying your soul with mere physical food is not that easy.


So, how do we satisfy the ‘hunger’ of the soul? That’s the point we are going to talk about. Just like our physical body, our soul can also feel the ‘hunger’, and we also need to feed it.


Our body and soul work hand in hand every single time, and a conflict between those two will more likely give our whole being a hard time coping with reality.


In example, when you are doing a job that you don’t really like, you will still get paycheck for what you do. However, your lack of excitement to do the job will burden you with negativity.


stress the m word


On the other hand, when you are in a vacation, you are more likely to be happy. However, we cannot live only by going into beautiful beaches and drinking coconut.


We have to deal with the real world by balancing the scale between fulfilling our physical needs and spiritual needs.


  One way to bring balance in those two things is to meditate in between our daily activities.


But meditation is not as easy as it seems, especially when you have demanding daily activities that will always disrupt your minds when trying to practice your mediation.


  I experienced it earlier, and found it actually difficult to meditate during my free time.


I found out that having a good guidance will help much, such as joining a session held by professional meditation guru.


However, it would be a very pricey decision. Let alone when I am currently in need of some savings for welcoming my baby in short future.


work harder mindzoom


We all know, right, that welcoming a baby is a very tense situation for both our physical and spiritual selves. We got the pressure to work harder, but we also need to stabilize our minds under that circumstance.


My boss, who knew about my condition suggested me to join an online program that will give me a good guide to meditate.


The program is entitled The M Word by Emily Fletcher.


The M Word by Emily Fletcher is a good option for us to have a good guide in practicing meditation, that’s not as pricey as joining sessions held by professional meditation guru.


Moreover, this is indeed a program held by a professional meditation guru, Emily Fletcher herself, that you can practice anytime anywhere. But it doesn’t come with the pricey price tag like other programs offer.


In example, another program authored by Emily Fletcher called Ziva Meditation costs $399 with only 15 sessions. That's $100 more with less than half the sessions!


Up until the moment I write this review, I have joined the program for more than 2 weeks.


Not only it has guided me to meditate from the very basic step and eliminate all my wrong moves, I also discovered good amount of useful information and inspiration.


Here is where I will honestly tell you what I experienced during the first 2 weeks of joining the program.



What’s The Deal With Meditation?




So, what’s the deal with meditation? Why is it mentioned so many times as both a necessity yet elusive activity?


It is a necessity because like mentioned above, this is a food for our soul. 


According to Health Line, the purpose of meditating is to help learning how the nature works around us and how it has led us into our current situation.


Meditation is about how to let go of our past selves and let our future flows just as it is. Thus, we will be able to erase both our past guilts and our worries in welcoming the future moments.


In this case, the relaxing sensation and well-being is the aftertaste that we all pursue from doing the activity.


Furthermore, it will also bring many beneficial effects in our daily lives by making us become more productive, generally become happier, reduce our stress level, become more self-aware, and many more.


But why doesn’t everyone meditate every day if it can bring us so many beneficial effects?


This is the thing that I want to talk about. Meditation, even though it seems so easy, is actually a very elusive activity.


Concentrating or clearing our minds amidst this hectic world is not an easy job to do, especially when our daily activities are so demanding.


Things will get harder if this is our first time in learning about meditation, like “what to think about?”, or “what to do to clear our minds?”, or maybe “how to breathe correctly?”


the m word


The M Word by Emily Fletcher is the course that provides the answer for those questions. It gives good amount of information and inspiration to our pursue for good meditation from very basic level.


Not only from the program itself, but also from incredible additional supports included in the program that you can enjoy from the very first session.


How can I say that? Because I have joined the program for 2 weeks, and thus I want to share my experience with you.


Clearing The Myths With The M Word




One of the things that makes meditation difficult is the myths surrounding it. The M Word not only explains it, but also how to go around it for better experience.


The myths surrounding meditation are such as that the practice would be boring, requires you “to clear your mind” or “focus on the breathing”, not fun at all, and it takes a long time.


One of the examples I know about myths surrounding meditation is that we need to be able to completely get lost from real world and connect with nature.


Of course that's something very difficult to do, because we don't even know what kind of state that we should get into.


Another myth surrounding meditation is that we should always enter sleep-like trance to  show results. Of course, that's something too sophisticated to reach for beginners.


Let alone saying to reach both of those  we have to keep our minds clear from any thoughts, or simply said leaving it empty. How?


Luckily, The M Word uses different approach to meditation to make it easier to practice for beginners, but not with less effective effects.


Emily's step by step explanation will tackle those myths one by one.


The lessons are taught by Emily Fletcher herself with video instruction that will be given to you day by day for 33+6 days including the warming up sessions and bonuses.


Each session you get will guide you step by step in slowly but steady pace to build the most suitable meditation method for each of us.


The sessions last no longer than 20 minutes and will be given to you every morning.


Thus, you can join and do the program every day in your freshest condition after waking up, but you can also access it anytime you have free time in a day.


content preview

Preview of the content


I considered none of them was boring or too hard to understand and practice. Even after 15 days straight joining the program, I still feel excited to join my morning session every day.


Another good thing about this program is, even if you somehow skip a session for any reason, you can visit it back and continue the progress afterward.


I consider the daily content provided by the program really suits my time management. In addition, from my own experience, the myths surrounding meditation practice has been debunked by The M Word.


Oh, my little note to you is not to skip the warming up session because it will help you explain how to consume the program, in addition to it also gives you the bonuses.


And another thing that you should not skip is this free masterclass about meditation by Emily Fletcher herself. Check the link below out.




The M Word: Restoring The Balance Into Higher Level


video intro

The Lessons Are Short But Effective


So, what will we learn from this program? Mainly, there are four things that you can learn from this program:


  • Practice Deeper Meditation: this course will help you enter deeper states of mind so that you can get accelerated professional and personal growth.


  • Achieve Meditation Mastery: Emily’s approach will help you to master your own meditation practice suitable for yourself.


  • Enhance Your Intuition: this is one of the benefits you can get from a good meditation. Surely it will lead to many good things, especially for your personal and professional life.


  • Embody Resilience to Stress: imagine what can you do if you are stress-free. You can even transform your life into a better one.


And to acquire those things, Emily Fletcher composed the program and divide it into two main parts with each part has its own curriculum.


First part is Up Leveling Your Meditation Practice.


This part will provide you the information about basics of meditation and tweaks in your daily lives. This first part lasts for 17 straight days, and you will learn such as:


  • Basic methods of achieving good meditation


  • The science behind meditation


  • Why meditation is important for us


  • Stress management and how to add calmness to our hectic days


  • How to make our minds stay still and calm


Second part is Up Leveling Your Life.


This part is not less important than the first part. While the first part talks about the basics and tweaks, this is the part where things are put into practice in daily lives for 16 days straight.


This part consists of guided meditations, implementation, and pre-recorded Q & A with Emily Fletcher herself.


It got me excited when I first read the curriculum and found out that the second part put everything in theory into practice for specific uses.


Talking about the guided meditation alone, it includes the guide of meditation for easing pain, reducing stress level, having better sleep, work, forgiveness, sex, etc.


Again, here I give you an access to the free masterclass with Emily Fletcher, so that you can get an insight about what the program is about.




Meet The Instructor: Emily Fletcher



One of the proofs that The M Word is a descent program is that the instructor of the program is the creator, Emily Fletcher, herself.



  But why having Emily Fletcher as instructor makes it a descent program?


Emily Fletcher is a certified master of meditation and the advisor of meditation to big companies in the class of Google, Harvard Business School, Summit Series, Viacom, A-Fest & The Omega Center.


Her clients are including top performers such as Oscar, Grammy and Tony award winners, as well as NBA athletes, and CEOs.


Of course, she is not a newcomer in meditational works, since she is also the founder of Ziva Meditation program and the author of Stress Less, Accomplish More.


emilyShe turned into the world of meditation after spending 10 years as Broadway actress, a profession that has taken its toll on her heavily.


Being a Broadway actress, she was under constant pressure and stress. She suffered from insomnia, lack of energy, and overwhelming level of anxiety that made her hair turned gray in the age of 27.


One day, she ran into another actress who could handle the pressure and performed magnificently. Emily asked for the secret behind that actress’ calmness.


“Meditation,” the actress replied.


It was at this moment Emily began her journey. She studied meditation and tried to find the best way to achieve such high level of calmness.


She spent years of studying ancient practices in India and finally created Ziva Meditation, a mental technique that combines the stress-relieving benefits of meditation with the mental clarity of mindfulness.


The M Word is her program created specifically to bring meditation into more practical with modern approaches.


Emily picked the parts of her knowledge and share it in The M Word to help others achieve extraordinary performance through mediation.




Time To Explain What I Got From The M Word


the m word meditation 1


Okay, enough talking about the program from its surface. Let’s talk about my personal experience after joining the program for 2 weeks.


First thing first, I want to talk about the insides of The M Word.


As I mentioned above, the program is divided into 33+6 days sessions with each session lasts only less than 20 minutes.


The thing about dividing the program into bite-size sessions given every morning is that I could focus and practice one specific lesson every day.


I discovered that this program is arranged neatly in a curriculum that allow you to improve your understanding about meditation in sequence.


In example, Emily taught me about the breathing technique first before coming into my senses, and finally how to add silence and gratitude into the things I learned before.


Further, it also taught me how to put all those things together and how to grow the whole thing into a habit.


To make things less boring, Emily uses various medias to teach the lessons. The medias used are including video, audio, and PDF journal.


module preview

Preview of pdf module (my answer are struck out)


I see this teaching method pretty similar like how teachers are teaching ABCs first to children before guiding them how to write a sentence.


Particularly in the first part of the program, the next lesson is built upon previous lessons so that everyone in the program can have a solid foundation.


And if you ever have a question you want to ask to the teacher, you can either check the provided Q & A session or go to discussion page and submit your question to the other attendees.


One little clue about the meditation method that Emily taught me is, you don't have to sit in a yoga-like stance. You can just sit back and relax.


Oh, yes, I should also mention that the program is a scheduled program so that you are most likely taking the program in the same time as other attendees.


Having other people doing the program with you made me more comfortable because you can discuss and compare your progress with other people in closed community.


In my opinion, The M Word is literally similar to other online classes we could take during this coronavirus pandemic.


Now, let’s go further into my impression to the contents provided in The M Word. First, let’s talk about how Emily taught me the basics.


video example

The preview of lesson video


Using mostly video and audio, Emily uses simple language that I could easily understand and analogies that are easy to comprehend.


In example, in teaching the Balancing Breath Technique of part 1, Emily uses “You can think about this like pulling the bow back, and then let your body surrender into meditation” to explain how to breathe correctly.


I simply understood how to enter a meditating state with that analogy, especially after Emily explained how to control our breathing technique.


Second, let’s talk about the practicality of the practices. In addition to how the lesson is delivered daily, the way Emily uses ‘silly’ movements to do the practices actually made it easier for me to practice.


One spoiler for this case is the breathing technique (again). It involves covering your nostrils in such peculiar way while breathing in an out, so that you can have clearer picture on how to control your breath.


That’s why, she sometimes suggested to do the practice alone in case you don’t want to look silly around other people. Silly and easy yet effective method even for beginners.


Oh, and another thing that I should mention about this course is, it doesn't instruct you to enter some unknown state if you are beginner!


Emily's approach in The M Word just allows you to feel whatever you feel in the process as long as you enjoy it.


She mentioned herself that you are allowed to feel sleepy, have some thoughts while you are meditating, and even correcting your sitting position.


I experienced all of those things when I first practiced the program, but slowly things changed. During my second half of joining it, I experienced something like being secluded from this earth in positive way.


In my own experience, I found it more acceptable because getting sleepy during meditation is our body's natural reaction to calmness.


Third, let’s talk about the support system from both the community and the program itself. From the community discussion, I currently do the program with 298 other people.


session discussion page

Preview of discussion page (member's identity are struck out)


Not all of them are active in the group discussion, but I found that you will likely always get some responses when you ask questions since some members are really active in it.


While for the support system provided by the program itself, I found that in The M Word community there are more than 28,000 members with more than 2,300 posts.

Worry not about clouded support, the program provides highlighted topics according to each session provided by the program.




Fourth thing I want to talk about in this program is the result of all the lessons I learned from the program. This is where I started to notice about the effect of The M Word.


Like I mentioned above, I used to go through hectic days that slowly but sure piled up my stress level. It resulted in something that I didn’t realize but taken its toll on me.


The stress level actually disrupted my night sleep.


It resulted in so many things that affected both my physical and mental condition, including acid reflux that I solved with Acid Reflux Strategy by Scott Davis.


My night sleep has been ruins for months and I didn’t realize that before The M Word led me into meditation before sleeping and after waking up.


So how could I realize that? The second day I followed the suggestion, I could really sleep like a baby!


The program instructed me to let go of my train of thoughts before sleep, and not to welcome it any sooner than after my morning meditation.


Apparently, that was how the program helped me to fix my sleeping habits.


Not only I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night again, but also, I actually felt sleepy on the bed, fell asleep faster, and woke up fresher.


My sleep quality really improved and it led to instant boost on my moods and emotion, work performance, even my physical condition.


I know that Emily didn’t make this program to improve my sleep quality, but apparently this is the point that I actually needed yet never realized.


Moreover, after the 12th day, you will likely get the idea on how to meditate and trigger the effects by yourself. That’s how educative this program is.


the m word meditation 3


Now, the reason why I continue doing the program even though I already had the fix I need is to discover what kind of improvement The M Word can offer beside that.


All of those things are explained in short videos and audios, so that you can catch the instruction more clearly than just reading about it.


In addition to that, in some sessions, you will also be given pdf modules as a media to do the checklists and for introspection.


Okay. Now the next thing I want to share about this program is about the ‘cringey’ things that somehow it has been built on based on my experience.


Meditation is a kind of technique used to train our attention and awareness so that we can reach mindfulness, focus, and stable emotion.


This practice is an old art of soul empowerment that approximately has been around the earth for more than 3 millennia.




Monks are the ones known to practice it in daily basis, because it is part of their religion. No wonder that we all are expecting something more Zen from this program.


However, that might be not the thing that Emily is pursuing and teaching with The M Word.


Emily is literally converting the practice into something more modern and our results of learning this course is measured with modern life measurement.


The M Word is not aiming to bring you the Zen, but instead to make you more productive for modern purposes like work, relationship, and stress management.


I felt like the teaching took away the real essence of meditation, and replace it with another core more suitable for modern life.


From my own experience, I felt like The M Word basically instructs you to accept modern world capitalism, but deal with it without taking its toll on your body and soul.


monk zenEven Emily said that this program is “not for monks”. In short, it doesn’t teach you the ‘branch’ of meditation to make yourself better for the world, but rather teaches you how to get a promotion from performing better at your job.


Not a bad thing, I know. But I felt like this program is not as ‘pure’ as it should be.


This is a good program for you if you want to jump into meditation directly for any purposes related to your daily lives, but you might not reach the depth of experiencing the Zen of monks.


Second thing I want to talk about is for who this program aims to teach, because it seems kind of limiting its ‘market’.


Meditation is for everyone, and you can see that from how Tibetan monks are ranging from children to those who have passed 100 years old milestone.


But from the sessions held by Emily herself, I think the language, the point of view used, and the goals set didn’t reflect such age range.


I can tell it from the title of the sessions alone, especially the Guided Meditation ones, which are set to improve stress management, sex, work, pep talk, better sleep, and celebrating success.


The scoop of The M Word seems like only aiming to teach those who are in productive age.


Indeed, our current productive age population are the ones who need it most, but we are not the only ones who want to learn about meditation.


Let alone how this program makes it so easy to do. I think people outside productive age would also love the teaching method used in this program.


Sometimes I wonder how many people joined this program and didn’t like it for those two things I mentioned above.


Luckily those people would not lose their money because this program provides 15 days money back guarantee no question asked.




Testimonials From Other Attendees


That was my own opinion, based on my own experience, about The M Word. So how about other attendees?*


I found some testimonials about this program, and I picked some of it for comparison with my own testimonial. Some of them are big names:


“People have noticed a change”

“I used to think, ‘I can’t ever quiet my mind, how can I learn to meditate?' After the Ziva course I know that even if I am having thoughts, it is still working. Now it is a part of my daily ritual and people have noticed a change: they say, ‘you look so radiant!'”

Jenna Dewan (Actress, Host, World of Dance)


“I'm more prepared to go through difficult times”

I feel that since I've finished the M Word program and began practicing meditation, I'm more prepared to go through difficult times. Meditation is very helpful in releasing stress and giving you tools to re encounter your base. It also works well on your spirituality.

Thierry Zajdner (Owner of Diamond dealing company)



Just pure, unadulterated joy and, from the outside looking in, it probably looks like there's no good reason for it, hehehehe!

And so, I ask myself what reason do we actually need to feel joyous in the first place? Do we need a reason? Can Joy not be our natural setting? I know for sure that I'd like it to be mine on a ready-steady basis!!!! Thanks so much YET AGAIN, Emily :))))

Eli McCarthy (Member of discussion forum)


“So gorgeous”

I cried during the Love Bomb. To be reminded of such love, feel it and then give it out on all the levels is deeply moving. I felt merged with the Universe and it with me and I love the wave/ocean analogy and feel it's powerful oneness. Thankyou🙏

Andee (Member of discussion forum)




Who Can Get The Benefits Of The M Word?


the m word meditation 4


Based on the thing I mentioned above, you might realize that The M Word is a quick jump into meditation, but sadly it is not for everyone.


So, who can actually squeeze all the juices from this program?


I drew a conclusion that the ones who can get the full benefits of this program are people who live and are living this modern life.


Most of us who are currently in productive age would get the benefits because we are dealing with modern days problem.


This program is providing modern meditation method as solution to those modern problems.


But if you are looking for a more soulful meditation guide, or you are trying to cut your tie with this 21st century capitalism with Zen meditation, surely this is not the program you are searching for.


The M Word is more about improving yourself rather than how to becoming one with the universe.


If you want to learn about meditation in depth, this program might not be suitable for you. But if you want more practical style of meditation, this one is.


If you are also not currently dealing with modern days problems and activities, this program might not benefit you so much. On the other hand, if you have demanding job, you might need it more than you thought.


How To Join The M Word?


title the m word


Based on my explanation about The M Word above, do you think this program is for you? If yes and you want to try this program, you can purchase it here.


Simply follow this link to purchase the program




By following the link, you will have two choices. First is to purchase the digital access of the entire program, and second is yearly subscription to unlock all access to every Mindvalley contents.


The original cost of the program is $999, but by following the link provided above you can get 70% discount and get it for only $299.


There is another option provided by the program if you want to pay in 2 installments of $159 each, which makes the total of $318.


While yearly subscription to every Mindvalley contents will cost you $499 (worth more than $12,000).


Well, personally I thought that was a pricey decision to have. But after joining it for 15 days, I felt that this program is actually worth the price.


My other consideration was knowing that another program held by Emily Fletcher called Ziva Meditation costs $100 more with half of the sessions to have.


Let alone when knowing that your purchase will be covered by 15 days money back guarantee no question asked in case you are not satisfied with the results or the process for both of those choices.


And I STRONGLY recommend you to try the free masterclass first because..


Before Purchasing The Program..


free masterclass

I strongly recommend visiting the free masterclass first


From my review above, you might get mixed feelings about this program, and that’s pretty acceptable. Let alone when you discovered that the program costs almost $300.


In one hand, this program provides easy-to-follow guides into meditation and neatly arranged curriculum that will improve our daily lives.


But on the other hand, this program doesn’t give you the ‘pure’ meditation that you might want to learn. Let alone when you don’t aim to make meditation as a method to improve your productiveness.


However, looking at the results of the program that I got, in addition to comparing it to another program of Emily Fletcher called Ziva Meditation, I still think this program is worth it.


Still, I know that it is my own opinion that might be different with yours.


In that case, to help you decide whether this program is suitable for you or not, you might want to check Meditation For Super Performance Masterclass with Emily Fletcher first.


This masterclass is free to access from the link below, and it will give you the clues about what The M Word really is about.


Even if you are really interested in this program, I still strongly suggest you to visit the free masterclass first because at the end of it you will get special access to further discount!


Without checking out this free masterclass, you should pay $299 for The M Word. However, at the end of the free masterclass, you will be offered access to the program for $50 less!


after free masterclass

The benefit you can get after free masterclass


You will still have the option to pay in 2 installments, but with this better offer you can get in total $60 cut!


Visit this link to get the even better deal




Furthermore, accessing this masterclass first will give you access to 4 Guided Meditations bonuses for Travel, Kids & Breakups absolutely FREE!


The bonuses will be added up in your warming up session so that you can immediately access it without waiting for its elaboration in the scheduled curriculum.


Verdict And Conclusion


Based on my 15 days experience with The M Word by Emily Fletcher, I found that this program has three points to praise.


First is the curriculum is served in such neat way that I felt like I could absorb the information easily and understand it in ease.


Second, the practices are so easy to do even though some might look ‘silly’ to do, yet are so effective. Emily explained the practices so clearly and even show how to do it in the videos.


Third, I could solve my problem in a way I didn’t imagine, by giving me better sleep. For me, it proves that this program covers a wide area of solution, but will mainly fix your problem from the aspect that needs fixing the most first.


However, this program is too focused in one side of meditation that I think it completely ignores the other side of it.


It is not the program that will guide you into the Zen part of meditation, and rather focuses in providing quick fix to your daily problems.


In that case, if you are looking for a method to learn “monk’s” meditation in a purpose of how can I become a better person for this world?”, this is not the right program.


Nevertheless, if you are still confused about what this program offers or doesn’t offer, you should check Meditation For Super Performance Masterclass first.


free program

Visit The Free Masterclass First


Not only the free masterclass will tell you a sneak peak about The M Word, it will also give you better pricing and bonuses at the end of it.


And if somehow you purchase the program and it doesn’t satisfy you, you can claim 15 days money back guarantee no question asked.




The M Word by Emily Fletcher is a program that will teach you how to meditate and turn meditation into a tool to upgrade your performance at life.


This program doesn’t cover the deeper side of meditation, or Emily mentioned it as monks’ meditation, but rather the more practical side of it.


This program offers 15 days money back guarantee to ensure consumers’ satisfaction, since customers’ satisfaction may vary.


The lessons are delivered in and including digital media such as short videos no longer than 20 minutes, audio, and pdf modules. No physical product is available.


Lessons are delivered daily for 33 days of main program and 6 days warmups + bonuses. Past lessons are still accessible as long as you still own access to the program.




8.3 Total Score

Easiness To Follow
Easiness To Practice
Author Credibility
  • Explanations Are Good and Easy to Understand
  • 15 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes Free Masterclass
  • Applicable in these busy & modern world
  • Easy to Practice & Immediate Result (In My Experience)
  • Supportive & Active Community Discussion
  • Doesn't Go Deeper Into Meditation
  • Short Money Back Guarantee
  • Entirely Online, No Physical Product Available
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