Super Reading by Jim Kwik – How Is My Reading Speed After 2 Weeks?

Super Reading by Jim Kwik Review – I still remember the birthday gift that my parents gave me when I was 4 years old. It was a bundle of preloved Donald Duck weekly comic magazine and I was very happy to get that.


Yes, it was preloved and probably my parents got that from some random secondhand bookstore. But it was so special for me and up to nowadays I still keep it.


It was not only special because I loved the comic, but also because it was my first experience in learning reading.


Since then, I loved to read and anytime I had the chance to get new books, I always demanded for it to my parents like crazy.


super reading by jim kwik (4)


Of course, the reading habit that my parents sowed to me since my early age affected my whole life a lot up to nowadays.


I still love reading up to now and something I love more maybe is buying new books, because I always feel like new books means a new quest to be explored.


Aand… Maybe that’s the reason why I hoard so many unread nowadays.


That’s might seem like something usual, but what makes me feel cringey about my habit is that most of those books are still left unread up until nowadays.


I may make up excuses for not reading those books, yet I still buy more new books. However, my excuse is very logical: time.


I don’t have that much time to read those books either starting new or complete the books I have read for several chapters and haven’t finished.


see those whiter books

Can You Spot Which Books Are Still Unread?


I need some free time to read the books, but I realized that I don’t have that much free time anymore compared to when I was younger.


My job (I'm a writer at and my daily chores make me find it hard to allocate some time in daily basis to read a book.


Apparently, that’s not my problem alone.


My friend, who is a lecturer in a university also had the same problem. He bought a lot of books but only read a few of them.


We had a conversation about it and it was the time I ran into a free webinar of Super Reading by Jim Kwik program.


Long story short, the free webinar led me to purchase the Super Reading by Jim Kwik program, and it has been two weeks since I joined the program.


Here I will tell you my experience in joining the program.



Stop Subvocalizing


Reading takes a lot of time, even though it sometimes doesn’t. At least, that’s what most people are thinking about the activity.


super reading by jim kwik (6)


That’s the reason why most of us, including me, feel like we need to spare a time to read a book. However, if you are able to read in super speed, you will find that reading is not really time consuming.


So, how to improve our reading speed if we have been using the same speed since the beginning? I learned something interesting in Super Reading by Jim Kwik.


We tend to use our inner voice while reading.


This is called subvocalizing, and it is something pretty natural to do, since we usually also subvocalize our thoughts.


Almost everyone does that, and the reason for it is because we are taught to do so in our school. The problem is, subvocalizing what we read makes our brain process information slower.


super reading by jim kwik (8)


Our brain can work faster in processing written words if there is no need for us to subvocalize what we read.


In example, when we read road signs or name tags, we don’t vocalize it but we can simply retain the information given by it.


Jim Kwik said that he recognized this common problem and uses groundbreaking neurostimulation techniques to help us retain written information faster.


The techniques guarantees it will increase our reading speed at least double in just 21 days.


I know, sounds like a sophisticated and complicated program, doesn’t it? But based on my own experience in joining the program, the methods used are pretty simple.




Super Reading: Harvest The Information Faster


small super reading


Okay, let’s get deeper about the program. What kind of thing that Super Reading actually offers?


In short, there are 3 main points that Super Reading offers for the purpose of helping us absorb written information faster.


  • Double Your Reading Speed: Harness science-backed neurostimulation techniques and proven speed-reading tools to break through the limiting ‘inner voice’ reading method that has greatly diminished your natural reading speed.


  • Achieve More, Faster: Discover how to apply your accelerated reading and learning speed towards your personal and professional goals – so you can multiply your productivity and get more done in record time.


  • Develop A Superhuman Memory: Learn simple yet effective memory retention techniques that ensure you can not only absorb information faster – but also retain and use it at a moment’s notice.


From those points, we can draw a line that this program is working with our brain and memory by ‘hacking’ it with removing the ‘unwanted’ processing habits and ‘planting’ new processing habits.


And after the program, not only we can read faster, we will also get other benefits that will improve our daily activities.


super reading by jim kwik (2)


The program itself is delivered in 21-day online sessions in form of 10-25 minutes long video lecture. But not only the lectures from Jim Kwik himself is important, because it is accompanied with activities.


Well, the activities included in the program is the point that will determine the output, about how much improvement we will get or whether will this program works for you or not.


lesson day 12 super brain

Example of Lesson from Day 12


I don’t say that the video is not important, because it contains all the information that we need to do the activities.


But what I want to say is, make sure to do the activities fully-hearted because it determines the final result. All of them are pretty easy, except one that I will tell you later in the Pros & Cons.


Who Is The Instructor?


jim kwik super reading


This is not my first meeting Jim Kwik in his program. Previously, I have joined his program called Superbrain.


“If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower,” as quoted from a short note that Jim Kwik wrote in Superbrain. Jim Kwik is one of those people who believe everyone can unlock unlimited potentials by learning, no matter who they are.


Jim Kwik is one of the world’s most in-demand accelerated learning experts amongst celebrities, professionals, and top performers. His clients are highly demanding ones like Harvard, Nike, Virgin, Fox Studios, and Singularity University.


The success story came from his own weakness, actually. Having suffered from traumatic childhood brain injuries at age five, he once thought that he would fail school, let alone adult life.


However, he survived the school life and reached success as an adult. He got through his hardest time by learning how to learn more effectively, to go in par with his other ‘normal’ friends.


jim kwik super reading smallHis experiences inspired him to dedicate his life to mastering the human brain. “I’m not special. I didn’t naturally have these superpowers. They were learned. And if I can learn them, anyone can learn them – regardless of age, background or education,” he said as quoted from his official website.


Superbrain and Super Reading are two of his masterpieces that focuses on mastering our own brains. “That world is within our reach. It starts with all of us learning how to master our brains – and I can show you how,” Kwik said.




What Do I Do In Super Reading?


Here I will tell you what is the real content of Super Reading by Jim Kwik . Up to the time I write this review, I have practiced the program for two weeks, so I already am going 2/3 through it.


The sessions that I’ve been going through are including as follows:


1. Determining your reading speed and finding the obstacles

2. Using visual pacer to improve reading speed

3. Overcoming subvocalization

4. Brain ‘hack’ techniques

5. Comprehension boost

6. FAQ about the program


While the sessions that will welcome me in the final week are as follows:


1. ‘Brain Breaks’

2. Reading backward

3. Harvesting technical information easily

4. Building the habit


Here is a quick peek of the program if you want to know a little bit of details about what I mentioned above.


first 4 days curriculum

The First 4 Days Curriculum


Now, let’s talk about the activities that I should do during the program. The first week is about preparing what and how to read.


First thing first is of course start reading a book at least 10 minutes a day, and schedule a routine time to read every day for a week.


I chose Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood for this practice, because I purchased this book about a year ago and haven’t read a single word out of it.


After setting up the preparations, Jim Kwik taught me to use visual pacer and a practice the introduced warming up technique as the first upgrade for my reading habit.


Visual pacer is just the most basic technique. Based on my experience, there are at least 5 more step-by-step techniques to increase my reading speed in this program.


Moving on. The next steps are about ‘hacking’ my brain so that I could stop subvocalizing. The methods used are as simple as 1-2-3 and easy to practice, except one which I will tell you about it later in the Pros & Cons.


And the final part of my two-weeks experience with Super Reading is about boosting my reading comprehension, which I think is the most serious part of this program.


Every single session is accompanied with workbook, so that we can track the changes in our reading speed. I will attach some screenshot of the workbook, but I will cover some contents in it to appreciate the author.


example of workbook

Preview of Workbook


Spoiler alert, sometimes your reading speed might not increase progressively because of the new ‘habits’ introduced by Jim Kwik.


However, from my own experience after two weeks, my reading speed has increased significantly after overcoming the difficulties with the new ‘habits’ introduced.




What I Got From Super Reading?


super reading product


I will try to explain some points that I got from what I have learned from the program. First, about the obstacles of speed reading:


  • We are only taught the basic technique of reading, and never re-learn reading afterward.


  • Our minds are always wandering while we are reading


  • We tend to trackback when we think we miss some information in the book


I can relate with all of those problems. I didn’t even know that my reading level was still basic, my minds sometimes are wandering while reading a book, and if I miss something I will trackback.


I believe that many others can also relate to those problems, maybe including you. As I mentioned above, the reason why I decided to purchase the program is because I ran into its free webinar, which explains about those problems.


super reading by jim kwik (3)

Make Sure to Watch The Free Masterclass


That’s why, the time Jim Kwik explained those mistakes, it hit me right at the spot. I decided to purchase Super Reading by Jim Kwik by following the link given after the free webinar.


I then joined the class immediately and discovered that the class is designed to be 21 sessions which are delivered day by day one session for each day.


I then directly skimmed the curriculum of the program and check what’s the program could give me. I saw that the curriculum is neatly arranged.


Looking on the curriculum, I saw that the first week is about basic speed-reading techniques and preparation for further improvement for week two.


Here, I will tell you my experience weekly, starting from first week.


The first week activities offer around 25% in my reading speed, and to prove that the program gives a downloadable workbook for tracking my activities and improvements.


The first activities I needed to do in the first week is choosing my reading material and making note on my reading speed.


finishing up this book

Planning on Finishing This Book ASAP


As I mentioned above, I chose Norwegian Wood for my practice book in this program. Using the technique given, I discovered that my starting reading speed was around 270 words per minute (WPM).


For your information, average readers go around 200-250 words per minute, so maybe I’m already slightly above average but not that far.


The next step was to increase that number from time to time. One of the very first technique that Jim Kwik gave me to increase my reading speed is using visual pacer.


Okay, I will explain about visual pacer a bit. It is an object that you use to trace the words you read. At first, I found it awkward using it and my reading speed slowed down to 230 WPM!


Not only that, I also found it harder to understand the sentences I read. However, Kwik said that such kind of thing is normal.


In fact, Jim Kwik said many times that slowing down and finding it harder to understand the sentences at first time using any of his techniques used in this program is normal.


Once our brain gets used to the new techniques, Kwik guaranteed significant increase of reading speed and comprehension.


I tried to believe the statement because such kind of thing also happened during my experience with another program that Jim Kwik authored called Superbrain, that I have reviewed before.


super reading by jim kwik (7)


I regained my reading speed at the fourth day after Kwik gave another trick to read faster. It was when I realized I made a wrong move: trying to comprehend the words as I read.


The first week is not about increasing my reading comprehension, but improving my reading speed alone.


I then re-watched all the first week’s video sessions (yes, the videos are will always be accessible even after you finish the program) and re-write everything.


Apparently, after reprograming my sessions, I found out that my reading speed is already at 330-340 WPM! Just around 25% increase that this program offered!


Well, of course I felt satisfied that this program actually worked just like it promised. I decided that going on to the second week, I would pay more attention to the details to avoid making mistakes like I did earlier.


Okay, moving on to the second week.


As I mentioned above that I was going into the second week with 330-340 WPM. Now is the time to learn more advanced techniques to raise the number.


Talking about the sessions in second week I will divide it into two parts. First is advanced speed-reading techniques, and the second is basic techniques for improving comprehension.


The advanced speed-reading technique in second week includes overcoming subvocalization. Again, in this session my reading speed dropped.


It significantly dropped to 250 WPM.


Erasing this habit was difficult for me, apparently. However, unlike when I did a mistake the week before, it was actually because my brain was getting ‘hacked’.


speed drill & daily task

Speed Drill & Daily Task in the Program


To regain the speed, Super Reading introduced a drill simply called Speed Drill, and I loved it.


Speed Drill brought the dimension of time into the activities, and maybe because of that I felt more challenged to read faster. As a result, in just a day I regained the reading speed I lost in just a day.


Let alone when a couple more technique was introduced to train my brain, I finally made significant improvement from around 340 WPM to 390 WPM by day 12!


Talking about day 12, it was the time I entered the next step of the program which is to boost my comprehension.


Apparently, boosting comprehension is as easy as “asking questions”.


What will Watanabe do next after he gets Naoko’s letter? Will he meet Naoko if he goes to the dormitory to accept Naoko’s invitation? What will happen after he meets Naoko?


super reading by jim kwik (1)


Those are the examples of questions I asked, based on the book I read, before practicing the first ‘boosting comprehension’ exercise. Even while reading the book, I keep asking simple questions like above.


Apparently, by having those questions, not only I boosted my comprehension about the story I read, but also, I could read faster up to 440 WPM.


Maybe because with this method I had a purpose to find the answers for those questions in the story, thus I can absorb more information.


That’s all about my two weeks experience with Super Reading by Jim Kwik.


I increased my reading speed from 270 WPM to 440 WPM, with almost as good comprehension about my reading materials.


I was planning to go straight into the third week, but because my wife had to visit her parents during the weekend.


So, I planned to start doing it after I got home from my parents in law’s home. In between time, I will just continue practicing what I have learned in the last two weeks.


By the way, talking about the third week, even though I haven’t practiced it yet, is about improving the comprehension in speed reading further.


Looking on my experience with week two, I bet my reading speed would increase further as well as my comprehension.


And looking on the curriculum, there is one thing I realized earlier: there are some concepts in Super Reading program that makes it an eternal loop.


‘Eternal loop’?


Yes, an eternal loop of increasing further our reading speed and comprehension even after we finish the program.


I mean, some brain hacks and reading exercises are made to fix our bad habits and plant new good habits.


But some concepts included in the program (like visual pacer and brain training) are made to improve our reading speed after planting those new good habits.


Therefore, by repeating the improvement process like we did earlier in this program after erasing our good habits, we can moreover improve our pace.


Although, I don’t think we can get as significant result as the first time doing this entire program.




Pros And Cons About This Program


super reading by jim kwik (5)


Well, as in the previous chapter I talked about the more ‘technical’ experience with the program. While here, I will talk about my view about the program.


I will make it as pros and cons, and give a brief explanation about what made me give such consideration about the points.




  • Result Can Be Seen Even Before Finishing The Program: If you read the previous chapter, you will notice that I have improved my reading speed from 270 WPM to 440 WPM.
    But reading fast is nothing without good comprehension, thus I should add that my comprehension about the story is almost as good as my starting point.


  • Author Is Legit Trainer: This is not my first joining Jim Kwik’s program. I have previously joined his program called Superbrain, and I was satisfied with the result.
    Not only that, as I wrote above, you can check his portfolio in brain training that includes some big names.


  • Neat Curriculum, Lifetime Access, and Repeatable Process: Simply said, once you purchase this program, you are given lifetime access to it so that you can further improve you results even after your final day of the quest.
    Don’t bother to start over, you can just jump into the technique or brain training part you want to improve and let the journey guides you further.


  • Explanations Are Easy To Understand: Slicing the program into 21 pieces not only makes absorbing information easier, but also gives us time to practice the methods for the rest of the day.
    In my experience, the approximate time I dedicated each day for this program and read the book was only 60 minutes.
    10-25 minutes for the video session, 15 minutes for practicing the methods, and the rest of it for reading the book (even though sometimes I got carried away and spent more time to read the book using the introduced methods)


  • Supportive & Active Community Discussion: You are not doing this program alone, because this program is scheduled for every new student. In my case, I was doing it with 400 other attendees.
    What’s more interesting is, after each session you will be given option to discuss with other attendees or compare your results with them.
    Funny was, when I saw someone got higher number than me, I always felt more motivated to improve.


  • 15 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee: Look how I already improved my reading pace significantly after two weeks. What’s better about it, I actually still have the chance to ask for refund after gaining such improvements.
    This program provides 15 days 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the program.
    Might be too short, but look at what I’ve got.


  • Free Webinar Available: I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO VISIT HIS FREE WEBINAR FIRST! This free webinar will not only give you clear sight about the full contents of this program.
    It will also give you a BONUS AND INCREDIBLE PRICE CUT at the end of it which I will tell you about later.




  • Some Techniques Feel Uncomfortable At First: Before, I mentioned that the techniques introduced in this program might make reading feel uncomfortable at first.
    In my case, I even dropped my reading pace significantly instead of increasing it. However, after I got the grip, those techniques apparently made reading easier.
    But as I mentioned twice before, there is one particular technique included in the program that I found IMPOSSIBLE to do: juggling to improve your brain control.
    I still cannot juggle up to now even though I’ve tried for days. Luckily, juggling is not a main menu but rather an optional activity that we can choose to do or not.


  • Requires Great Determination & Motivation: You definitely will not find this program easy if you don’t have the determination and motivation to do it because it includes a lot of brain training to get you out of comfort zone.
    Let alone if you don’t feel reading is an interesting thing. This program doesn’t teach you to grow an interest in reading, but rather how to channel your love in reading.


  • Might Be Pricey For Some People: Even though based on my experience Super Reading showed incredible result even before the program finish, this program comes with $299 price tags ($999 before discounts).
    That’s a bit too much money to spend if you don’t belong to middle-high class, moreover during this hard time of coronavirus pandemic.
    Indeed it offers 15 days 100% money back guarantee that you can make use of (or cheat on), but for some people that number is just too high. That’s why, later in this review I will tell you a method to make the price drops.


  • Not Suitable For Some Reading Materials: In my opinion, this program has specific market of readers. What Super Reading by Jim Kwik teaches you is to gather information from written materials faster by focusing on words distribution and eliminating the needs for more details.
    Thus, this method might not be suitable for things that includes a long string of numbers, business contracts and papers, poetry, or any kind of materials that requires you to check and recheck each single word (or number) written on it.
    On the other hand, the most suitable reading materials to put this program into practice are such as newspapers, novels, student’s textbooks, or anything that will still give you good amount of information even if you don’t pay into details in every single words.


From the pros and cons above, you might get the catch about whether this program is suitable for you or not.


In my opinion, the pros still outweigh the cons and thus I decided to continue finishing it instead of claiming its 15 days 100% money back guarantee.


super reading by jim kwik (1)


I, myself, considered this program is worth it based on my reading hobby because my main mission is to eat up all the books that I have purchased, which will open up the door for me to purchase more books in the future.


Since the beginning of the program, I have gone more than halfway of Norwegian Woods by Haruki Murakami. Almost 300 pages in just two weeks, compared to 120 pages in 9 days when I last read a book.


I feel satisfied with my result and I suppose to finish the book by the time I finish this program with my new WPM achievement.




Testimonials From Other People


Using only my opinion to consider whether or not this program is worth it for you might be unfair. That’s why, I put some testimonials from other people including some big names, about this program in this section.


Here are some of them:*


“Jim makes it easy, fast, and efficient”

Jim is one of the foremost authorities in the world on this subject. Jim makes it easy, fast, and efficient. So then you can say to yourself, I can learn anything that I need to learn.

Brian Tracy Chairman of Brian Tracy International, Bestselling Author


“Before this program my reading speed was 260 words per minute. At the end it was 1070!”

Before this program my reading speed was 260 words per minute. At the end it was 1070! Because of this fantastic program I have rediscovered my love of reading both fiction and non-fiction books established a reading habit and dramatically improved my comprehension of non-fiction and my ability to get through material faster even newsletters and emails. I cannot recommend this program enough Jim is an inspiring and incredible teacher and this program will empower you with so much more than just quick reading. Just do it!

Jonathan Mewett Company Director, Consultant Business Analyst (London, United Kingdom)


“I am thinking much more quickly and solving problems that use to feel impossible to me”

The Quest was an amazing opportunity not only to become a better reader but also to become a more curious and innovative person. Jim Kwik is an inspiring and sincere teacher who really believes in his work. Not only did my reading improve from 270 wpm to 620 wpm, but I am thinking much more quickly and solving problems that use to feel impossible to me. It is worth every penny and more. Thank you Jim, you've truly changed my life!

Lindsey (Guayaquil, Ecuador)


“I managed to become a super reader”

Being an average reader, I wanted to increase my speed in order to consume training material faster. Following the program to the letter, I managed to become a super reader.

But the program does not offer only that. It sneakily gives you tips on productivity, wellness, time management and so much more; it goes so deep in your soul. I certainly feel my life has changed after this quest.

Thank you, Mindvalley!

Despina Charavgi English Teacher, Translator, Mom (Thessaloniki, Greece)


How To Join Super Reading by Jim Kwik?


super reading


If you feel you can relate to my experience of hoarding too much book but still wanting more, you might also feel the urge to consume all those books before buying the new one.


But just like me, you might also want to improve your reading speed because you don’t have that much time to read all those books in daily basis.


Then, if because of those reasons you are interested in joining Super Reading by Jim Kwik, you can purchase it from the link provided below for special price (lower than ordinary link provided by other sites). 


Visit this link:



As I mentioned above, the price that you should pay from joining via the link provided above is $299 (originally it was $999), and it comes with 15 days 100% money back guarantee.


You will also notice how accessing the link will provide you the chance to purchase Mindvalley all access with lower price too, which will grant you access to every single Mindvalley program without additional purchase in the future.


I suggest you to take the all access one if you want to improve a lot of aspects in your life.


free masterclass promo

Visit The Free Masterclass Page


Nevertheless, as I STRONGLY recommended above, you should visit the free webinar page first. Not only because it will give you clear insight about the program, but also because you will be granted access to two benefits as follows:


  • Bonus: 4x Group Coaching Call Recordings With Jim Kwik
  • Additional price cut which makes the program is accessible for even lower price for both access!


Visit this link for the free webinar:



Verdict And Conclusion


So, after two weeks of joining the program, did I find this program satisfying?


Again, to answer that question, I want state that this program has successfully improved my reading speed from 270 WPM to 440 WPM in two weeks.


And that increase in words per minute happened even before I finished the complete program. That’s why, in my own opinion I would say that this program is successful to help me.


Of course, I am satisfied with my current result, especially since the program requires a great determination to practice.


Let alone when the program itself is granting lifetime access for even further improvement and great support in its closed community.


However, as I found this program might be a bit pricey and how the result can differ greatly between users according to testimonials I found, you may want to think carefully before joining the program.


As for your material for consideration, again I STRONGLY recommend you to visit the free webinar first by following the link provided above.


While if you have already purchased the program and don’t find it satisfying, you can claim your 100% money back guarantee before 15 days.




Super Reading by Jim Kwik is a program made to improve your reading speed as the main focus. Therefore, it doesn’t help you with giving motivation to read in the first place.


Results may vary greatly between users for different reasons (starting wpm, ability to concentrate, amount of time dedicated, etc.)


Thus, this program offers 15 days money back guarantee to ensure consumers’ satisfaction, since customers’ satisfaction may vary.


The lessons are delivered in and including digital media such as short videos (with the longest is 25 minutes), audio, and pdf modules. No physical product is available.


Lessons are delivered daily for 21 days of main program and 2 days warmups. Past lessons are still accessible as long as you still own access to the program.




8.2 Total Score

Easiness To Practice
Author Credibility
  • Result Can Be Seen Even Before Finishing The Program
  • Author Is Legit Trainer
  • Explanations Are Easy To Understand
  • Supportive & Active Community Discussion
  • 15 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Webinar Available
  • Some Techniques Feel Uncomfortable At First
  • Requires Great Determination & Motivation
  • Might Be Pricey For Some People
  • Not Suitable For Some Reading Materials
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