I Learned Secret Death Touches For My Family. How Useful Was It?


Secret Death Touches Review – I always dreamed of having a small and happy family. And for such a humble dream, I am one of the luckiests to be able to earn it.


I got married around one year ago and soon another angel came to us. It was just like a dream I always dreamed of to live my live as complete as it is.


But behind the happiness I feel, there is something that I could never get rid of. It was my overthinking habit that often came to me when things got too comfortable.


You often experience it too, right?


It was like, when things felt so perfect to me, the fear of losing the perfection always lurked beneath the shadow. The more I love them, the more I grow a fear of them getting hurt.


conscious parenting mastery 5


Not only about they got hurt in such worrying way, but even a small scratch on them would become something I despise. Maybe, quoting my wife, I have become a ‘little too overprotective’ to them.


But I became this way not without a reason.


Day by day, I read more and more news about criminals who did their crime for no clear reasons. I just always find this world is getting more and more dangerous to us.


If people may call it overprotective, but I call it as fatherly instinct. This is the feeling you can only get when you become the leader of the small pack, I think.


What I got was the feeling of wanting to protect your loved ones from any danger.


I told my fellow young dads to find out whether or not this feeling is normal, but most of them said it was normal. But I just have to channel it into the right thing.


My friend asked whether I would want to join a self defense program that would help me channel my instinct into something positive.


pict calm


Well, I hesitated a bit because I had no experience at all with the martial arts world. But my friend told me to just relax, because this self-defense program is different from others.


The program is called Secret Death Touch by Robert Lawrence, and the author said that this is the self defense program which killed Bruce Lee.


What?! Yes, the author said that this technique is the one that killed the movie star. Such a bold statement, but that statement alone got me interested.


I purchased the program after that because of two main reasons: first is because it was recommended by one of my friends and second is because its bold ‘punchline’ got me interested.


As for today, I have owned and learned about the Secret Death Touches for about a month!


Here in this review, I would like to share about my experience learning this program and whether or not it is legit a high-tier self-defense program. Read my honest review below.



Martial Arts 101


pict self defense secret death touches


Well, to begin with this story, maybe I should let you all know upfront that this is my very first experience learning about martial arts as self-defense mechanism.


Indeed, once I learned about capoeira but it was just a brief phase in my life and I learned it for its ‘dance’ side instead of its self-defense side.


That’s why, the Secret Death Touches is something wholly new for me by its content and purposes. This is literally the first martial art I ever learn in my life.


The Secret Death Touches itself is teaching a self-defense mechanism called Dim-Mak, and I will tell you about it later.


Luckily, this program literally stated that “ANYONE can learn and use these two techniques.


No matter how young or old, and you’ll see exactly how they work inside Secret Death Touches.”


Well, knowing that I could learn about this technique from zero means that it might bring me results. Or in other words, I can finally have something to protect my family, right?


Maybe you think it was about conquering my overthinking, but what else I could do to make sure my family is safe from preventable dangers?


I answered that question myself after learning more about this program, and that was the moment I decided to purchase Secret Death Touches to learn it.


Again, it is all for my family.


Back to the program itself, the Secret Death Touches is not the kind of martial art or self-defense that includes so many moves that makes every confrontation looks like the fights in anime like Naruto or Dragon Ball.


Instead, the author stated that: “The reader will learn all about a simple form of martial arts, including moves that anyone can use to employ effective self-defense.”


Explanatory Picture from The eBook

Example of explanatory Picture from The eBook


Whoa, that’s just the thing that I wanted to learn, because if it requires complicated techniques and moves then it would mean that I still have to go through a very long journey before things can work for me.


Another thing that I need would be complete guide about the basics of self defense. I don’t even know the correct way to block hits or avoid it.


And in this very point, I found that the program would become something useful for me because it teaches those things to us.


At least, even though this program is not the thing that actually “Killed Bruce Lee”, at least I still can learn about some spices of self-defense.


  But is that the only thing that I can get from the program? No, I will tell you more later.




Ancient Arts of Acupuncture and Chi

royal dragon points secret death touches

Royal Dragon Martial Arts Pressure Points


Okay, so I have mentioned that this program will at least teach you the basics of self-defending such as blocking hits or how to avoid it.


But that’s not the only thing I learned from Secret Death Touches. As mentioned above, The Secret Death Touches is teaching a self-defense mechanism called Dim-Mak.


If you google it, you will find that Dim-Mak is a secret body of knowledge with techniques that attack pressure points and meridians.


Yes, this program includes knowledge about pressure points and meridians, which is similar to what we use to talk about in acupuncture.


Oh, by the way talking about acupuncture, you might want to check my other review about Natural Synergy Solution by Emily Fletcher which uses a modern version of acupuncture called Acu-Frequency.


Back to the Secret Death Touches which teaches Dim-Mak, you will learn some ‘soft spots’ which have serious effect if pressured.


So, instead of healing people by putting pressure to those spots, you will find how to defeat your enemy by putting pressure to some of their ‘soft spots’.


The reason for this is because putting pressure into those spots will disrupt our central nervous system, which consequently will damage our immune system and body’s ability to function properly.

secret death touches parts

Some Secret ‘Soft Spots' and Instructions on How to Apply Pressure


Have never heard about acupuncture that way? Well, maybe because acupuncturists use the flow of chi to explain all of those things.


And by the time I found out about all of those things mentioned above, I found myself starting to understand a little bit about how this program would work for me.


Here are the things I discovered inside the Secret Death Touches:


  • The basics of self-defense such as blocking and avoiding hits, even how to make a fist.

  • The Death Touches themselves or Dim-Mak, which is the main menu in this program.

  • Knowledge about ‘soft spots’ that can cause serious pain or injuries that can be used in self defense


This program doesn’t only teach you the theories, but also helps you train those theories so that you can master it without losing grip to what you are learning.


And of course, one of the most important things in martial arts, I learned that all of that knowledge should only be used as self-defense.


However good you are at beating up your opponents, you should not use it to threaten the weak or hurt somebody else without rational reasons.


Martial arts are about self-discipline, knowing what is right and wrong, knowing when to go, or stop.




The 12 Secret Death Touches


pict kung fu academy


Well, after that lengthy introduction about this program, let’s get into the real deal.


First thing first that we are going to talk about is that there are 12 death touches that this program teaches to us.


I learned that all the 12 Secret Death Touches are so simple that all of them require just one single strike to defeat your opponents.


Here I cannot explain the accurate spots to do those techniques, but I can tell you about the effects that the victim may bear after the strike. Here they are:


  • The One-Touch Disabling Technique: This is an extremely practical technique because it allows you to gain the leverage to hit someone no matter if you are standing or sitting, and no matter if the one you are attacking is standing or siting. This strike will lead to a disruption in the occipital nerves, in turn leading to dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.


  • Jaw Attack: This move will shut down your attacker’s organs, and very likely he will need urgent medical treatment in order to survive. This is because the actual jaw, which moves sideways as well as forwards and backwards, is actually attached to nerves exactly where the jaw connects to the skull, just beneath the base of the ear.


  • Shin Snap: If you can achieve this, your opponent will surely be unable to stand or to continue the fight.


  • Extreme Pain: When done effectively, this is more than a painful experience; it can cause organ shutdown and even induce death. This is also the most effective way to deliver such an attack is by surprise.


  • Heel to Pelvis: If someone who is stronger and faster attacks, you have to know how to get out of the situation safely. This technique is an effective go-to move in those situations.


  • Side Strike: This may be your most effective move if you don’t have a lot of time to react and you need to attack a person standing next to you. This move should surprise him. Your opponent could suffer broken ribs and maybe lung damage. As a result, he will not be able to breathe for a several minutes.


  • Throat Strike & Neck Attack: If you hit it hard enough, you will bust his windpipe and he will DIE! However, if it is not hard enough, the enemy might just be knocked unconscious.


example of technique

Example of Kicking Technique Showed in The Video


  • Knee Strike: This technique is for you who are a less experienced fighter and aren’t confident in your ability to deliver true Dim-Mak strikes. The best advice to you is to do your best to keep as much distance between you and our opponent as possible. This makes it important for you to have an effective kick move.


  • Palm-Heel: This move is very devastating and bone crushing. This is because you are eliminating the weakest parts of a regular punch. But if you do this effectively, you might KILL your opponent on the spot!


  • Hand to Kidneys: Even if done badly, a punch to the kidney is going to cause your opponent to urinate blood for a long time after he sees you. Done effectively, you can disable your opponent and cause kidney damage, extreme pain, and slow death.


  • Eye-Blinding Techniques: This move is extremely painful and could result in losing an eye or losing sight for a long time. Surely you don’t want to continue fighting the opponent you cannot see, right? That’s why this move is so effective to end a fight.


  • And the last one is of course a secret!


Anyway, from all of those moves above, you should understand that the strikes may cause serious injury and even result in fatality.


That’s why, the strikes are not intended to be done as hard as possible. Just put enough force in the strikes and you will get the results.


Yes, just enough force that some of them even as light as how you pat the back of your best friend.


In this case, you should also understand that the strikes can be done even by amateurs, because the point is about where to strike not how hard it is.


pict grapple


Of course, as an amateur, I found knowing this lesson is very useful. This is the self-defense technique that not only I can learn quickly, but also without having to build my physique first.


I will continue to talk about my experience with this program later, and my own honest experience learning about this program.


Oh, there is another thing that I need to mention!


Because this program is a self-defense program, of course you will not only learn about how to strike first, effective, and accurate.


This program also teaches how to respond to you enemies so that you can also minimize the damage you may suffer in a confrontation.


escaping technique Secret Death Touches

Video Instruction on How to Escape Side Grapple


In fact, responding accurately to you attacker’s moves is the best way to end a fight in your favor. Here are the ‘responding’ techniques explained in the program:

  • Escaping Wrist Hold
  • Escaping Choking
  • Responding to Frontal Grab
  • Avoiding Punches
  • Turning The Tide to Your Favor
  • Winning a Ground Fight
  • Learning Weapons
  • Countering Grab from Behind
  • Escaping Bear Hug
  • Breaking Headlock
  • Facing Multiple Attackers


All of those things above are just part of the whole ‘responses’ mentioned in the program. There are many more self-defense techniques which are mentioned inside but are scattered in the whole eBook.


Ah, yes, some information is scattered inside the whole eBook instead of arranged neatly chapter per chapter.


We will talk about this later when I talk about my own experience. Next, I am going to talk further about how this program is delivered.




How The Secret Death Touches Are Delivered


Welcome Page of Secret Death Touches

Proof of Purchase Secret Death Touches


I have purchased the program and have learned about it for about a month. Here, you can see the proof of purchase. So, what did I get from the purchase?


You might have guessed the contents I got from the purchase are eBook and video instruction. That's just right!


The initial purchase will lead you to a link where you can access and download two items: an eBook and video explanation about The Secret Death Touches.


This is just the dynamic duo like in Rush Hours or Double Dragon. Both of them work hand in hand with each other to explain the moves I was learning about.


So, it works like this. The theories are explained in the eBook with pictures, but to make the explanation clearer you would need to watch the complete tutorial in the video.


welcome page 2

Download Page of The Contents


The explanations are so clear for such ‘secret’ technique, but maybe that’s why this program took years to compile according to the author.


The eBook is 118 pages long and it consists of 11 chapters.


Each chapter talks about the author’s experience in compelling the program from the beginning to the end. That’s why, you will not find the content of this program like PowerPoint presentation.


Instead, you will find it more like storytelling of Robert Lawrence’s own experience in learning the Secret Death Touches himself.


We will talk about the ‘storytelling’ style that the author used in this program later, and we now will talk about how the program is delivered in audio visual.


pict kung fu secret death touches


The eBook explains everything with words and picture, while the video uses audio visual aids to explain things. In this case, there is no difference in things explained between one and the other.


The 14 minutes long video consists of every single move you need to learn to protect yourself, as explained in the book.


I found that the video quality was pretty much as I expected. The picture and the sound are HD, the movements are not done too fast for my amateur eyes, and verbal explanations are crystal clear too.


Thus, with the combination of the eBook and video, what I had to do was just practicing the movements or at least doing mental scenarios where I can use the moves.


So, for me it worked this way:


I read about the theories in the eBook first, then I watch the tutorial to do the moves in the video. Then I practiced the moves so that I understand exactly what to do.


But there was a problem for me while practicing it, that I will talk about later. Before that, let’s know more about the author.


Who Is Author of Secret Death Touches?


Knowing the author better would help us to understand more about the program. The author of this program is Robert Lawrence.


Well, it’s actually a pen name used by the real author to protect his real identity. The author, or maybe it’s better to refer to Robert from now on, is a 59 years old retired marine.


Having already known about hand-to-hand combat during his time in marine, an incident in a parking lot turned his world upside down.


He was shocked by the fact that his experience in marine and knowledge about hand-to-hand combat was unable to save him from being robbed.


Long story short, that incident led him to a search of an effective self-defense technique that he can use anytime he is threatened.


The answer for that question was Dim-Mak.


His adventure to learn Dim-Mak started with his obsession to Bruce Lee. One day a ‘master’ contacted him from China.


The master said that he was the one who killed Bruce Lee. Of course, that statement got Robert interested and pushed the marine retiree to go to China.


There, he learned the Secret Death Touches, a series of effective self-defense technique that can be used by anyone starting from amateurs to masters.


My First Experience in Learning Martial Arts with Secret Death Touches


pict mind calm secret death touches


Now, let’s talk about how the program has helped me to learn about self-defense that I can use to protect my family from dangers.


The biggest help for me, of course, is how this program bothers to teach the very basics.


There are a lot of basics that I learned from the program, such as making a fist, defending a punch, defending a grapple, or one of the most important things is what to avoid during a clash.


Starting from making the fist, I learned that our ‘usual’ way to make a fist is not the most effective one both from the defensive and offensive angle.


While on the other hand, defending attacks is as important as launching one. In a lot of situations, knowing how to defend well will give bigger benefits than just attacking back.


What I liked about this program is that the basics are taught as clear as possible.


As I mentioned above, the method of learning is explained in two medias: the eBook and video. The eBook will explain the unseen details, while video is for its visual explanation.


It took me around a week just to learn my basics.


From those things, I can really understand the basics. And most importantly practice it without being afraid to hurt anyone including myself.


And after I polished my basics, it came the time for me to learn more about the technique called Secret Death Touches.


Transforming from learning about the basics to the technique which is said to be able to kill Bruce Lee was apparently not that troubling.


super reading by jim kwik (2)


The reason is because I only needed to memorize the ‘hitting spots’ in my opponents’ body and apply just the basics I learned in the previous chapters.


As I mentioned above, the real reason why I wanted to learn about self-defense was because I wanted to protect my family.


And honestly after I learned this program, I feel at least my family is ‘a little bit’ safer than before.


Based on my own experience learning the program, everything is just easy to understand.


Not only because things are explained in details in the eBook, but also because the practices are also shown in the video.


The details include how to modify your strikes so that you can control how much damage you want your opponent to suffer.


Such kind of thing is useful, because it would prevent us accidentally kill someone. Yes, the strikes are so effective that they can accidentally kill your sparring partner if you are not careful.


hitting pressure point

Example of Hitting Pressure Point from The Video


After all, I was amazed by the small details put by the author to explain about things. You will find some pictures scattered inside the book that will give you even better information about Secret Death Touches.


To me, the content of this program is highly useful and useful for wide range of people. That’s why, for the content I would like to rate around 8.5/10.


Now, let’s talk about other parts of this program which I felt can be improved more.


Just like how I found there are so many useful things in this program, I also felt like there are some things I considered as redundant or not related to the thing I wanted to learn about.


And for your information, there are a lot of redundant things especially in the eBook. And the reason for that is because of the method used by the author to deliver the eBook.


I mean, instead of making the instructions point to point like what most people expect from an instruction book, this book is more like a novel.


Yes, the author uses whole narration to tell his life journey of finding Dim-Mak from the beginning to the end.


table of content secret death touches

From the Table of Content, You May See How the Contents are Delivered


I mean, the whole eBook is about the story of the author in a form of narration instead of descriptions about the technique.


So, if you expect this book to be something like a guide book full of explanations about the techniques, you may be a little bit disappointed.


Yea, I was disappointed too to know how the contents are delivered in this book. Not ‘that’ disappointed actually, but still it was not what I expected.


fist secret death touches


My first impression was like, “If I wanted to read a story, I would read a novel instead of this self-defense guide book.”


And because of the way author delivers Secret Death Touches eBook, I had to read the whole book before getting the important points.


Would I say that it was a waste of time reading the whole book?


Well, maybe not for some people. But for some who want straightforward explanation about what the program is, maybe the narrative is too much.


Maybe if the author issues another version of the eBook that contains only about the lessons, it would be a more suitable version for me.


Still, I didn’t deem the content of the eBook useless because it still contains the lessons, but with current version of eBook I have to put a lot of bookmarks to get directly to the lessons.


And yes, the lessons are important and easy to understand, or in other word practical.


However, talking about ‘practicality’, there is another thing about this program that I think have to point out. It is about how to put the words into practice.


Since this program is explaining about how to defend yourself against attackers, you need to put things into practice so that the methods can be really effective.


But in cases similar as mine, where we don’t actually meet too many people who are willing to be our sparring partner, practicing can be tricky thing to do.


I only practiced some moves with my one friend who knows martial arts, and that’s all.


Practicing was about recreating the moves in slow motion just like the video guide shows, in addition to ‘playing the scenarios in my minds’ with his guides.


Well, in my own experience, playing the scenarios in my mind was important because I couldn’t practice routinely.


I also couldn’t practice the moves with their most effectivity (to prevent killing him), neither could I practice every single move in the program.


To compensate that, I chose to ‘consult’ the moves mentioned with that one friend of mine who understands martial arts. As he helped me to do the moves in my mind.


He approved the effectiveness of most of the moves to defend against attackers indeed, but said that there is one thing that can only be learned from practicing routinely: mentality.


Secret Death Touches train


He said that the reason why Dim-Mak, and any other martial arts or self defense techniques, can be so deadly is because of the mentality of the user.


Courtesy of my friend, he said that this program doesn’t really teaches the mentality aspects, thus this aspect depends highly only on the learner’s nature.


Or in other words, the effectiveness of the program may greatly vary between learners for that reason.


The mentality we are talking about can be obtained from practicing routinely, and since I couldn’t really practice routinely, I think I haven’t been that effective in using this technique.


If so, what about the ‘final’ results for me?


With the non-routine and slightly ‘ineffective’ practices, I may not say that I have been a master of a self-defense technique.


But different from what I used to be; I am now a more prepared man that has the guts to protect my own family from outside threats.


Thus, if you ask me whether or not this thing has brought something positive to me, I’d answer with a straight yes, despite the fact that I found some difficulties in harvesting the positives in this program.




What About Everybody Else?


header secret death touches


Well, those are the things I discovered from my own experience learning self defense techniques from Secret Death Touches.


But as I mentioned above, different people might have different view as well as get different results. There are a lot of factors that can affect the final results, and I mentioned only some above.


That’s why, to give a fairer review about this program I tried to find some testimonials from other people. Here are some of them:*


“As a police captain for over 30 years, I feel confident in giving Secret Death Touches my highest endorsement. Since incorporating this program into our police force, we’ve seen the number of officers who are injured on duty drop by more than 75%.

We’ve also begun providing copies of this program to neighborhood watch groups in our precinct, and the results have been spectacular.

In the first two months, we’ve seen the number of violent crimes committed drop by more than 200%. In fact, it’s getting to the point where predators and armed robbers just avoid our community entirely, because they’re too afraid that they’ll be the ones who end up getting hurt.

Any civilian who wants to protect themselves, and their loved ones, should get Secret Death Touches immediately. It is the only self-defense product on the market that I’ve ever seen actually work, and it saves lives.”

Dan Wilson, New York


“When my husband first showed me your self-defense programs, I thought he’d lost his mind. I mean ‘Secret death touches?’ Come on! The only reason I even watched the training video and practiced the moves inside was to make my husband feel better.

Well Robert, it is a blessing that I did. Not three weeks later, as I was taking our terrier Benji on his morning walk, I was assaulted by a horribly large man. He wrapped both of his arms around me, and started pulling me towards his car, and I thought I was going to die.

Then I remembered that one moves you showed inside your video – the one that you tell people to use if they’re in a headlock. Within a split second, my attacker was down on the ground, rolling around in the fetal position and sobbing like a baby.

It turns out, that same man who attacked me was wanted for three other sexual assaults across the state. One of the policemen said that if I hadn’t been able to fight him off, I would absolutely have been raped, probably repeatedly.

It was still a horrifying experience, but THANK GOD I took those thirty minutes to master your death touch system. If not, I’m afraid to even think about what would have happened…”

Anne Smith, Arkansas


“Unlike some people, I was instantly sold when I watched your online presentation. I’d heard about these legendary death touches before from multiple people I know back in China, and each one of them said they really do exist. 

My only concern was whether or not I’d be too old to use these moves or not. I know you say that anyone can master them, but at 86 years old, I’m no spring chicken.

So, I’m happy to report that you’re an honest man! I’ve now watched the training videos, and my verdict is that it really is quite simple and easy to use all 12 of the techniques. It’s so wonderful to know that even at my advanced age, I’m still as effective a fighter as any kid in his 20s. I love that security!”

Charlie Campbell, Kansas


Who Can Join Secret Death Touches?


fighting kangaroo secret death touches

Maybe the Kangaroos Want to Join Too?


So, who can actually join the program and get the benefits of it without finding things uncomfortable?


Based on the testimonials above you should have known that this program is literally for everyone who wants to practice it.


You can always get some benefits from learning the Secret Death Touches doesn’t matter what you do, what your gender is, how old you are, and your mastery in self-defense.


I am an amateur in martial arts, and I still didn’t find it uncomfortable to practice. The only problem for me was just one thing that I had to find the sparring partner.


Oh, and another thing that I wanted to point out is about practicing the martial arts without hurting your sparring partner.


Secret Death Touches kick


Since anyone is allowed to learn this self defense style, some might think to do the practicing with their partner. I also thought about it too, actually.


The reason for that is because it would seem like killing two birds with one stone. You find the perfect sparring partner that will always be there, and you can also teach the self-defense to your partner.


But I discovered that it was not the right thing to do for me and my partner. Some of the moves required us to emulate fighting, and my partner didn’t think that she could match my power.


This is the thing that I want to say. If you think you cannot handle some of the movements, it is okay because you know your body and ability the best.


But if you think you can do it, then this program is suitable for you. Overall, the movements are not that complicated so it is relatively easy to learn including from the basics.


Here is How I Got Special Price for Secret Death Touches


payment page secret death touches


If from my explanation above you consider that this self-defense technique might also benefit you, you can purchase the program here.


Your initial purchase will give you an access to downloadable eBook I mentioned above accompanied with one 14-minutes video completely explaining the techniques in the eBook.


Just visit the link below if you are interested.




The amount of money you need to spend to get the full access to the program is only $49 which means you will not be charged anything in the future.


This program is also covered by 60 days money back guarantee that you can claim any time in that time span. So, I think there is no risk of losing your money from trying it out and doesn’t feel satisfied.


Verdict And Conclusion


I would like to use this verdict and conclusion section to express my opinion about the pros and cons of this program.


To make it clear, I am not talking about the martial art in this section, but rather about the delivery and practicality of Secret Death Touches by Robert Lawrence.


Here are my own pros and cons of the program:



  • Teaches basics, which is extremely useful for newbies like me
  • Complete contents which include both offense and defense techniques
  • Affordable at only $49 onetime payment for full access of the contents
  • 60 days money back guarantee, no question asked to ensure our satisfaction



  • Pseudo-anonym author, in whose real identity and reliability is unknown
  • Content delivery is not in my favorite way, because I had to find myself the useful contents among the author’s life story
  • Practicing requires proper partner, and we really need to practice the moves with real partner
  • Doesn’t train mentality, which is as important as training our techniques


The program gave me results I wanted after more than a month learning about the techniques from the eBook and the video. Therefore, I would say that the content is indeed successful to help me learn martial self-defense from scratch.


However, again, I am not really satisfied with how the contents of this program was delivered with a lot of narratives. I don't personally care whether or not this is the technique that killed Bruce Lee, I just want to protect my family.


Overall, I would still say that if you want to learn self-defense technique to protect what's important to you, this program might be great help especially when you are an amateur.




Secret Death Touches is a program that aims to teach us effective self-defense technique. This technique can be learned by anyone regardless of age, gender, amateur or professional.


This program, albeit the name, doesn’t aim only to help you kill someone, but it should mainly be applied as self-defense technique in general.


Results may vary greatly and it might require some time before the technique are mastered. Therefore, it comes with 60-days money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the contents.


Secret Death Touches comes with all-digital format in form of eBook and 14 minutes long video accessible by any gadget you have, accompanied with pdf workbooks. No physical product is available




8 Total Score

Content Delivery
Practicality In Real Life
  • Teaches Basics
  • Includes Both Offense and Defense Techniques
  • Affordable, Compared to Other Self-Defense Courses
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee, No Question Asked
  • Suitable for Anyone
  • Moves are Explained Clearly in the Video
  • Pseudo-Anonym Author
  • Content Delivery is in Narrative Form
  • Practicing Requires Proper Partner
  • Doesn’t Train Mentality
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