How C Wilson Meloncelli’s Hack The Flow State Has Helped Me Focusing

Hack The Flow State Review – Being able to do things at our best, constantly, will be the best boost to our career. It is a kind of common sense that at some point of our lives we should have realized. But most of the time, most of us just ignore this fact.

This is the reason why some people are struggling at their jobs. Most of us just ignore this fact and prefer to work with only ‘enough’ effort. For some of us being at our best is a hard work that requires a lot of energy and sacrifices.

I found it hard too, to give all my best constantly for my works. That was why, when I read about a program that can help me about this thing, I got interested.

The program is called “Hack The Flow State”, created by C. Wilson Meloncelli which is the author of “Breathing In Flow” and “The Super Human Code”.  Well, maybe it is personal only for me, but because the author has a name for himself I kind of trusted the product.

I purchased the product and since then I have practiced the program to find out whether it really does what it says.

At the time I posted this review, I have enrolled and followed the program for more than two weeks. Here is my honest review about the course.


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What's Hack The Flow State?


The Prove That I Have Purchased The Program

All this time we believe that we are doing our best with only 10% of our brain capacity. It makes us wonder what do we actually do with the rest of it. 90% is a huge part of our brain we don’t know what to do with.

Doesn’t that bother you?

Well, if it bothers you, you should know upfront that it is not entirely true. With the “10% theory”, it seems like we have to work extra hard to utilize some additional percentage of our brains. However, in fact we have to do the opposite.

It is a matter of brain wave. Humans possess 5 different types of brain waves, and it depends on what brain wave is dominant to determine whether we are going slower and more relaxed or quicker and more intense.

It doesn’t mean that when we are activating our ‘faster’ brain wave we utilize more percentage of our brain, vice versa. Having able to control our brain waves in the right frequency when doing tasks is the key, regardless about the percentage.

Doing thing in the right frequency will allow you to enter “the zone”. What “zone” is it actually?

You might have heard about the saying “I’m in the zone”. When you are fully concentrating on your work that you just ignore outside world and put all of your efforts into what you are currently doing, that’s the “zone” we are talking about.

The problem is, entering the zone intentionally is not an easy task for most people. While by entering the zone, we can give our 100%. Imagine being able to enter the zone in anything that you want to put all your effort into.

From my experience of following “Hack The Flow State”, I realized that this is the program all about. It focuses on helping us to enter the zone intentionally anytime we need to do so.

This is actually the technique used by Navy Seals.

Yes, according to the site, Navy Seals use the hacks mentioned in the program to train their elite snipers about 5 times faster than 10 years ago.

But not only the Seals, this technique has also been used by champions like legendary athletes, Olympians, and Championship Ring Bearers. For them, mastering the hacks is number one thing to do for reaching the level they are in now.

Not only the champions mentioned above, but most successful musicians, artist, poets, writers and business executives reached their level by entering the zone as they wish when they need to.

The thing is, entering the zone, by mastering the flow state, is pretty doable for everyone. So, can you and I enter the zone freely too? Yes, we can, and this program is teaching us how to do that.



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What's Hack The Flow State Teaching Us To Do?

As I mentioned above, this program is teaching us to enter the zone anytime we are required to. And that way, we can always give our 100% in anything we are doing. Of course it would be a boost in our career life and basically almost everything that we need to put our efforts into.

Knowing what it offers me, it got me interested almost instantly. By now, I have purchased the program and practiced it for more than two weeks.

You might think that they got me with their promotions, but unsurprisingly it works for me!

Even though it sounds like practicing the program will allow you to always push yourself into 100% condition, but you will not feel the burnout for putting so much effort! This is the magic in entering the zone, because everything will effortlessly flow even though you are putting your 100% effort.

From the site, I learned that this is the reason why they chose the world “flow”. Because everything feels like just flowing by, and I have proven that myself.

I, myself, am a writer, and I admit writing is not an easy thing to do with so many distractions around. After practicing the program for more than two weeks, I learned how to not easily get distracted and how to keep my concentration level high.

I find finishing my writings easier and less stressful even though I’m under the pressure of deadlines.

Everything just flows. And now, I’m starting to understand why champions and high-leveled people are familiar with “entering the zone” while doing their jobs.


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The Content Inside This Program


Example Of Training Video

Okay, enough talking about the results. Let’s talk about the content inside this program

So many aspects are involved in training your brain. Thus you need to fully understand what you are doing and what’s your target, because it definitely takes time and consistency.

Fortunately, Hack The Flow State is a thorough program divided into several parts to make sure you understand what state (or zone) you are seeking for and how to reach it in your own pace.

Here I give you a quick brief about what’s inside the program.

  • The Flow State Tutorials: In this first part of the program, you will be provided with 7 video tutorials on the Science behind the Flow State. You will learn how to recognize being in the ‘zone’ too here.
  • The Flow Chain Tutorials: Here you will be provided with another set of 7 video tutorials on how to tap into your innate power, hack in, and remain in the flow state. It helps you to stay in the ‘zone’.
  • Flow State Manual & Wall Charts: Simply aid you to reach the goal by providing complete information about The Flow State and tracking your works with the wall charts.
  • The Superhuman Code: Complete guide consisting of E-book and videos about ancient techniques and modern-day knowledge which will help you to hack you into your subconscious mind to create transient Hypofrontality.
  • Elite Flow: Another complete guide to help you learn about how to reach elite-level ‘zone’ accessible by champions and high-leveled people.
  • 9 Components Meditation: You will learn how to hack into your past experiences and use them as a trigger for flow state meditation. Again, another complete and thorough guide with videos that’s easy to understand.
  • Movement Meditation: In this chapter you will learn practical training that will help you to accelerate the entire process.

This program gives you thorough step-by-step explanation

Consisting of more than 200 videos and 3 E-books, it makes sure you are able to reach the goal you want: enter The Flow State at will. It makes sure you don’t miss a thing while following the program.


Deeper Into Hack The Flow State?

Just as the title says, this program is actually hacking your own brain into reaching the Flow State almost at will anytime you need to. And as I mentioned earlier, hacking our own brains includes so many aspects to be done.

This program makes difficult thing, like hacking your own brain, easier.

Hack The Flow State is basically a step-by-step guide that covers almost all of those many aspects. But the thoroughness is not the key in this program. Still, the result that you get after following this program is the main point.

Being in the flow state, you will get a boost in everything you do. To make it simple, there are 8 characteristics expressed in a flow state, which are:

  • CLEAR GOALS:There is a great inner clarity and you know what needs to be done.
  • STRONG CONCENTRATION & FOCUSED ATTENTION:You are completely involved in what you're doing.
  • LOSS OF SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS:A feeling of going beyond your comfort zone. You lose your inner critic, and feel fearlessness, in a place where distractions and anxieties don’t surface.
  • DISTORTED SENSE OF TIME:You lose track of time and you're completely focused on the present moment.
  • IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK:You get an immediate result on how well you're doing.
  • THE BALANCE BETWEEN SKILL AND CHALLENGE:You know that the activity is feasible, and you have the skills to complete the task successfully and skilfully.
  • PERSONAL CONTROL OVER THE SITUATION:There's an essential motivation and whatever produces flow becomes its own reward.
  • ABSORPTION:You lose your sense of self and all of your worries and concerns drift away.

Most people enter the flow state subconsciously, and most of us have experienced it at least once in our lives. But entering the state subconsciously is not what we are looking for. The ability to hack our brain to enter the zone anytime we need to is our goal.

And indeed we can train our brains to enter the state intentionally. More than 200 videos and 3 E-books provided by Hack The Flow State will give you thorough information about how to reach it, explained by the author, C Wilson Meloncelli.

Again, I feel the urge to inform you that this program is remarkably thorough.

Interestingly, the program doesn’t only include theoretical speeches about what you need to do. The author himself also gives you the examples of what you need to do starting from meditation, habit conversions, even physical exercises.

And for your information, there is no age restriction in doing the program. You can also teach it to them so they can succeed in anything they do.


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My Experience With Hack The Flow State

I have mentioned that I am a writer, and I’m always starving for a method that can help me focus on my works. C Wilson Meloncelli’s “Hack The Flow State” really helps me to get what I need, and the program does it in the most comprehensible way.

Not only thoroughly able to explain what I need, this program also explains how to reach it in more than 200 explanatory videos. What I recognize from the author when I first looked into the content was his dedication to make this program a thorough one.

This is a program that means to teach, not just selling utter nonsense.

Starting from the first part, which is the introduction, it taught me about the science behind the flow state and how our subconscious mind is able to bring us into higher state of focus. Yes, the state is scientific and that’s how it got me more interested.

Speical Meditation Tutorial


Meditation Tutorial Video

I learned that everyone has the ability to hack the flow state, so do I, but not everyone has the access to the knowledge. And since this program is meant to give you the knowledge, the rest is up to you.

The best part is that the entire program is online and downloadable. It means that you can just download all the contents, the entire 20 gigabytes of it, and access it anywhere anytime on your devices.

I usually do the practices like meditation and physical exercises at my spare time after work, and learn more about the flow state after shower. And the tools used for the exercises are quite simple, such as mattress and dumbbells.

For the result, at first I didn’t get a grab about how it should be. I just tried to follow the instructions on how to reach the zone and did the practices.

I usually do the exercises in the afternoon after work, between 10 to 30 minutes every day. And later in the night is the time for me to learn more about what's being mentioned inside the program.

But after the first week of practicing it and learning more about the zone we are talking about, I finally understood that I had done better at my works.

I realized that I had been more productive in my job and didn’t feel as stressful as before while under deadline pressure. Now, I have become more calm, if I could say, and has not been easily distracted. It is like I have become ‘one’ with the task I am working on.

I am sure I have got better at my job after following the program.

But not only in doing my job as a writer, I also feel like I can learn new things easier with the new method of learning I got from the program. Maybe I need to mention that I play online games too in my spare time. And after following the program, I feel like I have been doing better at my games.

It proves that the improvement this program brought me is pretty much applicable for anything I do.

Even though I haven’t finished this program yet, since I skipped the Elite Flow part and prefer to learn about the meditation first, but I already got this much benefit. Maybe the next week after I post this, I would be doing the Elite Flow part.


What's Inside The Program

But why did I skip the Elite Flow part?

This is the part I think I need to tell you about the downside of the program. Even though I constantly mentioned that this program is so thorough, but it doesn’t include the most important thing in the first place: an index.

The reason why I skipped the Elite Flow part is because it covers a whole new program, and I wanted to at least notice the immediate result. The entire program takes 6 whole weeks, but I am an impatient person and chose to skip this part.

I didn’t feel like I missed out something though.

As I said before, I still got the benefits by going from the introduction, to the superhuman code, and directly learn about the meditation.

This is the reason why I personally think that the whole program needs an index to tell what to do first and what’s next, including why we need to do the next part in order.

However, I don’t personally suggest you all to do the same thing as I do, because I possibly skipped the most important part by doing so.


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Who Is The Author Of This Program?

C Wilson Meloncelli is Flow State Coach, Stunt Performer, Author and ex British Champion in MMA. As an author, he is known for introducing the term of “Flow State” to explain “being in the zone”. Hack The Flow State is one of his masterpieces, along with “Breathing In Flow” and “The Superhuman Code”.

In the website, Meloncelli mentioned that every legendary athlete, Olympian, Championship Ring Bearer, and even the best snipers have mastered this state to show such incredible performance. Meloncelli said that actually every single person can reach this state, and unlock their fullest potentials whenever they want.

“The Flow State is experienced by writers, poets, artist, cleaners, business executives, gardeners, athletes, musicians, extreme sports athletes. You get the point? We can all experiences being in Flow. It’s all comes down to “purposely practicing” being in Flow,” he writes in his website.

As I mentioned at the beginning, knowing the author of this program eliminated my hesitation. I am indeed one of them, the people who have not reached their potential peak, so I decided to purchase this program to unlock my maximum potentials.


Testimonies I Found About Hack The Flow State

The program has been followed by thousands of people all around the world. That’s why, it is not that hard for me to find any testimonies about it.

Here, I will give you the testimonies from users of Hack The Flow State by C Wilson Meloncelli that I have collected all around the web:

“All the principles of FLOW are just fantastic for me because if I go out and I'm a little bit tight or a little bit sore from a previous workout, then I can re-align myself. I can work on my breath, work on my posture and that gets me into a great state ready to enhance my workout. For me, the whole method behind FLOW is just outstanding”


Craig Ali

Coach – Adventure Athlete Coach,

“The highly trained pro-level athletes I deal with are constantly battling the law of diminishing returns to shave off a few milliseconds here or a quarter inch there. We use Wilson's method to maximize mental function and see consistent even drastic improvements in performance. We see activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, improving immune system and lowering stress, which is directly improving energy, hormones and even gut function… I’ve never seen anything like this in the lab.”


Stephen Duncan

Coach, Nutrition & Lab Testing Specialist , Balanced fitness UK

“It’s not every day a world-class athlete knocks on your door and offers to take you under their wing and reveal their secret formula to you. Vision isn’t easy and as a result many people let their opportunity of a lifetime slip through their fingers and live to regret it. We live in the most fiercely competitive time in history. This is no time to be skating on thin ice or playing around with untested ideas. This is the time to take advantage of every tool you can to get an edge. If you feel there are weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your game, if you feel anxious every time you’re competing, if you worry you’re not good enough, please act decisively, the urgency is real. The benefits of this program are real and proven.”


Jay Jordan

Coach, Podcast Host, Author , FitnessMavericks Inc

Flow State Meditation Introduction


Another Example Of Training Video


Want To Enroll For Hack The Flow State?

The program originally costs you $97. But if you are interested in improving yourself just like me, you can enroll for the program by clicking the link provided below for only $47!


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Or purchase the product by clicking the link below


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The fee covers the whole program, and all of its contents.

It includes the 200 more videos about The Flow State Tutorials, The Flow Chain Tutorials, Flow State Manual & Wall Charts, The Superhuman Code, Elite Flow, 9 Components Meditation and Movement Meditation.

But that’s not the only product offered.

With additional $3 as an upsell, you can also get the access to The Mind Of An Adult The Heart Of A Child. This book is written and illustrated with the look and feel of a modern day Sufi story or a Zen Koan.

The Mind Of An Adult The Heart Of A Child is an idea instrument for parents to introduce child to state of mindfulness. The book is layered with understanding allowing it to be enjoyed by both an adult and a child.

So, in total of only $50, you can get the access to everything I have mentioned above. As well as The Mind Of An Adult The Heart Of A Child for your family members.

That’s not all!

After purchasing the program, you can also claim the chance to get personally coached by C Wilson Meloncelli himself! Interesting, isn’t it?

However, if you have purchased the program and you don’t feel like you get any benefit from it, you can just claim your 60 days 100% money back guarantee.


Verdict And Conclusion

Being honest,

By the time I post this review, I am going to get into the Elite Flow part, which is explaining about how to get deeper into “the zone”. I’m excited about what I’m going to learn in this part, because I already feel the benefits of previous parts.

After more than two weeks into this program, I already feel the benefits even though it says that averagely it takes about three to four weeks to completely show the result.

But I have to admit that the accessibility and flexibility of the program, along with its 60-days 100% money back guarantee, successfully convinced me to purchase it in the beginning.

I also admit I have performed better at my writing job, doing better at my online games, and overall just feel better both physically and mentally from doing the exercises and meditation.

So, if you ask have I successfully enter “the zone” deliberately now? I cannot tell, because it comes almost naturally for me at this stage.

However, I feel like I have accessed it more frequently while doing my job and playing online game. And based on the results, I can say that I have performed better.


I’m a little bit insecure with the ‘recommended’ order of the programs, since it has no index or guide of what should I do first and what needs to be done the next.

In example, I skipped the Elite Flow part, but I still feel like I’m getting the result. Whether I get the optimal result or not, I cannot tell. Whether it is required to do the program in order, I cannot tell either.

Thus, it makes me insecure whether I do it properly or not, and the result I got is the optimal result or not.

This and that, at least I feel the benefit of enrolling for the program. And I’m more than happy to get informed whether I should follow the program in order or not.



Hack The Flow State offers 60 days 100% money back guarantees, no questions asked, since customer’s satisfaction toward the course may vary.

It is mentioned in the website that results may vary between users. There is no clear assessment on how much improvement you can get after following the program.

The main intention of this program is to increase your personal performance in career, sports, and other things that require focus. Following the program without applying the lessons you learn to practical things will benefit you nothing.


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9 Total Score

  • The author is a legit expert
  • Easy to do anywhere anytime
  • Downloadable, easily accessible
  • 100% money back guarantee for 60 Days
  • A lot of bonuses With Cheap Price
  • Free Training Available
  • I Personally Feel the result
  • Some exercises need you to spend some time to do
  • Require Commitment to complete
  • Lack of index for guidance
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