Sciatica SOS By Glen Johnson – Can It Help My Mother In Just A Week?

Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson Review Waking up in the morning fresh is the first thing we want every single day. Our days start at the time we wake, and a good start will affect the whole process of the day.


But what happens when you wake up at the morning with the worst pain you have ever felt in your lower back?


That’s what happened to my mother 13 years ago.


It was a sudden strike that the whole family panicked, and left confused about what actually happened to her.


We brought her to have medical examination and it was discovered that she got sciatica because of hernia nucleus pulposus (HNP).




After years of medication and therapy, she is getting better nowadays. However, she still cannot get the fitness she had back then before it happened.


One of the therapies was Feel Good Knees by Todd Kuslikis that have helped her to walk straighter than before. However, her lower-left part of body still feels pains from time to time.


Of course, I want to help her get rid of the pains she feels, and it was the time I discovered Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson.


With the promise of easing the pain in 7 days or less, of course it got my interest.


Seems too good to be true? Here, I am to tell you what this program has done to my mother, and whether the promise is true or not.



What Is Sciatica?


back scitatica sos by glen johnson


What happened to my mother is not a rare incident. Around 40% people on earth experience it at least once in their life.


But if you have never heard about this, you are not the only one. This type of pain is also one of the most misunderstood among others.


It feels like regular back pain, but there are differences.


The biggest difference to regular back pain is that sciatica originates with sciatic nerves. The pain occurs when the nerve roots or the fiber of it is being pinched or irritated.


That’s the reason why the pain is linear through several body parts, like what my mother experienced years ago which affected her lower-left body parts.


The amount of pain during the first strike may vary, but if it is not handled correctly can grow worse in no time.


sciatica sos by pain


This is why when you have a back pain, it is suggested to consult medical experts, especially when you feel such signs of sciatica:


Constant pain in one side of lower body parts

Pain in one leg with burning or stinging sensation

Either numbness or weakness when moving one side of lower body part

Worsening pain when you are sitting or standing up from sitting


My mother actually experienced it, but she chose to ignore it because she thought it was the effect of tiredness.


However, she got it wrong. In one morning, the pain got worse that she said she couldn’t get up from bed. My family immediately brought her to hospital to find out the cause, and doctor said it was sciatica.




One Week Promise


pain sciatica sos by


It has been years since my mother experienced the initial strike, and now she has got better with time. Of course, that’s the effect of years of medication and therapy.


However, the initial strike damaged her nerve a little bit, that she still cannot walk while standing up straight. She still has to lean to the left to avoid feeling the pain while walking.


I witness it myself that therapy and medication indeed lead to positive result. However, the occurring pain still bothers her a lot.


Of course, I want to get her back to normal.


Thus, the time I met Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson, which guarantee to show positive results in less than a week I decided to purchase it and give it to my mother.


The initial purchase came with a link to the download page that can be accessed immediately after the purchase.


That’s convenient, because we don’t have to wait for weeks just to access it like when we are purchasing a book or a fitness device online.


This program comes in e-book version that we can literally put in our phones to read and practice anytime anywhere.


That brings so much ease to my mother since she prefers the ease while doing daily chores as a good housewife.


The contents are also well-distributed and contains not too much words but the explanations are understandable.


Here is a quick peek of the table of contents.


table of content sciatica sos by


In the eBook you will find 7 chapters that will guide you step by step to cure sciatica.


Introduction: Everything needs an introduction, and here Glen Johnson will also give you some information about sciatica.

Home Remedies: The progress starts here, four natural foods with anti-inflammatory effects that you need to consume to reduce the pain

Exercises: See how to cure your condition with easy-to-do physical exercises. It provides detailed instructions to do the exercises that you can do in less than 30 minutes.

Therapy As You Sleep: Don’t let your progress stops while you are sleeping, because your sleeping posture can help cure your problem as well.

Home Therapy: Learn how relaxing your tensed muscle will bring your body positive effects.

Balance In Diets: Righting your diets apparently can help you cure sciatica faster and easier!

Tips And Tricks: There are many useful tips in this part, such as dealing with the pain and preventing further strikes.


For a whole week, I helped my mother to follow what Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson told her to do, and it was actually very easy to follow. While I have my own reason to do it together with my mom that I will explain it later.





Who Created Sciatica SOS?


sciatica sos by glen johnson


Meet the man who promised the one-week ease of pain for sciatica, Glen Johnson. He suffered from sciatica so bad that he couldn’t even lift grocery bags.


He was just an ordinary man, living with his wife and kids. He had no experience in writing a book, nor a health expertise, and all the information in this program was harvested from a Nepalese healer named Xie.


He suffered from the pain so hard that he felt hopeless. One day, he was introduced to a the Nepalese healer named Xie, which is a friend of his wife, and treated by the Nepalese.


The treatment that lasted for only five days actually showed much more progress to him, compared to the two-years therapy he had been through.


Xie even said to him that the therapy he had been through might not the best solution to his suffering, saying “glen, those therapies only add more negative energies to an already tightened part of the body”.


Considering that his problem was not a rare problem, and about 40% of human being can experience at least once in their lives, he decided to ask for the secrets.


It was actually 2 millenniums old secret.


Considering that most people suffering from sciatica are relying on expensive therapies and synthetic drugs, he decided to share the secret.


With a permission from Xie to write the secrets and share it to more people, Glen Johnson created Sciatica SOS.


This book is not written by Xie herself, but Glen Johnson has been trying his best to capture all her words. Thus, even though this book was written by a normal man, he surely got a good source of information.


Sciatica SOS By Glen Johnson Break Down


sciatica sos by title


Sciatica SOS is written by the guidance of Xie, the Nepalese healer. While we don’t live around the Nepalese healer, her 2000 years old secrets are now accessible from the contents of Sciatica SOS.


That’s why, before talking about the changes happened to my mother and her yearly problems, let’s talk about the content of this program, which I have showed you a sneak peek of it above.


Like I have told you before, Sciatica SOS simply said is a program designed for people with sciatica who want to get rid of all the problems quickly, effectively, and safely.


Accordingly, what’s inside the program that it has the confidence to ease the pain from sciatica in less than a week?


Well, knowing your enemy is a good start to beating it, and based on our experience, it tells so many things that we have not realized yet.


For example, sciatica is not a sudden condition, but it can take years to develop.


It explains how my mother finally got the initial strike after years ignoring the signs in her lower-left part of body, thinking it was just an effect of tiredness.


There are many more explanations about the condition that the author included in this program with simple and understandable language to inform you the truth about this condition.


therapy deviceMore than that, of course it also includes treatments to the condition that you can do at home.


It includes traditional treatment options, home remedies, exercises for sciatica, therapy while sleeping, dietary control, home therapy, also tips and tricks for sciatica.


In principal, we can divide the contents in Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson into two parts which are fixing your body, and fixing your diets.


Thus, not only it guides you to make things right physically, but it also guides you to regenerate your body from the inside.


And fortunately, all of those contents are specifically listed for each cause of sciatica.


There are several causes of sciatica, such as HNP like my mother had, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, sacroiliac joint exercises, etcetera. And it covers all of them.


Here in the eBook, everything is explained in good details, and it also includes pictures to give better explanation. Especially for the exercises to do at home.


All of those things are summarized in 86 pages long eBook.


Sciatica SOS By Glen Johnson From Our Very Experience


spine sciatica sos by


So, just like I mentioned above, my mother has tried to do the program for a week, and there are some reasons for that.


For my mother, definitely it was an effort to get back her fitness. While for me, it was because I want to avoid getting sciatica.


Yes, even if you don’t experience sciatica right now, this program can still benefit you.


Apparently, the guides included in the eBook will not only help you to get rid of sciatica, but also prevent you from getting one by guiding you to live healthier.


I am a writer and I do my job mostly sitting. This is one of the causes of sciatica and I want to prevent from getting it since now.


For me, the part I liked the most was exercises, because it can help to improve blood flow in my body. Thus, I did it together with my mother.


The exercises are simple and well-guided because explanatory pictures are included. Not only that, it only requires 30 minutes at top.


exerciseNo equipment is needed to do the exercises, except you might want to bring pillow or mattress to make your exercises more comfortable.


In addition to the exercises, Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson will also tell you about home remedies and traditional treatments for your pain.


In example, Sciatica SOS mentions about Heat and Ice treatment which makes use of hot water and ice packs to provide relief nerve discomfort.


According to the book, “Ice can numb areas that are experiencing pain, and heat will increase blood flow to the affected area thereby boosting up the process of recovery”.


Overall, the content of the book is satisfying, since it covers almost everything about sciatica.


Moving on from the content, we talk about the practicality of the book. And here I say the book lacks some of it, especially at the part where it talks about the therapy.


The book says that we can do the therapy at home, but in fact not every single home especially abroad United States can get full access to it.


We need access to some devices like handheld pressuring device and trigger-point self-treatment platform.


therapy device 2

Trigger Point Therapy Device


Indeed, we have some more traditional alternatives to those devices, but the things mentioned in Sciatica SOS can mostly be obtained from United States.


Next, I think we should also talk about the end result of this program. And in short, I say that this program didn’t do what it promised at least to my mother.


The very first thing that caught my attention from this program is the promise that it will ease the pain and show progress in a week or less.



The Promise I Didn't Find True

My mother hadn’t showed any significant progress after a week of following it.


I don’t know whether it is because my mother had been in this condition for years or any other aspect, but those factors were irrelevant with the promise.


I almost decided to claim my 60-day, 100% full NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED money back guarantee, but my mother said that she wanted more time working on the program, considering those factors.


Well, I quit the program after a week knowing that my mother didn’t show positive results in promised period.


But she decided to continue doing the exercises, making the home remedies, and continuing the suggested habits.


The reason was because she thought she might need more time because of her age and the initial strike had happened too long ago.


Maybe it was the right decision my mother made, because after some extra days of following it, she said she felt less pain in her lower-left body while standing straight and walk.


As a child, of course it makes me happy. However, a promise is still a promise, and I think you should not put that in the website if you cannot really guarantee it.


Thereby, if you are asking me about the result in the first 7 days, I would say that I was not satisfied with it.


But if you ask again about the final result of this program, after almost 2 weeks, I can say that I am satisfied with what my mother achieved.


Talking about Sciatica SOS in general, the book is very useful because it contains so much information about sciatica that my mother and I have proven ourselves.


old man sitting

In addition to that, most of the recipes and exercises are easy to make and do, even though some are hard to find such as Elderberry. And with my mother finally achieved something, it means it has proven the theories explained.


Outside those things, there are still some aspects that this book cannot fulfill. For us, the first is its practicality especially about the therapy, and the second is its promise of fast healing.


Whether or not there are many outside factors affecting the recovery rate of my mother, still it takes longer (my mother said she felt it after 9 or 10 days) than expected to show results.




What About Other Sufferers?


Taking consideration of what my mother said, about her age and the period of time passed since the pain struck, I think it could justify the late result.


Thus, to know whether the program really did something or not, we need some testimonials from other sufferers.


Here are some testimonials I found online:


I’ve been battling sciatica for close to a decade, after a minor car accident, and I had tried everything the doc threw at me…pills, injections, special mattresses… Your guide was extremely eye opening and within one week of the regimen you gave me I can barely feel any discomfort. You have no idea how much of a relief it is to be finally getting rid of a pain I’ve had to bear for so many years, thank you.

Gerry Sherington, London, UK


My sciatica started during my second pregnancy and because of that I did not want to use any medications and wanted to avoid any therapies that could potentially hurt my baby. I found out about your system while searching for natural methods to get rid of the sciatic pain and just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that your system has worked wonderfully for me. The inflammation and pain were gone in just a few days and I have the peace of mind of knowing that I did not use any medications. Thanks.

Fiona Robertson, New York, USA


I can’t thank you enough Glenn. I was a sciatica sufferer for years and had wasted thousands of dollars on all kinds of therapies and medications, from epidural injections to chiropractic treatments. I’d get temporary relief but after a few days the pain would be back. It had gotten to the point where tying my own shoe laces had become a pain-staking 10-minute task. A friend of mine sent me a link to Sciatica SOS on Facebook and barely 5 days later the pain was gone completely and I have my mobility back. One month later I am still completely pain-free. This should be a must to anyone with sciatica.

Michael Pierce, Dublin, Ireland


Best Deals For Sciatica SOS By Glen Johnson




If you are interested in curing your condition with Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson, then you can easily follow the link provided below.


The original price of this program is $69.99, and the full price of this program including the bonuses (yes, there are some bonuses) is $241.


That’s maybe about the cost of one visit to your specialist, which is usually ranging from $150 to $200+, before chiropractic adjustment.


However, all those numbers mentioned above are not the actual price you should pay to get the program if you follow the link provided below.


With this special offer, you can get the complete pack for only $37!




And if you pay good attention to my experience with Sciatica SOS, you should know that it is backed with 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked that I almost claimed.


Additionally, you are also given free lifetime update, for anytime a new version of Sciatica SOS is released. Personally, I think this is a quite good deal because it covers a lifetime service. But wait until talk about…


Did I Mention Bonuses Too?


Yes, I did, and Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson comes with 5 bonuses! All of the bonuses are digital eBooks that will help you to improve your health. Here is the list:


Lessons From Miracle Doctors

bonus 1


This e-book is filled with over 180+ pages of powerful information and specific step-by-step strategies you can use right now and every day to get and stay healthy. It's one of the most comprehensive yet easy to read and understand books on the subject of natural health.


Sleeping Solace

bonus 2


Learn how what you eat and how you work during the day can affect your sleep patterns. Also you'll learn what to do right before you go to sleep and how to set the right environment so you can enjoy a good night's rest.


10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

bonus 3


Learning about 10 ways fight off cancer can have amazing benefits for your life! The best tips on how to keep this killer at bay.


Stress Soothers

bonus 4


With this ultimate guide to achieving peace and calmness, you'll be equipped with the most powerful tools and strategies to helping you reduce stress. You will also be exposed to plenty of highly effective methods for identifying triggers and preventing them.


How To Lose 10 Pounds Naturally

bonus 5


How To Lose 10 Pounds Naturally is a must have report that outlines ‘everyday ways' to maintain a healthier lifestyle for people on the go. It is designed to be quick and efficient.


And it doesn’t stop there.

bonus 6


The initial purchase will give you access to an un-announced bonus, which is the chance to grab a free bottle of Turmeric with Bioperine, just pay shipping. However, this bonus is given to first 100 customers only.


Verdict And Conclusion


Sciatica SOS is easy-to-follow program that requires less than 30 minutes a day. This is a product that’s worth trying if you have a sciatica problem just like my mother had.


The contents are easy to understand and covers almost every aspect of the condition, which means the book will be a good guide-to-go for your sciatica problems.


This book can give you the promised health improvement, in example my mother doesn’t feel much pain anymore while standing straight and walking compared to what she used to.




The amount of time promised is not accurate, specifically for my mother’s experience, because she required more time to get the result wanted.


There are many factors that we considered by ourselves might be affecting the late result, including lack of access to some devices, ingredients of home remedies, and/or therapy mentioned. Many other people may also experience it.


Also, this book literally suggests you to consult to medical experts first before joining the program, because some contents in this book might not suitable for those with specific conditions or problems.




Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson offers 60 days 100% money back guarantees no questions asked since customer’s satisfaction toward the course may vary.


The result is said to show in a week, but considering many factors, the amount of time required might vary greatly.


You might want to consult medical expert or therapist about your condition first to see if any methods explained in this program doesn't suit what you experience or might bring you some risks.


Any ingredients, devices, or kind of home therapy mentioned in this book might be hard to find in some places in this world, but alternatives are available online.




6.7 Total Score

Easiness Of Exercises
  • Useful handbook for people with sciatica
  • Affordable price, 60 days money back guarantee
  • A lot of bonuses
  • Easy to read, understand, and put into practice
  • My mother feel result after 9-10 days personally
  • Result doesn't show at promised time
  • Requires specific devices for therapies mentioned
  • Ingredients for home remedies are not easy to find
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