Feel Good Knees Review – Does It Work? Here’s The Verdict!

Feel Good Knees Review by Todd Kuslikis – What would you do if your knee joint gives you a hard time doing the simplest tasks?

You’ve probably have tried many things, but if you’re here, chances are they’re not really working right?

So, what if I tell you, there’s this another considerable natural alternative that you can try?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

But that’s what a program called the FEEL GOOD KNEES claims to offer.

Thus, to find out if this program really works, I’ve decided to buy this program, and have myself as well as my mother to try this out for 2 weeks straight.

So if you too want to know the answer, Stay tuned, because we have every progress noted down here.

However, before we jump into that point, I think we as smart buyers should firstly know about one of the most important things before buying; who created this program?

Meet the feel Good Knees Creator

This program is created by Todd Kuslikis.

Other than his title as an injury prevention expert, Todd is well-known for his health-related blog Ashotofadrenaline with its famous bodyweight exercise program which currently has many people join in and subscribe to him.

He also owns a YouTube channel, which you can also check out. He posted follow along with workouts, bodybuilding tips & tricks, and useful tutorials.

It's pretty easy to find him on the internet actually. And I'd say he’s consistent on what he’s doing; nothing but natural health-related stuff.

If we talk about Todd’s reputation in general as a health-program creator, I think his is speaking for itself.

Todd gains his reputation through the real result of customer satisfaction that testifies in most of the internet platforms, such as; people give comments on his blog and YouTube, a bunch of reviews (both affiliate and non-affiliate), the program's testimony directory itself. And the majority of them give positive feedback.


Despite what he's currently doing now, what is his background to create this program? Is he credible?

That's a good question, this program was actually born from his childhood's fascination with the concept of natural healing. It was his starting point to dedicate himself to this matter.

And of course when it comes to health, one should get a proper education. Todd is well aware of this, therefore, he studied Nursing and got his Master’s degree at Western Michigan University.

Along with his educational background, Todd spread his wings to study human physiology and trained to be a professional personal trainer.

Not enough with the Western approach, Todd made it parallel to study Eastern medicine as well; he studied Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, nutrition, natural healing arts, and even acupuncture. He spent approximately 15 years for the whole thing.

Doesn't end there,

Todd also spent time studying at the Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences, which is where this particular program was created. From this place, Todd came up with the secret spice of the 5-minute simple ritual that claimed to help eliminate your knee misery.

The outcomes of what he's done now turn out to be quite amazing, his program has impacted the health of over 100,000 people (this includes every-day people, professional athletes, US military, and nursing home residents).

So, the answer to “is he credible” should be “yes, he is”.

What You Need to Know about Feel Good Knees Program

Feel Good Knees program relies on the concept of natural healing; the body can heal itself. So, if you’re trying to find another option besides knee surgery or getting tired of consuming painkillers, injections, or other expensive medical treatments this can be a great alternative for you.

This concept is not new and it’s certainly not a pseudoscience. Many medical articles, even doctor’s recommendations out there agree that exercising whether it’s for prevention or treatment can be a better solution before drawing the line to do knee surgery.

Here’s one interesting article I found from the nbcnews.com; quoting Dr. Nicholas Bedard of the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics:

“If you can get away with not doing surgery on somebody, that’s a win.”

Sadly, in finding solutions other than surgery, Dr. Bedard, later on, explains that medics are overusing approaches that aren’t helpful for most patients e.g. hyaluronic acid injection.

Source: Pexels.com

However, don’t lose hope because he also mentions that not all treatments are useless. Even though he says that from eight there are only three treatments studied, have a strong recommendation for their use.

And guess what’s number one from those three?

It’s a physical treatment, which basically falls into the same notion that the body can heal itself

Even so, we still need to be careful with what kind of physical treatment or exercise we do because let me remind you, we’re specifically talking about the knee joint, where a simple stretch can potentially escalate into inflammation or worse; cartilage damage.

So, what kind of exercise the Feel Good Knees program have? Is it harmful?

That’s exactly what I was trying to find out before buying this program. I’ve read testimonies and related reviews and there was this shocking Facebook post appeared, saying:

“The worst exercise…”

This was shocking for me because so far the testimonies and reviews I’ve read were positive. So, I immediately clicked on it.

feel good knees

However, as I read this post, I don’t think that it was specifically meant to discredit the Feel Good Knees program. It’s just a warning that not all exercises are good for your knees, some are even worsening the pain (true).

And thanks to this post. I’m warned. I dug my way to read this program’s website once again and do some research to know what kind of program and exercise I’m getting myself and my mom into.

I found out later that I don’t have to worry about that Facebook post, especially when I’ve finally tried it out myself. But before the actual buying, I was completely relying on the term ‘ISOMETRIC EXERCISE’.


This exercise is also NOT a new thing. In fact, it’s been around since the ancient Greek and later on studied by the Chinese Buddhist Monks in 12th century.

Isometric, also called “soft exercise”, is an exercise that involves a static contraction of a certain muscle group without any noticeable changes of movements.

Judging from that, this type of exercise supposedly brings no harm to your knees. Instead, it will help you to build up strength.  

If this concept is not new, what makes this program different then?

Indeed, there are many other programs and free sources out there scattered over the internet. And the choice is completely yours to make.


What you got here, isn’t just a cherry-pick from a bunch of free sources. Rather, it’s specifically studied and designed into a 6-week program divided into 3 heightened stages:

Stage #1: Pain Eliminator stage

This stage is designed to alleviate the nagging pain you feel in and around your knees. There will be 7 exercises here, and everything is at the introductory level.

Stage #2: Knee Rejuvenation stage

Here come the more advanced movements than stage one. With its 8 new movements, the second stage is designed to rejuvenate your knees by eliminating the pain around the knees and strengthening it.

Stage #3: Knee Renewal stage

At the top, there is stage number 3; the most challenging exercises than the previous ones. There will be 7 movements in this stage and they are designed to continue building the muscles and ligaments around your knees.

To make it even better,

This program won’t overwhelm you with complicated equipment or many movements or much time-consuming.  Conversely, this program will only require you a chair and towel to do 7-8 simple movements for no longer than 5 minutes.

That’s not it,

There are few other things like the bonuses, the price, and the actual experience of trying this program out. So keep on reading!

Inside the Feel Good Knees Package and Bonuses

As soon as you purchase this program, they will send you a link, and it’s open up to this warm welcome:

feel good knees

Screenshot inside the customer's site

Unfortunately, with the latest update, this program no longer holds the option to get the physical copies.

But don’t worry because what’s inside here is downloadable. So you can access it anywhere anytime with or without an internet connection.

Okay, let’s dive right in:


The core program consists of 4 E-books and a video library.

Here’s for more detail:

  • Feel Good Knees Introduction E-book

feel good knees

This e-book contains some general information about this program history, what this program is about, and in what way this program will help reducing knee pain.

  • Companion Guide E-book

feel good knees

Here you’ll get every movement written down. This guide is also accompanied by illustration so you would have a clearer idea of how a movement should be done.

  • Pain Reduction Tracker + Scheduling Checklist E-book

This printable e-book will help you to track down your weekly progress better.

How’s your knee pain going? Assess it with this pain reduction tracker.

And for the scheduling checklist, this can be a very helpful tool to stay consistent and to complete each of the exercises.

  • Complete Feel Good Knees E-book

This e-book is a summary of all three listed above. I personally, prefer to use this rather than to have 3 books separately. But you do you.

And for the video library:

There will be 3 parts inside:

  • The first one is a greeting and message from the author.
  • The second one is a video called ‘Primary Thought Dictum.’ This works like those positive affirmations athletes usually use. The idea behind this is, to have mental support instead of just working on its physical side.
  • The third part is where the follow-along videos placed. Even though we’ve already had the companion e-book where all the movements’ instruction clearly written down, still this program gives this option so you can have even more clarity to support the E-book.

However, as I went through these videos, I found few things off about it.

The quality of the video is great, but the angle though. It was only taken from a single angle. I think it would be much better if it’s shot from at least two different angles.

Another thing is; I found one follow-along video that is off-screen. Like this:

feel good knees

See? The hands are off-screen.

Alright, that’s the end of the core program. Now, it’s time for…


This program has two bonuses for you. And of all of these come in both e-books and videos.

  • BONUS #1: Postural Alignment Guide

feel good knees

This bonus contains 7 simple tips that are totally applicable for day to day life (My mom and I personally enjoy this benefit so much). These things will make a big difference in your postural alignment and overall health.

You know why? Because there’s a better way to do everything, for instance; sitting to standing up, sitting at the office, even sleeping. Your knees will thank you later.

  • BONUS #2: One Minute Rejuvenation Finishers

feel good knees

This particular bonus will be useful to fix your position sense or also called the proprioceptive system. There will be 10 exercises to obtain balance in your body. And this will be so advantageous to improve your sports performance.

You definitely can use this bonus alongside the core program, but if you want to focus on the core program only, that’s fine. For me personally, I haven’t tried this bonus yet, so I can’t tell you whether this will really make a good result even though it seems pretty promising.


You can have more with a little upgrade! (this is totally optional)

Have you thought that a certain diet can help eliminate your knee problem even better?

Because it can!

feel good knees

To know more about it, you can check out an additional product called ‘9 Quick & Easy Natural Remedies for Joint Pain’ for $ 5.99. Here, not only you get the diet tips but also some other easy hacks to boost your knee recovery.

Alright, now with all the goods unloaded,

This is how much this program cost…

The Feel Good Knees Price

I’m not going to make an extreme statement that this program was the cheapest of all because it’s probably not.

But, as I looked up on the internet and did SOME comparison with other online programs, this thing here indeed cost cheaper.

On average, other online program costs above $ 40, I’ve even seen a program that has $ 47 for ONE e-book.


The Feel Good Knees with all the content; E-books, Tracker journal, follow-along video library, and bonuses, will get you into a huge discount up to 75%, so you only get to pay $ 37 for lifetime access.

What’s more?

This program comes with 60-day money-back guarantee.

I don’t know if it’s a smart way for them to do so since the overall program is created for 6 weeks (42 days), so it means we can try the whole program first and if we don’t like it we still have an extra 18 days to refund.

Well, I don’t know about them, but this is certainly a great advantage for us buyers, don’t you think?

So, if you’re interested and want to directly check it out, you can simply click on the link below:


However, if you need more conviction and still wondering if this program really works, then let me present to you;

2-Week Experience Undergoing the Feel Good Knees Program

Quick background information: I bought this program with my mom in mind. My mom is in her late 50s (she’s quite an active person) and yeah she's been feeling it on her knees.

She said that her knee pain is constant and it ranges from mild, moderate, to severe sometimes.

Why didn’t my mom seek a medical professional?

Good question, but she’s the kind of person who hates to go to see a doctor. Seeing a doctor would be her very last option if other remedies didn't work.

So, when I told her this program, she's willing to try it. Moreover, it's cheap, the exercise told on the website looks promising, and it seems easy to do for a person who's in her late 50s.

However, if later on, this program doesn’t work, we can seize the 60-day money-back guarantee and my mom would finally consider a doctor appointment instead. Up to this point, we have nothing to lose.

Despite my mom, me on the other hand, have a knee problem as well. I'm still in my mid-20s, it's a bit embarrassing, but yeah it is what it is. I had a motorbike accident about two years back and fell hard on my knees, but the pain I got on my left knee lingers.

Source: Pexels.com


I'm not quite sure though if it's caused by that particular accident, I wouldn't know because I didn’t see a doctor at that time, I don't think it was a big deal (looks like I inherited 90% of my mom's gene). However, I noticed the knee pain ever since.

The pain that I feel wasn't that significant compares to my mom's. It just appears occasionally when I stretch or bend it (to a certain extent), or when I overuse it.

So, here you will get to see two cases; my mom's, whose pain is caused by the aged joint (cartilage worn out); and mine, whose pain is caused by a long lingered injury.

Nonetheless, I wouldn't say that you can project your knee problem directly from our cases for there’s no guarantee that everyone would experience the same outcome, but I hope you get the insight of how this program may work.

Both my mother and I have tried the Feel Good Knees program for two weeks. It means that we've done the whole first stage ‘the Pain Eliminator Stage'.

You can do the exercise 3-4 times a week. But we personally decided to go extra miles and do it daily since it’s easy and it only requires 5 minutes.

So… can the first stage really eliminate our knee pain like its name?

Let’s take a look at the report:

Pain reduction tracker, I scratch out the exercise’s name to protect privacy matter

What I like about this program is they provide a weekly tracker! This is a great idea to give us a bird’s eye view to track down our progress.

As you can see from the tracker, both my mom and I did experience progress. However, the progress that we have is a build-up transformation, not an instant one.

 In my mom’s case, the pain tracker went down from 6 to 5 on week one. Whereas on week two, she said “It’s 4”.

During these first two weeks of trying out this program, my mom didn’t experience any difficulties, not even the temporary soreness that people often get after working out. Everything ran smoothly, except for one movement that she found a bit harder to do than the rest.

After 2 weeks, she testifies that getting up from the chair becomes easier, and walking is not as painful as before.

For the getting up from chair, my mom actually got major help from this program’s bonus #1; Postural Alignment Guide. We never knew that there’s a better way to do that. My mom has tried and it did make a difference. Good for her!

 In my case, I was going to circle the number on the tracker from 4 to 1 (even 0, which means no pain) by week one, but day 6 changed the rhythm.

Here’s why:

As I said that my knee pain only appeared occasionally when I overused it, and a couple of days before I know this program, I indeed overused it. I was into home-workout and there’s a squat. Long story short, my left knee started to make a scene. Thereafter, I decided not to include the squat from my daily exercise.

 FYI, if you have a pre-existing exercise you can combine it with the Feel Good Knees program. However, it’s wise to do the Feel Good Knees exercise beforehand.

Alright, back to my story; as suggested by the program, I’m doing both exercises. This time, I’m starting to do the squat again. I want to know if the Feel Good Knees program would make any difference.

I have to say it made a big difference. The instant pain when I bent my knees were not massive at all and it was almost gone completely. This happened for 5 days in a row. I was so happy with this result, however, as I said earlier, day 6 changed the rhythm.

The pain that I felt on day 6 wasn’t an instant pain while I was doing the workout. Strangely, it happened at night when I was about to sleep. The pain twitched on my left knee for less than a minute but it was quite significant.

I consulted this with them. Thank God, they gave a prompt response!

Here’s the screenshot of their response:

They said it could be a normal reaction and as to avoid it, they suggested 3 options:

  1. Try icing after working out
  2. Use less force
  3. Skip it altogether

Above all, I gotta listen to my body.

Without too much examination, I chose the first and second options: icing and using less force. It turned out to be better on day 7 but I wouldn’t rate it drastically from 4 to 1 for week one because of what I’ve experienced on day 6. Instead, I go with 4 to 3.

I repeat the same notion for week two, and so far, I didn’t feel the strong twitching pain (like day 6) only the minor ones (still hasn’t gone completely but better).

By week two, I’d say the pain tracker goes down from 3 to 2.

However, if later on the twitching pain keeps happening, I think it’d be wise to listen to my body and considering the third option; skipping it. And by skipping, I mean setting aside my home-workout (temporarily) and solely working on my knee with the help of this program because honestly, I notice a good improvement.

Now we’re on our stage two, week three, ‘knee rejuvenation stage’, we’re looking forward to what this stage brings. Hopefully, it could make greater progress than the first one. Fingers crossed!

So… as to answer the burning question “Does this program works?”, we’d say, It does*.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who say so. Many other people do too.

Here’s some of it:

Other Customer’s Testimonies

“For most of my life, I haven’t felt stiff and have had to manage my pain using medications. I knew the long term affects they were doing to my body but have always had pain in my knees.

I am always a bit concerned about trying anything new because I don’t want to hurt my knees more.

But I started following your program about trying anything new because I don’t want to hurt my knees more.

But I started following your program and finding that I have much more strength in my knees and feeling really good! For the first time in years, I’m even planning to get rid of my pain meds!”

-Jenette S.*

“ I just wanted to thank you Todd for creating this incredible program. To put it on a nutshell, I was in an accident a long time ago and my left leg was injured pretty badly. Over the years it has become very weak and hard to use.

I just started your program 2 weeks ago and I’m already blown away by how quickly my pain has decreased and how strong my leg is getting.

And I’m even getting closer to walking with a more normal gait!

Also, lifting and carrying items is becoming less awkward.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Steve A.*

“ I am a 68 year old man and I recently purchased your program to help me gain strength after recovering from several years of health issues. Living with pain in my knees was just normal to me. I found your course and am so happy with the results. The exercises were east to follow and didn’t hurt while I was doing them.

Because of your program, not only are my knees feeling better than they have felt in 30 years but I am much more solid and stable on my feet. And I don’t feel any pain going up and down stairs anymore.

-Charles R.*

Conclusion and Verdict

Through an examination and real experience of using this program for just two weeks, my mom and I agree that; The Feel Good Knees program with its initiation in helping people with knee problems by conducting natural approach works and it is worth a try.

And if asked “would we recommend this program for you?”

We'd say yes.

How so?

      • This program with its content highlighting the concept of isometric exercise has been scientifically proven to work on many problems including knee pain.
      • The chain of exercises in this program is specifically made in a super simple way, easy to do, and doesn’t require much time (5 minutes top)
      • This program accompanied by useful supported materials and bonuses.
      • Compared with some other similar programs, pain killer consumption, or injections; this program is considered a cheaper yet effective alternative for $ 37 only.
      • This program offers 60-day money-back guarantee. So if you think this doesn’t work for you then ask for a refund and you’ll get it back 100%. For your information, the Feel Good Knees’ customer help service is highly responsive.
      • Lastly, yet importantly, the actual experience using this program, we personally notice, even though we won't say that this program works instantly, our knee situation shows progress and the pain indeed decreases.

      However, please bear in mind,

      Since there's no specific claim in the program stating that a typical result can be expected, therefore, even though this program works on my knee injury, I wouldn't suggest you to directly apply this program if you have a severe injury without firstly consult to your physician.



      This review post is created based on the writer’s very own experience.

      There’s no legal claim inside the program to guarantee the same result after trying out this program.

      Feel Good Knees program is not a medical professional therefore its content cannot substitute direct medical diagnosis.

      This program may not support people who have severe or chronic knee injuries to perform without any physician or health care provider supervision.

      Please consider consulting with your medical experts beforehand.

8 Total Score

Content Quality
Author's Credibility
Customer Service
  • The exercise doesn't take much time
  • No complicated equipment needed
  • Money-back guarantee up to 60 days
  • Big discount up to 75 %
  • The customer help service is highly responsive
  • Me and My Mother Personally Feel The Result
  • There's no citation on the core program's e-books
  • The follow-along video is only shot from one angle
  • Some of the follow-along videos are off-screen
  • Since this exercise doesn't contain a wide range of movement, it makes kind of monotone and boring
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