I Have Tried 10 Minutes Awakening For 2 Weeks! Here Is My Review

10 Minutes Awakening Review – The importance of meditation to cope with real world nowadays is not to be taken for granted. Not only it will calm our minds in this hectic world, it will apparently increase our qualities as a result.


Furthermore, if you understand about law of attraction, you will realize that meditation or similar actions to bring positive thoughts to us is even more important.


The problem is, in this time, spending time to meditate routinely is a luxury. Not everyone has the time to meditate routinely, let alone when we are under high pressure.


In example, based on my own experience, welcoming my first baby is a stressful thing. There are a lot of things to be prepared for, while the clock is ticking.


Indeed, I am happy to welcome my first baby, but having to prepare for the baby’s arrival is time, money, and energy consuming.




Keeping ourselves sane in those situations is already difficult thing. However, that’s the time when we need to reset our minds the best.


If only there’s a program or anything that can help us reset our minds as simple as snapping our fingers, that would be awesome.


But wait, there is, actually.


This is a program I discovered from my boss after he told me that he has purchased it. The program is called 10 Minutes Awakening by Paul Thomas.


What is 10 Minutes Awakening, and why is it worth mentioning? Here I will tell you a brief review of 10 Minutes Awakening after I tried it for 2 weeks.



The Law Of Attraction


Proof That I Have Purchased The Program

Proof That I Have Purchased The Program


First thing first before getting into my review, I think it is a must to explain what is law of attraction, which this program is all about.


Law of attraction is a belief that something in our minds attracts the same energy from the outside world, and thus the effects that occurs will become the same energy as we emit.


In example, when we have positive thought about something, more likely it will give positive feedback to our lives in return.




On the other hand, when we have negative thought about particular things, it will likely affect our lives in negative ways in return.


The problem is, we don’t always have positive thoughts when our minds are disrupted with stress, demands, burdens, and other bad thoughts.


In this case, it will entrap us in a devil’s loop. More negative thoughts that we emit will result in negative effects, which will further give us negative thoughts.


Cutting the chain by resetting our minds is important!


There are many methods that we can use to reset our minds, and meditation is one. Again, we all know that meditating is not as simple as that.


Another simpler method that we can use is projecting particular soundwaves to our brains, the source of our thoughts, and this is what’s the program is all about.


10 Minutes Awakening is a program that’s specifically made to reset our brain by ‘shooting’ particular frequencies to our brain, without spending so much time.


The Power Of Sounds


full bundle


So, how does 10 Minutes Awakening ‘shoot’ those frequencies into our brain? The method is pretty simple, which is by using soundwaves.


The soundwaves used in this method is not regular soundwaves usually produced by our surroundings. For your information, any sound you hear from your surroundings is caused by soundwaves that travels in the air.


It travels as vibration, which means it has specific frequencies.


The thing is, we know that specific frequencies can affect our body and soul in such way starting from changing our moods to causing psychological effects.


10 minutes awakening brain scan


For example, don’t you now that most horror movies you watch in the cinemas use infrasonic sounds to make you feel subconsciously terrified?


That’s the power of sounds.


In this case, apparently, there are some specific soundwave called binaural beats that is able to affect our subconscious minds almost directly.


Binaural beats ‘play’ with our brainwave frequencies to enter specific states: alpha state, beta state, or theta state.


Beta state is the state of our subconscious mind when we are fully awake. Alpha state is when we are fully relaxed before falling asleep.


theta brain wave


Theta and Alpha state are the states that this program is working on, because in theta and alpha state, any suggestion given to someone can easily be ‘projected’ to their subconscious minds while they are awake.


Meditating is actually training our brain to enter those states freely. But again, not many people have the time to learn meditation into that level.


By using specific frequencies called ‘theta soundwave’, 10 Minutes Awakening is trying to erase your negative thoughts and replace it with something positive.


alpha brain wave


As a result, it is hoped that you will reset your minds and join the positive side of law of attraction. See, you don’t have to spend so much time to reset your minds.




Inside The 10 Minutes Awakening


small 10 minutes awakening


Before talking about the program specifically, let me draw the outline for a bit. Here are some points that we need to check first:


  • Based on law of attraction, negative thoughts attract negative results. Vice versa.


  • Resetting our minds is possible via methods such as meditation or ‘shooting them down’ directly with binaural beats.


  • Meditation, although the most famously effective method, is not an activity that can be done easily by everyone. Let alone reaching the level of controlling our subconscious state.


So, based on those things, don’t you think that directly projecting binaural beats that can lead us into more positive state is the more preferable way to get into the positive side in law of attraction?


Yes, that’s the thing that I would want to talk about in reviewing this program. 10 Minutes Awakening is program designed to help us resetting our bad vibes and replacing it with the positive one.


The method used by 10 Minutes Awakening is by triggering our theta and alpha states using sound waves, carefully calibrated to the exact frequency of the subconscious mind.


10 minutes awakening yoga


Wow, sounds like a sophisticated method, doesn’t it? So, what kind of additional electronic device that we need to buy to get into this program?


Well, even though it sounds sophisticated, but the only things you need are your gadgets and a pair of earphones.


In this program, you will be given three audio tracks that you need to listen to only for around 10 minutes a day, thus the name is 10 Minutes Awakening.


But just like any other medicines, this program comes with specific dose.


This program is made to accompany you for three weeks. Those three audio tracks are meant to be listened to in specific order, one track for each week.


Each track contains narrated meditation guide which has binaural beats as background music. I myself enjoy it because both the narration and the music are so relaxing.


Here is a quick view of the three audio tracks and the explanation:


Week 1. Master The Art Of Visualization & Going Within

week 1 10 minutes awakening


In this first chapter of the program, I was introduced to reaching my subconscious mind with Vibrational Phenomenon and guided meditation, or I would say how to open the door.


The soundwaves used in this week is the combination of Alpha and Theta waves, whose combination is focusing on increasing my learning, focus, calmness, and rapid changes deep in brain.


I myself enjoyed the audio because it relaxed me with both the smooth guided meditation narration and the background music, which is beautiful for my ears.


Week 2. Unlock Past Memories & Subconscious Beliefs

week 2 10 minutes awakening


This is the last program I got into in 10 Minutes Awakening as I have mentioned that I have been into this program for two weeks.


In my opinion, this chapter is the most powerful one. It talks about past memories and blockages in our minds, and try to reset our state toward those memories. While the first chapter is opening the door, this one is about cleaning the room.


This is maybe an upgrade to the first week program, because the sound of binaural beats is more intense, while the narration is more or less the same.


Week 3. Create Your Dream Life

week 3 10 minutes awakening


I have not reached this chapter yet, but from the title I can assume that this is where the new start begins. Or I can say this one is refilling up the room with better contents.


While in week 1 and week 2 my mind was ‘repaired’, in this chapter I think I am going to be rebuilt into a new one with more positive direction toward the law of attraction.


I took a quick peek about what this week’s narration and found out that it is more about motivation and self-awareness.




How Does 10 Minutes Awakening Program Work?


quick start guideOkay, so now you know that this program is using the power of sounds to reset our minds and plant the positive vibes into it. But how does it work?


In case you want a quick peek about the whole program, you can get brief explanation about it in Quick Start Guide that will be given with initial purchase.


The Quick Start Guide contains almost everything you need to know about the program, starting from how to do it, the expected results, how to multiply the results, and also how to use the BONUSES.


There are two points to be talked about how this program works


 It uses binaural beats & guided meditation:


The use of binaural beats (that includes Alpha and Theta sounds) and guided meditation gives me a proper relaxation in the process.


Apparently, I discovered that the method used in this program is scientifically proven. The combination of binaural beats, words, and phrases can trigger powerful change penetrating to deep subconscious mind.


This way, we don’t have to learn deep meditation like monks to get the effects. We just have to sit back and relax for 10 minutes a day in three weeks.


It focuses on removing blockages in our minds and replace it with something positive:


Moving from the method, the steps done by this program is also neatly arranged. As you can see above, the first step of this program is by opening up the door.


Upon opening the locked door, I then was introduced to how to clean up the room, or in this case is resetting my spider-webbed subconscious mind from negative thoughts.


Upon the third week, the program is going to refill the empty room which is now cleaner and has more space with something positive. The curriculum here, I see, is pretty logical.


Now, let’s talk about it further.


In my own experience, spending 10 minutes a day for the last 2 weeks was an easy job. But the difficulty was to find the perfect place to do that.


This program instructed me to find a relatively quiet place and time, so that each beat in the audio can be heard clearly.


In addition to that, using a good quality earphone is a MUST! I had to purchase one that can block (or at least reduce) outside sounds during listening to the program.




Those two things are important, because it would make sure you can absorb every single detail in the audio without turning the volume up to the point it hurts your ears.


After I found the right place and time, around midnight in my other bedroom, I turned on the downloaded audio (yes, the audio is downloadable) and enjoyed it.




Who Is The Creator Of 10 Minutes Awakening?


You might wonder, “who has created this program?”


The creator of 10 Minutes Awakening is Paul Thomas, a professional life coach, yoga practitioner, and a deep believer in destiny from San Diego, United States.


paul thomas 10 minutes awakening

He said he stumbled upon the techniques to rewire our subconscious mind after a series of unfortunate events, including out-of-body experience in an accident.


Apparently, that experience brought him a lot of revelation, and became a turning point in his life which had been complicated few moments before.


The experience and the result in his real life inspired him to revisit the state in any way, thus he started a quest to achieve such state again in much safer way.


In his quest, he met a neuroscientist named Jonathan who explained to him about Vibrational Phenomenon using various methods.


One of the methods, which is the simplest yet not least effective one, to reach that Vibrational Phenomena is then concluded in this 10 Minutes Awakening program.


In short, according to Thomas, this program has as powerful effect to our subconscious minds as out-of-body experience he once experienced but in much safer way.


Anyway, I’ve Been Using 10 Minutes Awakening For 2 Weeks, And…


10 minutes awakening


…and I almost always feel sleepy during practicing it. As I just mentioned, I always did it by locking myself in my other bedroom around midnight.


I don’t know whether it is because of I did it too late in the day or because of the audio itself. However, one thing I noticed since my first practice is that I always feel so relaxed during doing it.


The audio consists of spoken narration of guided meditation and binaural beats. Both of them are so smooth in my ears.


The instruction of guided meditation is also so easy to practice, almost something like self-hypnotizing for me.


Instructions such as ‘relax’, ‘pay attention to your breath’, or ‘notice the changes in the atmosphere’ are simple and easy to follow.


But when I listened to those instructions and follow it, every single step and condition told by the narrator felt like running through my whole body.


It was the condition where I usually felt sleepy.


After the program, usually I would feel the same feeling just like when I wake up into a rainy Sunday morning (I don’t really know the words to describe it).


The sensations I get after doing each session includes lighter breath, sleepiness, warmer feeling, and my shoulders feel lighter too.


That’s why, after every session I go to sleep directly. The reason why I describe those feelings as waking up into a rainy Sunday morning is because I always want to continue my sleep in such occasion.


But how about the effects to my subconscious mind?


There are some interesting things I discovered in myself after two weeks practicing 10 Minutes Awakening by Paul Thomas every day.


  Yes, I only noticed the changes after week two for some reasons.


In the first week, 10 Minutes Awakening might actually has showed its effect for me. But since I was still busy with my own business at that time, I didn’t really notice it.


But maybe indeed the effect would show itself after week two. As I mentioned above, the binaural beats in week two sounds more intense compared to the first week.


I still don’t know what about the final effect after I finish week three program, but looking on how these effects or changes started to appear since week two, it got me excited to follow through.


By the way, let’s talk about my personal results.


The first change is that I no longer have the anxiety I had from becoming a new father in next couples of weeks.


As I said above, I am welcoming my first baby in next couples of weeks, and it consumed me. But after practicing the program, especially after the second week, everything seems like has been sorted out.


I got a lot of inspiration on how to solve what appeared as a problem for me before. One of the examples is how to manage my time between preparing for the baby’s stuffs, work, and personal time.


It was a difficult problem before, because in my former view I saw like there would be not enough time in a day to do all those things.


Apparently, it was only my deluded view because I didn’t see how my pregnant wife could help me to prepare for the baby.


Not only I now see preparation for welcoming my baby is a fun activity, but also, I can see more clearly about my supportive environment around me.


subconscious 10 minutes awakening


Second change is a little bit strange. I play an online game called DOTA 2 (which maybe many of you have known), and I had not time to play it recently because I didn’t see how to find the time.


But after the first change I mentioned above, I got some spare time after work as a content writer at earthbuddies.net.


I have played the Realtime Strategy & Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game since high school, but never got into the rank of Legends (4th highest rank in the game).


Well, of course it was partly because of my playing skill. However, after joining the program, I finally got the taste of the medal!


Analyzing my game replay, I realized I improved myself in several aspects in the game, such as calmness under enemy pressure, decision making, and how to taunt my enemy so they miss the objectives.


The reason I could say that it was the effect of this program is because I have never played as beautiful as recently in the game.


Of course, I am happy with this even though it doesn’t seem so important. But since I can see the improvements I had from the game, I concluded that I have become the new me.


See The Medal On The Top Left? That Is Legend Medal.


In short, the program has helped me to improve myself, even though not as lifechanging as making me a millionaire in two weeks.


Now, I want to talk about the downside of this program that I have mentioned briefly above.


This program comes in digital audio form only, and in the website of 10 Minutes Awakening it clearly stated that we should find the right time, place, situation, and devices to get the benefits.




For those who are still single, it might be easy to find time and place where our surrounding is silent enough to listen to the audio.


But for those who are already in a family, it can be a tricky thing. In my place, my neighbors are a little bit noisy, and a lot of vehicles are passing in front of my place.


Before midnight is the only silent time I could get, thus the reason why I chose the time to do the program and listen to the audio in separate bedroom from my wife.


However, having the right time and place is not the only requirement. You also have to use a good earphone that can transmit the whole soundwave and block (or at least reduce) outside sounds.


I even had to buy a new earphone to do the program, because my old earphone was a cheap one and a little bit broken.


Those two things might seem simple, but I believe some of you will find those requirements a little bit difficult to follow.


Another thing I might say is this program can be a boring one because you have to listen to the same audio for 7 days straight before going to the next level.




Maybe if I didn’t get the feeling of ‘waking up into rainy Sunday morning’, I might have stopped doing it after the third day. But here I am, welcoming the third week program.


All those positive things I got are the result of using the program for just two weeks. I didn’t notice since which session I started to change, but it clearly has given me some changes.


Now, I’m going into the third week program and the spark is still on.


Thus, I can say that maximum effort and dedication to do this program for the last two weeks has given the fruit to me.




Testimonials From Other Users


Here are some testimonials from other users who have experienced the program, that I discovered on the internet:*


“I let go of so much negativity on the very first day. It’s just been melting away. This is what humans are meant to experience: LOVE and connection. Thank you!”

Dawn Johnson, New York


“Thanks to this program, I started my own practice after years of working for another doctor. Now I have my own patients, my own office, I set my own hours. It’s just so empowering. I’M in control of my life.”

Michelle Conway


“We are NOT machines… there’s so much more of life than work and stress!! This program really gives you the power to feel something better. Something higher. It’s truly a spiritual awakening.”

Cindy, Sidney Australia


Here Is How To Get 10 Minutes Awakening With Special Price


10 minutes awakening


If you feel like your problems can be solve by clearing your minds, you may experience what I had a few weeks ago.


But after practicing 10 Minutes Awakening for two weeks, I finally found a revelation underneath the rubbles. You might want to test this program whether it will work the same for you or not.


In this case, here I will provide you a link to get 10 Minutes Awakening with special price:




The regular price of 10 Minutes Awakening is $397, but by following the link above you can get the whole program and its bonuses for only $47!


Moreover, it comes with 60 days money back guarantee, no question asked that you can claim anytime during the period of time in case you are not satisfied with what you get.


Wait, do we really get only 3 audio tracks for $47? NO.


With the initial purchase you will not only be granted access to the program, but also a lot of bonuses that I even need a whole chapter to list it.


List Of Bonuses (A Lot Of Bonuses)


content 10 minutes awakening

See All Those Bonuses!


See, I need a whole new chapter to list the bonus because there are a lot of bonuses included in it. Here are the bonuses I got from my purchase:




#1. Melt Away Stress: A powerful Theta Wave program that uses miraculous vibrations to induce an instant calming effect that gets deeper and more relaxing over time.


This program is made to melt away those burdens and negativity in your thoughts as soon as possible, and this program costs $200 in separate purchase.




#2. Purify and Heal: It uses gamma wave technology to spark a physical change and real healing in your body, down to the cellular level.


The power of this frequency simply cannot be overstated. I’ve seen it heal those in pain and rejuvenate the most exhausted, overworked people around.


bonus sleep


#3. The Flow State: This bonus program rapidly triggers your brain’s alpha waves to give you a huge boost in focus and mental clarity. This program is pretty similar to The Flow State program that I have reviewed before.


If you’re trying to build a new business at home, score a big promotion, or simply tap into your full potential for creativity and focus, this program is an absolute necessity for you.




#4. Creative Sleep: Creative Sleep is designed to turn your nightly slumber into a powerful moment of creativity and innovation.


So, not only you can get the good rest from sleeping during the night, but it will also become the highway of new and creative ideas that you can make into something real the next day.


bonus binaural


#5. Bonus Alpha Binaural Track: This bonus binaural track will give you access to self-improvement anywhere anytime. Alpha state is the state where we become creative and calmer.


#6. Bonus Theta Binaural Track: The theta state is where your subconscious mind is being accessed. With this bonus track, you are granted the key to accessing it anywhere anytime.


Verdict And Conclusion


In conclusion, here are the things I want to tell you:


  • The requirements to do the program are: around 10 minutes free time to listen to the audio, silent environment, good earphones, and of course the program.


  • The experience I felt after doing each session are: slight sleepiness, lighter breathe and shoulder, warm feelings around my guts. In my own words, like waking up to rainy Sunday morning.


  • The changes I discovered in myself are: getting rid of my anxiety, cleared up my minds about my current matters, calmness and better decision making in my gaming experience.


Based on those, would I recommend this program to you? Personally, I would. Here are some reasons to back my statement:


  • This program comes with 60 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results you get.


  • 10 Minutes Awakening is so simple that it can be practiced anywhere anytime, as long as you have access to it or its downloaded audio.


  • It has a lot of bonuses that if sold separately will cost $249. Every single item in the bonuses will give you even bigger chance to improve yourself.


  • It showed some results to me, and I’m pretty happy with what the programs brought me in return for my faith in the last two weeks.


In addition to that, here are some points you may need to pay attention to:


  • Some of the requirements might be difficult to fulfill, as for me I had to buy new earphone and wait until around midnight to do this program at my best.


  • Results might not show immediately like how I finally noticed the result only after the second week after joining this program. Some other people might require more time.


  • This program is fully digital in the form of audio tracks that can be accessed both online and offline. There is no physical product you can get from this program.


  • I experience sleepiness while listening to the sounds, which may mean it should not be done while you are doing stuffs that requires your full attention such as driving.




The result that everyone get from this program may vary greatly, thus 10 Minutes Awakening includes 60 days money back guarantee to ensure customer’s satisfaction.


The results I got for practicing it for two weeks is not the final result, since this program is designed to be 3 weeks long.


For the best result, it is advised to listen to the audios in silent environment with proper pair of earphones


This program only provides digital contents in form of downloadable audio without physical products.


Users may experience sleepiness during practicing the program, thus it is strongly advised to avoid using it in moments that require full attention.





8.1 Total Score

Easiness To Practice
Requirements To Practice
  • Program Is So Simple To Do
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • A Lot Of Bonuses
  • Results Can Be Seen Before Finishing The Program
  • Downloadable Materials & Bonuses
  • No Long Complicated Ebook To Read
  • Only 10 minutes a day
  • Requires Quiet Condition And Good Earphone
  • Author Is Not Famous
  • Only Giving Digital Product
  • Method May Be Boring For Some People
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