How Pianoforall Has Taught Me The Instrument In Just 2 Weeks!

Pianoforall Review – Naturally, humans are attracted to beautiful sounds, and some people call those beautiful sounds music. Not only as listeners, some people are committed enough to learn how to play musical instruments by themselves, even make their own songs.

But learning musical instrument is not an easy job. Many people have to spend years of their lifetimes to learn one specific instrument and still cannot call themselves as a pro. Indeed, some musical instruments are hard to learn and to play.

One of the examples is piano and keyboard. With about 88 keys in one instrument that can be played individually or in a harmony, it actually provides huge room for us to explore.

However, for commoners, even looking at the keys is already confusing.

I too thought that piano is one of the hardest instrument to play, especially because I play guitar and piano is played far differently from guitar. But it was until I joined a program called Pianoforall.

The program caught my attention when I found the site on the internet. The exact statement that drew my interest was: “Pianoforall is specially designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other method.”

Don’t you know that piano is actually one of the beginner-friendliest instruments?



Well, I wanted to learn piano, and I wanted to do it fast at least comparable enough to my ability to play guitar. That’s why, I decided to purchase the program and tested it out for two weeks.

The result?

Well, I want to share it to you all in this honest review of Pianoforall program created by Robin Hall and his team.


Want To Learn Pianoforall?


PianoforAll is More Than Just Tunes

Piano for All

Conventional pianos consist of 88 keys which each represents a tune in which we can play individually or in chord. But playing piano is more than just pressing a key or playing a tune in random order.

We need to understand harmonization between each tune and compositions of songs before we can really get the ‘sense’ right and play it well.

That’s why, traditional piano instruction usually begins with memorizing musical compositions, or so called Sight Reading. The purpose of this process is that the students can understand about the music itself before learning how to play it.

You might have touched piano or keyboard at least once in your life. Or maybe you have also played ‘Old McDonald’ in some random piano.

But just touching it and play a tune of it is not playing it well.

The purpose of learning musical instrument is that we and listeners can enjoy the songs we are playing and appreciate that. So, playing just do re mi fa sol la ti is not the real purpose of learning to play a musical instrument, including piano.

explanation with picture

In addition to that, piano and keyboard are musical instruments that can be played in almost any musical style and genre. With this, it also means that both of the instruments are not intended to be only included in classical style of play.

Pianoforall provides thorough foundation to learning piano, not just tunes.

Furthermore, as the site said, it provides you a way to learn “the alphabet so that you could construct YOUR OWN sentences.”

It lets you learn any style you want, instead of forcing you to play only pop, classical, or jazz songs.

I have purchased the program and tried it out myself for two weeks straight.

As given in the instruction to learn it about 20 to 30 minutes a day, I already feel the improvement I made from completely zero.

I will even give you a video I recorded from before learning and after learning.


Interactive Anywhere

I enjoy playing music by myself, with my guitar, and singing into my favorite songs. But even though I play guitar, I am always captivated to piano sounds in many songs.

In my opinion, some songs are even better with piano (no offense to pro guitarists though). Two songs in particular that I think better played with piano, are Regina Spektor’s “Us” and Radwimps’ “Sparkle”. However, as I cannot play piano myself, I cannot reproduce the greatness I got from the songs.

But I wanted to, thus I decided to learn to play piano.

I need to travel a lot, thus I cannot take a stay-home piano course, especially the expensive ones. Autodidact is my only choice, but I still need a guide on how to play piano because I have no clue about the black and white keys in it.

Pianoforall provided the solution for my needs, because I can learn the theory anywhere I go and practice it anytime I have spare time.

With only 20 to 30 minutes a day to learn basic piano theory and practice it later in my spare time, which in my case I used my friend’s keyboard, I always had time for two weeks straight to learn it from zero.

But mobility is not the only thing that Pianoforall offers. It also offers interactive learning with playable contents that can be played offline.


Check Pianoforall Out Yourself

Everything In One Program

I have purchased the program and learned from it to play piano for two weeks straight. Even though at first I had no idea what will the program could give me, but after two weeks I got the point.

Pianoforall gives you anything you want to learn about how to play piano to intermediate level, except living tutor. Yes, I can play piano a bit now because of this program.

So, is it really worth it?

I found that Pianoforall is worth it, because it contains:

1. 10 interactive E-Books that will give you the foundation to play piano and how to build on that foundation.

2. 500 embedded audios that will give you better understanding about the right sounding

3. 200 video lessons for even better and complete guidance

4. Lifetime email supports

That’s not all!

You can also get a bonus E-Book Increase Your Creative Ability 400% that will not only help you to learn the program faster, but can also be applied in your other activities!

This bonus is almost similar to compact version of a program called Hack The Flow State by C Wilson Meloncelli that we have reviewed months ago.

And all of those things can be purchased for only $39! Can you find a better deal?


What’s Pianoforall Talking About?

This program can actually be divided into two sections as mentioned above: one is for the foundation, and the other is for how to build on that foundation.

As there are 10 interactive e-books included in it, each e-book will teach you different steps of learning how to play piano or keyboard.

The first 4 books which are Party Time, Blues & Rock n Roll, Chord Magic, and Advanced Chords will help you to learn piano in shortest time possible by learning chords.

1. Party Time: This book will give you the most basic lessons and tips/tricks in piano playing, using easy to play party rhythms.

2. Blues & Rock n Roll: After you have got a grip in basic notes, here in this book you will be given a polish for your basic understanding by modifying your chords based on blues and rock n roll progression

3. Chord Magic: This book will help you to learn better about the formation of chords and how to play it better like magic

4. Advanced Chords: Enough of basic lessons, this is your first step for advanced piano playing. A lot of tips and tricks is in this book.

Thus, the first 4 books will give you not only basic knowledge about playing piano, but will also show you the tricks and formulas to speed up your learning process.

While the rest of the e-books which are Ballad Style, two versions of All That Jazz & Blues, Advanced Blues, Taming The Classic, and Speed Learning will help you to build your musical skill based on the lessons in the first 4 e-books.

1. Ballad Style: As mentioned above that this program is more than basic piano learning, in this book you will learn how to play ballad style piano and maybe create your own song.

2. All That Jazz & Blues: La La Land is about a jazz piano musician, and this book will help you to learn about how to be Sebastian Wilder in real life.

3. Advanced Blues: This is the advanced version of book 2, with much more information about ‘new’ tones you can play in piano.

4. Taming The Classic: Classical piano is said to be the most basic thing to learn when learning piano. Pianoforall doesn’t want to leave it out, and you will learn about it here.

5. Speed Learning: Memory tricks and exercises given by the book will help you play better and better each day.


Download Page

All of them are easy to understand and applicable directly on your keyboard/piano.

And since all of those programs are designed as E-Books, you can access it anywhere anytime. Even when you are away from your piano.

I did my program this way: anytime I have a break from my works, I read about the theory and imagine what would I do with my imaginary keyboard.

After I come home from work, I tried to put into practice what I have done in my imagination and add some additional practices according to the program I am currently in.

I couldn’t imagine that learning piano is that easy, even easier that typing with 10 fingers, thanks to Pianoforall.


Pianoforall Makes Learning Piano Easy

Honest Thing I Say About PianoforAll

Welcome Page


The Pianoforall Welcome Page

Maybe I seem like I am praising this program too much because I have never enrolled for any ‘real’ piano course.

However, as a beginner, I really got so much information indeed from following Pianoforall about how to play piano and keyboard.

My first song ever played (really played, not just pressing tunes) is Stand By Me by Ben E King.


And I am really proud to have been able to play the song, even though it seems like I need more practice to play it better.

Okay, back to my review.

As I mentioned above, the program consists of 10 interactive e-books that we can access anywhere anytime. And by interactive, it means that the e-books consist of sounds and videos that can be played from the e-book itself.

Thus, we will not only be able to read it and play the music in our heads, but we can actually listen to and watch the examples showed.


embedded video pianoforall

Example Of Embedded Video

This course will not also give you the basics, but after the first four books, you will be able to learn about intermediate level of piano playing.

It will also give you a lesson in playing piano for basic music genres: blues, jazz, and classical. As well as speed playing that will help you move between chords faster for more fluent sound.

What makes it interesting for me personally is that the explanations about chords in piano is not as difficult as I imagined, and maybe just simpler than guitar chords.

It is even easier to learn when you know that piano has what it is called as ‘root’ position. Basically you will just need to place your hands on the right place and you will be able to play.

But it covers not only the basics.

This program also let you learn variations of most popular piano playing styles like blues, jazz, ballad, and classical after you get a grip about the basics.

My favorite part is when I learn about fingering, piano scales, and arpeggio in the Speed Learning e-book. The reason is not only because I can level up my piano playing, but the musical information in this program is pretty much applicable for guitar too.

musical notation with embedded music

In example, it also helps you to learn how to read musical notes.

Not only guitar, by reading musical notes we can basically play any musical instrument. This is very useful for me personally, because by learning the progression of notes in piano I am able to apply it to guitar too.

You can learn it all offline. That’s a big deal for autodidact learners.


Let alone the fact that Robin Hall and his team even mentioned their contact email address on the website so that students can contact them directly for helps and suggestions.

Even though I have never tried to contact Mr. Hall myself, many said that he is very responsive.

Oh, and I should not forget to mention about the bonus e-book Increase Your Creative Ability 400%. The bonus E-book tells us about how to slow down and be mindful, so that we can learn things more effectively whether it is piano lessons or anything else.


information in bonus book

Example Of Bonus Book Contents


Because I have experienced the lessons myself, I think there are some things that need improvements in this program.

First thing I noticed is that the audio and video embedded in the E-Book will stop when you flip the page. I find it is hard to effectively learn about lessons with multiple pages when the audio is only embedded in the first page of it.

Should the audio and video can keep playing when it is flipped, it would be easier for us to learn from the e-books.


embedded music

Example Of Embedded Sound

Another thing that I think can be improved is how the lesson explain about specific tunes. In the lesson, you will find that the books will give you the chord and tunes of popular songs like Fly Me To The Moon, Stand By Me (in which I played in the video), and Ballad Of John And Yoko.

Even though the sound I produced from playing the chords given by the book covers the basic part of the songs, but I think on-point details and improvisation needs to be given too. Not just the basic parts, because I think the beauty of a song is in its smallest details (tunes).


content pianoforall

Example Of Content

Oh, and another thing that I personally should mention about this program is that the examples use classic (legendary) songs from back then.

I think it should be awesome, in my humblest opinion, if some of the examples also include more modern and contemporary songs, like Coldplay’s The Scientist or maybe The Temper Trap’s Love Lost.

But overall I think the program is very informative, and it has taught me pretty well about how to play piano and keyboard from completely zero point.


Testimonies From Other Students

Of course I will give you some testimonials from other students who have enrolled for this program. Here are some testimonials I found in the main website:



Bob Bowan, Arkansas


Hi Robin, Your course is everything that you and others said it would be. The lessons are do-able and satisfying. Your videos and sound bites make everything quite clear. I didn’t think I could make the piano sound this good so quickly. If I weren’t so lazy, I would be doing even better. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who wants to learn the piano. Thanks so much. You are making a dream come true.


Mike Epstein, Ramat Razi’el, Israel


Hi Robin, Recently bought your series and think it is incredible.  My mother was a classically trained pianist and my father was a bar room “by ear” player and I always wanted to be sort of combination of them.  Your set of books has made it all fun for me again.  Could never be bothered by all the technical stuff, just wanted to sit and play.  Pianoforall is great. Thanks, Andy.


Andy Godfrey, NY, USA


Who Is The Mentor of PianoforAll?

robin hall pianoforall

Robin Hall is an Ireland-based piano mentor known for his extensive experience in piano tutoring. He is also known as a cartoonist and cognitive behavioral therapist.

Pianoforall is the fruit of his own experience in teaching piano for more than 10 years that he has developed himself.

Being unimpressed with conventional piano course that takes so much time and dedication, Hall decided to make a breakthrough in piano learning that can be done anywhere anytime.

The motto of the program is that Everyone Can Play Piano. Pianoforall not only makes piano learning easier, but it also adds the ‘fun’ element in learning how to play the instrument.

Since 2006, this program has shared the knowledge to around 200,000 happy students worldwide who started from completely zero knowledge about playing piano. The number is said to keep on growing.

“My goal in life is to share my passions and to make whatever seems complicated EASY! I believe we all have a great capacity for learning – if we are taught in the right way! Learning should be FUN :-),” he  stated in Udemy.


I’m Interested, How Can I Purchase It?


Well, it is not unusual if you are interested in this program after reading the reviews of it. As mentioned earlier, you can enroll for the program from the official website.

The regular enrollment price is only $79 with 60 Days No Question asked 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't like it for any reason.

But if you follow the link below, you can get the whole program for only $39!

You can also pay additional $10 for its DVD ROM that will be delivered worldwide without any extra shipping fee, consisting of everything in the program!


the bonus

The Bonus

Again, by purchasing this program you will not only able to learn about piano playing. The bonus e-book, Increase Your Creative Ability 400%, will tell you about how to slow down and be mindful.


Pianoforall Is Suitable For Beginner

Verdict And Conclusion

In my humblest and most honest opinion,

Pianoforall is a program that contains a lot of information about how to play piano from beginner to intermediate level. Not only teaching about the basics, but it also contains more advanced lessons such as musical notes and chord progression.

This program is preferable for those who want to learn piano anywhere anytime. There is no need to sacrifice your freedom in terms of time and place compared to regular piano lessons. You can learn at your own pace in your own time.

I tried the program for two weeks straight and I found that it has taught me some things about piano playing from completely zero. I also attached my video before and after the two weeks lesson I took to show you how much improvements I have made.

Even though I myself feel satisfied with the program, but there are some minor things that I consider need to be improved further.

In example, the choice of songs included as practice would be better if it includes more ‘modern’ songs. Additionally, if the author can somehow make the sounds embedded in the E-Book playable when flipping pages, it would be better too, I think.



Pianoforall offers 60 days 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked, to ensure customers’ satisfaction. It is also a one-time purchase program; you don’t need to pay again for anything else at any time.

The whole program is a guidance on how to play piano and keyboard, thus you need to practice with real piano or keyboard to make sure you get something from it. Further improvements in your piano or keyboard skill depends on your determination to physically learn the musical instruments.

When purchasing the program, you will be offered to pay additional $10 for its DVD ROM version that contains everything it has. Even though the shipping fee is free, it is your choice whether you want it or not.

Because the e-books are PDFs and contain Flash Media, make sure you have Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash installed in your device. The link to download the software is included in the download page, though.


Pianoforall With $40 Discount

8.9 Total Score

  • The author is a legit expert
  • Easy to do anywhere anytime
  • Thorough step-by-step courses
  • 100% money back guarantee for 60 Days
  • I Can Learn Piano Only In 2 Weeks
  • A Lot of Content
  • Suitable for Beginner or Advanced
  • Rather Outdated Songs
  • Video And Audio Stop When Flipping Pages
  • Needs To Install Additional Software Like Flash
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