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The Vertigo & Dizziness Program By Blue Heron Health News Review

Have you ever experienced vertigo?

Some people in this world suffer from vertigo, and my husband is one of them.

If vertigo attacks, he feels dizziness, unsteadiness, vomiting, and the spinning or moving of his surroundings.

The signs and symptoms of vertigo can come and go suddenly.

It is commonly lasting less than one minute but its sensation is very irritating. So, he visits doctor every time he get vertigo.

There is no specific treatment from doctor, just physical examination and prescription for several pills.

The pills are temporary relief, but sometime the symptoms of vertigo usually come back again unexpectedly.

By then, I searched for some information about vertigo and how to treat it.

I found that, in fact, VERTIGO IS NOT A DISEASE.

Basically, vertigo arises because of an interference with the EAR or BRAIN.


Source: Pixabay

There are two types of vertigo: peripheral and central vertigo.

    • Peripheral vertigo is the most often occurred, which is caused by a disturbance in the inner ear.
    • Whereas Central vertigo is vertigo caused by a disturbance in the brain or central nervous system.



There are several conditions that can cause vertigo. Some of these factors can increase a person's risk for vertigo. Among others are:

      • Aged above 50 years.
      • Got an accident.
      • Have a family's history of vertigo.
      • Experiencing severe stress.
      • Consuming alcohol.
      • Smoking

In reality, my husband's aged is under 40 years old. He does not consume alcohol and non-smoker.

However, I remember that my husband had an accident long time ago and since then he has a slight disturbance in his EARS.

Maybe that's what caused him to get vertigo but … I’m not sure for that, that is just my thought.


Some Vertigo Treatment Exercises can Relief Vertigo

My friend told me that the vertigo is usually triggered by specific changes in the position of a head.

This may occur when you lift your head up or down, when you lie down, or when you turn around or sit on a bed.

It is very IMPORTANT to TREAT the cause of vertigo, namely tension in the face and neck muscles by doing SOME EXERCISES.

While vertigo can quickly become frustrating and hinder your daily activities, there are SOME EXERCISES that can provide HELP.

I find a step-by-step of exercise from an e-book entitled The Natural Vertigo And Dizziness Relief Exercise Program.



Source: Pixabay


Inside of the Vertigo Treatment Exercises Program

Christian Goodman, the author, discover the methods and techniques that are used TO CURE VERTIGO AND DIZZINESS.

In this guideline, Goodman will show us how to relief the vertigo without using drugs.

The vertigo treatment exercises program is split into FOUR MAIN PARTS to exercise, let’s check it out:


1. Neck Relief Exercises

2. Head Exercises

3. Neck And Shoulders Exercises

4. Tension Removal Exercises

On average, there are 4 – 6 exercises on each part. You don't need to push yourself to do all the exercises.

But, trying to consistently do Part 1 (Neck Relief Exercises) and Part 2 (Head Exercises) will be good for you because those are the most important parts in this program.


Proof of My Purchase



Okay, let's check in more detail on each part!

1.    Neck Relief Exercises

This part is focused on neck relaxation to release tension from the muscles around the neck and ears.

2.    Head Exercises

These exercises is about head exercises to release the tension in the neck and ears so your dizziness will be healed.

3.    Neck And Shoulders Exercises

This part contains some neck and shoulder exercises to pump fresh oxygen into the neck, shoulder and up to the head.

But, if you have had neck accident, don’t practice this part!!

4.    Tension Removal Exercises

This last part is intended to eliminate emotional and physical tension which are the very common cause for vertigo and dizziness.

Remember that you need to follow the directions in details and don't be tempted to overdo any one of the exercises. The time advised is there for a reason so follow it.


Who is Christian Goodman?

This book authored by Christian Goodman, who is CEO of Blue Heron Health News and also an alternative health expert.

To be honest, it difficult for me to find the profile of Goodman since in LinkedIn there is so many “Christian Goodman” names but I didn't find the one.

No photo shows the author of this vertigo treatment program.

I found a website on explaining that Christian Goodman is an Icelandic therapist, natural health researcher and the author of several health related books and hundreds of online and offline articles.

I also found another website: and Facebook Blue Heron Health News.


Blue Heron Health News Vertigo Treatment Exercise

Blue Heron Health News's Facebook

Someone called Christian Goodman is still actively UPDATE a health article on there.

Christian Goodman has authored several books of health. Beside The Natural Vertigo And Dizziness Relief Exercise Program, the other books are The Natural Blood Pressure Program and The Stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea Program. Most of his book is focused on the alternative health, without using drug treatment.


Experience after Doing Vertigo Treatment Exercise Program

I suggested my husband to do vertigo exercises. I thought, the program was very simple, why not to try it?

Because my husband has to go to the office every morning at 7 am and go home at 6 pm, I didn’t push him to do all exercises in this program.

So, I just recommend him doing 2 important parts: neck and head exercises.

It is not possible to do exercises in the morning because he rushed to the office, so he did after office hour.

He tried this program for one week. In total, he spent about 20 minutes every day to exercises: 15 minutes for part 1 and 5 minutes for part 2.

He did all step by step in order.


The Result?

During he did the exercise, the vertigo and dizziness did not come.

Even after he didn't do it again for several weeks, the vertigo didn't appear. We hope the vertigo and dizziness HAVE GONE FOREVER.

Since my husband applied the vertigo and dizziness program, he was no longer absent from his work just because of vertigo.

… and he did not take dizziness reliever again.

After one week trial for this program and he stop doing vertigo exercises, THERE ARE NOT SIDE EFFECTS OF THIS PROGRAM.

I can say that the vertigo and dizziness program is really work!

Well, now, do you think that it's just a coincidence that vertigo hasn't recurred?

Yes maybe. That's what I think.

….. because I understand that the symptom of vertigo and dizziness can occurred anytime and anywhere unpredictable.

But …  if one day the vertigo returns, at least we know what the treatments and what the right exercises should be done because we have read and practice the exercise in this vertigo exercises.


Do I Recommend The Vertigo & Dizziness Program ?

I searched for some testimonials before I bought this e-book, but nothing.

Then, I read the Wendy’s story here:


Vertigo Treatment Exercise wendy's story

Story about Wendy

Because her situation is similar with what happened to my husband, I was curious to follow her vertigo treatment story until I got the answer in this vertigo exercises book.

After practicing the exercise during 1 week, I see a result on my husband. So, I will recommend this program to people who are:


1.    Often get vertigo and dizziness attack

2.    Depend a lot on medication

3.    Have no much time to do workout

4.    Doesn't want read thick healthy book

WARNING: If you've had neck accident in the past, you should not practice PART  3 of this program. 


How To Purchase ?

The Natural Vertigo And Dizziness Relief Exercise Program by Christian Goodman can actually be purchased through the official website.



This program costs only $49.89 for the complete program.

This program offers 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. So, you can try this program for few weeks and if you don't get a result just REFUND!. Click here to refund.


Final Verdict

I told you that all of the exercise in this book is easy for everyone, even for very busy man!

Just take a little bit of your leisure time to do the exercises, every time and everywhere you can do it.

There are no extreme or dangerous part to practice, except you had neck accident in the past, AVOID PART 3!

The instruction is very simple and clear with a step-by-step picture. It just takes about 20 – 30 minutes for the two part (yes, because you don't need to do all exercises if you can't)

No side effect from this program. You can take advantage if your vertigo and dizziness go away after practicing the exercises.

Maybe some people feel that it's pricey for purchasing the vertigo treatment exercises program. But, you can try and prove that this program works well. If nothing changes after you practice this program, just refund it. As simple as that.

I recommend you to try this program since I see the changes after my husband practice it during one week.



This vertigo treatment exercises is nothing if it is not used. So, take the action of this program in right way. But please remember that result will vary for everyone. You should meet a medical person if your vertigo and dizziness are too painful and never ends.




8.2 Total Score

Author Info:
  • Content is easy understand
  • Exercise is easy to do, any time and anywhere
  • Materials are quick to read. Only 23 Pages
  • Instructions are clear, equipped with pictures
  • There's no side effect of this program
  • My Husband Has Feel The Result
  • There's no guarantee of the result
  • The cost is a bit pricey
  • It doesn't include scientific explanation
  • Unclear Author Biography
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