My Experience with Power Quadrant System, I’ve Try It!


About Power Quadrant System

Have you heard that your true abilities is encoded in your DNA?

Or, maybe you also have heard that achieving success can be determined by your birth date???

That sounds like IMPOSSIBLE to be real, right? Because it has no scientific reason completely …

Otherwise, Ric & Liz have different opinion about this.

They said that they had discovered the secret of code hidden in ancient calendar that can help people to find their true personality to achieve their successful life.



(Source: Pixabay)

The methods called The Power Quadrant System.

Then I thought … How can it be, just by looking the ancient calendar then it can distinguish our lives???

That’s so mysterious, however, before I rejected it as a Power Quadrant System scam, I tried it for myself, and I had to admit that the results were positive.


What’s it be like?

Here, we can see that there are four colours in a diagram.

Everyone has each colour and it has own meaning.



The Quadrant System

By following this method, we can understand how the colour system works and build a blueprint for ourselves.


Whether you are a red, blue, yellow, or white quadrant???

Then what will be happened to each colour?

Well, here you will find that if you’re a red so you shouldn’t work with a blue one.

Or, if you’re blue… Maybe you don't last long with people who don't put something in details

Here you know, what’s your colour and what should you do to achieve your goal in your career, marriage live, and so on.



Who are Ric and Liz Thompson?

Ric and Liz Thompson, the authors of Power Quadrant System, had to study hard and spent many years to discover the system called Power Quadrant System and how it works.

Before they started using this system to run their company, everything didn't always run so well. One day they faced a complete meltdown of a their big company. In the end, they realized everything was crashing simply because Liz was being forced to do the type of thing she wasn't meant to do, according to the code of this ancient calendar.


ric and liz thompson

Ric and Liz Thompson

Ric Thompson is the co-founder of Healthy Wealthy nWise, Internet Marketing TNT and Small Business CEO magazines and Done For You Solutions offering services for busy entrepreneurs. As the Internet visionary and serial entrepreneur, Ric Thompson has worked for more than 12 year.

Meanwhile his spouse, Liz Thompson, is a successful entrepreneur, creator and co-founder of the top online magazine, Healthy Wealthy nWise, as well as She confess that her successful because she likes to share her knowledge

From the information I got about them, it can be verified that Ric and Liz are the real author of this book. And they discovered this system based on their true story.


What to expect from Power Quadrant System

I read and followed this system since I had my own personal matter in my previous work office.

After 7 years involved and survived in a team work for so many projects handled, I was in a big confusion whether I will stay here for the next few years or end up everything.

I will not go into details, but just let's say I am bored and want to achieve another new goal in my life.

I won’t stuck with my routine, I want to free.


many questions

Many Questions (Source: Pixabay)

Then I asked to myself, is this my passion? Or I had to break and leave my comfort zone to make me happier?

Long story short, I have resigned. I left my office for good.

That’s not an easy option for me.

Maybe I’m happier now, but then how about the financial things? What's next action? Is this the true decision?

By following this Power Quadrant System, I just want to get answers about all the questions that come to mine.


I need someone to tell me if my decision is correct or not, and what should I do?



My Experience with Power Quadrant System

I find a lot of information in this course.

By listening to the audio for about 53 minutes course session, it had changed my point of view.

After I tried the course for myself, I must admit that I get positive result surprisingly.

I’m not saying that this course has changed my life after all. No, I’m not.

I understand that a life-changing is a long way and a lifetime process.

I am just going to tell you that this program has made me much more positive thinking and helped me to unlock my hidden potential in my life.


trust yourself

Trust Yourself (Source: Pixabay)

After this course, I know that self-knowledge and skill knowledge are different things.

Power Quadrant System has taught me to explore more about myself.


Who I am, what I’m thinking, what’s my strength, and so on to get myself better and more powerful.

If I have known about myself, then I can learn about skill knowledge. Here is clearly explained that skill knowledge is about how I reach everything I want in my life.

I’m happy with the result I got from this course.

Now, I’m sure what should I do for the next step after my resignation.

People might think that I’m jobless, but I find my happiness from my new status since I have much time to more recognize myself and I can do everything that I want.

I have planned to arrange a new self-project.

Starting it with an idea, create a detail planning, make some to-do lists… and of course I’m going to realize my idea to the real action!



I almost forgot to say that there is a dialog box that will take you to your personal cosmic energy profile. I've tried input my name, my email address and my birthday date. Then, amazingly it gave me detail information about myself.

According to my birthday date, it was said that my primary colour is WHITE. It showed me an overview about who am I and what the meaning of White spectrum. Since I am WHITE, this means I am a Thinker. The analysis is not false at all since I actually like to make some plans and prioritize.

However, not all explanations about myself are suitable with the reality. In my opinion, this is more like a horoscope about someone's destiny that actually has no scientific basis. It isn't mean that it's useless at all. I still can take on the positive side for self-evaluation regarding to the analysis provided.


To Whom this Power Quadrant System is Suitable for?

In my mind, this system is suitable for everyone who wants a better life.

For both of old and young people, man and woman, boss and staff, for everyone.

Of course this system very recommended for people who has “Career Depression”. That is they who locked into doing routine work that actually doesn’t match with their true goals in life.

Let’s take some questions here:

  • Do you ever have nagging doubts about the future of your career?
  • Does your job often make you feel discouraged or depressed?
  • Are you unclear about your career goals or future (and unhappy as a result?)
  • Is a sense of joy or passion completely missing from your work?

Well, if you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then you may need to take the signs of Career Depression very seriously.

There’s no harm if you trying the Power Quadrant System.

By simply taking the few minutes to fill out the workbook, you’ll gain incredible insights about many areas of your life as you go through the course. Don’t worry, there are NO wrong answers.


What came with the package?

The Power Quadrant System (Level 1) contains of 2 materials: 53 minutes of downloadable audio and 7 pages of workbook to print out (that are all about you and your lifestyle).

The entire program is online and downloadable.

power quadrant system

It means that you just need a gadget and internet to download all the contents, the entire 20 gigabytes of it, and access it anywhere and anytime on your devices.

The main program is about 53 minutes audio track explaining about the circle which is divided into 4 quadrants and its colours, the meaning of each colour, how to apply the Power Quadrant System in your entire life.

Also, in the end of this section, it shortly explained about the Mayan Ancient Calendar (I don’t really understand about it, so I skip about this part).

Meanwhile, The Power Quadrant System Course Workbook (in pdf format) accompanies the audio portion of this course. It’s not designed to be a standalone piece. You need to fill this out as you listen to get the most out of the Power Quadrant System.


During the program, you'll be asked to do some quick exercises. I'd recommend you printing out the workbook and provide a pen to do exercises. However, if you doesn’t print the material, I'd still strongly recommend you getting pen and paper so you can fully participate.



Beside the main materials (audio + pdf workbook), you will get some extra bonuses from purchasing the Power Quadrant System (Level 1). There are real life legends club and books. The detail as below:

  1. Real Life Legends Club

It’s like an “exclusive ticket” which give you access to the amazing club of stars. The superstars here such as Robert K, Wayne W Dyer, Rhonda B, etc told about life stories of their self-improvement. By joining with this club, you can enjoy hearing a lot of interview series every week from. This is your good opportunity to spend time with inspiring superstars and to listen to their strong motivations.


Real Life Legends Club - Power Quadrant System Bonuses

One of the Legend, Robert Kiyosaki


  1. Books

The package also comes with 2 free books. One of the books entitled “Change your mind, Change your life”. It explains that the concept of achieving success starts from our minds. This book taught us how to change negative to positive mind and how to open your mind. While the other book is “Action Blueprint” which contains step by step how to achieve any goals in your life. This book figure out the right action to take in getting results.


Power Quadrant System Free gift

Free gift


Power Quadrant System Upsell ( Level 2,3,4 )

There is also an upsell  :The next Level Power Quadrant System (let's say level 2,3,4) tells about the steps that must be taken to implement the system in several aspects of life such as health, love, and wealth. By the way, the video appear in this level is the same with the video in the first level. You need to download 11 workbook files. Each file contains about 23 pages. It seems like a lot of files have to be learned and you might feel bored instead of excited.

However, don't bother with this upsell, Skip it! My suggestion is to choose a suitable topic for now if you want to take action or find a solution. For example, you want to change your habits to improve your health, or maybe you want to improve your relationship with your partner. Just take a workbook on a particular topic, do some practices and answer the question.

Almost all workbooks have a similar format and various exercises. You will start with what your dreams are, what your planning and transformation process is, and what the actions you will take. You will get a score like doing a pretest and post-test.

By doing these steps, you will be more targeted and appropriate in the planning process for the realization of an action.


How to Purchase Power Quadrant System

You can buy this package through the official website. The price for a package normally is $7. But, I will share with you the way how to purchase this package for only $1.

Simple trick is, I pretended to close the page then suddenly there was an offer to buy all of these package for $1.

After buying Level 1, it will be offered an up-sell for the next level (2,3,4) by paying $27.

But my suggestion is to skip the Upsell, because it gives a little value to me

TIPS: Please remember, the free membership of the Real Life Legends Club is just one month. An additional cost will be charged if you register as monthly or annually member. So, don't make this free access useless.



Verdict and Conclusion

People don’t usually understand that there are different ways to think of thing and different ways to handling in the same problem. By learning The Power Quadrant System, you will have better understanding that everyone has their quadrant. They have their own way of thinking and solving problems. No need to fight each other, however, respect them and improve communication to fix the problems.

This system is recommended for you who want to make better life and pursue your dream. It can be applied in almost in all areas of life: career, work, love, wealth, health and so on.

I have learned about this system and I have applied this system for myself. Then, I get better result and answer upon all my questions. No matter that I don’t believe in ancient calendar told in this end of course. Just ignore it and follow only the step by step taught in this course.



Power Quadrant System is fit for everyone, however, the result may vary between the users. It depends on your willingness to change your life and to think positive. Remember that everyone have their own way to see and solve the problem.

By participating in this program, the effect does not immediately change my whole life. The main intention of this program is to help you get better understanding about who you are, positive minded, the way to recognize yourself better. You need to applied it continuously all your life. There’s no magic will happen instantly.



7.8 Total Score

Content Quality:
Upsell Quality:
  • Program and material are downloadable
  • Authors are real and credible
  • Affordable price comes with good content
  • The package comes with 2 useful extra bonuses
  • Course is not too easy-understand
  • Program has no scientific reason
  • The Upsell is worthless. Don't buy it
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