Old School New Body, Scam or Not? I’ve Practice it, This is My Honest Review

What do you think when you’re hearing about Old School New Body? There are some people saids that it is just a scam or another way to promote protein products. But if you’re curious, this is my experience after buying the program.



What is Old School New Body

Are you wondering whether weight lifting or cardio which will work best on loosing your weight? Or you have been in weight lifting for months, but there is no result on your body except pain? Then Old School New Body can be your answer.

Old School New Body is created by Steve and Becky Holman. The aim of the workout is to help user get youth-enhancing body shape throught the burning fat in a moderate way.

We always hear the key to being successful in weight training is pushing more weight or do training to failure for almost set.

But one of Steve and Becky’s friends, Vince Gironda said otherwise; the key to success in weight training is moderate weight which triggering fat-burning and hormone growth.

At first, Steve and Becky didn’t pay any attention to Gironda's words, but they changed their mind, when they got Gironda's log book.

Simply remind you, Vince Gironda was an author, personal trainer, and owner of Vince's Gym. He was also known as “Iron Guru” and have trained so many celebrities like William Smith, Clint Eastwood, Brian Keith, etc.

Steve began doing experiments, and revising the method which Gironda ever used. And finally found the best method which helped him reach the hormonal cascade and triggered fat-burning.

Steve and Becky called their system as Focus-4 Exercise Protocol, or F4x for short. Basic principle of this training is changing the fat into muscle. Thus, it is recommend that you should push the last set training until you can't lift anymore.

old school new body


About the author

Steve and Becky Holman

Old School New Body e-book wrote by Steve and Becky Holman.

Steve Holman is Chief Editor for Iron Man Magazine, and Becky is a regular contributor to the same magazine.

Steve has been training for weight lifting since he was 15. He has also written more than 20 books on weight lifting and nutrition, not to mention hundreds of articles that he has penned so far.

Becky has been working out for almost 25 years (though it was on and off working), when Steve starts doing research on F4x Protocol. Becky was the first person trying the system, and able to make a radical physical transformation in only two months.

John Rowley

Rowley is a full-time author, speaker, television and radio personality, and creator of E-Factor Diet and UX3 Perfect Meal. The media give him a name, America’s Lifestyle Strategist. He also contributed to Fox News, Martha Stewart, the Wall Journal Street and others.

What you get in the Old School New Body 

old school new body

By buying the package you will get a link to download some e-books about F4x Protocol and others information which will support you get success on the system.

  1. Old School New Body E-book
  2. F4x Quick Start Workout Guide
  3. Special Report: Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets
  4. Special Report: Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets
  5. Special Report: Ultimate Sex and Anti Aging Secrets
  6. Special Report: Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets
  7. Some audios interview with Tom Venuto, Kristi Frank, Bill Philips, Jennifer Nicole Lee and Shawn Philips as bonuses of the buying package
  8. Free book Arthritis Reversed which promised would be delivery to buyer’s door


Get Old School New Body System

How to do

As I mention above, F4x Exercise focus on 4 exercises only; but can train all over your body.

You only need to do exercise 3 days a week, with one day off between exercise. Each of the exercises should be done in 10-15 repetitions and rest 30-40 seconds for each repetition and set.

However, if you are beginner on weight lifting or, you have been a long while not lifted weights, it is better to do all of the entire set gradually.

According to the book, all of the set can be done in 30 minutes (including the rest duration). So, you only need 90 mins per week to do this weight training.

Don’t worry, if you buy the Old School New Body F4x Protocol, you will get a lot of guidances on how doing it in the right way.


What you need to do the exercise

There are at least three equipments to do the workout;

  1. Dumbbell in any weight which you can lift
  2. Adjustable bench
  3. Watch to help you time your rest durations.

If you don't have any of the equipment above, you still can do the workout though. Steve wrote some alternative moves on the e-book, as replacement for the two-equipments. However, if you want an advance training, Steve really recommended you to have a set of dumbbell and an adjustable bench to help you get the best result.


My experience after buying Old School New Body

I have been in the regular workout (aerobic, paleo, tabata) for almost 8 months when I found Old School New Body. I interested in the workout, because it is said, that I can do weight lifting at home. I always want to do weight training, but since I don’t have much time to go a gym, I just hold up adding weight training to my workout plan.

After downloading all of the e-book (I didn’t claim the book bonus anyway), I went straight to F4x protocol training hand-book. I read and took some notes about it.

There are some notes need to be pay attention before doing the workout. For instance how doing breathing during the workout to get the best result.


“The Ideal speed is one second to lift the weight and three second to lower.

So, before starting the training, I practised to breath in the correct way, with no dumbbell.

Using F4x protocol, we only need to do workout 3 times a week. And it is very recommended to do a cardiovascular workout on the rest-day.


How I do the training

As recommended by the old school new body handbook, that one should pick a weight which you can lift in 15 repetition, so I chose to use 0,5kg dumbbell (I ever read that 0,5kg is the lightest and the best weight to start weight training).

As the book said also, I did only two set on first and second week, and add one set in the third and fourth week.

On the first day I tried this method, everything was so easy for me. I could do the 10 repetitions without any problems. However I felt my tight so tense that night, until it felt so hard to move .

Even I knew that there was a possibility for me to feel the muscle tense, and I knew I should not stop from doing workout, I didn’t have a gut to do my daily training for the next day. So, I was just cycling around my neighbourhood without any intention for a workout.

old school new body

I still felt the tense even on the third day I did the training. I did my best to finish the two set repetition, but I chose to rest 40 seconds between the set.

Thanks God, my body was slowly adapted to the training. Now, after more than a month I did the training, all the set felt so easy to do. Of course I always push my last set until I can’t get more repetition. I also felt fitter and my health condition also improve.

Usually, I would easily lose breath if riding a bike on uphill street, moreover, when I got my 9-yo daughter on my bike. But now, I am not easily loosing breath anymore.

Workout at home with F4x system is very simple and “easy”, however, you can fall so bore sometimes. If so, try to get some up-beat songs to keep your spirit doing the workout.


Adding more protein on daily diet, and doing old school new body, can help you having leaner body

Adding more protein on daily diet, and doing old school new body, can help you having leaner body

We all knew that there is no great exercise result, without controlling the daily diet. So does F4x system; it won't give you the best result, if you don't follow the training with no healthy daily diet.

Steve wrote about the diet on the chapter 9 -11. And yes, it is also recommended protein suplements UX3 which created by John Rawley.

But, because my intention is not building muscle like Becky more over Steve, I didn't take their menu recommendation either the supplement. I just keep my daily diet, as my nutritionists suggested.

However, I still could gain leaner body, though I didn't follow the book recommendation. Of course, it's not as great as Becky (I just used this system for a month anyway), but I am glad with the result.


Get Old School New Body System

About the ebooks

As I told you above, that you will get 6 e-books when buying Old School New Body package. So, this is my opinion about those e-books.

Beside the simple-idea-but-good-result of the F4x protocol; I must say that it is a great book. You can get a lot of basic information about weight training, and the science behind it.

Knowing the basic science about the changing of the body when doing certain moves, helped me keep feeling excited about the training.

However, I do hope that the ebook came with one or two videos, so I could find out how to do F4x correctly. Yes, I have a big mirror when doing the workout, simply to make sure I do the moves like the book said; but, wouldn’t it be great if I could see the training in live not just a black and white picture?

The “Old School and New Body” ebook also equipped with some moves to help you release joint pain, daily diet recommendation, some tips and motivations, and advanced training to build muscle. It is another reason why I like this ebook.

I also love the second ebook, F4x Quick Start Workout Guide

Reading the title, I thought it was about all of the preparation I had to do before doing the training. But I was wrong, this second ebook was about the advance steps of the training.

F4x Quick Start Workout Guide consists of 15 pages long with some moves inspiration to shape and build your body. There are also some workout-worksheet-type which you can print and use to log your weight training.

You can do the recommended exercise in this book, if you want to get faster result, or more time to do exercise.

Though I love the first two ebook, but I do disappointed with the 4 others.

I felt like reading information which collecting from Google. There are no special reports that extremely helpful. Even some of the information have been known for a long time. Moreover the ebooks arranged in a very unattractive way, poor layout, and I just didn't have any willing to finish reading it.

Yes, it is helpful to have all the information in one place, however, in my opinion, it is not too related to the workout and not an essential part of it.


Old School New Body Testimonials

If you browse on Google about Old School and New Body review, you will find many people are hesitating about it. Moreover, their social media page was not updated for a long time. I saw their last update was on August 24th, but it was just re-sharing of their old post. No wonder, that it left doubt to the potential buyer.

However, I also found some positive reviews on the system .


Though I don't take their recommended supplements, but I would definitetly recommend Old School New Body and I personally use it regularly.


It is truly a proven training, one of melting fat training program that really works. And as a personal trainer, I still used it for many of my clients.

Calvin Gray

You may not lose weight or building muscle in a week, but yes, this system can improve your physical appearance and health. You may no need any weight loss program, if you have use F4x system.


Price for Old School New Body system

This simple workout also comes at a very reasonable price, $20. The regular price for the package is $50. But, there are a discount price in limited amount and price.

When the first time I visit this site I saw the price is $27, but today, when I write this review I saw its only cost $20.

There is also 60 days unconditional money back guarantee. so there is no risk at your side to try it


Get Old School New Body System


So, if you're asking me, is old school new body a scam or not, my answer is no. But if you were asking me, am I satisfied with the package, I said no.

Almost all of the advance trainings of the program needs to do with equipment. So, if I want shaper-body, I have to go to a gym anyway. Thus, it doesn't fit my first intention when buying this product; doing a weight lifting program at home.

But if you need a weight program, which simple and giving you a permanent lose weight, this system really will work for you.


Get Old School New Body System

8.4 Total Score

  • You only need 30 minutes to get shapper body
  • The workout system can be used both by women and men at any ages
  • Simple system workout but proven result
  • Created By Real Author
  • 60 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  • It needs some times to get the desired result
  • No video guidance to help understand the correct workout move
  • User need to have some equipments for advance training
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  1. Am pleased with this product. Easy read, good advice and information. Decent workouts. I prefer phase two. Using dumbbells or resistance bands. Performing six sets of ten or eight sets of eight. Good value in my opinion.

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