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Online Guitar Lesson JamPlay; My Review as Zero-Experience Player

Wondering is JamPlay is good for a very, very guitar-beginner like you? Below is my review after joining on online guitar lesson JamPlay.

Change Your Life in 6 Weeks with Jon Butcher Lifebook Program

If you want to have happy, successful, balance, and fulfillment in life, you have to take responsibility to figure it out by yourself. Because there is a magic ...

My Personal Experience as a Non-Native, on Jim Yang Teaching Children Learning to Read

Got a headache because of your child is still unable to read ,though he has been in elementary school? I have succeeded in helping my daughter learning to read ...

My Personal Review of 30 Day Superbrain Quest by Jim Kwik – I’ve Try it

Superbrain combines the latest and the best neuroscience, speed learning, and the top techniques to upgrade your brain. This course also promises to change ...

The Secret Mirror 3.0 Joe Vitale Full Review – I’ve Learn and Try it for 3 Months

The Secret Mirror Review - Have you ever felt (or even always feel) in doubt that your dreams or goals will come true someday? My experience with The Secret ...

My Cellulite Solution by Galvin Walsh – I’ve Buy it. My Personal and Honest Review

My Cellulite Solution Full Review & Story - Each month, I always look up for another workout move. Usually, I go to YouTube or looking at Google for some ...

Old School New Body, Scam or Not? I’ve Practice it, This is My Honest Review

Are you wondering whether weight lifting or cardio which will work best on loosing your weight? Or you have been in weight lifting for months, but there is no ...

Forgiving the Past with Ho’oponopono Technique –  A Review of Ho’oponopono Certification Practitioner Course

Yes, it is not simply how to practice Ho'oponopono to heal oneself trauma or others emotional feeling, but this course is also aimed to give you skills and ...

Become a Better-me with Numerology Report from

It is begun from the ancient Chaldean who famous for their skills in astrology. They stated that things are composed of energy which are varied in vibration. ...

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