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Love or Above is an intuitive way to help you get the answers for some big questions about yourself. What do I live for? Can it be better? Which one should I choose? etc.

It may help you to make the best decision when there are only a few clues to be considered. The sharp intuition will let you to find a path.

Most people are almost completely shut out from their highest vibrations, and therefore are missing out on living their greatest lives.

It makes their consciousness is stuck in low vibrational frequencies. And this not only blocks progress, but it creates unnecessary stress and unhappiness.

Love or Above teaches you how to shift your energy to change your life. A free masterclass is also provided to decide whether it's worth or not to purchase.


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I already follow the free masterclass and full course. Now I will share with you my opinion about it.

Love Above Course



What is Love or Above?

vibration scaleThis term came from The Scale of Consciousness in a book written by David R. Hawkins, Ph.D, Mh.D, Power vs. Force. He has a scale of zero to 1000.

if your level was of shame, you would be close to death, the vibration of 20. Shame means you are not enough. Guilt is a level of 30. Guilt means that youʼre bad.

To raise your consciousness level you would have to start eliminating all the guilt and shame from your life.

Love is the vibration of 500. So itʼs the halfway mark that moves you towards the
positive polarity of things.

Love or Above program works on raising our personal energetic frequency levels. These can help you stay at the vibrational level of 500 or above.

You can attract enhanced wealth and abundance, or improved physical and mental wellbeing.  You'll be among the most happy, joyful, peaceful and kind people.


How Does it Work?

Love or Above program provide 12 tools to accelerate your connection to higher vibrations. They are:

  • Muscle Testing: Make The Right Decisions At All Times
  • How To Ask Life-Changing Questions: Learn The Simple Questions That Can Open Up A World of Possibility
  • The Wisdom Meditation: Connecting To Your Infinite Self
  • Connecting To Your Guides Meditation: Getting Support From A Higher Power
  • The Energy Detox: Cleaning Up Negative Residual Energy From Your Being
  • Energy Radar: Becoming Immune To The Negative Energies Of Those Around You
  • The Cord Cutting Meditation: Removing Old, Unresolved Energy Patterns That No Longer Serve You
  • Vision Board Energizer: The Next Level In The Vision Board Exercise
  • Key To Self-Mastery: How To Manifest Your Desires, Faster And More Often
  • Getting Into Your Heart Space: Creating A Calm, Cool Confidence To Stride Toward Your Dreams
  • Blessing Ball Of Light: Learning The Art Of Giving “Blessings”
  • Spiritual First-Aid For Families: Creating More Loving Bonds Within Your Family

The free masterclass covers a few things about this 12 tools that are actually a great benefit on its own.


OK, I'll Try The FREE Masterclass

The Love Or Above Spiritual Toolkit helps you:

  • Clear invisible blocks and self-destructive patterns from your energetic blueprint
  • Dramatically amplify your manifesting power
  • Uncouple from negativity caused by low-vibrational holding patterns.
  • Enjoy better results and outcomes with all your other personal growth practices.


What Do You Get?


Love or Above Product Digital

This is what you get from Love or Above Course:


  • Six Modules of “Love Or Above Spiritual ToolKit” with 12 powerful spiritual tools in audio version
  • Companion Workbook

The modules have step-by-step practical exercises with additional tips, examples and information to strengthen your understanding as you progress through each module.

Companion workbook contains a selection of micro tools to supplement the primary 12 tools. There are:

  • Light Contract: A proven declaration to make the universe aware of your intentions so it can support you in every way.
  • Attitudes of Gratitude Journal: A 3-step guided action plan to double your energetic frequency.
  • Truth Detector: Recognizing your true intuition.
  • Fear Buster: What to do if fear or anger show up.
  • Space Cleanser: Instantly suck negative energy out of any space or place.
  • Intuitive Awareness Questionnaire: Supplements the Life-Path Optimizer to help you recognize the right answer.


The Bonuses!


You also will get these 2 FREE Bonuses, instant access to the following:

  • In-Depth Insights: Intimate Interviews with Christie Marie
  • “Love or Above” Transcript Series: You can download the audio and pdf files when you don’t have access to internet.


Join Christie in these eye-opening intimate interviews as she explores the future purpose of humanity and the role you play.

The 3 interviews you’ll get to enjoy are:

  • Raising Conscious Children
  • Indigo Generation
  • The Future of Humanity: What it Really Means to Your Energy & Life Purpose

Everyone learns differently. You can choose to listen, read, or do a combination of both with the transcript! Simply do whatever suits your learning style the best.


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Who is This Product Suitable For?

ANYONE can do this. You don’t need to be a Love or Above full course student, and you don’t need any meditation experience. So, you can teach this program to your kids to build a higher vibration in your family.



The program can be a little overwhelming when you first start it. But don’t worry, we have a few suggestions for you.

  • The list of audios allows you to jump directly to the exercises, meditations, and journaling you wish to do.
  • There is also a roadmap at the end of welcome page. Use it to choose a category of your life you want to focus on and jump directly for that area.
  • The program is under your control. If you feel called to a different module go ahead and give it a try. Or, stick for a while with a section that really resonates.


Who is The Instructor?


Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie Sheldon is an intuitive healer and energetic coach. She connects to the Infinite realm to shift, change, and transform people’s lives.

Christie has worked with over 30,000 clients, some of whom are renowned political and business leaders. She demonstrates these talents on the radio and in seminars.

She is Mindvalley’s #1 bestselling and most viral author, celebrated for her uncanny ability to access people’s energy fields.


My Opinion About Love or Above

I was an intuitive person in a certain phase of my life. So, I know this program really works.

Even now I am more a thinker, sometimes I use intuition when I have to make a decision immediately without enough data to be considered.

I practiced most of this program and skipped several modules because they are forbidded in my religion. Such as asking angel for help.

And it's okay not to use the whole modules. Because each of them will give a benefit on its own.


My favorite tools are: How To Ask Life-Changing Questions, The Energy Detox, Vision Board Energizer and Spiritual First-Aid For Families.

Choose the best question to change our life is very challenging. And we will make a big jumping step when we make the right question.

The Energy Detox is very helpful to clean my mind, calm the mood and think clearly.

Vision Board Energizer is really related to me since I am visual person. This has been my method to make all my dream come true and Love or Above makes it perfect.

I like that there is an emphasizes on children and family. The change must begin with you and then your family, so you will see it in the world.

Some of you might be skeptical about this course and see it as superstition. At least, any of these insights with additional knowledge about ourself is worth trying.

You need only 20 minutes a day to practice the modules. The audio  is simple, easy to understand with Christie's crispy voice. It's comfortable for me even sometimes there are her giggle here and there.



I searched some honest reviews about this program and I found them at Amazon. This product got 3.4 out of 5 stars from 13 reviews. Here are some of its positive reviews:


testimonials testimonials

Yes, there are some negative reviews with 1 star, too. Some of them complained about the cheap content and Christie's voice.

Well, maybe you think it's so typical about “just believe and it will be come true.” But if you follow the modules, you'll find that it has a brilliant method enhancing your vibration to reach your goal.

And about the voice, it's very subjective taste. Since we buy to listen Christie's voice not as singer, it's better to focus with the messages than the delivery way.


Where to Buy?

You can purchase Love or Above for $199 by clicking the button below. The course is also provided with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.


Buy Love or Above Now!

Before purchasing the product, maybe you don't know or have no interest whatsoever about Love or Above. Then, you may choose to try out the free masterclass.


I Want To Join FREE Masterclass Trial 

It's very precious to watching the free webinar/masterclass first until the end. Because it will ensure you about the program and you'll get to buy it for 50% off discount.


Verdict and Conclusion

Love or Above teaches us to enhance our vibration so we can be a better person in a better life. It's guided by a famous instructor, Christie Marie Sheldon.

I practiced some of the modules and found them are helpful to understand myself, clean my mind, calm the mood, think clearly, solve the problems and reach my goals.

The program works for many people. It's nothing to lose for you to try, because there is a free masterclass and an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.


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Buy Love or Above Now!

8.6 Total Score

Content Quality:
Instructor Quality:
  • easy to do
  • reasonable price
  • famous instructor
  • contrary to certain religion
  • no scientific explanation
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