Flat Belly Detox Honest Review: Does it Really Works? My Personal Experience

Flat Belly Detox 


First of all I want to say that I am not fat. I mean I am not too fat. I just want to have the ideal weight and flatten my belly that looks like a pregnant woman belly. My belly is really a problem because having a pot belly is not sexy, is right?


Of course the most serious problem of a pot belly is the possible risk of various degenerative diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or heart hypertension that can be happened in the future.



Fat Belly


I don’t want to face it so I have to take precautions right now then I will not regret it later. I have planned a diet and start exercising in order to flatten my belly.


But diet is always starting tomorrow. I was horrified to imagine the portion of the meal should be drastically reduced. The more I imagine about my diet planning, the more I eat snack.


Finally, the diet will never happen.



One day I found an interesting testimony about Flat Belly Detox that can help to lose your weigh


review flat belly detox

Screenshot of Flat Belly Detox Website ( Result Will Be Vary )


The story begins here…


It was told about Josh, a man weighing 300 pounds who eventually managed to lose weight up to 110 pounds by applying a flat belly detox. The method of flat belly detox sounds strange to me.


Jost Before After Flat Belly Detox

It was Josh, before and after implementing Flat Belly Diet ( Result Will Be Vary )


Even more strange is, Josh told that he never did workout because of full-time job busyness. He also never make himself hungry or completely cut out his favorite foods like burgers and fries or a big cheesy pizza.


Then, how can he cut her body weigh drastically just by applying a flat belly detox?


I was curious about what he did and how the flat belly detox works.


…….. and finally I investigated about the flat belly diet method. I got the eBook of flat belly detox and I will tell you what I found from the eBook.



Screenshot of Flat Belly Detox download page


What is The Flat Belly Detox Ebook?


This eBook shows you how simple and easy weight loss by implementing some DETOX GUIDE.


Author of this eBook, Derek Wahler, give three daily steps to do for the next 21 days of Fat Belly Detox program.


Step #1. To burn fat, firstly you are essentially skipping breakfast for the entire 21 day program. Instead of eating breakfast, you should going to have a spoonful of “Instant Energy” in the morning. It is easy to make Instant Energy in a minute.


Step #2. You can pick and choose from the “Lean Lunch” option to reprogram your body into a “fat-burner” instead of a “carb-burner”. Having Lean Lunch everyday will provide your body with vitamins and nutrients to improve your health and burn more fat.


Step #3. All you have to do is to choose one of the detox soup recipes listed in this eBook. If you do not have time to make the soup for dinner, you have a couple of other options: have a lean lunch for dinner or use one of the bonus fat-burning recipes.



This eBook mostly tells you about the foods you should eat and the foods you need to avoid.


Also, there is a little part that tells you about the workout videos you can choose.

About “Metabolism Window” trick to burn 20% more belly fat daily is also discussed.


The Interesting Part of The Fat Belly Detox eBook


The author gives explanation on this guideline book with an easy-to-understand language.


Something that I like from this eBook is the bonus of 15 delicious Fat Belly Detox recipes! If you like to cook and explore various recipes, you will also find that this part is interesting.


 In the Flat Belly Detox you’re essentially skipping breakfast for the entire 21 day program

This step sounds contradictory with some scientific research that show the importance of breakfast for healthy. But, the author explain the reason of why……


Skipping breakfast is a form of intermittent fasting that:

• Ramps up your fat-burning hormones

• FLOODS your body with said fat-burning hormones

• Gives your digestive system a break

• Burns the stored fat around your belly, hips, thighs, butt (or wherever you store fat the most) for fuel and energy.


In my mind after read thoroughly this eBook, the fat belly diet here is similarly with ketogenic diet which the diet focused on low carb or no carb, high fat, and average protein.


Who is Derek Wahler? Can He be Trusted?


I have searched for the author’s profile.


I did not find much information about Derek Wahler.


From the LinkedIn profile, I know that Derek Wahler had studied in University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


But, it is no clear about his background study. Another source mentions that he does not have health science background.

From another source I found that Derek Wahler was a business analyst in two companies for almost 9 years before he became a Certified Turbulence Trainer.



Twitter Account of Derek Wahler


His twitter account @DerekWahler is active from 2018. I can conclude that the author is real.


Where to Purchase?


You can buy Flat Belly Detox eBook by visiting the official website.


It costs $37 for the eBook. You will get a digital copy of the book which is delivered instantly to your email after purchase.


Purchase will be processed by ClickBank with 60 day money back guarantee.


ClickBank guarantee will allow you for the return or replacement of any product within 60 days from the date of purchase.



What Do You Get For Your Purchase?


Flat Belly Detox program comes with 4 books in a package. The package contains:

1.      Flat Belly Detox Main Manual

2.      Bedtime Belly Detox

3.      Flat Belly Detox Quick Start Guide

4.      5 Fruits to Avoid for a Flat Belly


And you will also get 4 FREE bonuses listed below:

1.      24-Hour Cheat-Tox

2.      Fat-Burning Restaurant Survival Guide

3.      Triple Your Fat-Burning Overnight Formula

4.      #1 Vegetable To NEVER Eat


There are still 10 additional bonuses of “Low Impact” Fat-Burning Workout Videos:

1.      Fat-Burning Belly Blaster

2.      4-Minute Cardio Burn

3.      Metabolic Burn

4.      Flat Belly Burner

5.      4-Minute Cardio Burst

6.      Lean Body Blast

7.      Flat Belly Challenge

8.      Belly Fat Incinerator

9.      Lean & Fit

10.     Sculpt & Shred


Testimonial from Josh who Applied The Flat Belly Detox Method

Diclaimer: Here a testimonial from person who applied the method, please keep in mind that result will be vary for each person



Testimonial about Flat Belly Detox


My Personal Experience

Changing the habit is always difficult and not comfort.

When I applied the fat belly diet, sometime I skip breakfast successfully, but another day I was too hungry in the early morning.

If I'm too busy with my work and have to staying up late, I insist myself to eat something food in the late night.

I can say that I partially failed after applied this fat belly diet for about 1 weeks.

But it still gave me a result. My body have felt better after tried this diet method. It felt like I don't cram a lot of food into my stomach.

I realize that this diet requires a strong commitment and consistency so you can continue to complete the 21-day program.



Although the Author has no health science background, he was a certified personal trainer fat loss specialist who has helped much people burn excess fat without counting calories, excess workout and extreme dieting.

I recommend this eBook for anyone who wants to loss weight effectively. This eBook is very helpful and worth to have it. Maybe as a beginner you feel so hard to begin the step by step. Do it consistently to get the best result.


Get Flat Belly Detox Now




Flat Belly Detox method can help you lose weight if you do consistently. But, result in each person may be vary. If you have a medical condition for example you suffer from a chronic disease, consult your doctor before implementing the fat belly diet.

8.8 Total Score

Easy to Read:
  • User-friendly guide
  • Easy to understand and follow
  • Affordable price and useful bonuses
  • Full money back guarantee
  • Author do not have basic health science
  • Limited scientific reference
  • Limited evidence based for the diet
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