Forgiving the Past with Ho’oponopono Technique – A Review of Ho’oponopono Certification Practitioner Course

I just finished my Hooponopono practitioner Certification course. And this is my review about the course.

I have two bad memories. The first one is a memory when I was being bullied by my Junior High School teacher . The other one is a fact, that my birth-mother ever tried to abort me.  I would get down in my tears each time I remember those bad memories.

The funny thing is, I still able to do my work and housechores even I am in that state. I asked myself, do I have tendency having personality disorder or simply act as queen of drama?

Thank God, my psychology friends said that I just have traumatic memories. However, I have to try to forgive them, so, I would not fall in sadness when a trigger arose. But it is not easy to forgive our past, isn’t?



Ho'oponopono, a way to heal traumatic memories

People said, you can find anything on Google, so did the answer to my problem.

I happened to land on, the writer of “Zero Limit. I read about Ho'oponopono which claimed as a way to heal traumatic memories or other emotional problems. So, I flipped through on Google and tried to find what Ho'oponopono is.

I found that it is a way of Ancient Hawaiian prayer to solve problem and forgive the past. Traditional Ho’oponopono usually practices in an extended family member meeting to make right a broken family relations.


About Ho’oponopono Certification Practitioner

Yes, it is not simply how to practice Ho'oponopono to heal oneself trauma or others emotional feeling, but this course is also aimed to give you skills and guidelines to practice Ho'oponopono in a private practice at home with family, or anyone who seeks your help.

By buying the course, you will also get Global Science Foundation license after completing the course and taking the certification test.


Get Hooponopono Practitioner Course

Who is the course suitable for

This course is also suited for you who want to have 100% control of your life and if you are

  • Life Coaches
  • Wellness specialist and coaches
  • Therapeutic providers
  • Yoga and Reiki Specialist
  • Interested to eliminate limiting beliefs


What do you get from the course

There are 8 videos lesson in seminar-style which hosted by Dr. Joe Vitale’s and Matthew Dixon, featuring Dr. Hew Len, and some contributors.

This is what you will learn in the 8-videos:

  1. Video 1: An introduction to Ho'oponopono; you will find what is Ho'oponopono, and how you can make it work to your self, plus Joe Vitale's personal experience, and a glance introduction from Dr. Hew Le
  2. Video 2: Zero and the “Void”; this video inculcates where we are during creation, essence of our life, and why you can't come from “need” to attract others, and many more
  3. Video 3: The mechanic of cleaning tools: it highlights the four “mantra” use to cleaning tools to create zero and connecting conscious mind to divinity
  4. Video 4: Connecting to Divinity: At this video you will learn how to unleash your inborn ability and help you further with the cleaning process.
  5. Video 5: Cleaning tools in practice: A practical how to go cleaning in your daily life and use it to wipe out anger, stress, and bad habit that did no good for you.
  6. Video 6: Perspective from zero: It is a video that will help you gain full control of your conscious desire, and finding place for “rage”. You will also learn from Ho'oponopono practitioners, who have wonderful experience after they're practicing Ho'oponopono every day.
  7. Video 7: Attracting people who need your help: After find a way to clean your self, now you will learn to prepare your self to become healer for others.
  8. Video 8: Perfect Creation: At this video, you will learn from frequently ask question about Ho'oponopono and how applied it in the real world.


Get Hooponopono Practitioner Certification Today

About Joe Vitale

As I wrote above, Dr. Joe Vitale is one of  the writer of “Zero Limit”. He also performed at “The Secret” movie. Josep “Joe” Vitale was a homeless on the streets of Dallas. However, his reading habit has taught him metaphysics and positive thinking.

He began to use the law of attraction to work his way up. He started work together with Dr. Hew Len when one of his friend told him about a doctor who able to heal insane patient, without seeing them professionally. Zero Limit is the first project of Dr Joe with Dr. Hew Len.


About Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Dr. Hew Len is a student who learn Ho’oponopono from Morrnah Simeona who introduce modern Ho’oponopono throughout United State, Asia, and Europe. Dr. Hew Len became known worldwide after he was able to cure a complete ward of criminally insane patient without seeing them professionally.


How Ho’oponopono healed my trauma


Hooponopono Certification Practitioner Dashboard

Before watching the video, I read the certification guidebook first. The guidebook consists of three main topics; introduction of Ho’oponopono, how to use video, and guidance to take test and certification.

On the guidance book, Dr. Joe Vitale wrote that we are 100% responsible for what we think and do. So, I started watching the video with the understanding in my mind (that we are 100% responsible about our life).

I got my enlightenment moment on the second video, it was when Dr. Hew Len explain our mind condition during creation.

At that moment, our mind is on zero condition, all clear. As we’re grown up and learn, we’re got inspiration (knowledge). Using the inspiration we have, then we judge something as good and bad, hard and easy, beautiful and ugly.When we judge something good or bad, it means we drawing a dot in our mind. I interpreted what Dr. Hew Len explained just like GIF I drew below


However, our judgment came from our own experience, thus we value and judge something differently. I thought this is what Dr. Joe said, that we are responsible one hundred percent for what happened in our life. Including something around us (as the result of our judgment).

As the dots are in our mind, it is we, who can erase them, not our spouse, parents, or even our friends. So, it is we who can heal our own trauma. But how can we erase those dots? Just by simply saying four phrases; “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you. When we're saying “sorry” doesn’t mean that we are sorry to others, but it is a sorry for ourself. We are sorry for drawing the bad dots in our mind. The dots that made us suffer all the time. We are sorry for not clearing it from the start. So, We ask apologize to  ourself.

So that’s what I did then, saying “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and thank you“, anytime I remember my traumatic memories. I also provided some times at night to do meditation by hearing the audio bonuses.

Doing so, I slowly able to lift my weight. This method even helped me not to get angry easily. Now, each time something bad happened, or I heard bad news accindentaly, I immediately said those four-phrases.

It is better to spend,-at least- 15 minutes a day in silent to practice this self-cleaning method. Doing so, will help you to always remember to clean your self. Also, don't push so hard trying to clean your self. Just let everything flow, simply said those four-phrases without any weight in you.

At first, I was not pay attention to the certificate program. I just want to know how to forgive and heal my trauma.  But since I felt good with the result, I continue to watch the others video and planning to take the certification test.


Forgiving Your Bad Memories and Find Your New Happiness with Ho'oponopono Practitioner Course Now

On the fourth video, Dr. Hew Len taught the participants to do the cleaning-breath. This breathing is intended to release all the rage, weight, and others memories which put by our ancestor in our cell.

There are four stages of breathing; inhale-pause-exhale-pause. Each of steps should be done in 10-count (the “ten” is represented the number of infinity, the divine or God). It doesn’t matter whether you do the count in slow or fast way, as long you do the count until ten.

Though the breathing seems so easy, but I found difficulty here. I can’t to do the breath until 10, no matter how fast I do the count. I never able to do the breath in 10-count. So, I just did the inhale-pause-exhale-pause.

Feeling curious with this breathing lesson, I used the contact button to ask Dr. Joe about it. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the reply yet. Though there was previous automatic-reply-email said that I would get answer within 24-48 hours.

Despite the unanswered email, I think everyone who trying to forgive his past should watch these videos; understanding the basic state of our mind was so enlightening. It can help us forgive the past easier.

However, I hope there were caption on the video lesson. I found some difficulties to hear the conversation on the video.  by putting the caption on the video will help others with difficult hearing get benefit from the course too.

The course also full of a lot of practical bonuses to unlocking our inner potential, i.e The Meditative mind, Full immersion Mental Wealth Hack, Effortless Relaxation, Erasing Stress and many more.


One of audio bonuses from Hooponopono Practitioner Certification

After watching all of the video, I go to the Practitioner Certification link, which given on the guidebook. There 15 questions and 1 essay to complete. Unfortunately, I didn't pass the test. However, I am still have another chance to re-take the certification test again.

Though on the opening test written that each of essay will be reviewed by Dr. Joe and the result will be delivered after that, I got the result only a few second after submitting my essay.

If you're planning to take the course, it is better to read the guide book first and watch all of the video two or three times. Also, do the cleaning practice every day. 


Ho'oponopono Practioner Certification testimonials

Terry Winner

This course empowers you to fully develop vital skills to increase your performance levels. After taking the course your past self-limiting beliefs will be erased. If you're looking for a way to improve your mental skills memory, expanding analytical skill, this course is perfect for you.


This is very lucrative product helped me tremendously so far and I really satiesfied. The 60 days-money-back guarantee helped me decide to check it out.

Sylvia Mann

I came along about Ho’oponopono just recently and it confirms what I always thought that it is easy to change yourself, that it is easy to change the programs running in your subconscious mind and so forth.

I always tell my clients that I am not healing them that I just help them to heal themselves and that everything is connected nothing is excluded.

However, I don’t see the need to go through a certification process, it might be, however, something for someone who doesn’t have any background about transformational energy work and there like.

Becky K. Minton

You do not need any other product but this. I can assure it works very well because I have been using it and I am happy. The author provides the tips that cannot be found anywhere.


Where to buy the course

You can get the Ho’oponopono Practitioner Certification Course Along at It normally cost $397 but today it’s only cost $29

You Also get 14 Bonuses .They are

  1. Zero Limits 2 Videos ( 9 Videos )
  2. Abundance Activation
  3. Empowering The Here And Now
  4. The Meditative Mind
  5. Passion And Purpose Protocol
  6. Effortless Relaxation
  7. Spiritual Wealth Activation
  8. Erasing Stress
  9. Accelerating Transformation
  10. Balancing Life For Sustained Wealth
  11. Delete Fear of Success
  12. Uninstalling Procrastination
  13. Delete Fear of Failure
  14. Uninstalling Mental Wealth Blocks

I Think the price is really a steal compared to what you can learn

The course also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the course for any reason. You can go to this link If you want to refund


Verdict and conclusion

Despite the unanswered-email ( Perhaps i also email at non working time ), I don't have any negative opinion about the course. Moreover, it really helped me forgiving my past and trauma. This course also helped me dealing with all negative occurances happened in my daily life.

Finding a way to escape from my bad memories and open my inner potential are really great experience to me.  Especially , it comes with very reasonable price.


Get Hooponopono Practitioner Certification Now


Like others self-healing method, I know this Ho'oponopono practice will also give different result to different people. The information I wrote above is simply my experience when practicing the method, and not as psychology advice.

8.6 Total Score

Product :
Customer Service:
  • The course can be taken at any time
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Cost included certification
  • Very reasonable price
  • After completing the course one can open a practice at home
  • There is no clear feedback
  • There is no caption on the video, it will be difficult for non-native English and those who have hard of hearing
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  1. I am planning to take this course. Is someone do personal consulting for cleaning memories . I saw somewhere Dr joe vitale and other people do it for a group of people every Tuesday of the end of the month. The problem is may be I am not available that day other thing it’s not one time they going to charge your credit card every month. I didn’t see payment option for onetime only

    • Hi Jessy

      We are just product reviewer so doesn’t have that kind of service

      usually for personal consulting they will charge according to the meeting and not one time payment like this course,

      since they will focusing only on you . perhaps you can contact Dr joe vitale at his website at

      Hope that helps

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