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What is your biggest obstacle? For me, it is me who become my biggest obstacle.

I have some goals and dreams. I also knew how to get to my goals, and make all my dreams come true. But, I love to procrastinate every single step to get there.

I hate others distract me while I am working. On the other side, I never feel guilty spending much time doing things which have nothing to do with my goals nor my dreams. It’s so easy for me scrolling on Facebook, replying chats on Whatsapp, flipping on Google reading the latest celebrity gossip and so on.

I detest myself so many times. I need to change. It's so tiring being someone who never grow. Again, I went to Google finding answers to my indiscipline behaviour.

I got tips to heal my procrastination and how to manage my time, thus I can be more productive everyday. I also kept abundance of success theories, tips and tricks from successfull people to make my schedule on track. My Pocket app and computer are also full of documents and links how to be a better person.

Of course, I also practiced all of those theories, tips and tricks, However, I am still not satisfied with the result. My procrastination is still there, though not for 100%. I have been trying to write to-do-list and time planner also, but it still just not consistent yet. This inconsistency happened because my yesterday-to-do-list often not cleared yet. So on the next day, I just following the previous to do list and schedule. Again, I detest myself.

The alarm in my mind start to ringing, I have to find the basic answer of my problem.

That’s when my friend introduce me to, a site who can help you understand of your life, character based on name and date of birth.




This site is claimed to be the number one online resources for numerology education, a science based on calculation of your birth date and given name. Using numerology, you will get a deep wisdom and self-knowledge to help you through obstacles on your life.

There are 2 services offered by , free reading services and the paid one. As mention on the calculator page, you will get 5 free personalized mini reading. But if you want to get your full report (Deluxe report), you have to pay $37. They sometimes offer discount for the Deluxe Report for $1 only.

If you don't want to buy the services, or simply want to get to know about numerology, you can read their blog which full of with useful information.

At first, I think numerology is illogical, how can someone's life being calculated based on numbers. However, numerologist is not about illogical things, a whisper from the wind and so on. Numerology is about the use of numbers, as symbols of ideas, things, and events.


What is numerology

Some of us will say, that numerology is a divination art, even Wikipedia say it so. However, for those who practice and preaches numerology, it is not one of divination art, but a science.


It is begun from the ancient Chaldean who famous for their skills in astrology. They stated that things are composed of energy which are varied in vibration. This variation then being grouped according to their common essentials properties. Those properties become the basic principles which then extended into mind, action and matter that exist wherever consciousness exist.

Eventually, the principles were codified into numbers. Since then, numbers became more than ciphers for counting, but also became a sign of the universe and daily affairs.

It is the reason why numerology is a profound and reliable way to study our experience in the world. The study that will lead us to self-knowledge, understand underlying cycles and pattern which invisible before.


Get Your Free Numerology Report Now

How work

Simple steps to find your numerology number works super simple, you just need entering your birth name and date, and you will get an overview about your self within second.

The overview will deliver into 16-minutes video interactive. After entering your email address, you will get the copy of the video in PDF, mp3, and its transcript.

When you visit the numerology calculator page, you will see that you will get 5 personalized readings numerology. However, this free reading will only contain 3 readings numerology, those are Life Path number, Expression number, and Soul Urge number.

Life path number is calculated based on your date number, while the expression and the soul urge number is based on your full name (given birth name).

Life path number will tell you about opportunities as a result of your action, and the some circumstances around you which you navigate.

Like the life path, the expression number also tell you about things that will happen because of your actions, and will lead you to new experiences.

The soul urge is about the hidden desire in you. The desire that will lead you to an actio which affect your style and challenge in a relationship.


My experience using free services

As mention above, the free reading version is consist of three numerology numbers only; Life Path, Expression, and Soul Urge but with a few bonuses about your relationship and family.

Based on my Life Path number, I am a mystical intuitive, and sensitive person. I love to work alone, give practical insight to others, and able to solve problems quickly, even for the trickiest one.

When reading the result overview, I was so fascinating, it was pretty accurate, though I’m not really sure with the mystical intuitive ability.

Moving to my Expression number, the report said that I am managerial and organizational genius. I can’t say nothing except, WOW!

Again, I am not sure whether my Expression number is really describing me though. However, when it said that people love to look at me for direction and motivation, I am quickly nodding my head. My friends love to ask me for advises each time they got a problem or simply finding a new insight to keep them cheer up.

My Expression number, also said that I can easily achieve my own success as long as I temper my discipline and being more patience when trying reaching my ambition.

I agree about the patience, but I don't know about the discipline. I need to do some works, and I can't figure out what will be happened if I am too flexible with my time.

Based on my Soul Urge number, I have tendency to help others but ignoring my own needs. I also have a diplomatic ability, maybe it is the reason why people love to see me when they have some problems

And the bonus overview told me that I am a little stubborn (yes, it’s true), not easily to give up, never afraid to take responsiblity, have a potential to be a rebel or the become “the black sheep” in my family and so on. However, there was an inccurate reading about my family, it said that I have more than 1 kids (another reason why I am easily getting tired). Testimonial


If you yourself have beein seeing patterns in nature or there have been odd occurances in your life and you started questioning everything, you have to visit This site will show your hidden talents and certain area where you can thrive in. They kind of open your eyes and act as guidance of yourlife.


I am so biased when it comes to numerology things. So, I just did free numerology report and I liked it. I don't know how they find factors to give you report that's very, very accurate. It was really insightful. It's about important decision that you're gonna need to make in an upcoming year.


I don't think it's gonna be a really deatailed reading. helped me realized that I am natural-born leader. And this is crazy, because today I have been working on leadership skills as it is important to my line of work. Now I can see what's in store for me everyday.


My Full Deluxe Report

I got the full report as a gift from my fried, so, I didn't know about the buying process. However, I will tell you about the inside of it.

You will only see link to buy the full report, once you have entered your name and birth on the free reading page.


Get Your Free Video Numerology Report Here to Know Yourselves Better

Unlike the overview, the full report is divide into three chapters:

1. Chapter 1 is about study of my name, which has to do with my power of choice

In, all words have power, so does with the name; it can give power which very useful for lives. By understanding the power behind the name, one can unlock the best potential to achieve my future.

At first, I got a little confusion reading the report because it looked different with the free reading version. I have to jot down the full report at another paper, so I can understand the connection between the free report and the full report.

On the free version, it said that I was easy to give practical insight to others; in the full version, I got suggestion not to live up this ability, simply to impress others. Instead, it is better for me to work a little with my dreams.

At this Chapter I guessed I have found the answer for my procrastination. I just have to be more focus to my dreams and what I have planned before; just like I use to suggest to others.

The others answer I found at my Secret Identity report. Secret Identity is telling about important key on how to create future.

According to my Secret Identity, it is important to me to follow some important behaviors; those are always trying to stay on tasks, accept and adjust to responsible, not easy to make commitment lightly or put others need above mine.

In my opinion, if I can train myself doing the suggestions above, I will be had fewer tasks, fewer to-do-list that I can clear easily every day.


Full report reading of you numerology will divide into three chapters Deluxe Report

2. Chapter 2 is about my Life Path, including my Life Path cycles, birthday challenge, and my pinnacles

I got deeper reading about my life path in chapter two. It is discussed my Life Path cycles, which consist of Formative Cycles, Cycles of Productivity, and Harvest Cycles.

According to my Life Path Cycles, it is important for me to not only focus on materialistic matters. Based on the report, my life will be better if I follow my intuition especially when it related to my career, job, or business matter.

From this Chapter I finally found out how to pursue my dreams by adjusting the way I am thinking and behave to others.

At this Chapter 2, I also got suggestion what the best for me to do and not to do on each year, months, and days.

In numerology, there is a personal year cycle runs from 1 to 9. Each year in the cycles has special meaning, and maps out a strategy that can really helpful to achieve goals and dreams. And on this full report, I got a forecast table from my year birth, that is 1978, until 2085.

3. Chapter 3 is about my Destiny Engineering which will show my Life Number, My Letter Aura, and My Attraction number

It is the chapter to show on how I can use all of the given information, for my own benefit. My Destiny Engineering is drawn on a table which consist of my Life Path number, Pinnacle, Personal Year, Letter Aura, Secret Identity, and Attraction Number.


My conclusion about

There is a said from Dalai Lama written on my full-numerology report,


“To be aware of single shortcoming within one self is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in somebody else”.

And that’s what I feel now, with I can see about my weakness and my strength more clearly. However, like any others reading, I can say that its accuracy is 90%. Some parts of reading are incorrect; like I have more than one kid, I enjoy outdoor activity, social interaction and others.

Reading the report also made me using my time wisely. I'll think twice before spending an hour watching K-drama but left my important task behind. I also learn to hold myself from anger when my co-workers a little slowly doing his job.

Doing so, made me happier, I have more time to clear my to-do-list, having longer time to sit with my daughter, and reviewing my day before I go to sleep.

However, I am not really pay attention to the suggestion on the Destiny Engineering table, or others table which drawn as guidance for me. I believe, all the days, months, and years are perfect, a gift from God, so what I need only through it and do my best every day.

So, in my opinion, is worth to try. Just like what Dalai Lama said, it is better to be aware of our obstacle, thus we can draw an action to stop it, or simply overcome it.


Get Your Free Video Numerology Report to Know Yourselves Better

8.9 Total Score

Product (full numerology report):
  • Available free version
  • Many Positive Testimonial
  • Report available in varied version
  • Full support for 24h
  • Report's Accuracy up to 90%
  • May a little difficult to understand for those who not familiar with numerology term
  • There is no page number on the Table of Content, make difficult to find topic or chapter we look for
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