C Wilson Meloncelli’s Breathing In Flow Review – I’ve Bought And Tried It for 8 Days!

Breathing In Flow ReviewBreathing is our basic activity, but have you realized how important this “basic” activity that we do almost every second in our life is?

Many of us has not realized the importance of breathing, so they don’t do it properly. And yes, there is a proper way to breathe.

Breathing properly can give us so many benefits. Starting from more energized and healthier body, to unlocking the ‘super power’ inside our bodies.

Wait, what super power?

Well, most of us haven’t live up our full body potentials. We actually have the super power inside our bodies, but most of us haven’t realized it.

I myself realized about this fact when I read and practiced C Wilson Meloncelli’s program Breathing In Flow, and after practicing the program, I gained my super power.



The Ancient Art Of Breathing


Breathing is maybe the most ancient activity done by human ever. However, we nowadays might not breathe as perfect as what we used to do in ancient times.

There is an ancient art of breathing, and the point of this ‘ancient’ breathing practice is to maximize the potentials inside our bodies.

Breathing In Flow was composed by C Wilson Meloncelli to inform us that this ancient art of breathing exists, and how to unlock it in this modern time to really maximize our full potentials.

We have so many potentials in our body that we haven’t realized yet, and that’s why sometimes we still feel like we cannot do things as best as possible.

Do you belong to those who feel that you are not living up your full potentials yet? Well, it might be the sign that you are breathing air in and out of your lungs wrong.

I also thought that this program might not be that powerful, or even a scam.

But when I read about how native Indian tribe of Tarahumara has practiced this method of breathing, it got me interested.

The Tarahumara tribe have a deep culture of daily-long distance running to hunt for preys. The tribesmen, that live in Mexico, have so much stamina and deep concentration state comparable to superhuman power.

Their basic hunting style is to chase down their preys, when they find one after searching for a day long, until it comes out of breath.

This is the potential that we are talking about, the ability to maintain stamina and concentration for extended period. And we can also get such kind of super power by simply practicing this program since ancient times.

After practicing this program, am I a super human now? Maybe not, but I feel much better.



What Breathing In Flow Teaches Us To Do

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I purchased the program and tried it out.

I was a lazy man, rarely feeling motivated to do things and most of the time feel tired to do anything. When I read about a program that can solve my laziness simply just by changing how I breathe, I got interested.

The result? I myself feel more motivated to do things, become better in physical activities, having higher concentration level, and simply just feel great throughout the day. The only things I did were changing my breathing habit and doing simple exercises!

Breathing In Flow teaches us to breathe less, but gains more.

“Breathing too much air every minute, every hour, every day translates into excessive breathlessness during exercise. If our breathing is off during rest, it would be unreasonable to expect it to automatically correct itself during physical exercise,” – Oxygen Advantage.

Breathing In Flow tries to correct the way we breathe. Most of us breathe too much, and that’s why most people don’t live up their fullest potentials.

After unlocking our fullest potentials, we can surely perform better during physical exercises, learning new things, working in the office, and even when we just sit back and relax.


Unlocking Your Potentials by Simply Breathing?

What You Will Get From This Program

Front Page

The Breathing In Flow program I purchased came with so many features.

Instead of giving only one theoretical eBook, by purchasing the program you can gain full access to step-by-step guidelines, which are:

  1. A copy of Breathing In Flow eBook
  2. Complete step-by-step exercising charts for every exercise you should take during the program
  3. Complete 8 Training Video with Duration around 3 – 9 minutes 
  4. And a bonus copy of Ride The Wave Of Sleep eBook


What is Inside Breathing in Flow Program?


Why breathing correctly is important?

We breathe by inhaling oxygen in and exhaling carbon dioxide out. This is the reason why we always thought that carbon dioxide is ‘bad’ for our health, or simply just unnecessary to our body.

That’s wrong.

In fact, we also need carbon dioxide in our body to maintain our performance. “CO2 is critical for healthy effective breathing and without it, illness, injuries, anxiety, depression and weight gain may overpower you,” Meloncelli wrote. How can?

The amount of oxygen that your vital organs use is not determined by the amount of oxygen in your blood. Instead it depends on the amount of CARBON DIOXIDE in your blood. This situation is called as the Bohr Effect.

Let us explain you a little about the Bohr Effect.

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Carbon dioxide reacts easily with water, including in our 97% water bodies, to produce carbonic acid. This production of carbonic acid then results in lower blood pH.

When we have lower blood pH, hemoglobin proteins release much more oxygen compared with when we have higher blood pH. The oxygen released by hemoglobin proteins is the oxygen that our vital organs use.

On the other side, when we have low carbon dioxide level in our blood, we have less carbonic acid and higher blood pH. In this condition, our hemoglobin proteins absorb more oxygen instead of releasing it.

Isn’t it interesting?

Yes, by having more carbon dioxide in our blood, we can give more oxygen to our vital organs. Breathing too frequently, and hastily, release too much carbon dioxide from our body. As a result, our vital organs don’t receive sufficient amount of oxygen.

So, how to actually correct our breathing method?

According to the book, the key is Buteyko Breathing Technique, a form of alternative physical therapy that proposes the use of breathing exercises primarily as a treatment for respiratory conditions.

Adapting the Buteyko technique, accompanied with the right physical exercises, we can open up our full body potentials.

The eBook and videos give us the simplest step-by-step guide to reach that state!



My Honest Testimonial About This Book

As I mentioned above, I was a lazy man that rarely feels motivated to do extra things. Well, it was me in the past. I have changed, and now I do many ‘extra’ things after doing my work.

This program has changed me into a better man.

The eBook and videos gave me complete explanation about what’s wrong with our body when we are not breathing correctly, and I felt I could relate much to that condition.

I read about how incorrect breathing may lead to lack of motivation (and laziness), caused by less energized body.  Well, that was what I always felt before, so I decided to just try this program out of the blue.

The explanations are so relatable, and I will break it down for you.

This program tries to explain every single detail of what’s wrong with out breathing habit and how to correct it. Using pictures in the eBook, charts, and video guides, I personally could get more gasp about what’s going on in my body before, during, and after the program.

Most of us doesn’t breathe correctly, and we just have not realized it. Breathing In Flow taught me to breathe correctly, using the correct body part: my nose.

As mentioned above, our body needs the correct level of carbon dioxide to work in its finest state. This program teaches us to have higher carbon dioxide tolerance, so that we can always perform at our 100% condition.

The complete program takes about 8 weeks to complete, but for me it took only 8 days to show the positive effects.

By the 8th day, I have felt the major changes. I don’t feel too tired after doing my daily chores, I can concentrate more while writing and get my writings done faster, and what surprised me most is at the end of the day I still feel motivated to rock on.


video sample

A Sample Of 5 Minutes Video Explanation

What’s more interesting about this program is the exercises are so simple, such as how to inhale correctly, how to benefit ourselves from holding breath, and several simple physical exercises that will increase our metabolisms.

So, not only giving us theoretical explanations about what’s wrong with our body, this program also offers straightforward solutions to it.


Before purchasing this program, you should know that this program needs you to have some spare time to practice.

Breathing In Flow is indeed training you to breathe correctly, but it also includes some physical workouts such as squat, push up, and plank to do while you are learning how to breathe correctly.

In the website, it is mentioned that the program only takes 5 minutes a day to do. While in fact, the complete exercise will require about 30 minutes of your time, which means you have to create a spare time during working on this program.

Also, you might need to use exercising tools such as barbell and yoga mattress to do it. For me, it shows how the program lacks practicality.

But the result I got from following this program shows that the ‘sacrifices’ are worth it. I am still doing it now, and I just feel better than ever.


Interested in Trying Out Yourself?

Who Is The Author?

C Wilson Meloncelli is Flow State Coach, Stunt Performer, Author and ex British Champion in MMA. As an author, he is known for introducing the term of “Flow” state. The “Flow” state is a state where we can improve our overall performance by 3 to 5 times, using only specifically designed mental and physical meditation and exercises.

Breathing In Flow is one important part of this practice, because breathing is the most basic activity for all living beings. Not only able to improve our overall performance, this program can also increase our longevity, overall health, and well-being.

In the website, Meloncelli mentioned that every legendary athlete, Olympian, Championship Ring Bearer, and even the best snipers have mastered this state to show such incredible performance. Meloncelli said that actually every single person can reach this state, and unlock their fullest potentials whenever they want.

“The Flow State is experienced by writers, poets, artist, cleaners, business executives, gardeners, athletes, musicians, extreme sports athletes. You get the point? We can all experiences being in Flow. It’s all comes down to “purposely practicing” being in Flow,” he writes in his website.

Knowing the author of this program erased my hesitation. I am indeed one of them, the people who have not reached their potential peak, so I decided to purchase this program to unlock my maximum potentials.


How To Purchase Breathing in flow?

C Wilson Meloncelli’s Breathing In Flow eBook can be purchased via the link below for only $9!


Click Here To Grab It!

If you want to get more detail about the program you can purchase additional $17 for the training video. Apparently, the $17 extra is the upsell cost for the training video. I actually brought it for only $11 after declining the first offer.

I found the 5 minute videos are useful to do the correct training program, and it also includes some more detailed explanations to do the exercise. Thus, I recommend you to purchase the extra video if you want more detailed information.

Extra Bonus!

This is the interesting part:


  1. By purchasing Breathing In Flow program, you gain the access to another powerful program: Ride The Wave Of Sleep. This program will guide you to reach one of the most powerful, natural, free ways to recover.

  1. Another bonus you will get for purchasing this program is the training charts that will help you to keep track for exercises you have done during this program. Using the charts, you can witness the development in health unfold through your training weeks

Breathing In Flow offers 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked, to make sure that this program works for you. Thus, implicitly this program offers to solve your problem in under 60 days!


Verdict And Conclusion

Being honest,

Following this program has changed myself into a simply better person. Not only I feel more energized day by day, but also more creative and find it easier to concentrate.

By the time I write this review, it was my 8th day of following the program. I myself questioned how can simply by changing the way I breathe and doing simple exercises can bring this such great changes in such short time?

I have mentioned above that I was a lazy person before, mostly because I feel exhausted all day long. But after practicing the program I feel more fresh and no more exhausted all day long. Even in the end of the day I feel like I’m always ready to rock on!

I can say that this program works for me.

However, you should know upfront that it is not an on-the-go program. You need to create some spare time, around 30 minutes every day, to do complete exercise. Some exercises also require you to use additional tools like barbell and yoga mattress.

By that, I think this program a little bit lacks practicality, especially for busy people who don’t have much time to stop and breathe. If you are a busy person yet you want to follow this program, you can do it part by part since the site also mentions it as 5-minutes short program.

But if you do it this way, I don’t really know whether the program can work for you this way or how long should it takes effect.



Results may vary between users. Breathing In Flow offers 60 days 100% money back guarantees, no questions asked, since customer’s satisfaction toward the course may vary.

The main intention of this program is to increase your body’s overall performance. However, testing the effects by doing excessive physical training is not suggested.

Your overall performance is sometimes affected by your health. If you don’t feel that this program works for you even though you have done for extended period of time, you might want to consult with someone professional.


Get BREATHING IN FLOW by C. Wilson Meloncelli

8.3 Total Score

  • The author is legit
  • Detailed and in-depth explanations, easy to understand
  • Downloadable materials, easily accessible
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • I've Feel The Result After 8 Days
  • No Need Expensive Equipment / Supplement
  • Some exercises need you to spend some time to do
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