Debunk Halki Diabetes Remedy – Is It Legit? This Is My Full Review and Analysis   

Halki Diabetes Remedy Full Review – If you are reading this amid coronavirus quarantine, well… you are not alone. First of all, I’m not gonna tell my story amid this situation but it kinds of related and why you should keep going on reading.

Based on the current stats, older people are highly vulnerable to the virus and most of the dead patients had been carrying an underlying disease such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular illness. The thing is my dad has one of the diseases and more importantly he’s over 60 already.

So, whenever the news comes out (which is every second) it frightens me a lot. That is why I want to help my dad to get his sugar blood level under control, and if possible get cured over type-2 diabetes.

Although he has taken medication for years, a friend of mine suggested a natural home-remedies to reverse type-2 diabetes called Halki Diabetes Remedy. This alternative solution has claimed to help over a thousand diabetic patients in the US. It uses a ‘specialty’ dressing sauce to counter this horrible disease.

However, is this ‘Halki Dressing Sauce’ legit to reverse type-2 diabetes? Or some kind of another health scam? Before you decide to purchase the recipe book, please continue reading on my analysis below.

Important Note . When My Friend try to open the website, it is considered as phishing site. But i can open it without any problem. so you need to be careful. Don't input any important information

Halki Diabetes



What is Halki Diabetes Remedy?

halki diabetes remedy

An alternative solution for type-2 diabetes patients to reverse the disease. That is the claim of the founder. So, it is a 21-day program with dressing sauce as their main recipe. The founder had claimed the secret of the sauce comes from a tiny island in Greek called Halki. It is said that people of Halki are the healthiest in terms of diabetes cases which was reportedly so low.

Halki Island is said to be home of Kohlrabi and Marjoram that are the superfood behind the medication of type-2 diabetes. The former vegetable has a specific substance that promotes to lower sugar blood level. These two ingredients are the ultimate reason why Halki people are so healthy.

The author uses this secret to recreate their recipe for helping people with type-2 diabetes. They research food with a similar benefit of Kohlrabi and Marjoram, then boom! A Halki Diabetes Remedy becomes official. The recipe uses the same output as the original Halki Island recipe: a dressing sauce, therefore people don’t need to visit Halki to get the main ingredients.


Who is The Author?

halki author

Eric Whitfield came up with the idea of recreating the recipe when visiting Greek on his business trip. He was one of the top supervisors to assign the power plant project in Halki Island with whom he would call a friend. Alexander, a native Halki told Eric how the people there are free from type-2 diabetes which caught Eric’s attention.

It was the time when Eric’s wife Cathy got into a diabetic coma. His wife was so depressed that she attempted suicide. Alex’s story had become a savior in the darkness for Eric and Cathy. He was so impressed that a routine eating style could help his wife to recover from the disease.

It was the dressing sauce from a special vegetable called Kohlrabi.

Eric then met a researcher named Amanda Feerson who had been dedicating her life onto type-2 diabetes medication. He told her the story of Halki people, how they are free from this horrible disease amidst of modern lifestyle. Eric insisted to try the secret recipe of Halki hoping to cure his wife Cathy and finally Amanda agreed to help him out.

Eric and Amanda began their research on the recipe which was quite troublesome due to lack of ingredients. After some time, they finally recreated the dressing sauce recipe without using Halki’s native vegetable Kohlrabi.


Inside Halki Diabetes Remedy and My Analysis


diabetes halki remedy



Part 1. Introduction

Just like another typical book, this section introduces us to the reason why they created the diabetes remedy based on Eric’s story. He was heartbreaking to know his wife Cathy fell into a coma due to diabetes. Once she was conscious, things got worse when she attempted suicide.

It is a very sad story but oh wait, is Cathy real?


wife halki diabetes remedy

Cathy The Wife (credit: Halki Diabetes Remedy)

I know that a few of disease-related books always put a heartbreaking background story whether it was real or not, so I did a little research before I went on with the program and I found out that Cathy was not real. At all.

The picture above from the official website of Halki Diabetes Remedy shows the before and after Cathy did the program. However, the picture was stolen from a weight-loss website to an actual person named Kristin W.


actual person

Kristin W (credit:

If Cathy wasn’t real, so was the program… right?

Yeah maybe the author just wanted to share the program by hiding the patient's identity, maybe the real Cathy didn’t want her face to be shared. Hold on… is that so? Then why stole the picture from another website?

Then, what if the author was not real either? Again, I tried to find Eric Whitfield and Amanda Feerson on the internet and I found nothing.

I feel that the non-existence authors and the wife are enough to give a big no-no to this program, but let me tell you there are more reasons that you should know before partaking any similar disease-related program.

In the book and on the website too, Amanda explained the main cause of type-2 diabetes is pollution. Yes, you heard it right. It is pollution, a PM 2.5 to be exact.


CO2 graph

The graph (credit: Halki Diabetes Remedy)


What the heck is PM 2.5?

It does sound unfamiliar, but this PM 2.5 a.k.a. Particulate Matter 2.5 micrometers is an invisible micro pollution in a solid or liquid form. It primarily comes from combustion like motor engines, coal and natural gas-fired plant, forest fire, and airplane. It may sound ridiculous like how the pollution can create diabetes, but actually, the statement is not 100% wrong.

The studies already researched this matter to find the correlation of pollution (in this case PM 2.5) and type-2 diabetes. The result is that PM 2.5 may increase the symptom of diabetes to get worse but is not the main cause of the disease.

Type-2 diabetes was caused by unhealthy lifestyles such as eating junk food and lots of sugary products.

See the difference? To be the main cause and to increase the symptom are totally two different things. Moreover, the graph that the author has shown to us was wrong as it shows a Carbon Dioxide Information through the year (I red-circle the graph title, see above).

And I don’t think I will start a debate about Eric’s credibility. He started as an ironworker then a cleanup crew after the 9/11 attack, and he suddenly became a top supervisor who went to Halki island for a business trip.

Well, you can judge it by yourself.


Part 2. Halki Diabetes Protocol


kohlrabi veggie

credit: Halki Diabetes Remedy

It is kind of surprised me when I read there is no limitation for the meal for this program. Unlike a similar diet, Halki Diabetes Remedy only focuses on the dressing sauce that can be eaten with any other food. Although I suggest to eat more vegetables, avoid certain meat and canned food.

We can dip almost everything into the dressing sauce or just drink it in an instant.

In this section, the author explains its trademark Halki Diabetes Remedy through 8 substances that claim to reverse the disease. Before it’s getting tedious, I will just briefly explain some of these things to you.


– Glucoraphanin

This compound is found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower. It is the inactive form of Sulforaphane which becomes the source of antioxidant. Glucoraphanin is then converted into the active form with the help of myrosinase enzyme.

Myrosinase enzyme is present in the plant as a defense tool against herbivore, it releases the enzyme when the plant is damaged. Thus, a releasing enzyme contacts with glucoraphanin will create Sulforaphane.


– Sulforaphane

Unlike the explanation from the book, this compound is an activated glucoraphanin with myrosinase enzyme, not a different substance. However, to get this form a rich glucoraphanin vegetable should be damaged first.

We can obtain this condition by chopping the vegetables and chewing it, only then sulforaphane is produced.

This compound is beneficial for anti-cancer and anti-diabetic effects, support heart health, protect against brain damage, etc. According to Healthline, Sulforaphanin is also great to treat certain autism symptoms and protect skin against the sun.

Moreover, broccoli sprouts have the highest Sulforaphanin compound so far following by broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts, and cabbage.


– Vitamin C

This essential vitamin can’t be produced through our body, instead, we can get a lot of them from fruits like orange, cantaloupe, and mango. Although it may surprise you a bit that the highest vitamin C food source is from broccoli and kale.

Vitamin C is a great source of antioxidants that reduce the oxidative stress in our cells. It can promote a healthy heart, lower blood pressure, improve iron absorption, and reduce the risk of dementia. The antioxidant material in vitamin C can boost immunity as it prevents the forming of free radicals.


– Beta Carotene


ginger diabetes


Another antioxidant properties on the list. Beta carotene is present in the veggies and fruits that have red, yellow, and orange colors. Although it can also be found in dark leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach.

Beta carotene will help convert its material into vitamin A which is beneficial for our eyes health. It also protects the lung against cancer, prevent skin damage, and reduce a macular degeneration.

Food sources of beta carotene include carrot, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, broccoli, romaine lettuce, red and yellow pepper, and many more.


– Magnesium

A diabetic patient may lose magnesium through the leaked to their urine. This will result in a magnesium deficiency, and while this substance is often linked to insulin resistance, additional magnesium is important for diabetic patients.

However, magnesium supplements vary and carry different purposes for our bodies. Type-2 diabetic patient should seek their physician before partaking this supplement. Therefore, taking a rich magnesium food source is much more better and safer instead of buying the pills.

The food source include dark leafy green vegetables (kale, spinach, etc.), legumes, nut and seeds, avocados, chicken breast, etc.

In conclusion, all the compounds above are not harmful; on the other hand, they are beneficial to our health.

However, throwing a bold statement that these the ingredients are Halki Remedy to reverse type-2 diabetes is utter nonsense.

As we can look up the health benefit of each ingredient, only a few does promote a lower sugar blood instead it may boost our system and prevent against potential disease like cancer and heart disease.


Part 3. Halki Diabetes Recipes


broccoli soup


Do you remember Kohlrabi and Marjoram? The 2 magic ingredients that can only be found in Halki island and are the reason for the non-existence of diabetes. Well, that’s utterly a false statement.

You can find and buy Kohlrabi in the States although you have no reason to. The author said about how nutritious this vegetable is and its great amount of Sulforaphane on it. Well, there is a similar vegetable on this game yet contains way more nutrition: Kale and Broccoli.

Seriously, these two greenies are so so easy to find like everywhere and probably we already eat them daily. How is the Kohlrabi thing beat these two veggies? Nobody told you before, right? So, according to the US Department of Agriculture, 100 grams of kale contains 120 mg of vitamin C while broccoli 89.2 mg, and Kohlrabi 62 mg for the same amount.

Bottom line, if you don’t find Kohlrabi in your area, calm down… just eat the freaking Broccoli or Kale. Every single day.

What about Marjoram? It is a spice from the oregano family and most of all it gives the benefit just the way oregano does. So, just swap it and no worries.

Although the author has already said to replace the superfoods Kohlrabi and Marjoram for her recipe, my explanation above is just another point that everything the author claimed prior to the program is a false statement.

Also, despite the super vegetable that claims to have a great amount of sulforaphane, the author still puts a sulforaphane capsule on the recipe list. Well, that won’t be a home remedy then.


Final Verdict

Based on the research I did on this program, I won’t recommend Halki Diabetes Remedy to anyone. From the points above, the author itself is untrustworthy, too many false statements and misleading information about the correlation of PM 2.5 and diabetes. 

Also, the fact that the picture of Cathy the wife was stolen from another website is just merely enough to not follow the program.

Furthermore, when my friend open the website it is considered as phishing site ( But my computer can open it without any problem ) . so don't  input any important information to this site

Although the recipe (excluding the sulforaphane supplement) is probably harmless, still there was no proven result for the diabetic patient. It is also bold to claim a certain sauce can reverse the disease without controlling food intake, lifestyle, and most importantly a prescription drugs.

However, the PM 2.5 issue can be a good additional information for diabetic people to avoid pollution as much as possible as it can worsen the disease. Only to be noted that it was not the main cause of type-2 diabetes, our lifestyle was.

So, back again with the coronavirus pandemic that it just raises our health concern as the older people who have an underlying disease such as diabetes are the most vulnerable one. I will have another recipe book to try whether it works on my dad or not.

And if you are having anxiety outburst during this current situation, I recommend you read my review on The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris. It teaches us how to get over the negative thoughts especially during this difficult time. Moreover, the author has just updated its teaching for this pandemic season. Maybe you can give it a try?

On the other hand, if you find this article a bit off and decide to try the program on your own, then you can check out Halki Diabetes Remedy website to purchase this product. It costs $37 and there is a money-back guarantee within 60 days.



All the statements I produce in this article is merely just my opinion based on personal research. It doesn’t represent this website as a whole and never means to blame or corner the author of Halki Diabetes Remedy. Although I may wish to have a further explanation from the respective person to clarify the information in the book.



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  • Recipe use additional supplement to lower sugar blood level, contrast to the prior claim about going all natural
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