Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Quest – I Have Enrolled For More Than Two Weeks, Here Is My Review!

The Superbrain Quest Review – We never stop to learn new things, no matter how old we are. Indeed, anything we do requires us to keep learning to get better understanding of our jobs, which then helps us to achieve something.

However, not so many courses are focused on how to improve our learning abilities, even schools don’t really teach us how to learn about new things in the most efficient way.

Well, I based that on my own experience. If your school taught you how to learn faster, that’s good. But for someone like me, I need a specific course about it.


Even though I’m not a school boy anymore, I need that!

Yes, my job needs me to do all of those things: absorbing new information, remembering terms, and connecting the cause-effects to take the right conclusion.

It was the time I came into Jim Kwik’s Superbrain course in Mindvalley. An online course that focuses on helping people to learn efficiently no matter who they are.

This course is aiming to unlock our brain’s limitless potentials to learn about new things, such as absorbing new information, remembering names, improving decision making based on information collected, and solve problems faster with that.

Can you relate that to your life? Then maybe you want to know more about Jim Kwik’s Superbrain course.

I enrolled for the program (not for you, but for myself) and followed the thorough course for more than two weeks. Here is my honest review about the course.



Why You Need Superbrain Quest


We live in maybe the most sophisticated era of information this earth has ever gone through with major improvements in media and technology. This is the reason why we keep getting new information everywhere we go.

The world is getting smarter nowadays, and we have to deal with it to be successful.

The keyword for this phenomena is unlimited access. In example, don’t you feel that you can access information from all around the world much easier nowadays compared to a decade ago?

In this 21st century, accessing new information keeps getting easier with what people call global connectivity. Sophisticated internet access provides the possibility to us not only to get important information about what’s going on in some corners of the world.

We have the access to those pieces of information, but can we absorb it all?

Realizing that, I don’t want to be a big fish in a small pond. Let alone the fact that having sufficient information is needed to improve our lives and social status nowadays. Well, it’s might be my own consideration, but can’t you relate it too?

Jim Kwik’s Superbrain course (or a ‘quest’ as explained in the website) said that it is a whole brain training specifically designed for rapid and lasting learning. Upon finding out that statement, I got interested in the course (quest), and that was why I decided to enroll for it.


welcome page

The Welcome Page You Can Visit Right After The Purchase

Everyone Can Be Smart

Yes, that was my first impression after enrolling for the program.

We all have the same possibility to be a smart person, it only depends on how much information we expose ourselves into and how much we can absorb from such exposure. Even sometimes we create the information that we need to learn ourselves, like creating passwords and making conclusions.

However, even though we have exposed ourselves into abundant amount of information, many of us can only absorb and make use a little of it. I felt it too, and this is where I thought I needed to improve my learning ability.

I thought that I was not smart enough to completely process all of the information I exposed myself into, and it was my limit. But Jim Kwik said that I just haven’t “unlocked my brain’s full potentials”. Can you relate to it too?

Well, for me it was such an interesting point of view. That was why I decided to enroll for it.

Before purchasing the real product, you should know that Superbrain provides a free webinar that we can join anytime. Well, I don't want to spend my money for a total nonsense, so I chose to enroll for the free webinar first to discover what this course is really about. I also wanted to find out whether it is scam or not.

The free webinar is about 80 minutes long, with Jim Kwik himself explaining why we need Superbrain Quest. He said in the webinar that we can actually increase our brain's capacity with ease, and in the webinar he explains how.


Superbrain Quest Free Webminar

Superbrain Quest Free Webinar

The free webinar will give you a simple method on how to remember things better. I will not give you the details here, since Jim Kwik can explain it better than me. But for prove and example, I will mention about it a bit.

To develop a super memory, you need to be able to associate things you want to remember with something else which is easier to remember.

In example, if you are required to give a speech, you can just associate every paragraph or line to something else which is easier to remember or imagine. In example, associate your first paragraph with something you see first when you enter the house, and second paragraph with the next thing you usually see.

Practically, such thing can also be done to make remembering names of clients easier. You can associate their names with pictures in your minds that's most suitable with the meaning of their names. This one is important for our career.

You can enroll for the webinar by yourself FOR FREE by clicking the link below.



What I Get From Jim Kwik’s Superbrain?

smart 2

Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Quest brings us the methods to achieve bulletproof memory, unshakeable focus, and superhuman productivity by improving our learning ability which will then unlock all of our brains’ potentials to the fullest.

Whether you’re a professional, entrepreneur, student, or just someone looking to unlock the full power of your mind, you all need to be smart. We all can unlock the potentials, what we need is just the right way to do it.

Well, it was surprising for me that the program provides me a lot of things, such as:

  • Lifetime access to the 30-day Quest designed to make you activate your own Superbrain with explanatory videos, audio, and worksheets.
  • FREE Warm Up Exercises before the start of the Quest.
  • Learning tips and techniques that will instantly increase your reading speed by 25 to 50%.
  • Lifetime access to the Superbrain Facebook Community with Community support and group mastermind with a vibrant group of like-minded students.
  • FREE mobile app (iOS & Android) so you can experience it anywhere, anytime.
  • Daily guidance video and audio coaching from Jim Kwik for 30 days.
  • And award-winning customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.
  • Plus FREE Bonuses at the end of the Quest Worth $1059!!

It all comes with only $495 enrolling fee! Not only that, if you don’t thing that this course suits you, you can get money back guarantee after the first 10 days unconditionally.


What’s Inside The Superbrain Quest?


This is the interesting part.

When I first got into the program, I learned that Superbrain Quest is divided into a 30-days education program that teaches us starting from the basics and fundamentals to a more advanced stage where we can integrate what we have learned from the program into our daily activities.

In fact, we just need to rewire our brains and find the most effective and efficient way to learn. And in addition, it is never too late to do such kind of thing! You can start anytime you want, and still get the full effect.

I discovered that Superbrain’s curriculum is well-planned and thorough.

It covers a wide spectrum of learning. Not only covers the basic things on how to remember and learn better, it points out specific ways to help us become smarter at our educational life and career.

In example, it gives us the information on how to remember long lists, remember names, memorize texts and speeches, and dealing with numbers. It also teaches us about how to improve our vocabularies and even learning new languages faster!

Looking on the contents and methods used in this program, I felt that this program is pretty much doable for me. That’s why, after enrolling for the program, I felt more confident in improving myself to break my limit.



My Honest Experience After Enrolling For Two Weeks



I have completed the two weeks mark

I have been working on Superbrain Quest for over than 2 weeks in a row now.

And I can admit I can learn faster now, especially for remembering long list and names, as two of those programs are the ones you can get from the first two weeks into Superbrain Quest. But not only that, as I have learned a lot other things from the program these past two weeks.

The explanatory videos and audios contain thorough explanation from Jim Kwik himself about what’s wrong with our ‘limited minds’ and how to fix it step by step. They come in high quality so that you can watch and listen to them clearly. For me, that’s a plus to the program.

Not only that, after the explanation from Jim Kwik, you will also get some ‘brain bites’, that will set a reminder for you about what’s being explained in the video (or audio). I think it is helpful for me, because after watching the explanatory video I can directly recall everything explained by checking on the ‘brain bites’.

The method used in the program helps me to learn faster about the program itself.

It doesn’t stop there, because after watching the videos you are encouraged to do some tasks to make sure you get something from what you have watched. The tasks are various, starting from participating in an online discussion to learning to juggle.

Wait, juggling? Yes.

Spoiler alert, at some point you will need to do physical activity.

I can’t tell you why, but it has something to do with your ability to learn. In short, there are various activities you need to do in the quest, and all of those are put there to help you learn faster. Both of the high-quality explanatory videos and various activities got me interested in continuing the program.

And the result itself is satisfying! In this honest review, I will take an example of when I needed to remember the name of a person I recently met in the community forum provided by the program.


DAY 14

Example of the content

I tried to use the method that Jim Kwik taught me. And as the result I do not only remember the complete name but also the meaning of it and how to recall it from my memory.

Another time when I needed to do grocery, I tried to use what I learned from the program about how to remember a long list. I tried it out, and it worked out well, by not missing a single item from the grocery store.

Remember that I have only been through with this program for about two weeks, but I’ve got the information needed to memorize things as good as I have now. Thus, I can say that this program is working pretty well for me so far.

According to my own experience, I will list the benefits I got from following the program for two weeks:

I. I can remember the names of new clients easier, form a bond faster, and it lasts longer

2. Doing grocery without list feels easier to do, and still I haven't missed a single thing since

3. I become more motivated to learn new things, since I realized that learning is easier to do

Although it is my personal experience, but I don't think that the effects of Superbrain can only be achieved by a group of people, which mean that I believe you can achieve what I did too.

However, there is one thing that I think is the downside of this program.

Having an access to such powerful information is amazing, I think. Let alone that once you get the access to this program, you will be able to access it anywhere anytime for a lifelong period of time.

Even though I got like forever to finish the program, I wanted immediate result. That’s why I needed to complete the whole program in 30 days, just like the original length of the program.

For a person like me, who is not really good in time management, this program doesn’t provide me with a good alarm or reminder to participate in the program. I think that a good notification is important for an online program that is divided into small thorough parts in 30 days.

I indeed missed some tasks before installing the mobile application of this program,

Because I was so busy back then. Even when I have installed the application to my phone, the notification only appears once a day. Pretty easy to be left out or ignored in a busy day.

In my opinion, when you provide a thorough day-by-day program, you should also provide a good notification system that will minimize the chance of people ignoring it. And if I leave anything out, then I should get a notification of it, not just a reminder that will appear when I open the program.

In example, the notification should come from many platforms supported, starting from Facebook notification, email notification, and personal notification from the application itself. I think it should make me easier to not leaving anything out.

Oh, and another thing to note is that Superbrain program is highly theoretical, and means nothing if you don't do any follow-ups mentioned and be a passive learner. And also, for most people the program seems pretty boring in the first week. However, when you enter the second week, you might want to change your mind, as I did.

Overall, I think that this program is quite useful to learn nowadays.

When the flow of information is abundant and having the access to that much information is a power itself. It opens up the secret methods on how to learn things faster and make what you learn last longer.

However, enrolling for the programs means that you need to have a good time management. The lack of notification is the weakness of Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Quest, but if you are not in a rush I think you’re good with that.



Testimonials From Users

Here I will give you some testimonials from the users about this product:


“Superbrain was definitely worth the investment.”

Being a professional coach, I want to give speeches without notes, I want to read faster so I can read all the books on my list, I want to remember names when I walk into events or when I’m doing a workshop. These things are important to me and with Jim’s Quest I have been able to implement his techniques, which I found fun and somewhat kid friendly. Superbrain was definitely worth the investment.

Jennifer Remland Alembik

Professional Life Coach


“Real thanks to Jim Kwik and the whole team.“

“Real thanks to Jim Kwik and the whole team for the minds that they are creating, how they are empowering people to change the world and commit to making this a better planet.”

Peter Diamandis

CEO of XPRIZE & Chairman Of Singularity University


“Jim’s superpower is learning.”

Jim’s superpower is learning. The ability to learn quickly is a distinct and powerful competitive advantage in business. It enables all success in a fast paced, fast changing world.



“Jim makes it easy, fast, and efficient.”

Jim is one of the foremost authorities in the world on this subject. Jim makes it easy, fast, and efficient. So then you can say to yourself, I can learn anything that I need to learn.

Brian Tracy

Chairman & CEO of Brian Tracy International & Top Selling Author of Over 70 Books


Who Is The Author?


“If knowledge is power, learning is a superpower,” as quoted from a short note that Jim Kwik wrote in the introduction of Superbrain Quest. Jim Kwik is one of those people who believe everyone can unlock unlimited potentials by learning, no matter who they are.

Jim Kwik is one of the world’s most in-demand accelerated learning experts amongst celebrities, professionals, and top performers. His clients are highly demanding ones like Harvard, Nike, Virgin, Fox Studios, and Singularity University.

The success story came from his own weakness, actually. Having suffered from traumatic childhood brain injuries at age five, he once thought that he would fail school, let alone adult life.

However, he survived the school life and reached success as an adult. He got through his hardest time by learning how to learn more effectively, to go in par with his other ‘normal’ friends.

His experiences inspired him to dedicate his life to mastering the human brain. “I’m not special. I didn’t naturally have these superpowers. They were learned. And if I can learn them, anyone can learn them – regardless of age, background or education,” he said as quoted from his official website.

Superbrain Quest is one of his masterpieces that focuses on mastering our own brains. “That world is within our reach. It starts with all of us learning how to master our brains – and I can show you how,” Kwik said.


How To Purchase Superbrain Quest?

Super Brain

You can easily enroll for Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Quest by clicking the link provided below.

The enrollment originally will cost you $1095. Additionally, you can also choose to get a completion certificate for additional $50.

However, by following the link during special introductory discount time you can get 54% off for only $495!!



Not only that, you can get further discount $150 off if you purchase from the link provided in the end of the free webinar I mentioned above.



Extra Bonuses!

Hold on there. If you think that it is still not worth the cost, let me tell you the extra bonuses.

After purchasing from the link provided above, you will not only get the complete Superbrain Quest, but you will also get 4 free training videos worth $1059 that will help you to improve your life quality.

The bonuses are:

  1. Overcoming Procrastination: Follow these five fast, easy, and effective steps for beating procrastination – no matter how stubborn your own brain is.
  2. Your 8 Cs To Muscle Memory: Discover a simple framework for using your muscle memory to your advantage, allowing you to absorb more and get more done, with less energy.
  3. Remembering Your Dreams: Dreams can have important messages for you. Follow these six steps to decipher those messages the moment you wake up every morning. 
  1. Speed Reading: Learn tips and techniques that will instantly increase your reading speed by 25 to 50%.


Verdict And Conclusion

You know I have purchased and tried it out for more than two weeks.

So I think that I can give you an honest review about this program, and for me this program is worth it. It proves that I can dig up my hidden potentials by myself. Not only it teaches us to learn, but when you try it out by learning something, you can get additional benefit to that too.

I have been through the remembering long list and names sections of this program. I have also practiced the methods in real life, and yes it worked for me. I’m going to continue to learn how to remember numbers next. And I’m excited about what’s following.

However, as an honest review I have to tell you something that I think is lacking from this program: the lack of notification. I felt that such an intense program that you need to do day-by-day needs a sharp reminder about what you need to do.


I missed some parts in the beginning since it doesn’t have such kind of sharp notification to remind me that I am following a program. But as time went by, I set my own notification for it to remind myself.

If you are a busy person and want the program to show immediate effect too, you might want to set reminder for yourself after following the program.



Results may vary between users. Superbrain Quest offers 10 days 100% money back guarantees, no questions asked, since customer’s satisfaction toward the course may vary.

The main intention of this program is to help you learn new things faster with more lasting memory. It will only take effect if you practice the methods for learning something.




8.4 Total Score

  • The author is a legit expert
  • Immediate result
  • Thorough step-by-step courses
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Easy to Apply in Real World
  • Free Webinar Available
  • Lack of notifications
  • First week lessons is boring ( The real meat starts at week 2 )
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